(1938-12-19) Blue Cocoa
Details for Blue Cocoa
Summary: It starts out just another quiet evening at the Leaky Cauldron. That is, until Susan suspects Tiberius of attempting to poison Rhyeline, Graham tires to calm the situation, Sorcha and Chaucer come join, while Zack has some blue cocoa.
Date: Thursday, December 19, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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It's early evening though cold outside and not at all a nice place to be. Inside of the Leaky Cauldron the dinner time rush hasnt quiet hit full stride yet which is a good time to get a seat before the tables and the bar fills up. there are some tables filled and a bit of chat and drinks and food being eaten. The servers move about through the place and keep drinks filled and take orders pretty much an ordinary evening. Graham enters from the London side of the pub and glances around a moment not finding those he was meeting he will move to find a table with plenty of room and plop down into a chair.

Susan is over at the bar, and, despite the crowd beginning to build up, has an exclusion zone around her, a mostly finished glass of red wine in front of her, and a mostly finished bottle of the same, ready to top it up. Occasionally the barman reaches as though to claim the bottle and is met with a glare and a snapped, "No! I am not finished!"

Zack wanders into the pub looking as though he isn't sure whether he's lost or not. He stands just inside the entrance that leads off to Diagon Alley, peering about the place for at least a minute. Then he hurries over to the bar, bumping into several people on the way, and comes to a stop next to Susan. "I'd like some tea," he says to the man behind the bar. "With milk and sugar. And a pie. What kind? I don't know, one with meat in it. Can you make the tea blue? Just don't make it red." He glances sideways at Susan and frowns. "I don't like red drinks. They shouldn't be allowed."

Graham sits lightly a table nearish the bar at least, and plays the people watching game while he waits which is one of his favorites. It seems those he came to meet are delayed and he'll look up at the bar a moment at the words which float over an eyebrow raises. "They can make near anything, and Elly is always glad to help." he will say easily one he is trying to put a name to perhaps from work the other he's not familiar with. "I'm Graham Cohen." he introduces not to be rude.

"Blue tea?" Susan queries, narrowing her eyes at Zack. "Are you drunk or just an absurdist?" She takes up her glass to drain the last of the wine from it, then reaches for the bottle to top it up. "I've never heard anything so silly in my life."

"Am I what?" Zack asks, having not expected Susan to talk to him. "Drunk? No, I don't drink alcohol. What's an absurdist? How can you not have heard anything so silly when you're the one drinking red? That's silly." He starts when someone else speaks to him, and looks around for the source. "Oh, hello," he says upon seeing Graham. "I'm Zack. Are we doing last names too? All right then. Fudge. My name is Zack Fudge." MLE employees maybe familiar with his disappearance five and a half months ago: where his secret lab in Ottery St Catchpole splinched out of existence, leaving him presumed dead. They may also know that he recently resurfaced, having gone up to their department to inform them himself a couple of weeks ago.

Rhyeline arrives a bit late, slipping into the Leaky Cauldron from Diagon Alley. Shivering under her fur-lined cloak, the little one hugs herself against the lingering cold. She pauses and rises up onto her tip-toes, looking for someone. Another guard is dogging her footsteps this evening. This one is new. She is at least a foot taller than the girl and wears her long blonde hair pilled into a messy bun atop her head.

Tiberius enters - Suited and well groomed again. This is beginning to become a habit. And so is running into the constable. "You again." He greets with a casual smile. "People will start to assume the worst, Constable." Perhaps they're in public, so he doesn't want to bait her too badly. Zack is… Babbling again. Tiberius gives him a very careful wave, like one would a monkey with a hand full of miscellaneous bodily excretion. "Ah, Zack, thorn amoungst roses; please, meet Constable Susan of the MLE." He introduces the two, before his eyes spot her…
How could have he missed her? He'd followed her in, after all, so it's only a look to the side, to spot her. "Rhyeline. It's good to see you again." His smile might just be as warming as the room itself.

He watches back and forth as the talk of the color of drinks continues though as he's spoken to he nods his head. "Ah good to meet you." he might recognize the name but it'd be rude to look at him like he's a ghost so he's just his usual self. "We don't have to Graham is fine." he will look to the door and wave his hand to get the others attention but he'll give the new guard a look as well while they approach.

"Menzies," Susan corrects, spitting the word out and giving Tiberius the death glare. "Constable Menzies to you, Tripe." And then there's Graham, who is greeted with a somewhat bad tempered, "Oh. It's you."

"Okay, good," Zack tells Graham. "Last names are a hassle." Upon hearing his name he looks around again, and he sees Tiberius there. "Hello," he says, his brow furrowing at the man's words. "What do you mean by that? Is that another one of those funny things you say? If you start calling me pale and beautiful then I'm going to get upset." He blinks when he's introduced to Susan. "Oh, you work in law enforcement?" he asks her. "Why didn't you say so?"

To be fair, Rhyeline is a tiny little thing. Her guard is harder to miss and having heard about what happened the night before, she fixes Tiberius with a sharp, warning look. The little one is distracted from her search when she notices the roguish gentleman standing next to her. She follows his gaze to Zack and Susan before peeking back up at him. "Oh… um… Hello…" she murmurs. Unfortunately, she doesn't catch Graham's wave.

