(1938-12-23) Blickkontakt
Details for Blickkontakt (Eye Contact)
Summary: Rhyeline and Graham meet in a Tea House where Tiberius has taken up the ambitious task of learning German. After they discuss a few things, Graham has to leave and Rhyeline and Tiberius are finally free to talk. Or not talk. However they bond best.
Date: 1938-12-23
Location: Madeline's Tea Shoppe

The snow fell even heavier throughout the afternoon. Although the skies had cleared when evening came, the city has found itself covered in a blanket of perfect, untouched snow. A quiet, pristine peace seems to linger in the air. In a quiet corner of Diagon Alley, a little known tea shop is tucked in between a book shop and a music store. It is a single, narrow room with a small fireplace. The small sofa has room enough for only two people. An aged, but rather comfortable looking arm chair is placed adjacent to it.

Rhyeline sits curled up upon the sofa, head bowed as she loses herself in one of the books that was set out upon the coffee table. The atmosphere in the little coffee shop is as quiet and calm as the evening itself. A pair of- well, they look like librarians, sit together at the back corner of the room, talking in hushed tones.

Tiberius arrives - The man having ambitiously 'borrowed' german dictionary from Flourish and Blotts, he's looking for a quiet place to begin 'learning.' In his heart, he knows this plan is just… Not going to work… But he's an idiot for not trying too, right? The Rogue finds himself in the small tea shop, which seems almost perfect for his aims - And with a small smile he notes that it has just the right person in it, too… The tiny Rhyeline. He doesn't draw attention to himself though, ordering a cup of tea, and then going to sit in the armchair. Opening the book to 'H'. This isn't how one learns a language. He knows this. There are just a few key words he plans to learn.

Graham moves through the street easily enough as he looks for the meeting place. He cant remember having been to this coffee shop but he's always glad to try new places. He's bundled in his muggle atire this time a long coat followed by his long sleeved shirt and pants. The young man finds the place and opens the door stepping inside and wiping his feet and brushing the snow from his clothes. It's a quick scan of the room before he spots people but his path is clear as he makes his way towards his adopted sister. "Hello little mouse." he says warmly over to her a smile on his face.

Rhyeline looks up when she senses someone approaching and blinks, rather surprised to see Tiberius. It is the third time she has happened upon the rogue today. Her guard is NOT pleased. Helga folds her arms and keeps her hand on her wand. The book in his hands lures out a quiet curiosity. She can't help bit tilt her head to the side, trying to catch the title before he takes a seat. His armchair is the one directly adjacent to the sofa.
Just then, she hears her brother's voice. She peeks up at him with a rare warmth and trust in her smile. She reponds at once to the affectionate nickname. "Hello, brother…"

H. Healer. Heiler. Tiberius purses his lips. A. Angriff. Attack. K. Kill. Toten. The pages spin back and forth as he tries all kinds of key words, trying to piece together memories that aren't even so clear. It's paranoia. He's never minded this kind of job before. The title is easier to make out after all. English->German Dictionary. For now, he's happy to let them have their family moment. With the occasional glance upwards.

The auror smiles as he watches the other though following her gaze a moment from the man to the guard and back though his focus returns to her "How are you sister dear?, it seems you have the right idea here warm and cozy. Not sure i've been here before but it's nice." he will try and decide if he will order something "Would you mind if I join you?" Graham asks after a moment deciding sitting down would be best first.

"Of course," murmurs Rhyeline. After all, this is where she had invited her brother to meet her. As Graham takes the spot beside her, the girl draws closer at once, nestling against his side. It is then that she peeks back over at Tiberius. "Are… are you trying to learn German?" The little one is a natural linguist and cannot quite contain her curiosity any longer.

Tiberius blinks a little as he's spoken to, rather than looked at. "… We have some international clients coming within the coming days." His lie is well practiced. "I felt it would be beneficial to learn a few words… I have /no/ skill with languages. Well, that's not entirely true." A brief chuckle. "I'm a natural, when speaking English."

Graham sits lightly and he frees his arm placing it behind the other on the sofa though touching her other shoulder lightly. "Thank you, what did you have there?" he looks to the menu a moment longer before turning ack as the other speaks next to him. He looks towards the other she speaks to seeming curious himself at the others book reading his bookish nature leading him here, though she's already asked the question he was going to and listening to the response "It's an interesting language to learn. Especially if your like me looking at the historical reasons beyond the change in western and eastern tongues." he says chuckling.

