(1938-12-23) Magijugend Interview - Variel
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Summary: Variel meets Ria to conduct his Magijugend interview. Also some Gryffindor is murdering pastries.
Date: 1938-12-23
Location: Sweet Temptations, Diagon Alley

Duty calls. Even during afternoons when you're on your winter holiday. And Ria is no stranger to duty. Sitting at a corner table in Sweet Temptations, her fur jacket and muff is hung up neatly on a coat hanger. Before her sits a pot of tea and two cups, not yet poured. Two cakes are also ordered, but they have not yet arrived. Instead, she had a black note book open in front of her, and she idly flips through the past pages, mostly to kill time. Yes, its fairly evident she's expecting someone by the way her green eyes the shop's door.

Angus is performing the traditional role of early teenaged boys in such places, and has his face rapidly glued to the glass of the counters. And a certain amount of drool.

Variel enters soon enough, his hands in an odd posture- one hand cinches the sleeve of the other arm shut around his wrist. As he enters and shuts the door, safe in the warmth of the shop, he removes his hand. "Alright, you little brat, you can come out, now- s'warm." He shrugs out of his robes, one arm at a time, carefully removing the second sleeve. With the robes hung up, the reason for the oddity is revealed- he has a tagalong. A deep green-scaled snake with a pale collar of yellowish scales about the throat is coiled around his wrist, and pokes its head up to peer around. It seems to find Ria before Variel does, tongue flitting out and in. Weasley isn't far behind, though, and raises his free hand in greeting before heading towards Ria's table.

What is that brown-haired boy doing at the counter? Is that saliva? Gross. The Slytherin teen gives Angus a rather repulsed look from her seat in the corner. But a mop of gingery locks steps in through the door and she now knows its business time. A snap in the air, and a bakery worker already knows to bring over the cakes. Ria sees eye-to-eye with the snake as he and its owner walk up to her. "Weasley, prompt. That's very good, please have a seat," she says pouring him some piping hot tea. "I'm not sure of the Temptation's policy on animals, but seeing as it's an eating establishment, I'd suggest you hide your friend in his sleeve." Ria usually has a strict, no animals around food policy. But snakes are rational and cleaner beings, according to her bias. She'll make an exception this time.

Angus seems to be addressing the lady behind the counter, "Can I have one o'they, and one o'they. Och, and two a they." A pause, "Does mah brother, Dougie have a tab here?" He's disappointed it seems with a negative answer, and coins are produced, and the selection of bags get put together for the scrawny kid. He won't stay that size long. Or maybe he will, if he's got the MacMillan tendency to striding o'er the moorlands at high speed.

Variel glances at the serpent, who seemed to have been heading for warmer climes halfway through Ria's sentence. "Yeah, s'a good point. Hadn't thought of that, truth told- never taken him into a restaraunt before, just other shops. Go on, then," he says, as if it'll hurry the snake's trip up his sleeve. A coiled bulge just above the cuff says the snake went none too far. "And better fifteen minutes early, than fifteen seconds late, Uncle says. How's holiday treating you, Sykes?"

The mess of red hair. The unfashionable hand me down clothing - but at least they fit correctly. This is the one that can sew right? Ria gives Variel a once over and concludes: yes, definitely a Weasley. "Yes, I'm not surprised," she says after he admits to not thinking about the consequences of snake. Luckily, the pet coiled up just in time before the cakes are served before them, then the worker goes away. "Ohh I'm off to a bit of a rough start, but nothing I can recover from. I do apologize, I'm in a bit of a rush today but I was keen on making time for this." The friendly words come out very, very business-like. "Are you ready to proceed?"

Angus gets one further cake, and proceeds to a table near the couple, and slides up into a seat. A bit short, he has to scramble a touch.

"Quite prepared, yes." Variel offers a quick thanks to the server, then his attention is on Ria. "No recovery needed, Sykes, I'm not precisely on top of my game, walking in here like I did. I appreciate that you made the time at all, during holiday- it'd have been perfectly appropriate to wait for class to start."

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. - Five spoons full of sugar are dumped into Ria's tea. It's almost a sickening sight to watch. But she seems non-chalant about her sweet tooth. "No, it's no problem. I can always make time for those interested in the Truth," she says, rolling up her sleeve. An eye rests briefly upon Angus. The boy certainly looks like someone she knows, though she can't really point it out. "First things first," she says scribbling down Variel's name, year, and house. "Why are you interested in joining the Magijugend?"