She could correct him a thousand times, and he'd still get it wrong with the same charming smile. And she's probably end up slapping it off his face later. Tiberius chuckles softly, "Zack, you're neither pale nor beautiful. But you are /very/ talkative. Perhaps you can go show Constable Susan." Oh yes. He's not going to be well liked for that one. His gaze returns to the small, beautiful creature beside him. "Could I offer you a glass of mulled wine, Miss Diderot?" He gestures towards the bar. The furthest point of the bar from Susan, coincidentally.

It seems he does remember faces and it comes back to him as the others name. He is however confused on the greeting he receives, but bounces back "Constable, it's good to see you." he gives a friendly smile. Graham turns back nodding at Zack's words "I suppose they can be a hassle." he will turn his head towards Tiberius as he arrives as well watching between him Rhyeline and the new guard putting a puzzle together. He will finally push his chair back standing and moving over now "Hello sister." he says warmly.

Susan holds up a finger to Zack in warning. "Think very carefully before you speak. I'm not in the mood for idle chatter." Is she ever? She tops up her glass again, taking a long drink of the wine before switching her accusatory glare back over to Tiberius.

"No I'm not," Zack tells Tiberius. "I don't know why you think I am. Show her what?" He looks around at Susan, confused at first, and then alarmed at her warning. "I don't chatter idly," he informs her. "I talk about very specific things. It's other people that chatter idly at me, which makes things difficult. Oh, Rhyeline's here too. Hello, Rhyeline." He lifts his arm and gives the girl a short, stunted wave.

Rhyeline parts her lips, about to respond to Tiberius' invitation, when Graham gets up and greets her as his sister. The shy creature looks to Graham with a small, but warm smile- a touch relieved to see him. "Hello, brother… Mm… Rena sent me an owl- said she was getting held up so- and so wouldn't be able to come…" Hearing her name, she pauses and glances over just in time to catch Zack's wave. Still smiling, she lifts her own hand in greeting. She pauses and then peeks back up at Tiberius and Graham. "Oh… um… Graham, this- this is Tiberius Tripe. He's- he's a friend of my father's. And…" She looks to Tiberius. "This is Graham Cohen… we've sort of- adopted each other…"

Tiberius' smile is full of mischief. And it's not for Susan, she's been ignored once he's beseiged her with Zack. However temporarily. Rhyeline has his full attention, until she distracts it with Graham for a moment. "Ah. I thought Dill was keeping yet more secrets from me. Hello, Graham." His offer has gone unmentioned. So for now, they must live dry.

Susan is listening. She's always listening. And sometimes filling in the gaps for herself. But she heard that right enough, and her gaze narrows next on Rhyeline. One of Tripe's acquaintances, eh? Eh?

Graham looks back to the pair at the bar back and forth for a moment, it's an odd conversation they are having but it seems they are okay if not the constable is a bit annoyed at the moment. He will look back to his adopted sister "Ah, work that'll happen. How are you?." he says about Rena not being able to make it he turns to the man as he's introduced "It's good to meet you." he will say offering a hand out in greeting to the other.

Zack's tea arrives. He beams at it when he sees that it's blue. He also receives a steak and kidney pie, and he promptly takes the top off and starts picking bits of kidney out of it. He places them on the bar near Susan's bottle of wine, quite intent on his work and not paying any attention to the conversations going on around him.

Rhyeline inches towards Graham until she stands close at his side. "I'm well…" she murmurs, peeking up at Graham before looking once more to Tiberius. Her guard has withdrawn to stand not far away against the wall.

Tiberius seems to be tired of going without liqour. The silence is a good enough time to move. "Come along, Rhyeline. It's unseemly to be standing in a pub without some kind of drink in hand." He heads to the location of his earlier gesture slowly, hoping the girl follows. Either which way, his future consists of a whiskey, and a mulled wine would be poured.

Susan shoots her gaze back to Zack in annoyance. "If you intend to leave those there, sir, we are going to have Words. Don't be disgusting."

He will lower his hand after waiting a moment. The auror looks to his sister as she moves over reach over to give a small hug. "New guard?" he asks simply. He ponders a moment before speaking again. "Bailey okay i've not seen her lately?" Graham asks he's listening to the conversation at the bar as well but is confused as he's not looking back just yet. He looks back as the man asks Rhyeline to sit with him he will wait for her response but doesn't seem to be moving away rather staying where he was.

"We're already having words," Zack says absently, not looking up from his pie. "That's how people communicate with each other." He carefully extracts another bit and puts it on top of the others. "I'm not going to leave them there, I'm going to take them with me when I leave. Did you call me sir?"

Susan just scowls. If there were a law she could claim for just being a bit weird, Zack would be under arrest right now, but despite her best efforts, even Susan Menzies can't think of anything to stick on this one, so she settles for just giving him evil looks.

Rhyeline seems warmed by Graham's brief hug. She follows his gaze to her guard and nods. "Bailey is alright…" Catching the evil look Susan is sending poor Zack, the little one bites her lower lip. It catches her rather off guard when Tiberius tells her to come along. She seems at a bit of a loss. Keeping close to Graham's side, she looks up at him a moment before looking to Tiberius. "Em… I had- I had come here to- to meet my brother for- for dinner… Would- would you care to join us?" She pauses, peeking up at Graham, hoping this is alright.

