(1938-12-19) One Last Study Session
Details for One Last Study Session
Summary: Eibhlin works on the last rune translations for The Strange Defense plot. Alphard makes a cameo.
Date: 1938-12-19
Location: Hogwarts Library
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Off in a less traveled corner of the library there aren't as many tables, but one is placed here and there all the same. This particular corner is one its not terribly unusual to find Eibhlin at, the minimal distraction it brings with its location welcome more often than not. A relatively short stack of books are on the table beside her while two are open in front of her, just beyond her notebook.

All the practice Eibhlin had put in on the earlier translations seemed to have paid off, because as the hours passed by Eibhlin was moving forward with massive strides. The last inscriptions became legible:
The Fifth Door: 'At night I come without being fetched, at day I am gone without being stolen.'
The Sixth Door: 'Here, in this place, you swallow me. Yet, were I more, I could swallow you.'
Seventh door: 'Who cares for quills when you have me?'
Eight and final door: 'I have seen the mountains rise. I have seen the fall of Rome. You shall all die, but I will march on'.

At some point, Eibhlin was no longer alone. There was Alphard, slinking through the library looking for a book or the other. Spotting Eibhlin he started to drift over. They might not be friends, exactly, but they did have a common project. So to speak.

The sound of footsteps nearby is what drags Eibhlin's attention way from a recheck of her translations. After a glance about her eyes finally settle on the Slytherin as he draws closer, hand lifting to send him a bit of a wave - a non-verbal invite to join her if he'd like.

Rather than sit down with her, he merely loomed as he appraoched. Peering down at her work and recognizing the pages taken from his notebook. His eyes sparkled with a brief bit of interest. "You translated any more of those doors?"

Eibhlin nods simply given the question. She doesn't seem to mind that he doesn't sit, they aren't particularly friends after all. "They're done," she replies, "I was just checking them over a second time to make sure I didn't miss something. How's your research coming?"

More riddles. Alphard gave an exasperated sigh. He had been all but useless as far as contributions so far had gone regarding them. At least he'd pitched in with the potion and preparations for creatures to be possibly bumped in against in future incursions.
"So that's all of them, then?" There was some satisfaction in that. "Done. Well. You guessed any answers? Should show them to Meanie."
As for his own research? "Good. Speaking off, I've got some last minute book to find, before the holidays. I'll see you."

Eibhlin nods again, "I have a few ideas on the answers, yes," she replies. "I was going to try and catch her before we head out too," she adds about Andromena. "Sure," she agrees about his comment on books, "Later then. Hope you have a good holiday."

After a moment, and only because it was polite, he replied: "You too, Shine."

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