The book Rhyeline had been reading was nothing special. Just the sort of random novel you'd find in a coffee shop. Rhyeline offers Tiberius a shy, but bright little smile. In the reassuring presence of her brother, she seems less guarded. "I speak German… I- I could help you with- with pronunciation if you like…"

"Thank you both very much, but I'd not want to waste too much time on this." Especially not Rhyeline. Tiberius has noticed just how bright the girl is - Far beyond his dreams, to say the least - And he's not exposing too much of himself right now. "What wonderful contrivance of fate to bring us all here, anyway."

The young man is silent reining in his bookish nature a bit though he looks to his sister and the other and back "We studied one of the same languages even funny enough." The offer from his sister looks back and forth though the other declines. "Yes out of the cold is always a pleasant thing." Graham agrees on this point at least. He will order tea and a nice coffee cake when asked by the server it's easy once he's looked at the memo.

Contrivance of fate. Riiight. Rhyeline's guard thinks it nothing of the kind. A third time in one day is more coincidance than she can swallow. "I learned French from my mother too," she tells Graham. She orders a mocha… with whipped cream… oh, and a dusting of cinnamon and cocoa on top. The waitress accepts the order with an indulgent smile before heading off. Peeking back over at Tiberius, she murmurs, "A dictionary is a good way to learn words… but… not how they fit together. If- if you like, I- I can lend you one of the books that- that I used when I was learning."

"That would be wonderful." Tiberius seems quite pleased with that idea. His cup of tea is brought over, as he reflects. What a wonderful excuse to be close to Rhyeline again. "Although I don't plan on committing to learning the whole language, as I said. I'm just interested in certain… Key words, that they might say in my presence." A smile for Graham, this time, as he puts down his book and takes up the tea, sipping quietly and directing the conversation away from it. "Enough of work, anyway. Let's talk recreation?" He murmurs.

Graham chuckles "Correction, we speak both of the same languages, suppose that didnt have a chance to come up before now." The young man says with a small smirk coming to his face learning new information is always a good thing in his oppinion "Hm what sort of recreation?" he asks curious in the change of topic.

Rhyeline isn't quite ready to leave it there. "Perhaps after Christmas, we could meet here again… and I can teach you a bit," she suggests to Tiberius. Though he has called himself a rogue before, he is dressed as a gentleman and is an old friend of her father's. No reason for her to be cautious as cautious as her guard seems to be. Just then, her mocha arrives and is placed into the girl's hands. She smiles with a quiet pleasure before she takes a long, slow sip, savoring its taste.

Tiberius smiles to Rhyeline - And it's genuine, too. The world-weary Tiberius is normally completely uplifted by Rhyeline, and today is no exception. If anything, this is a vast improvement. Graham manages to earn a little bit of sarcasm. "What you do for fun, good sir. When it's saturday night, and you've finished all the errands for the week, what do you look forward to in the next twenty four hours?" The Rogue smirks a little bit; "Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the idea of being wizards, witches, activists and anarchists that we forget to actively relax."

"Books… both of us… we read to fill the quiet evenings," murmurs Rhyeline, speaking up for her brother for once. Her eyes shine with an almost impish mirth. "He's an auror… but I think is favorite part is the paper work…"

He looks to the other nodding to his words though his sister speaks up first though as she speaks of his profession. Graham he smiles and gives small shrug "She is correct, I enjoy reading but when able I visit historical sites. Hm going to the leaky cauldron with friends? I really like the zoo too." he leaves many of the personal things out but this might be just fluke of the mind or intentional hard to say.

"An Auror? Hmn." Tiberius gently ticks that box in his head. "Actually, I wanted to speak with the MLE regarding something." A wry smile passes over his features, "And before you mention Constable Menzies and her single-minded vendetta against me, it's not that. I don't fear her questioning." Or her bruises. "I have nothing to hide. But Carrow has asked if I could obtain and maintain a list of internationally known and wanted dark wizards or criminals to ensure that we can steer clear of them, as business expands." Another lie, at least in part. "I don't suppose I could have your help with that?"
"While I am a big fan of the Cauldron, and alcohol in general, I haven't ever been a man for large amounts of reading. Of course, I've made some exceptions…" He chuckles. "But I'd rather hear what trusted people recommend," He gestures to Rhyeline, "Than risk my time with a disappointment."