Tiberius shakes his head, snickering softly how Susan struggles with Zack. "Mn." He mentions to Rhyeline, downing his whiskey suddenly. Her wine is walked over, though, and placed gently upon Graham's table. "Actually, I think I might away. I have many nefarious deeds planned for my day." He smiles to Rhyeline again, "Much as I'd love to join you for dinner." He turns over to Susan, then, and gives her a much wider smile. Like a cat, playing with a mouse. "And no doubt I'll see you when you're on shift. Farewell, Constable Susan." A chuckle.

"Menzies," Susan corrects, half rising to her feet with a fist already formed. "Constable Menzies! You watch yourself, Tripe. I've got my eye on you."

"That's good. Tell her hello if you see her first." Graham says about the other guard he reaches up placing his hand on her shoulder comforting, but is silent a bit "Yes of course join more the merrier." though he'll look back to the bar as things seem to still be okay but angry looks given. He looks back towards the man as she speaks and nods "It was good to meet you." he accepts as the other says he will actually leave instead. The words between him and the constable are given a back and forth.

Zack, oblivious to any of the looks Susan is giving him, finally stops picking bits and pieces from his pie, and closes it up again. "That should be enough," he says, and then to Susan adds, "Could you move that bottle? It's in the way." He waves his hand in her wine bottle's general direction as if shooing it away. "Oh, are you leaving?" he asks when he hears Tiberius saying goodbye to Susan. "I hope you didn't poison anyone this time. He likes to poison people," he adds to the constable. "Or pretend to poison them. It's hard to keep track."

Ahh, and there's something interesting. Susan moves the bottle, leaning her elbow on the bar and turning her full attention on Zack. "Poisoning people, you say?"

"Do you now, Constable Susan?" Tiberius teases. "I'm quite aware of my own actions, and their consequences." His voice turns musing. A gentleman of style, though, he offers a half bow to Rhyeline, "Goodbye, Miss Diderot. May fate bring us together again soon." And then he turns to Susan, a smirk tainting his smile. "The question is; Are you watching closely?" A *Crack* sounds suddenly, and the man suddenly disappears. It overly loud though - An almost synchronous crack outside would escape all but the keenest ears. And outside the Cauldron, Tiberius walks away, chuckling darkly to himself.

Rhyeline looks over at Tiberius with profound shyness when a glass of mulled wine is placed upon Graham's earlier table. The hand her adopted brother places on her shoulder seems to reassure the girl. She looks to Tiberius once more and is about to speak, when he vanishes with a loud crack.

Graham raises an eye brow looking to the constable. He will need to speak to her about this sometime especially if he's associating with his adopted sister. "Shall we sit sister?" he motions looking over to her where the drinks are at the table he'd been sitting at.

"No, I don't poison people," Zack replies, misunderstanding Susan. "It's bad manners to poison people. Or jinx them or curse them or hex them. He seems like he has bad manners though, so I'm not surprised that he pretends to poison drinks. He did that to Rhyeline last time I was here, but I still can't figure out why. Oh, I have tea." He picks up his cup and takes a long drink.

"Not you, you imbecile," Susan snaps at Zack, clicking her fingers towards the barman and gesturing to her empty bottle. More. "Tripe. Who's he been poisoning? I need names. Details. I will see that bastard put away."

Rhyeline nods, but pauses when Susan calls Zack an imbecile. "Just a moment…" she murmurs, looking up at Graham before making her way over towards the ill-tempered constable and the addled researcher. "Em… Zack? Would- would you like to join Graham and- and me?" She bites her lower lip, peeking past Zack at Susan with profound caution.

The auror watches and listens to the conversation that goes on picking up the words spoken. Graham nods to his sister as she speaks to him but he'll move towards the table which is at least closer to the bar just in case he will need to interfere to help out. He is silent but he folds his arms one over the other at the wrists.

"Yes, I know," Zack says to Susan. "I've just said I don't. Don't order any tripe, that stuff's disgusting." He looks around when he hears his name, and is surprised to see Rhyeline standing there. "Oh, hello again," he says. "Join you? You mean at your table? Yes, that would be nice. Oh, but I have to finish talking to the constable first. This is who he's been poisoning," he says, gesturing to Rhyeline. "I mean pretending to poison. Her name is Rhyeline. She probably won't talk to you. I'm going to go sit with her now, so if you still want to talk you'll have to come too." He walks away from them, forgetting his tea and uneaten pie, and then suddenly realizes he has no idea where he's going. So he stops in the middle of the room, looking lost.

Rhyeline gives one last cautious look over at Susan before quickly following after Zack. When he stops in the middle of the room, she is there. With a light touch to his elbow, she tries to guide him over to Graham's table. A serving wench is quickly to levitate Zack's food and send it after them.

Susan whips a notebook and quill from somewhere in her robes, the quill quivering over an empty page, ready to write. She shoves her way past a poor unsuspecting patron just trying to get to the bar, scowling at him before she finds herself in front of Rhyeline's table. "Rhyeline what?" she demands to know. "Tell me about this poisoning?"

