(1938-12-26) Mum Always Liked You Best
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Summary: Rhyeline and Graham after returning her meeting his parents chat.
Date: December 26, 1938
Location: Rhyeline's Flat

Visiting family can wear anyone down and the first meeting of someone else's family doubly so. Not to mention the cold and travel the season of the year will take a lot out of anyone. It was after there return to the flat having been fed and enjoyed a rather merry meeting that the day got the better of the little mouse of the house. It's a few hours later though little has changed. The two remain on the sofa where they'd been the young woman asleep and Graham sits a nearby book he grabbed in one hand the other still stroking the hair of the other imploring her to have good dreams perhaps.

Rhyeline sits in her adopted brother's lap, head nestled upon his shoulder against his neck. Her breathing is slow and steady, soothed by the gentle strokes through her hair. After a few hours, the little one nuzzles closer against his neck with a deep sigh of contentment.

Graham looks down to where the other sleeps smiling at her. The sigh is even better if she will sleep he will let her do so while she doesn't have to worry about the waking world. He hopes she's only finding peace. It's as she nuzzles that he draws her gently closer if she'd slipped some perhaps while she resting protecting her. He seems as content as she but folds the book and sets it aside to just remain there.

A luminous little smile, innocent and untouched by the slightest shadow of fear or worry appears upon the little one's lips. Safe and warm in her adopted brother's embrace, the hand resting upon his chest clings gently to the fabric of his robes. "So… do you think that… they liked me?"

The auror will pause seeing her smile and her grip to his robe and will move no further then he had done so already. He returns the smile down to the other as she speaks. "Welcome back sister." he says in greeting though he'll lean down kissing the top of her head. "They loved you for the moment you walked in, I think they'd trade you for me in a heartbeat." he says warmly only the most slight of teasing.

Rhyeline's mirth at his slight teasing emerges as a sweet, impish little giggle. "That's not true… but they were so kind to me… I… I appreciated it so much. Do you think that- that they liked the- the gifts I got for them?" Not knowing much of his parents, it was difficult to pick gifts that were more than generic. For his mother, she bought an exquisite pair of cream-leather gloves lined with fur. Not only did they somehow seem to stretch or shrink according to the wearer's hands, they were enchanted with a warming spell that responded to drops in temperature. His father received a rather long scarf of the softest wool imaginable. Flecks of silver flicker in amongst the black wool.

Graham cant help but smile more broadly at her giggle something about it and it's sometimes rarity. He nods "Yes, they are were." he takes on a more grinning expression. "I always wondered if my mother had wanted a daughter." he ponders lightly the look on his face would say he means it in the best way possible. "Oh yes they loved your gifts. Funny enough how we each got books, though that sweater mother gave you looked warm enough." he uses his mother with her mother interchangeably but doesn't go back to correct himself.

"I loved the sweater… the color of pink roses… so soft… warm…" she murmurs nuzzling a bit closer against Graham's neck before slowly lifting her head. "Thank you for taking me to meet them… Oh, and thank you for the book that you got me…" One would think that Rhyeline would have gotten him a book. But no, instead- she got him a shelf. A self-attaching shelf that you placed against a wall and spoke the right words. The bookends (a fluffy little owl on each side) adjusted according to his needs.

"Thank you for going with me they really did love meeting you I could tell, I am proud of you I know it was probably a bit scary at first." Graham says looking to her as she nuzzles he'll squeeze her to him tightly,. "I am glad you liked it and yes I will admit I needed the extra shelf space for more books of course. I'll have to name that the sister wing. Of my library. Hm needs a better ring to it."

"You can put there all the books I've given you or let you borrow," murmurs Rhyeline with a bit of a grin as she peeks up at him.

Graham smiles to her words nodding in agreement to them as well. "I should bring back the ones i've read already." The young man says easily to her words "I'm sure since we're going to know each other for about forever we'll gather many more books right?" The auror speaks looking down to her as she peeks up he will lean down and give her a very small kiss which would be acceptable for a brother perhaps. "Merry Christmas sister."

Rhyeline smiles, tilting her cheek into his gentle kiss. Her dark gaze shines with such warmth and trust as she peeks up at him. Not the slightest hint of caution or apprehension of the dark world around them can touch her. "Merry Christmas, brother…" Tucking a loose wisp of a curl behind her ear, she murmurs, "I… I should be getting back to Berylwood.

The young auror watches as she leans into the kiss smiling at her response and the look on her face something he never tires of. Graham the words get a deep breath in and a sigh out. "I suppose I cannot keep you to myself his holiday there would be no cheer at that mansion without you there after all." he says squeezing her tightly once more it seems he is still hesitant, but he'll ask after a moment "Perhaps I can walk you over at least?"

Rhyeline can't help but grin up at him, "You can walk me to the garden… but… I was just going to apparate. It's- it's too cold to walk." With that characteristically slow and careful grace of hers, she slides out of his lap and rises.

Graham knows she can move easily though he'll assist her in rising if she needs it. "Fair enough." he will say to her words as he pulls himself up as well and brushes his robes down. "It meant a lot to me for you to come meet my parents I know i've already said that, but again I am glad you did." he says after a moments silence. "Can I help you get ready anything you might need? There is still some left over cake." he chuckles.

Rhyeline grins at the mention of cake, but peeks up at him with a curious tilt of her head to the side. "Need? What do you mean?"

The young man grins "It was probably a dumb question given I'm sure most or all you need is there. I didn't know if you had luggage or dinner trays or presents I could help carry for you." Graham says easily the tilt of her head like a curious animal makes him chuckle.

"It's alright… didn't I mention? Zack isn't staying here in my flat anymore… so- so there's no need for me to take keep too much at Berylwood," murmurs Rhyeline as she leads him through her flat, heading for the back garden.

Graham shakes his head to her words his turn to be curious. "You didn't mention that no, I hope all is okay?" he asks concern it would seem. He moves through the house following the other towards the garden. "I hope you enjoy the parties and everything, but um if you need anything i'm only ever an owl away." he says perhaps cryptic or intentionally so but it's a good thing to say meaning he'll protect her.

"I know that," murmurs Rhyeline, peeking up at him with gentle adoration. "And Zack is doing well. His parents wanted him to stay with them… he is where he should be, safe and sound. But… he still needs help finding his research. Now that the holidays are over, I- I need to send an owl to- well… yes… we need to help him." Before she opens the door, the little one draws close and hugs her brother tight. Having been waiting for them in the kitchen, her guardwitch stands at a discreet distance.

The young auror smiles after a moment not wishing to darken the last of there time together, "That is good, they can watch him better than either of us can and of course i'll still help him with finding his research." Graham reaches out and accepts her into his arms squeezing her before he'll grin and lift her spin her slightly and set back down with a grin "Merry Christmas." he'll pull her in to him for a proper hug now with a squeeze before he'll let go.

Lifted and spun about, Rhyeline squeaks before dissolving into giggles as she clings tight to her brother. She giggles still, even when set down. "Merry Chriiistmas, brother," she murmurs before turning and scampering out into the snow. "To Berylwood!" she calls to her guard who follows with a swift stride. And with that, she disappears with a sharp clap, followed at once by her guard.

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