(1938-12-21) A Claiming of Ownership
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Summary: Madeline tries to make nice with Lucretia and even presents her with a Christmas card.
Date: 1938-12-21
Location: Hogwart's Express

Madeline and Adam are sitting together in a car - where a lot of Gryffindor stuff has been abandoned. An orange tabby cat named Ebony is in Adam's lap. The train has recently jolted - and Angelus has practically fallen into the two first years.

Angelus shifts slightly so that he can rest a knee against an empty seat, a hand against the back. A grin tugs out across his lips as he offers Madeline a raise of his head. "Sure. Just got some treats from the trolley." The bag clasped in a hand is opened, plucking out a chocolate fudge fly to pop it into his mouth before he offers it out to his housemate. "Want to have some?" His smile flickers faintly at his lips. As his eyes turn to take in Adam, a hum escapes him thoughtfully. "Irving, isn't it?" A sigh escapes the third year, but he shrugs causally and offers a polite enough nod of his head.

"Oh, sure, thank you!" Madeline responds brightly as she reaches out to grab one of the flies - and stares at it for a while as it wiggles in her fingers, buzzing its little chocolate wings in a futile attempt to escape its mortal peril. Wizarding candies are /so/ strange. She pops it into her mouth. "Mmm!" she says appreciatively. "We were just enjoying some exploding bonbons a little bit ago. Do you want one?" she offers Angelus in return.

Adam looks surprised when the older boy recognizes him, but he continues to smile. "Er, yeah," he says. "How'd you know? Sorry, I don't know your name." He looks at the chocolate flies with interest. "What are those? I haven't seen them before. The bonbons are great though, you should definitely have one of those."

The compartment door opens and Lucretia walks in, Gaston tucked beneath one arm. Unlike her, he's not so impressed with being bundled onto the train when he was perfectly happy being curled up on her bed thank-you-very-much. "Eibon!" There's a breathed sigh of relief when her fellow third-year gets spotted and, pushing some Gryffindor clutter out of the way, the girl drops into the seat next to Angelus. "I nearly missed the train. Can you believe it? Ohhh, are those fudge flies? I didn't even get time to run into Harkiss' I was so late! Golly its good to see a friendly face!" Smiling brightly she settles herself more comfortably into the upholstery, only then spotting the two Firsties sat opposite. Her smile dims.

"I've got plenty of treats from the trolley," Angelus replies with a simple shrug. "But thank you." A smile slips across his lips as he dips his head. A smirk escapes him as he turns his eyes back to Adam, the bag offered to the Hufflepuff in turn. "I know /everyone/," says the blonde haired youth with 'heh' and a wink. Another hum escapes Angelus as he regards Adam, considering as a brow arches, and then smirks as he shrugs lightly. "It's nice to actually meet you though," he says politely with a nod of his head.

Angelus is definitely out of uniform, the expensive blue material worn neatly. But the pendant still dangles in front of him. Angelus flips around in the seat as his name is called out, flopping more comfortably and a delighted smile is offered out to the Slytherin. "That would have been a terrible shame," he says sincerely in response to nearly missing the train. He shifts the bag - whether Adam has taken some or not - to Lucretia. "I just picked them up from the trolley."

Madeline's a bit relieved when Angelus doesn't take one - more for her to share with her parents, after all, and that's what she'd bought them for in the first place!
And then Lucretia joins them. For once, rather than looking like she's eaten something sour, Madeline smiles. "Oh, Black, I was hoping to run into you," she announces cheerfully - no doubt to everyone's surprise. She ruffles into her bag and pulls out a hand-made Christmas card, with some sort of charm on the lettering to make it shimmer. "Merry Christmas," she announces simply as she hands it over.

Adam has no idea who this new girl is, but his eyes light up at the sight of her pet. "Nice cat!" he says, offering her a friendly smile as well. The cat in his own lap is purring as he scritches it behind the ears and beneath the chin. "Really?" he says to Angelus, grinning as he takes one of the fudge flies. "Thanks. Er, it's nice to meet you too. You still didn't tell me your name though!" Then, catching the name Madeline uses to refer to the girl with the cat, Adam looks around at her again, confused. "Hey, is that…?" he asks his fellow first-year. "Why did you…?"

Lucretia pulls her gloves off her hands, first the right and then the left, before dipping her hand into the bag to snag a fudge fly. "Thank you. I positively adore these. Maybe I'll hunt the trolley down later too, but right now — gosh I need to sit!" Like Angelus, the dark-haired Black is also out of uniform, a neatly tailored black cashmere wool coat hugging her frame to show off the dainty slenderness of her figure. The collar is trimmed with silver braid, as are the pockets, and a row of silver buttons double-fastens down the front. Its as she's fiddling with these that Madeline hands the card over and she halts what she's doing in order to take it from her. "Thank you," she says politely, not looking at it before placing it on the seat beside her. It must look inviting there, for Gaston slinks off her lap and curls up on it. "His name's Gaston," she says to Adam, not commenting on his own ginger feline.