Graham sits idly watching the conversation and listening as the trio approaches the table again he turns to speak to them. "Hello again sister and Zack." he will turn at the final approach the question though gets an eyebrow raise looking back to his adopted sister though he will wait for her answer.

Zack jumps when someone touches his elbow, and he peers around at Rhyeline. "Oh, there you are," he says. "I was just looking for your table. Oh, this way?" He lets her lead him over to where Graham is sitting, and he sits down in front of his food as if he had expected it to be there the whole time. "Hello," he says to Graham. "Have you met the constable? She's very nosy." He blinks up at Susan. "What? Her last name? Oh, I'm never any good at those. I think it's French. Starts with a T?" He frowns, trying to remember. "Well, anyway, the strange man called Tiberius brought her a glass of wine. And then he put poison in it. And then Helga made the wine disappear. He declined my offer to duel. I think he was scared, but it was hard to tell."

Rhyeline sits down between Zack and Graham and pulls her glass of mulled wine close once more. "No, he- he didn't poison it… He- he just wanted to make sure that- that my guard was watching close. Even- even she could tell that- that he meant no harm…"

"Attempted poisoning," Susan dictates for the sake of the automated quill. "Dates, times, places, come along, young lady, I don't have all day to stand around. Tiberius Tripe tried to slip a poison into your drink, but failed. All the information you have, quick as you like, now. And your full name and address."

The young man looks to Rhyeline a moment at her words he's not happy with even the fake poisoning it's clear but he turns to the constable. "I would never tell you how to do you job constable, but i'm not sure that will hold up." he says respectfully. Graham looks over to the other and definitely will need to talk to her but another time "Why not sit have a drink?"

"Yes, that's right," Zack says when Rhyeline corrects him. "I knew it was something like that. I wasn't really paying attention." He looks up, alarmed at Susan's words. "You can't take Rhyeline away. She's only just invited me here. My name is Zachary Norman Fudge," he continues, thinking that Susan is talking to him. "I don't have an address right now, but I can tell you when I get one."

Susan turns on Zack in exasperation. "Will you just shut up!"

Rhyeline's brows furrow when Susan snaps at Zack. Setting down her mulled wine, the girl places her hands upon the surface of the table for support as she pushes herself to stand at her full, diminutive height. Gazing up at Susan who still towers over the girl, she says in a calm, clear tone, "Zack does not deserve such sharp words. And Mr. Tripe did not poison or attempt to poison me. My name is Rhyeline Diderot. There is nothing for you here. Please leave." And with that, she falls silent. A quiet strength shines in the fragile creature's dark gaze as she looks up at Susan.

Susan eyes Rhyeline, stating clearly for her quill. "Miss Rhyeline Diderot refuses to cooperate with a lawful investigation by Constable Susan Menzies, M.L.E., today, the 19th December, 1938." It scratches away quite happily as Susan fixes a long, meaningful gaze on Rhyeline. "Diderot. I will remember that name."

Graham watches though he will order a cider and chips enough for the table to share if they would like to do so. He looks to the constable a moment as she notes to her self. "Constable Menzies, please it was a mis-understanding there's no need." he says now still trying to calm things but his next words are a bit more serious all the same. "Trust me, if someone was trying to commit a crime against my sister i'd be first in line to go after them."

Zack's eyes widen when Susan snaps at him, and he stares at her with open-mouthed fear for a second before he shuts his mouth and lowers his gaze. Folding his arms tightly against his stomach, he sits frozen in his chair, his head bowed and his eyes fixed on the table in front of him. It's a cold evening, and Zack and Graham are sitting at a table near the bar in the Leaky Cauldron. Rhyeline and Susan are standing there as well at the moment.

Wearing a bright blue cloak to keep the damp off, Sorcha comes into the Cauldron from the Alley side and flips back her hood to look around the room for any friendly faces. Seeing the group at the bar she smiles and starts over in their direction, only to catch the tone in Graham's voice directed at the person she hasn't met and see Zack's obvious discomfort at the situation in his seat nearby. "Evening everyone…"

Rhyeline looks to her adopted brother, appreciative of his efforts. She then takes a small step closer to Zack and places a gentle hand on his shoulder, hoping to reassure him as she gazes back up at Susan with an unwavering stare. The little one almost looks defiant. Sorcha draws a glance from the girl, who offers a small and a faint smile in greeting. It would seem that Sorcha has walked into a rather tense situation.

Susan rounds on Graham, jabbing a finger towards him. "If you've got anything on that obseqious pile of shit, Tripe, I want it," she demands.

The young man waits though he turns as the door opens out of habit. Graham cannot help but smile and his posture and all softens. "Sorcha." he says leaning over to give her a kiss. It might be bad timing but oh well! He looks back as he's spoken to "It's the first time I met him. I can promise you that, but if there is anything to dredge up you will know of it. We're on the same team right?" even his words have calmed.

Zack twitches when someone puts their hand on his shoulder, and he looks up at Rhyeline. He does relax slightly, though, enough to mutter, "I didn't mean to cause any trouble," to her. He shoots a furtive glance in Susan's direction as he speaks. Then he hears someone say good evening nearby, but he doesn't look around at whoever it is, and he doesn't say anything else lest he provoke the constable's wrath again.