Rhyeline's brows furrow a bit at the mention of Constable Menzies. When Tiberius returns to the topic of books, she can't help but offer him a soft, shy smile. There are so many books that she could recommend. But then, she lowers her gaze and murmurs, "Constable Menzies tried to make me give information that you had tried to poison me… when I refused, she threatened to write me up." She peeks up at Graham. "And remember… she snapped at poor Zack…"

Graham nods really no way to untell his profession "Yes the most bookish of my office though I suppose I like the excitement enough not to be the head paperwork do-er." he says nudging his sister playfully from her prior words to him. The response about the constable and than his request gets some consideration. "There are flyers at the MLE of many current wanted witches and wizards, but information is a bit tougher many of them are actively being worked on cases which we cant really speak to much about." He looks back to his adopted sister "Yes she did it seems she is jumping at shadows but a constable i'd still urge caution."

"Please." Tiberius holds up a hand. "Constable Menzies is doing her job to the best of her ability." Control asshole smile. Control asshole smile! "Even though she doesn't always succeed. I won't be needing progress reports, Graham, just a list of names of people I should be afraid of seeing on my desk. Please?" The P word. How nice. He blinks at Rhyeline, and smiles with the faintest blush. "You're /far/ too kind, Rhyeline. Thank you for not reporting that little prank… I'm sure she would have tried to turn it into a grand conspiracy. However she is, by and large, so incompetent that any case she might assemble will fall to pieces anyway."

"I don't care for her…" murmurs Rhyeline, and that is all that she contributes. Taking another small sip of cocoa, she glances from her brother to the rogue. "He said that- that you were head of security… yes?"

Graham accepts his tea and takes a drink while he's listening. The young man nods at the information needed. "I will see if there's something I can come up with which fits that need." He says about the list of at large wizards and witches he also gets a bite of his food while he's listening to them talk his eyes looking to his sister and giving her shoulder a squeeze to him a moment "It's not a concern without proof things don't tend to stick." he'll say easily.

"We share that," Tiberius smiles to Rhyeline. "And yes. I am. Which means preparing and evaluating threats to the business, as well as the more basic every day keep the crazies out of the building." He pauses to Graham, and adds. "If it's possible, could we expedite any european witches or wizards at large?" It's relevant, after all.

Rhyeline blinks a bit. "Do… do you mean extradite? Yes, there- there are extradition treaties in place…" she murmurs with a small nod. Nestled against her brother's side, sipping that mocha, the little one seems to speak up with increasing ease. Although, her quiet reserve whenever she peeks over at Tiberius never quite fades.

Graham looks over to Rhyeline as she speaks nodding as she does so but he'll answer after a moment. His eyebrow raises but his voice is normal. "I can try I may be the papework auror, but also i'm busy in the field." he says firstly "If you mean what Rhyeline said than she's correct but they must be caught first and as you can imagine dark wizards most often dont just roll over and allow themselves to be sent to Azkaban." he takes another drink of his tea.

"Expedite, Miss Diderot." Tiberius looks over her fondly. "I'd like them as quickly as possible, else our tourists might be on the list and I would look a fool, little Lady." The term is used so affectionately it can almost be forgiven for the mildly condescending nature of the comment. Graham stands, and excuses himself - That damned field work calling. "I wouldn't object to that statement, Graham. It's been a pleasure. Stay in touch." It leaves them alone - Well, almost, in the quiet tea house. He sips his tea, and watches her again. That lovely, intense blue gaze.

Once no longer in the presence of her brother, Rhyeline's shyness seems to deepen. However, the innocent curiosity of her young, dark gaze lingers. "This… this is the third time that- that we've found each other today…" she murmurs. From behind her, Helga is watching Tiberius with the utmost suspicion.

Tiberius smile only grows more curious. "… Do you think I'm following you?" He asks, smile revealing absolutely nothing. There's a sparkle of amusement in his eyes, though, as he waits - Gathering both his hands on his cup, and leaning in for his answer.

Rhyeline's cheeks turn a bit pink at his suggestion. "N-no… I… I just- just found it a curious coincidence." After all, what reason would he have for following her. Her guard knows /exactly/ why he might be following her. Perhaps if the little one had enough distance from the situation as her guard does, she would be just as perceptive. But she watches Tiberius now without the slightest trace of suspicion. Only shyness. "I mean… I saw Lilith again today… /and/ Euphemia Slughorn… that is also quite a coincidence… to see them both again on the same day so soon after last night."

