(1938-12-21) Unusual Companions
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Summary: Guy and Rena take shelter in the Leaky Cauldron from the snow after a long walk and others soon join.
Date: 1938-12-21
Location: Leaky Cauldron

OOC NOTE: Due to user error on the part of Rena's player, a large portion of the scene preceding the first apparent pose in this log was lost. A synopsis must take its place, unfortunately.

Synopsis of Pre-Scene: Rena Lee and Guy Grosvenor ran into each other in Diagon Ally going in different directions. The young Auror managed to break the ice with the brisk man after their initial introductions by making it clear that she is knowledgeable in current Muggle affairs and cares a great deal. Guy then invited her to walk with him to the Leaky Cauldron. During their journey, Rena found herself in awe of the RAF man as she got to know him a little better and was thrilled when he offered to teach her to drive an automobile in the future. Upon reaching the pub, Guy invited her to come along for a drink. This is what followed…

Guy limps his way towards the bar with Rena, "Drink here, or would you rather have some privacy?"

"I don't 'ave anything to 'ide." Rena grins, stopping to undo the buttons of her overcoat and slip out of it. Hanging it on the rack near the door, she quickly moves to join Guy. Realizing something abruptly, her expression changes and she says quietly: "Unless it's better for you to be somewhere less out in the open…" Meaning his uniform, of course, and being a Squib. People can be rude.

Guy shrugs, "Not at all. Probably better for your reputation not to vanish into a locked room with a man, eh?" A pause, "You a gin and tonic girl?"

"Oh, I… yes," Rena replies, looking a little embarrassed with herself for having forgotten that. She's an Auror, for one thing - and a lady for another. She does have a bit of a reputation to uphold.
Taking a seat at the bar, she slides onto an empty stool and tugs her skirt straight. From the sidelines, a middle-aged, gruff sounding wizard who's already a couple sheets to the wind remarks: "Hrumph, if it isn't the loud-mouthed Auror who's too big for her boots."
Rena glances sidelong, but says nothing in return. Looking to Guy, she answers quickly: "Yes, please."

Guy nods, and orders, "Gin and tonic, and a pint of bitter please." He pauses, clearly trying to place the word 'Auror'.

"You hear me, bitch?" The drunk, older wizard says, swaying to his feet and pointing at Rena at the bar with his empty glass. "And isn't it just like a Mud-blood, dragging other trash in off the street!" Obviously, he means Guy.
The barmaid angrily waves a dishrag at the man: "This here is neutral ground. You keep your bloody politics out of here!" Even as she speaks, a couple other wizards rise from their seats, trying to pull the troublemaker back to his drinking.
"I'm sorry," Rena says tensely to Guy, looking down at the bar with furiously burning cheeks.

Guy spins around at the sudden crack. Not that he's armed, but the uniformed man didn't register _that_ for a moment. "Dammit! That's just…" The drunk just gets a disdainful look, and he says to his companion, "Nothing that my father hasn't said."

Graham appears with a crack as he often does into the pub, and is in time to hear the drunk’s words. His face goes from calm to pissed-off as quickly as he appeared. His hand in his sleeve where his wand is hidden is drawn out, though down at his side for NOW. The other hand goes to his side where a badge is found and shown to the drunk. "MLE-Auror, your disturbing the peace, I suggest you sit back down or leave friend." His words are spoken low and directly to this man.

The drunk lets out a derisive, mirthless laugh - directed more at Rena and Guy than the gung-ho Auror who shows up to save the day. He then reaches out and actually smacks Graham's wand with another peel of laughter that sinks into a fit of coughing. His friends succeed in dragging him back to his table, where he falls into unintelligible cursing into his drink.
Rena's face is still burning. Whether because of the embarrassing situation or because she's genuinely angry at Graham, she turns on him with dark eyes flashing: "I'll thank you not to treat me like a lady in distress, Graham Cohen. I can fight my own battles!" She snaps, taking the drink that's just arrived before her into her hand. Then, she takes a big, hard sip of it.
Being the lightweight that she is, it's a little too much, too fast and Rena struggles not to cough.

Guy lets out a wry smile, "I could probably punch him and knock him out before he could clear a wand, but I don't rate my chances with his friends, I'm afraid." He's still leaning against the bar, chatting conversationally, and looks not in the slightest bothered at the noise and disturbance, "You see _this_ is the welcome I expect when I come to visit family."

Does the good guy Auror nearly blast the drunk on principle… oh, it's very close to it. Graham manages to get himself under control and replaces his wand to where it had been a moment before. He turns back to find an angry friend and co-worker. "Rena, I meant no disrespect. I know you can handle yourself. I did that for myself." He says, watching her as she drinks with a concerned expression all the same. He looks to the other speaking: "It's unacceptable, no matter the local, but my apologies for my reaction."