"Graham." Sorcha replies with a smile, returning the kiss and stepping in next to him. When Susan goes about with her pointing and Tripe business, the ginger eyebrows raise in surprise and curiousity as she glances back to the auror next to her. She doesn't say anything though, waiting to see what exactly it is that's going on before she interjects there. "Good evening, Rhyeline… Zack isn't it?"

"Make sure you do," Susan warns Graham, giving him an accusatory look, eyes narrowed and lips pressed into a thin line. "I am going to put that snivelling, disgusting excuse for a man away if it's the last thing I do."

The subtle furrow between Rhyeline's brows deepens as she watches Susan. "Good evening, Sorcha…" murmurs the little one, peeking over at her. She glances once more at Graham, appreciative of his efforts to calm the situation before she looks to Zack. "You didn't cause any trouble… she shouldn't have snapped at you," she murmurs to him before peeking up at Susan once more with a frown.

Graham returns the smile reaching out for Sorcha's hand to entwine with his. The cider and chips arrive at the table and he nods "Thank you." he will say to the server turning back to the constable. "I will of course, you have my word." the more she talks about the man he's not sure if he's either a criminal mastermind or the victim. He will of course investigate.

Susan sniffs, turns for the exit, and just storms out, the entire mood of the pub lifting with her exit.

Zack ducks his head low when he hears his name, and he takes a nervous look over his shoulder. Though he nods to confirm that Zack is indeed his name, he doesn't give any sign that he recognizes her, and he continues to keep his mouth shut. At Rhyeline's words, he looks up at her again and draws his shoulders up to his ears in a long shrug, unconvinced. He remains quiet even after Susan has left the building, though he visibly relaxes once she's gone.

Rhyeline seems as relieved as Zack when Susan finally storms off. With that characteristically slow, careful grace, she eases herself back down into her chair and smiles appreciatively over at Graham. After all, he is no doubt esponsible for Susan's abrupt departure. Then looking to Zack, she hesitates a moment before murmuring, "Would… would you like a cup of cocoa? I'm sure they could make it blue for you."

"Happy Christmas." Sorcha very helpfully calls after Susan in a sunny cheerful voice before turning back to Graham and sitting down in the chair on his other side with a curious expression, "So I take it you work with that delightful ray of sunshine?" Since Zack seems to be quite distressed by the whole situation, she leaves it to Rhyeline to speak with him for the moment as she puzzles out what the whole business was about.

Graham watches the constable walk out but only when she's out the door. He shakes his head as he turns back giving a small smile to match Rhyelines "Anyways, I got chips for all of us to share, and perhaps we can get more drinks?" He will look back to Sorcha as she speaks "Not closely, she's with the law enforcement squad, auror don't get to team up much." he gives a shrug "I thought you were stuck at the shop? I am glad you escaped."

Zack looks at Rhyeline and nods his head once, and gives her a brief, awkward smile when she suggests getting them to make it blue. He listens to the others talk and sets his elbows on the table, his hands covering the lower half of face as he rests his chin in them. He still seems unsure whether he's allowed to speak or not. After all, he was given an order by a constable of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Rhyeline offers Zack a warm smile and then tries to catch the attention of one of the passing bar wenches. When she can't quite manage it, she gets up and walks up to one. Hands clasped behind her back, she murmurs something rather quietly to the witch before returning, looking pleased with herself.

Sorcha takes one of the chips from the basket, "I can't see why not if they're all so delightful as that." She smiles back to Graham and teases him, "Well, you see, when the shop closes there isn't much my sister can do to keep me there. My salaried obligations having been completed, I am free to run away as quickly as I like to go galavanting off with my beau at taverns and the like." When Rhyeline comes back, she asks her, "So… that seemed quite the scene then?"

He watches Rhyeline move off to find a server before looking back to Sorcha to listen to her explanation chuckling "Ah yes well lost track of time suppose your not surprised though." he grins "Well I am suppose your sister is shaking her fist at that scoundrel your running off to see." the auror teases back. Graham turns back to the table pondering a moment "You are okay to speak Zack, it's not breaking any laws."

"Yes… Susan was very rude…" murmurs Rhyeline with a small nod, pulling her glass of mulled wine close once more. "She snapped at Zack, told him to shut up. Quite rude…" She peeks over at Zack, hesitating for a moment before offering him an encouraging smile. Nodding in agreement with Graham's words, se murmurs, "Yes… and- I like listening to the things you say."

Zack turns in his seat to watch Rhyeline head off to track down a server, looking a little puzzled. "I am?" he asks Graham when the man gives him the okay to speak. "Okay, thank you. Sorry for all the trouble." He shifts in his seat and pulls his unfinished pie closer to him before looking around at Rhyeline in surprise. "You do?"

"Just shocking." Sorcha says with a smile, teasing Graham before she turns back to Rhyeline and Zack, "Coppers are such a bother, aren't they?" She pointedly doesn't look at her boyfriend as she says this, her tone light and teasing, "Quite bossy, really. So you like things that are blue? That's one of my favorite colors."