Angus starts… well.. eating is perhaps the wrong word. Devouring? Inhaling? the cake. The best actor at this point in the scnene is not so much the one down to play Angus, so much as the Tasmanian Devil. Oh, and very little by way of table manners.

Variel takes no umbrage at the small sugar slaughter finding its way into the death pits of Ria's tea, but takes his without cream, sugar nor lemon. There's a tiny bit of ritual to it, taking a deep breath of the steam before sipping at the drink. "Because I'm realizing there's only so much I can do to protect our culture on my own. Sure, I can talk to a few people here and there, but as an individual, my ability to defend our heritage- and our society's members, in the greater scheme- is limited."

"I see," is all Ria replies with as she scratches some notes on the paper with her quill. Likewise with her free hand she too seems to have eaten her cake whole. One second it was there, another it was not. This very much seemed to mirror Angus' technique, only she was neat about it, not even leaving crumbs on her plate. The two were just kindred spirits, unaware of each other's presence. "And your blood lineage?" As she does will all pureblood who interview, his answer is already written down before he can get it out. But she'd prefer to hear it from his mouth.

Angus seems fascinated in licking his fingers clean of jam and icing sugar. Yep. Total concentration. A zen like stillness now, the only movement the tongue.

"Born to Athena Weasley nee Mulciber, fathered by Avitus of the same line." The reference clearly being to Weasley, not Mulciber. Variel eats most of his cake before setting his wrist down near the crumbs. The snake pokes its head out and tests the crumbs before deciding against them, which- curiously- leaves Variel producing a bit of parchment with a list, marking an X besides an option marked "pastry." The list is in someone else's handwriting.

The tea is picked up, and delicately chugged down (if this is possible, Ria can do it) in its entirety. Oh the delicious liquid sweetness. "Alright," she scritch scratches away. She pauses only to notice some icing on her pinky, and while this is completely against her personal hygiene policy, it is also quite a waste. So just ask Angus animalisticaly licks at his digits, Ria too sucks off the frosting from her finger. Only as she does so, she narrows her eyes at the boy, judging him. "How vile," she mutters under her breath as she pulls the pinky out of her mouth. "Last question. How do you feel about about teaching magic to half-bloods and muggleborns?"

And then, nicely sugarified, the youth is in motion, almost _bouncing_ off out of the shop, leaving at high speed, with Brownian motion vibration having nothing on him.

"That depends entirely on the halfblood and muggleborn." It's a bit of an odd statement- most people are either entirely for it or entirely against it, after all. "Magic's for wizards. Not for muggles. There's a lot of muggles out there, and they've been finding new and more barbarous ways to kill each other without even trying for a long time. We need all the wizards we can get, -but they have to be wizards.- If they want to learn magic, they don't have any place outside our world anymore. They haven't got the option to walk the line, it's too risky. Muggleborns and halfbloods've got relatives, friends, lovers from outside and if just one talks to the wrong muggle, we've got witch hunts all over again. We can't afford some uncommitted halfblood exposing us before we're ready to step up and get things in line." A green face starts to poke free of his sleeve; a couple fingers sends it back the other way. "Now, that doesn't mean the place they've got here is perfect. They've got a hard task, adjusting to our culture and abandoning their own- but they've got to. We need wizards, but we don't need people who are going to rip apart our culture and heritage because they think the muggles do it better." He leans back and scratches at his head. "… which is all a really complicated way of I don't mind, as long as they can let go of the muggle world and really commit to being -wizards.- Having them around helps keep us from getting complacent- lots of the halfbloods and such I know tend to be really hard workers because they know they've got something to prove. Not being outshone by someone with lesser blood has been the drive for more than a few of the most talented purebloods I know."

There's silence for a while with the exception of the sound of the quill. Ria listens with intent and takes notes as the Weasley speaks, not looking at him once and making no sign for or against his answer. But she does politely wait for him to finish before nodding, "Alright. We're all done here." The notebook is shut and slipped back into her purse. "I'll forward your interview responses to Headmaster Flint, and we'll be in touch. Usually I'd welcome some time to answer you questions, only I'm due for another engagement." Her wrist watch is checked and she begins to take her fur coat off the rack. "So you can feel free to bother me for it another time."

"Another time is fine- wherever you're headed, hope the evening goes well." Variel stands with her, as is polite, and offers a hand. "Again, much appreciate your time, Sykes. Enjoy holiday, I'll see you again at school."

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