Tiberius chuckles at the pinkening. "I'd be lying, Rhyeline," He uses her first name, "If I said I didn't look forward to seeing you again. And I wouldn't say that I'm anything less than pleased to have found you three times." He explains, "But in our defences, we've yet to meet more than a hundred meters from the Cauldron. It seems to be an area all of us are quite comfortable in." A comforting smile.

"The wizarding world isn't very big," she murmurs with a small nod. Lowering her gaze, she takes a small sip of mocha. "I… I tend to find the Cauldron rather- I mean… a bit overwhelming…" she murmurs with a quiet honesty before peeking hesitantly back up at him.

"Sometimes, it's not." Tiberius admits, with a sigh. "Sometimes, Rhyeline, it's so small I feel like I'm trapped and I can't get out." A moment of sheer, heartfelt truth. He sips his tea, and then adds. "I.. I don't particularly have trouble with the Cauldron. I find people… Lots of people that is - Comforting. Like I can slip through the cracks. Although these days, even that's being taken from me." … taken? "Where is your preferred place, then? Somewhere peaceful, like this?"

"A library… A secret one… filled and filled with books… with a fireplace… safe and warm… that is my favorite place…" Rhyeline gazes down into her mocha as she speaks. Her cheeks have grown rather warm. She doesn't look up. "I've just… never gotten used to crowds… The noise is alarming."

Tiberius smiles, comfortingly. "Well, perhaps you'll get that future. IF you don't have it already. But don't forget that there's a whole world out here, Rhyeline - A world that wouldn't be made better without you." He finishes his cup of tea, and sets it down. "All the flowers need to see the sun once in a while, Miss Diderot."

Rhyeline peeks up at him when he uses her first name. Her dark gaze shines with a quiet vulnerability which she quickly hides by looking back down into her cup. A silence grows between them as she meditates on his words. She peeks up at him once before averting her eyes and taking a small sip of mocha. Meanwhile, her guard isn't too sure where the silver tongued bastard is going with this, but she makes sure he knows that one wrong move will get him hexed. At last, the little one speaks. "I have never allowed my fear of- of sunlight… to rule me…"

Tiberius allows his empty cup to rest on the table. Watching her, he pauses. "Not… Not quite what I meant, Rhyeline. My metaphor was not literal; and /you/ are the sun to which I refer." It causes the lightest flush of his cheeks. "… Because I wouldn't want you to hide your countenance, nor your personality, for any fear. Although one so… Consuming, must be /hard/ to overcome on a daily basis." The conversation has been far more honest than the Thief normally botheres with.

At the mention of a consuming fear, Rhyeline's dark gaze lifts at once. She stares up at him and bites her lower lip. Such a fragile creature, her eyes shine with profound vulnerability. It's no wonder that her guards are more protective than they are probably supposed to be. The little one doesn't even try to speak. She has no idea what to say, looking so lost as she watches hi.

Tiberius watches her in return. His eyes peer into hers, the vulnerability accepted, not challenged. He doesn't try to dominate her, only understand her - become quite still, as they share a moment in complete silence. Blue on brown. A minute passes. Two. He might wait for three. IT might feel like an hour, a lifetime. "… As steel sharpens steel, man sharpens man, Rhyeline." A pause. How would she react?

Rhyeline seems held by his gaze, lost in it. Her guard's hand tightens around her wand, but she can't quite find an excuse to stun him. The little one blinks once when he speaks at last. She meditates on his words, but cannot quite seem to divine their meaning. Peeking back up at him, she gives a small tilt of her head.

Tiberius smiles kindly. "People are strengthened by others. When we work together, we become 'better' - Stronger." His gaze never leaves hers, always there to offer — What? Support. "Whether it's the confidence to face the sun. Face people. Or the courage to face the new day. And the next. And the next."

Rhyeline studies his smile, the kindness in his eyes with the caution of a kitten, taking in a hand held out, reaching out. Slowly her head tilts to the other side. But then at last, her eyes widen and a realization seems to form in her dark gaze. She stares at him, ever on the verge of speaking. So many thoughts flicker in her mind. At last, all she can manage to murmur is, "Not alone…"

It's Tiberius turn to look a litle vulnerable. Doubt tinging the blue as he watches the realisation. And then the slow hand that is extended towards him. His hand moves so slowly, but he can't compel it to move faster. Can't compel it to have the grace he craves to show infront of her. His fingertips reaching, as if to touch hers gently, His voice is barely above a whisper, almost inaudible, the words slipping out before he can stop them. "… Not anymore." He's going to save her. He has to. He just can't figure out where to, or what from. Not yet.