"Yes, indeed. I have a badge too, so that counts." Graham says with a nod to Zack "It was a misunderstanding, not your fault at all." The auror looks to Rhyeline next nodding "Yes she was, i'm sorry I didnt step in till before. I didnt wish to intrude." he looks to Sorcha "Most certainly, nothing but a pain. I take it that the harvest of herbs filled things up for the winter?"

"Yes," says Rhyeline with a definitive nod, smiling with a quiet warmth over at Zack. The four of them are sitting at a table, not too far from the bar. "Ah- look," she adds when the barwench arrives bearing Zack's hot cocoa. Bright blue sugar sprinkles glitter on the whipped cream. He will find that the cocoa beneath the cream is blue as well and tastes of blueberries. "You never intrude, Graham," murmurs Rhyeline, peeking over at hi with such warmth. "I always appreciate your help…"

Zack seems unsure of what to say to Rhyeline, but he gives her another tentative attempt at a smile. When the blue cocoa arrives he even grins at it, and he picks it up with both hands and takes a sip. He looks at Sorcha uncertainly before responding to her. "I like drinks that are blue," he tells her. "And I wear blue dress robes when my father forces me to go to fancy events. But he doesn't do that much anymore. Especially now that he's angry with me." He blinks at Graham. "Oh, wasn't it? It seemed like it was since she told me to shut up."

The door slams open abruptly wit a strong gust of wind. A rather bundled up wizard was standing there as he makes his way in, and with a grunt pushes the door back closed again. As the rain and cold is now sealed back out, he sighs in relief and pulls the hood of his heavy full circle cloak down a moment, glancing about as he waits for his eyes to readjust to the light inside. Pulling the cloak open he starts to drag it over his head to hang up to dry, as it was a little bit soggy to be honest.

"Mmm," Sorcha says in agreement with Graham, taking another chip from the table collection, "Luckily it was slow enough today that I was able to get everything put away to Nia's satisfaction without having to stay long after we closed up shop and all. Is it just me or does it seem to get even more stifling to have to stay inside all day long when it's getting on winter time?" When Zack talks hesitantly about the blue things in his life, she nods and smiles, "Blue cocoa seems a good match, then?" As the door bursts open behind her she does start and quickly turn to see what the ruccous is about before relaxing when she sees it doesn't appear to be anyone storming in to curse them all… so far…

Rhyeline flinches with a little squeak when Chaucer slams open the door. Her guard, standing against the wall not too far away, reaches for her wand. But seeing it's just a harmless old man, she calms. Peeking over at Zack, she murmurs, "That was just her being rude… Although… you were wise… it is probably safest to obey Ministry officials when told to do something."

"I am glad sister." Graham says over to her grabbing a chip himself and eats it quiet while he does so. "She was out of line Zack." he says to the other easily enough nodding about blue drinks. "My favorite at the sweetshop is a bright orange fizzy drink so oh well." He turns around as the door opens but it seems it's another person getting out of the cold he'll look to the other beside him squeezing her hand as she starts to reassure. "You should have owl'd I would have come and helped." he says about putting things away in the shop

Zack sets his cocoa back on the table. "Yes," he tells Sorcha. "I didn't think of making blue drinks until I saw someone have one at a party. But, as soon as I learned you could do that, I've tried to have blue drinks whenever I could." He doesn't respond to the door slamming, or look around when the others do. "I was?" he asks, peering back at Rhyeline. "Oh, yes. Well, you have to do whatever law enforcement says. That's why they're law enforcement. If there's a law that says Zack has to shut up then they would know."

Glancing about at the small space, it seems the only spot open that had any appeal to him was near the table of others talking. He spots a familiar face though and starts to make his way over, his cane tapping lightly on the wood "Zack! good to see you again!" he notes to the younger man. "How have you been, and your… friends? " he peers at the others curiously.

"There's no law like that. Don't worry, Zack," murmurs Rhyeline before bringing her glass of mulled wine to her lips. She pauses, peeking up at the ancient, balding wizard with the goblin-esque features. Shyness settles upon the delicate creature once more. However, she does steal a chip when she thinks no one is looking.

"I know I -could- have, but there's this tiny thing about how you do actually have a job that you do on a regular basis." Sorcha teases Graham, "So while I could have you come around to help me slot herbs into their bins, it seems as though I should better let you find cursed clocks and keep them away from naughty evildoers." She smiles when the older man sits down next to them and seems to know Zack. Letting him introduce the lot of them if he likes without interjecting as yet.

Graham turns to look at Zack "Yes, well i'm law enforcement too, so like I said it counts." The auror says agree with Rhyeline about no laws which should keep him from speaking or anything. He looks back to Sorcha smiling a bit "Fair enough, but what if the herbs have committed crimes?" he asks trying to seem serious though he grins. He watches as the other approaches and sits at the table he'll allow introductions to be made as well.

"Okay, good," Zack says to Rhyeline. "It would be a problem if there was an entire law devoted just to me. It seems like it would be an inefficient use of Ministry resources. Oh, you are?" he asks Graham. "Okay, thanks. Then I'll talk again." But he stops speaking when he hears his name, and turns slowly in his seat to look at Chaucer. "Oh, hello," he says. "I was told to shut up by a Ministry official, but I've since been told that she was out of line, so I can speak to you. My friends?" He looks around in search of who the old man is referring to. "Oh, are you my friends?" he asks those at the table. It doesn't even occur to him that he might be expected to make introductions.

