(1938-12-23) Petals of the Clouds
Details for Petals of the Clouds
Summary: Tiberius happens upon Rhyeline, standing in front of a bookshop as snow flutters to the earth. Lilith soon joins them and heads off with Rhyeline to Sweet Temptations before she herself gets called away.
Date: Monday, December 23, 1938
Location: Southwest Diagon Alley
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Tiberius has just come through the Leaky Cauldron, emerging from the Muggle World and back into Society. His easy smile has been seen less and less of late, existing only when he's actively 'pleased'. The Masquerade is getting hard to pull off, at least in the here and now. It's midafternoon as he stands at the entrance to Diagon Alley, stretching his back out, before looking around for whatever would occupy his time. Merlin knows he wants nothing to do with home at this point, and there's no desire to drink right now either.

Rhyeline stands not far from the Leaky Cauldron entrance, gazing at the window display of Flourish and Blotts. Hugging a small parcel to her chest, the little one is trying to resist the temptation of going inside. There are other matters she needs to attend to. With a warm scarf wound around the lower half of her face, and the fur-lined hood of her cloak pulled up over her ears, it's difficult to recognize the little one. However, Helga is unmistakable. She stands rather close to the girl and catches sight of Tiberius at once. She fixes him with a suspicious, narrow-eyed stare.

Is it weird that this time, Helga is seen first? But at least Rhyeline causes him to exhale some of the attention. Cagemates? There's a light flush to his cheeks. Carrow, calling him to task like that. In public. It's almost worth calling him out in return, exposing this Unbreakable Vow for what it is. He wanders towards her, trying to keep the frown down, the lightest of smiles replacing it. It's not quite timid, but it does look easily scared away. "Miss Diderot." He greets calmly. Pretending that he hadn't had a disagreeement with her father not thirty minutes ago.

Rhyeline catches Tiberius' reflected approach in the glass window. Her dark gaze shines bright with shy curiosity when she turns to peek up at him. Tilting her head to the side, she hesitates a moment. But then, he can see her soft, shy smile in her eyes. "Hello, Mr. Tripe… I… I hope that- this morning finds you well?"

Making her way out from the cauldron shop Lilith is grumbling quietly under her breath. Wrapped in a deep green cloak the tall womans red curls stick out from underneath the hood slightly. She spots Rhyeline and the scowl she wears turns into a look of curiousity as she watches the dark haired woman speak with Tiberius. Stepping forward she makes he way over closer to the pair standing a ways away not wanting to interupt unless she is noticed first.

"Better'n last night, Miss. I apologise for…" Tiberius finds the smile. The curiousity. Bitter thoughts fade. "… Well, everything. Carrow, the cloak and dagger business with Miss Crabbe. It hardly shows me in the best possible light." The Rogue finds it in him to chuckle. "What of yourself? I hope you're having an enjoyable… Or at least, productive, day."

Rhyeline blinks and her head tilts further at his words. The innocent curiosity of her young, dark gaze shines brighter still. She had noticed Tiberius' arrival with Beryl from an upstairs room, but she had not known that the nature of their encounter was 'cloak and dagger business'. And she only assumes that Miss Crabbe was the woman he was seen with.

Rhyeline blinks and her head tilts further at his words. The innocent curiosity of her young, dark gaze shines brighter still. She had noticed Tiberius' arrival with Beryl from an upstairs room, but she had not known that the nature of their encounter was 'cloak and dagger business'. And she only assumes that 'Miss Crabbe' was the woman he was seen with. "No, it- it's a- a beautiful day…" Not quite as cold, the snow flurries are rather lovely. She peeks up at the falling snow and murmurs, "I… I always love how it- it just flutters down… like the petals of the clouds."
Rhyeline pauses, catching sight of Lilith standing not too far away. Her eyes brighten, but almost at once she seems overcome with shyness. Reaching up, she pulls her scarf down from over her nose to offer Lilith a quiet, but warm smile. No doubt her old friend, well used to her forms of wordless expression, will perceive the smile as a silent invitation to approach.

Tiberius, sadly, doesn't notice. He finds Rhyeline simply bewitching, the way she speaks. "My father used to tell me all sorts of stories about the elements." He thinks back, "Snow especially. From frozen ice, to angels tears, to the beards of wizards long since passed." Tiberius follows a flake with his fingertip, and catches it on the end neatly. "I never really found out what it truly was." He admits. A foot gently scuffs the snow. IS that yet more embarassment? Not from Tibs!

Returning that smile with a faint smile one of her own Lilith steps forward. She inclines her head to Tiberius looking between him and Rhyeline carefully. "Good afternoon to you both. I hope the day is going well so far?" She looks to Rhyeline and smiles faintly once again. "It seems I am already making good on my promise to spend more time with you hmm?" There is a playful look in her eyes and then she looks to Tiberius. "I don't think we have been introduced. I am Lilith Crowe." Pale blue eyes study him intently with an assessing look.

Rhyeline peeks back up at Tiberius as Lilith approaches. The little one smiles and can't help but smile at his own words. She gazes at the flake upon his fingertip in silence until Lilith speaks up. Her smile turns to a bit of a grin as she peeks up at her devastatingly beautiful friend's playful look. Hands clasped behind her back, the delicate creature watches as the pair exchange introductions.

"Lilith Crowe? Not of the Apothecary?" Tiberius turns, his eyes distracted from Rhyeline to the fiery-headed woman, whom he offers a smile. "I used to do business with Belladonna from time to time, when our interests crossed paths." Of course, until recently he hasn't HAD interests. And while she may be beautiful in her own way, Tiberius attention falls back on Rhyeline. "It seems you're in high demand, Miss Diderot. I wish you a wonderful day; and beautiful thoughts - I've some business to tend to." The lie is applied easily.