Rhyeline hadn't been able to help but hold out a hand to him slowly, ever so slowly. But it seems her caution is a powerful thing. The moment his fingertips are about to touch hers, the girl withdraws, almost as if shocked by a touch of static. The caution has deepened into a quiet fear. Behind her, Helga is watching Tiberius with dangerously narrowed eyes. The message in her stare is clear: Don't. Touch. Rhyeline bows her head and biting her lower lip, she quickly tucks an imaginary wisp of a curl behind her ear.

The touch is so close, and then Rhyeline pulls away - Tiberius hand reaching out a little more at the last moment, only to meet air. Tiberius find himself reaching out for nothing, ignoring Helga as he pulls his hand back slowly. His gaze tears away from her, to his hand. loking confused. "I…" He begins to speak, searching for words. They're failing him. "I…" It clenches into a slow fist, and then releases again. "Rhyeline…" Her name. It's spoken gently. Why can't he think… Why can't he speak?

Rhyeline keeps her head bowed, but can see how his hand closes. She can hear how lost he is. It isn't until he speaks her name that she peeks up at him. The silence lingers for a moment, but at last, she murmurs, "Come… sit beside me?"

Tiberius is about to get up and make an excuse to leave. He's already tensed for it when words inspire him not to go just yet. So instead of leaving, he takes the two steps necessary to sit beside her. His hands gathered into his lap, his head turned towards her, tilted to the side. It's his turn to be silent, it seems.

Rhyeline peeks up at him when she sits down beside her. So much goes unsaid, but at last, she offers him a soft smile of such profound shyness. She reaches behind her neck and pulls her soft, loose curls so that they cascade down her shoulder. A delicate crimson ribbon gathers them a few inches from the tips. She pulls one end of the ribbon to undo the bow. Then, plucking lightly at his sleeve, he guides it to rise. With the sweet, whimsical innocence of a child, she ties her hair ribbon around his wrist until it is a delicate little bow. She grins at the sight of it and peeks back up at him.

Tiberius watches her. When her curls are loosed, his breath actually catches in his throat… It's his turn to look shy, as his hand is bid to rise, and the ribbon is tied around his wrist. "… Thank you." He manages, looking at her. "… Would be I had anything to give back, Rhyeline." The 'miss' has been dropped. Are they closer than that now? "… For now, I'll keep it safe for you." He's so softly spoken now, with his defences so utterly crushed by the tender young woman. His hand lifts, complete with ribbon, as if to touch her cheek, but it stops. Remembering how close they came. "Anything I could do for you… Anything… Please, just ask." He whispers.

Rhyeline smiles as he accepts the ribbon with such reverence. Her eyes shine bright with innocent mirth. She hesitates when he sees about to caress her cheek, peeking over at his hand. Behind them, her guard shifts and clears her throat. The little one meets his gaze once more a quiet shyness. "Even at its darkest… one can savor the sweet, simple pleasures… and find a bit of happiness… until the darkness passes…" she tells him in the softest of tones.
With one more small smile, the girl places a hand on the arm of the sofa and begins to stand with a slow, careful grace. "Guten Nacht, Herr Tiberius…" Only she could make German sound so sweet and delicate. Peeking over at him, she adds, "That means, Good Night…"

Tiberius finally seems to find his footing, although it's with that same honesty that seems to have tainted their entire meeting. The Rogue bites at his tongue a moment, and then responds. "I… I wish it so easy to believe the darkness will pass." He admits. They've had a moment. Both realising that there are cages, doubts, things that they both hide in their own way. And although they're no closer to figuring out what it is. His eyes pass between ribbon, and Rhyeline.
The farewell, in German, brings his gaze back to her face and traps it. Sweeter, more delicate than the German he's been hearing lately. "… It's been far, far more than that, Rhyeline." He muses. Smiling kindly up at her. He's found it again, too. "May it not be too long before I make your acquintance again." He watches, and waits for her to leave. One hand coming across, to gently fondle the ribbon. Thoughts. Memories.

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