"Hmm. Usually such demands are on a time limit -Ie, the moment they turn their back - anyways." grunts Chaucer, with a bit of a smirk as well. He then dips his head in respect to the Ministry official present - the Auror before stating to Zack "Well I would hope you are not having a casual hot cocoa time with your enemies! That would make for a very strange situation." he admits as he leaned on his cane, not yet sitting down.

Rhyeline grins a bit at Chaucer's hope that Zack is not dining with enemies. She peeks up at the shabby young researcher with a warm litle grin, but for the moment, seems content to remain quiet, hidden behind her glass of mulled wine.

"Like herbacide?" Sorcha replies to Graham with a matching serious expression, "It's true that at times the herbs get out of hand… we have to be quite cautious." She smiles up to the gentleman leaning on his cane, nodding, "It would be awkward, certainly. If you are a friend of Zack's, and we are at least on friendly terms, it seems as though it would be best for us to invite you to join us in that case." She nods to an open seat on the other side of the blue cocoa drinking member of their party, "Would you care to have a seat?"

"I am indeed." He returns the nod to the newest arrival taking a drink from his cider enjoying it before setting it down on the table, and another chip while he's listening to the others speak. He chuckles but goes more serious to Sorcha's words "Indeed see, i'll have to stick around for safety of course." Graham winks over to her.

When no one confirms or denies that they are friends, Zack turns to Chaucer and says, "I haven't been able to determine the status of our friendship, but I'll let you know when I do. What's that? Oh, well I know they're not enemies. One of them is in law enforcement, so he definitely can't be an enemy. I don't make enemies with the law." He takes another drink of his cocoa and then swirls it around, momentarily captivated by the blue ripples.

"You seem too sensible to do that." remarks Chaucer as he takes the proffered seat rom Sorcha "Thank you very much miss." he remarks as he sighs, creaking almost as loudly as the old chair did as his muscles relaxed. The cane is hooked by his elbow, the owl-shaped head clamping onto the chair on its' own as he rolls his shoulders and peers at the blue drink "That looks good. And I am Chaucer Ollivander, bookbinder, so that the friend-making process can begin."

Rhyeline seems pleased as she watches how captivated Zack is by the bright blue cocoa. She sets down her half-finished glass of mulled wine aaand steals another chip.

"Lovely to meet you, Mr. Ollivander. I'm Sorcha O'Shea, my family has an apothecary on Diagon Alley. Lovely to meet you." She nods around the table, not seeming too shy to introduce people at all, "The auror is Graham Cohen, and the lovely lady drinking tea is Rhyeline Diderot. And, now that you've mentioned books I am certain that you'll have nothing but Graham's attention for the rest of the evening." The comment is said with obvious fondness, though she does shoot him a bit of a look of amusement as she says it.

Graham nods listening to the new arrival. "Ah, bookbinder excellent. She is quite correct i'm rather bookish to put it mildly." he says listening to the introductions and the teasing about his enjoy of books. He turns towards her nudging her with his shoulder slightly and poking his tongue out her.

"And I'm Zack," says Zack, forgetting in the midst of the introductions that Chaucer already knows his name. He holds his mug of cocoa in both hands and takes another sip, and then peers over the rim at Rhyeline. "Am I doing it right?" he asks her.

"It seems there's a mass rush on enjoying literature these days." mutters Chaucer "Every Wizard and Witch seems to be into things that collected dust eight years ago!" he orders a drink and settles back to waiting on it "Sorcha RHyeline, Graham and Zack… " a nod to the last "VERY pleased to meet you all, ladies and sirs. And yes. I have no real shop front outside of Nottingham - I sell the books to the stores who sell them to people mostly. I have considered doing direct-to-customer though." he admits.

Rhyeline's laughter is sweet and impish as she peeks over the brim of her own glass at Zack. "Yes…" she murmurs. "Perfect." She pauses, peeking oer at Chaucer and offers the aged wizard a respectful nod. "My father… Dillorous Diderot… he might like that…"

"Have you met Thomas? He just opened a book shop recently and is a friend of ours so if you haven't as yet we could introduce you if you are interested in more vendors to work with." Sorcha offers, taking another chip from the basket in front of Graham, "Do you specialize in any type of books in particular? Journals or spellbooks or such?"

"Oh, another bookshop? Well I wont bother then and just sell through them. Much easier. " remarked Chaucer, dismissing his idea lke that. He blinked at Rhyelines' name though "Ahh! THAT name I know. Yes, I published several of his volumes beore an… unfortunate accident, and we had to give the contract to someone else while we rebuilt." he scowls darkly "Not really. INstructional books that are mass ordered usually I suppose - schoolbooks and the like. I've been tinkering with offering copying services too though and allowing authors without agents to pay to have books printed." he notes to all of them. A pause, then he took snuck a chip.

"It's fun," Zack tells Rhyeline from behind his mug. "Now I know why you do it all the time." He stares at her for a while longer, as if it were just a game to him, and then he takes another sip of his cocoa. Well, he tries to. His hand slips a bit and some of the drink ends up splashing down his chin and onto his robes.