"The very same yes. Its always good to me another of mother's contacts. If you need anything feel free to stop by the shop. I also started brewing specialty potions for customers that have need of them." Lilith replies smiling faintly at Tiberius. She watches his attention shift back to Rhyeline and her eyes narrow slightly. She takes a step closer to the smaller woman smiling faintly in her direction as Tiberius gives his excuses to leave.

Rhyeline pulls her soft, crimson scarf back over her pink little nose to protect it from the nip of the afternoon air. As expressive as her dark gaze is, it almost isn't even necessary to see the rest of her face. When Tiberius looks to her and applies the polite lie, the little one simply blinks, taking in every subtle flicker in his expression with keen attention. In response, she merely gives a small, silent nod. Lilith is not the only one whose eyes have narrowed at the attention Tiberius pays the little one. The guard standing close at hand fixes him with an almost dangerous look of warning. Not until he leaves does she seem to return to her calm, detached manner of professional interest. This is the look that Lilith receives.
Peeking up at her friend, little Rhyeline can't help but shiver. Drawing just a bit closer, she murmurs, "I- I was about to head home… to do a bit of work… but- would- would you like to stop and- and get some cocoa first?"

Lilith smiles and wraps an arm around Rhyeline gently pulling her closer. The dark haired woman is given a look of concern and the red head reaches for a hand touching it carefully and frowning. "Yes I think a warm drink would be good for us both. Your hands are much too cold. Where would you like to go? I here that Sweet Temptations also does drinks so perhaps there would be good?" She holds Rhyeline's hand in hers quite protectively and she looks to the gaurd breifly and inclines her head before looking to Rhyeline and waiting to see where the little one wants to go.

Rhyeline gives a soft squeak when Lilith wraps her arms around her and pulls her close. Her guard shifts, looking cautious, but she does not intervene. Another little shiver runs through the girl. Looking to her hand in Lilith's, the girl is quiet for a moment before she murmurs, "Yes… Sweet Temptations makes such wonderful cocoa…"

Lilith lets out a soft laugh at that squeak and smiles fondly down at Rhyeline. "Well lets go get some then. You need to warm up." The tone is soft but there is protective edge to it. Lilith glances at the guard returning that cautious gaze before looking back to the smaller woman. Slowly Lilith begins to lead Rhyeline down in the direction of the sweet shop. Still holding the other womans hand her grip is not that tight and Rhyeline could easily move away if she wishes to.

Although years have grown between them, and the little one does not know her as well as she once did, Rhyeline keeps close to her friend's side. Now and then, as she follows her through Diagon Alley, the girl peeks up at her with a quiet shyness. Upon entering Sweet Temptations, however, the girl can't help but smile as the scent of chocolate, malt, and pastries surrounds. Closing her eyes, she inhales it deep, letting it fill her. "It smells almost as good as a book shop in here…" she murmurs before peeking up at Lilith with a grin.

Holding the door open foor Rhyeline to enter Lilith watches her reaction with an amused and happy smile. She laughs softly and sniffs the air herself grinning back. "Mmm yes it does smell rather good in here. Why don't you find a table and I will get us some hot cocoa and maybe a cake or pastry to go with it?" She smiles softly at Rhyeline and waitsfor her to head for the tables before she lowers her hood and goes to the counter to buy their drinks an a cake of moist dark chocolate that is just enough for two people to share.

Rhyeline nods and heads off towards a table near a window. Once her cloak and scarf are laid neatly over the back of the chair, she sits with a slow, careful grace. Once her friend returns, the little one crosses her ankles under the table and murmurs, "It's… it's good to- to see you again, Lilith… How have you- you been?"

Lilith returns setting the cake down on the center of the table and placing a mug of steaming hot chocolate in front of Rhyeline before settling down with her own cup. Taking a slow sip she smiles softly. "Its good to see you as well Rhyeline. I have been…busy. Between the shop and dealing with some loose ends mother left behind I've been quite busy. Also I've been doing some research into curative potions…" Pale blue eyes assess the other carefully and with a softness to them. "How have you been?"

"I… I have been- been well," murmurs Rhyeline with a small nod. She pulls her cup of cocoa close, warming her hands against its sides. There is much more to say. And though her friend seems to have found her voice, she is till a bit cautious in what she shares. She parts her lips to speak further, but hesitates. In the end, she brings her cup to her lips. A subtle blush warms her cheeks as she watches Lilith.

With a soft smile Lilith takes a slow sip of her drink watching Rhyeline carefully. She spots the way Rhyeline looks like she has more to say and she sets her cup down fixing the other woman with a curious look. "You know you can tell me anything you want Rhyeline…I will always be willing to listen and help you if I can…take your time if you need it though. I understand." She smiles softly her eyes warm with concern and caring as she reaches for her cup once again but nott aking her eyes off the shy woman across from her.

Rhyeline offers Lilith a small, appreciative little smile. Bringing her cup to her lips, she tests the silence. Her dark gaze remains fixed upon Lilith's clear blue eyes as she takes a long, slow sip. Eyes lowered, she rests her cup upon the edge of the table, still holding it. "I /am/ pleased to see you… I… I hope that- perhaps you will come to my flat, or- or even to Berlywood-" she hesitates with a flicker of profound shyness. "For… tea…"

Before Lilith can reply, someone comes in from her shop. It would seem there is a figurative fire that requires her attention. She tells Rhyeline that she will be right back and heads outside to deal with the person trying to haul her back to the shop.

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