Regaining her composure, Rena takes in a sharp breath and sits up straight once more. She looks into the half-gone glass and then sets it on the bar for the moment. No need to make things worse than they have to be.
"I'm used to being treated badly too. But that doesn't mean I 'ave to like it." She remarks to Guy, somewhat resentfully. "You see why I enjoy being with Muggles, more? They just treat me like anyone else. Not a third class citizen."
Now her expression softens and becomes apologetic. "I'm sorry, Graham. I spoke out of turn." Pausing, she motions between Guy and her fellow Auror to try and change the subject: "Graham, this is Guy Grosvenor - a decorated pilot. Mister Grosvenor, this is Graham Cohen, my senior co-worker."

Guy corrects her slightly, "Squadron Leader Grosvenor." He shoves out a hand briskly towards the other man, "Pleased to know you, I hope."

Graham shakes his head: "You’re quite alright, I promise I can see how that looked, but it wasn't meant that way. And, I hope friend before co-worker. Least how I see it, anyways." The Auror says, though he turns and nods to the other: "It's good to meet you Mr. Grosvenor." He says, and will no doubt order his usual cider after a moment. "Do you know Mr. Dodderidge? His wife Elly is a server here. He's also with the RAF." He asks to be conversational.

Rena smiles at Guy's correction. She didn't mean to make him sound less than he truly is. She just wasn't sure of his whole title before - but, she will remember it from now on. Also, she glances at Graham with a faint nod: "Of course we're friends first. I'm just unnerved by people like that."
Now, the younger Auror lifts her glass once more, braving another sip. This time, it goes down a little better. No further embarrassments tonight, hopefully.
Guy Grosvenor - a Squib in an impressive RAF uniform is seated at the bar with Rena, and they appear to have just recently been joined there by Graham.

Guy lifts his pint, and takes a sip, before abruptly turning to Graham and asking, "So, what are you having? On me."

The door opens, and in steps a young girl, dressed in a colorful skirt and vest, worn over a warm sweater. A man walks beside her - dressed in a straight-forward suit of simple brown fabric, a plain shirt underneath it, and a warm jack over the top of it. "You want to go order something to drink and snack on, before we go do some shopping?"
"Yes please!" the girl answers brightly, skipping a few steps ahead, and twirling around to smile at her Uncle, before completing the turn. She's all smiles and excitement - her second trip to Diagon Alley! How much better could it get?

"I am too. Utter rubbish. You put it to any logical test and it crumbles." Graham says with a small sigh. It’s one of the few things that actually make him mad, given his usual easy temperament. He looks back to the pilot and chuckles: "I'm a fellow of habit I’m afraid, I nearly always get cider and chips. I appreciate it, but it's not necessary." He says with a respectful nod begin given. He looks back at the door and smiles. Holiday break - he'd forgotten.

Rena leaves the gentlemen to sort things out between themselves for the moment. She appears to be completely distracted from her former line of thoughts as her dark eyes fall upon a young girl entering the Cauldron with an older man. She blinks, and then breaks into a sunshiny smile.
"Why, 'ello, luv!" Rena calls out brightly to Madeline. "I bet you're 'aving a ball now that you're on 'olidays."

Guy grunts, "Wouldn't have offered if I hadn't meant it." He nods to the barman, and the cider is provided. The older man at the bar sits at ease, although the uniform looks rather out of place.

Surprise crosses Madeline's features as she's greeted by Rena - followed quickly by delight. "That's the auror! That's the auror I met!" she informs her Uncle, before running on ahead.
"You met an auror?" is all her uncle can add in bemusement, as he trails along at a more leisurely pace.
"Oh, I am! We're going to do some shopping before my Uncle - that's my Uncle Perry, there - takes me home to see my parents. I'm just /dying/ to see them, you know. But it was easier for my Uncle to come fetch me, since he lives in London and all, and my parents do have the farm to tend - I'm blathering on again, aren't I?"
"You are," her Uncle confirms with loving tolerance, nodding to Rena and her companions, before offering his hand for a handshake to Rena first, then the others. "Perry Evans - and the exciteable one is Madeline."

Graham chuckles a moment, but he will give up the fight. It's not a bad one to lose in this case. "Thank you, I will owe you on our next meeting." He says, accepting the cider and taking a sip from it. The Auror looks back as the other speaks to the new arrivals and he smiles: "You’re a celebrity Rena." He teases over to her, though he's glad that she is seeing the good side of people, especially after the previous outburst when he'd arrived.