Rhyeline blinks, looking interested when she realizes that Chaucer does in fact have a connection to her father. But then, she peeks back over at Zack and can't help but grin. "Yes, it- oops!" She winces sympathetically when the cocoa splashes. "I hope that washes out…"

Chaucer watches as well, and immediately procures a hankercheif he hands to Zack, leaving him to clean HIMSELF up. The man gets his own cocoa - a blue and red swirl that somehow doesnt mix together for an ugly purple and takes a sip "Its funny how some people miss the only hole through their body." he quipped, teasingly.

"Well that works out nicely, then." Sorcha replies with a smile, turning to flag down a waitress to come by for her order and potentially for Chaucer's. "That sounds very interesting, certainly. I read quite a few instructional books." Not that she's bookish at all… When Zack spills his cocoa she winces a bit, "Hot still? That's always a challenge." She also puts in an order with the waitress before she leaves again, turning to Rhyeline, "Your father wrote books?"

Zack wipes his face off with the sleeve of his robe before he notices that Chaucer has offered him a handkerchief. He takes it from the man, but doesn't seem sure of what to do about it. "It's not that hot," he mutters absently, as he peers at the spot on his robes. "Wash out? I don't know. I've never paid much attention to what washes out or not. As long as they're clean." The robes are already old and worn and tattered enough anyway. "Oh, wait, am I supposed to do this now?" He hides his face behind his mug so that he can't see the others.

"Yes, he- he still writes. Histories and- and adventure stories from- from his travels…" murmurs Rhyeline with a soft smile. Once more, she can't help but giggle at Zack. Reaching out, she lowers the mug just a little. "It's good to still be able to see others."

"… Really? You clean the mess up with it!" notes Chaucer, staring at Zack incredulously and points to one of the other waitresses wiping the table nearby."it keeps it from soaking in and getting sticky." he explaisn simply, shaking his head in amusement "REally. I look orwards to his next contract if he was willing to come back to Lima Press."

Graham winces a bit at the spilled chocolate knowing how that can go spilling or dropping things. He looks around the table and he'll also order a new cider since he's empty. The auror is glad to be silent for the moment eating a bit more chips as he listens to the others speak. "Oh yes, I did find and read a few of his books." he's drawn out at the question.

Sorcha smiles to the waitress as she brings her potato and leek soup with a glass of mulled wine much like Rhyeline's. "It happens, Zack. Spilling is a fact of life. But hankies are quite handy for fixing the issue and cleaning up after." She picks up her spoon and nods to Graham, "Well, that means I can borrow them then, they sound very interesting."

Zack blinks at Rhyeline as she lowers his mug. "Oh, I must be doing it wrong then," he says to her. "I need to practice more." He sets the mug back on the table and stares back at Chaucer. "Isn't that why wizards invented magic?" he asks vaguely as he pats his robes with the handkerchief. Then he notices some of the cocoa on the table and mops that up too. "Magic is better," he tells Sorcha. "Quicker."

"Cleaning spells can be tricky…" murmurs Rhyeline with a bit of a grin. She takes another sip of mulled wine before looing to Chaucer. "I will mention your interest when I see him next…" Peeking over at Graham, she hesitates before murmuring, "What did you think of them?"

"Yep, of course you can borrow any book you like." Graham says to Sorcha about borrowing the books, he accepts his new cider and takes a drink before he listens to Rhyeline's question "I enjoy history and such novels, I enjoyed them they certainly take a straight forward approach to the realism." he says honestly.

Chaucer remarks "The hankercheif has one in it. We still need to do SOME of the work." he grunts as he sips his own drink now, hunching his shoudlers a little bit as he falls silent to enjoy the cocoa quietly, before continuing "HIstory is always written by the victors. Opinions will ALWAYS color our history." he states to Graham simply

Sorcha leans in and kisses Graham on the cheek before she takes up her spoon and continues to eat her soup as she listens to the others. "Magic is quite handy." She agrees with Zack, "But there's also something to be said for simplicity when it's warranted." Taking a sip of her wine, she turns to Chaucer again, "You're from Nottingham, then?"

"You can be surprised with what you can do with the simplest of spells." remarks Chaucer as he gets to the halfway point of his own mug "Yes, Nottinghamshire is where I live now with the business. House is rather empty right now, considering leasing it out and just moving into the shop." he admits.

"Oh, does it?" Zack asks, peering at the handkerchief. He sets it on the table next to him, unsure of what to do with it now that he's done cleaning up. He glances over at Sorcha. "Hmm? Oh, yes. I suppose so. I only clean when it's absolutely necessary. Like when I'm running out of places to store my notes." He finishes his drink, careful not to spill this time. After setting his mug back down, he stands up all of a sudden. "Time to go," he announces to the table. "Goodbye." And he walks off towards Diagon Alley without another word.

Rhyeline gives a small, solemn nod at Chaucer's words of wisdom. The little one is in the midst of another sip of mulled wine when Zack announces his abrupt departure and heads off. With a squeak, she almost chokes. "W-wait…" she tries to say, but coughing, can't quite manage it. She gets up. "E-excuse me," she tells Graham, Sorcha, and Chaucer with a small dip of a curtsy. And with that, she hurries after him. Her guard is hot on her heels.

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