A haphazard hum escapes Angelus as his blue eyes shift back to Adam. "Mhm, sorry," he murmurs. "Angelus," he supplies with a cool, single shouldered shrug. But Adam doesn't keep his attention long, not with his year mate present. "They are delicious," he says agreeably with a nod. A hum escapes him as an eyebrow arches, looking toward Madeline curiously and flicking his blue eyes between the girls. A smirk twitches at his lips, twisting as if about to let out a snicker but instead lifts a hand to casually drag it over his mouth. He leans a little closer to Lucretia, turning his head away from the first years.

Angelus whispers: Looks like someone thinks she's good enough to be your friend.

At Adam's question and confused look, Madeline shrugs and nods - letting out a little giggle in the face of his confusion. It's worth it, almost, just for /that/ - but she will explain it to her fellow first year /later/. When Black isn't /right there/. Instead, she takes a moment to put her bag away once again.

Adam's still in his second-hand school robes; he hasn't gotten around to changing yet. "This one's called Ebony," he tells Lucretia with a grin. "Isn't that a brilliant name? 'Cause she's not black, see? Bless her little socks." He smiles up at Angelus, offering a friendly, "Hi, Angelus." He doesn't seem bothered that the third-year turns away from them. Instead, he turns his attention back to the far more friendly Madeline. "Fine, don't tell me," he says, grinning at her. "Whose cat is this anyway?"

Lucretia leans a little towards Angelus when he whispers to her, a nod of her head to whatever's whispered, and something said back. It might have been meant to be a whisper, or it might not, but her words however will probably be heard by both Madeline and Adam since they're only seated opposite. "I know, can you believe it? Not only a mudblood but a Firstie too." That done, she finishes unbuttoning her coat, the luxurious garment lined in a shimmering steel grey silk that complements the black and silver. Unlike Adam, her own clothes positively screech filthy rich and there's no apology for it either as she wriggles out of the coat and lays it over her lap. "I can't wait to see mother and father again, you must come visit me Eibon. Promise you will?"

Angelus barely responds to Adam. A mere shrug of his shoulders, which might just come across as a snub, seeing little importance to keep his attention on someone so… unfortunate when he can speak with someone more worthy. A chuckle escapes the youth, a mild shrug. "I can't vouch … House …," he responds to her in a low volume as - if anything is overheard it certainly isn't the whole thing. He shifts to sit straight again, and nods his head. "Yes, I'm looking forward to spending time with my father." Another dip of his head as a grin crosses his face. "I'll visit. I'll have to bring you a Christmas gift, after all."

"Oh, I think it's Prewett's. Or… maybe Proudmore. I think it's Prewett's, though," Madeline answers - only to hear Lucretia's 'whispered' words. She gives Adam a '….see?' look, then turns to look at Lucretia. "Excuse me, Black, but I think I have been very kind and welcoming, and I don't appreciate you coming into /my/ car and mouthing insults. If you would like to be civil, you are welcome to stay. Otherwise, please find another car." She wears a determined look on her face, though she remains seat, her hands folded in her lap - though perhaps clenched a little more tightly together than they were before.

Adam catches what Lucretia says to Angelus, and his smile falters for the first time. "Er, yeah," he says to Madeline, losing track of their conversation. "Right, Prewett. Don't, er, don't think I know them." He lowers his eyes to the cat in his lap as Madeline berates the girl, but he looks up after she's done. "Um, d'you mind taking her back?" he asks quietly. "I'm going to check on that other compartment. See if they've left yet. I need to change anyway." He holds the cat out for Madeline or puts it on the seat, picks up his piece of folded paper, and then shuffles out of the compartment.

Lucretia flicks her eyes back to Madeline. "Its not your compartment, mudblood. Its mine now. I'm tolerating you being in here, nothing more. I don't care if you have to stand the whole way back to London, in fact I'd prefer it if you did; preferably in the corridor or, better yet, on the roof. If you know what's good for you, you'll follow the good sense of your little friend and follow him out. It seems that he, at least, knows not to annoy someone that can make his next few years at school a complete misery." Giving Madeline the coldest look she can summon, Lu pulls Gaston onto her lap, Madeline's card fluttering to the floor, face down.

(Log ends here as it was late and people needed to get going. Though the ending wasn't played out it was decided that Angelus would have acted the diplomat and invited Lulu to join him in finding better company in another compartment.)

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