"Pleased to meet you, Mister Evans," Rena replies with a warm, friendly smile. Her eyes sparkle at Madeline and she laughs: "Madeline and I met in 'Ogsmeade not that long ago. She was doing a good job standing up for 'erself against a bully, as I recall." A wink is given before she glances toward Graham with a smirk: "Oh, go on with you."
To Madeline, she speaks again, remembering Guy: "This gentleman's a pilot - Squadron Leader Grosvenor. 'E can fly faster than any broom in 'is plane - and fire a machine gun at moving targets." That ought to impress the girl.

Guy gives a nod to Graham, standing up against the bar, an odd site in his muggle uniform. He's supping at a pint. The man nods briskly to the little girl, but doesn't stoop down to her level, or similar. The observant might notice slightly odd posture in how he's standing.

"Black," Madeline informs her Uncle solemnly, in response to Rena's words about a bully.
"Ah. The same one who was causing you trouble on the train?"
The girl nods - but is quickly distracted by Rena's words about Guy, and she lets out an eager squeal. "Oh, a /pilot/?!" she enthuses. "I've never been up in a plane! I would love to! What is it like?! How far have you flown? Have you flown over any oceans?"

"It's good to meet you both. I am Graham Cohen." The young man decides to introduce himself before taking another drink from his cider. He sets it down, turning back and listening to the conversation about a bully and issues: "Sounds like you did good Madeline." He says, giving a smile to the other. "Are you in any clubs in school?" he asks after a moment interested.

Rhyeline's nose and cheeks are nipped pink from the sudden snowflurry outside. At once, she makes her way to the fireplace, shivering despite her elegant, fur-lined cloak. An older witch in her mid thirties follows close behind. Now that students are home for the holidays, it would be easy to assume at first glance that Rhyeline is a student, accompanied by a patient relative.
Guy drains his glass, being hit by the flurry of questions, and he says, a little gruffly, "It's like having a ca….. it's like riding an animal that can feel your thoughts, and can flick itself around the sky at three hundred miles an hour. And I've not flown that far. Only over the Channel, really."

Rena leans in to Madeline with a conspiratorial glint in her eye. One glance is shot toward Graham, as she knows very well that her fellow Auror will probably not approve of what she's about to say: "Know what else? Mister Grosvenor says 'e'll teach me 'ow to drive a car. 'E has a roadster too!"
Sitting up once more, a mischievous grin directs itself fleetingly at Guy before her gaze drifts to the newcomer at the door. Raising her hand to wave lightly at Rhyeline, she then nudges Graham: "Look who else came in from the cold."

"Oh, but that's still plenty further than I've ever flown seeing as I've not even flown a centimeter!" Madeline responds eagerly. "It must be /ever/ so exciting!"
While Madeline is happily chatting away, her Uncle is ordering drinks - bungbarrel spiced mead for himself, and an exploding lemonade for his niece, along with a little bubble and squeak so the girl doesn't fill herself up on just sweets and treats once they get out into Diagon Alley.
"Oooo - a /roadster/?" Madeline asks eagerly. "I'd love to go along! Though I really do have to get home after this - you remember, I bought one of /everything/ at the sweets shop, to share with my mum and da'?"
There's a quiet groan from her Uncle. Yeah, it was a good thing he'd ordered the bubble and squeak.

Graham watches the group, and his good mood has certainly returned while he is listening to the conversation at hand. It's a chuckle instead of a stern look that she gets: "That does sound quite interesting Rena." He will say, though likely considering the many ways that can go badly. Her next words though, get a look back to the door. He smiles upon seeing the familiar face and offers a wave to catch her attention.

Guy says solemnly, "It might be best not to come along if someone's just learning to drive, eh?" And with an apologetic sigh, "I'd best be going. I think the atmosphere might ease without me."

Rhyeline misses Rena's little wave, too intent on getting as close to the fire as she can. However, Graham's wave catches her notice as a kitten notices a dangling piece of string. She smiles bright at the sight of him and Rena and at once makes her way over. "Good evening," she murmurs, still hugging herself tight. She pauses, peeking over at the others with a hesitant shyness.

Guy limps towards the front door. Ah, that'd be the slightly odd posture explained.

Rena giggles a little and finishes off the rest of her drink: "What 'e said, Madeline. Maybe someday I'll 'ave a car of my own and I'll take you for a spin on another 'oliday." That being said, the young Auror notices Guy making a hasty exit and also slides off her stool. "I'm so sorry to run, everyone. But really, I ought to be getting along too."
With that brisk goodbye, Rena hurries to the door and retrieves her coat so that she too can disappear into the night.

"Be careful, hm, Rena?" Graham says before turning to the other as he moves to leave as well. "It was good to meet you, Mr Grosvenor." He says as well. The newest arrival makes it to the bar and he smiles, though looking at her cold appearance: "Hello sister. Let’s get you a warm drink and something to eat on me." He says and will allow her to order. "This is Madeline and her uncle Mr. Evans." He'll introduce her to both of them while he's at it.

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