(1938-12-27) Cauldron Clearance!
Details for Cauldron Clearance!
Summary: Potage's Cauldron Shop is having a post-Christmas clearance sale to make room for new stock.
Date: 27 December, 1938
Location: Potage's Cauldron Shop

Light comes in through the shop's display windows causing the stacks upon stacks of cauldrons that make up the aisle of Potage's Cauldron Shop to cast long shadows towards the back of the shop. Instead of waiting at a counter the staff at Potage's walks around the lanes of stacked cauldron with wands in hand, making sure nothing collapses and levitation smaller stacks of cauldron to and fro to free the ones requested by customers. The floor is marked with multiple lines left behind by sliding cauldron legs and from time to time a customer could be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a rare self-propelled cauldron clanking about on its little stubby legs.

It's the after Christmas sale at Potage's! Mostly it's a great time to pick up those items that students know they're going to need when school starts back up. Morgana is actually looking for a new Cauldron, since she did get a fair amount of coin this year and figures it is better spent on supplies than pretty frocks. She is wearing a dark violet robe, and her hair falls over her shoulders in waves, instead of the normal pin straight curtain it usually is. She seems to be debating between a bronze or a copper pot for the moment, trying to debate which will suit her needs better while at school and afterwards.

Variel is on the prowl for a new cauldron on the cheap as well, though admittedly, his definition of "on the cheap" is a magnitude or two lower than most others wandering about. A small relief is the simple fact that he's not specializing in potions whatsoever, and so he's at ease in his hunt. His robes are just this side of white, a pale bluish color with true white stitching that leaves him looking like a walking snowstorm. It's really a fantastic piece of work, and perfectly tailored to his form, as well.

Adam enters the cauldron shop alone, his Muggle father waiting for him outside. The boy's wearing Muggle clothes that are far too big for him, including a brown sweater and a large, olive-green coat. His hands balled in the pockets of his coat, he walks around the store in search of the cheapest cauldrons he can possibly find, and then sees someone he just met a few days ago. "Hi, Variel," he says to the older boy as he walks up to him, giving him a friendly, if somewhat subdued, smile.

Lucian has been using the same cauldron for six years. The tiny pitted thing has been hanging on to the last threads of life for some time now. So, of course, when Camilla learned of this, she insisted that he buy a new one before some potion exploded in Lucian's face. Counting his meagre coins as he steps into the shop, the golden-blonde farmboy looks up in the hope that there will be a decent deal that he can afford.

Morgana has been here for a while, and the shop owner at this point has had his fill of her trying to piece together which one she wants. It's come down to weight now, so that is what she is doing when the boys enter the shop. She'll nod to Adam and Variel as the enter, but it's Lucian that catches her eye. Not expecting to see him there, she'll give him a quick wave. "Fancy seeing you here Proudmore."

Variel throws a nod Morgana's way, along with a trademark grin, which falters a bit when he sees Adam. "Oy, you're Evans' chum-" His eyes flick over the boy with practiced measure. "… oughtta have your clothes taken in a mite, y'know. Wouldn't take much to make those look like old favorites instead of bad fits. Trust me. I know."

Adam spots Morgana waving at him and gives her a tentative wave in return, though he doesn't recognize her. "Madeline?" he says to Variel. "Yeah, that's right! We're friends." He manages a slight grin at this, but it fades when Variel mentions his clothes. "Oh, no," he says, his cheeks turning a faint red as he glances down at them. "No, they're fine. Are you buying a new cauldron too?"

Josie steps in a few moments after Lucian, having perhaps fallen a little behind. Now, she steps quickly to catch up to him, looking curiously around the shop as they come in. "Sorry, thought I saw Cillian."

"Tryin' to. Not exactly dripping in sickles, am I?" Variel grins at Adam. "Look, when you get back to school, lemme take your measurements. I'll do up a set of robes proper for yeh, no charge. Save yeh a lotta hassle, it will, and it won't cost a knut."

Lucian's eyes were first caught by the notable ginger hair of the Weasley boy, who gets a narrowed glare just for being a Gryffindor. But then, irony of ironies, his companion for the day is a Gryffindor herself. Josie Davies seems immune to Lucian Proudmore's notorious disdain for the lion house. "It's fine, Jo." He smiles back at Morgana, beckoning Josie to follow him toward her. "Hey, ahh…you shopping for a new cauldron, too, Morgana?"

Morgana picks up both cauldrons and holds them in front of Lucian. "Which is better, I can't decide between the two and it's likely drive the shopkeeper mad." She says in lieu of a greeting. "Oh and hello Lucian, Josie. Good to see both of you."

It's the post Christmas sale at Potages, and the place is bustling with students, trying to buy what they need for the next few months at school. Morgana is conversing with Lucian and Josie about the merits of a brass cauldron over a copper one, and there is a haggared shop keeper in the back who is doing his best to answer all of the questions the children are asking.

"Me too," Adam tells Variel. "Wow, really? No charge? Thanks! We bought robes that were a bit big so I could grow into them. I only wear them at school, though." He looks around and then adds, "I'm going to go look for some cauldrons." He walks around the store and ends up near Morgana, Lucian, and Josie. "Excuse me," he says to them. "Do you know where the cheapest cauldrons are?"

Josie smiles to Morgana, saying cheerfully, "Hello." She looks between the two cauldrons that Morgana is deciding between and shrugs a bit. "I dunno. I don't remember if Professor Slughorn ever said what the difference was. But bet the most expensive is the best." She looks around to Adam, and shakes her head again.

Every adult out there knows now is one of the most chaotic times to be shopping in Diagon Alley. Well, aside from the days before the school year when all the fresh first years are getting ready. Not for Cassiel, however. The man seems to thrive in the environment, deftly dodging as the occasional child darts near or around him, using the hip-height ashwood cane as a pivot at times to keep himself afloat.

Nothing is needed for himself today… but it was actually a young, familiar face seen through a window that caused Cassiel to turn, and then enter the cauldron shop… a young boy whom he had helped transition not so long ago. Rare is the opportunity to check up on them, if the transition goes well. And so he enters, casting about for that familiar face again once he does.

The man is dressed in his standard, multicoat fare, still dressed like a Muggle stepping out perhaps two decades too late.

Shelley would not be here if not sent at her mother's insistence — the daft woman having ruined her cauldron by leaving a potion to sit in it far too long. No amount of scouring had gotten the metal clean. She pauses just outside, eyes closed, bracing herself for the onslaught of children before stepping inside, eyes sweeping over the man varied faces. Brass was what her mother was insisting on - simply because the woman likes the look of the metal. And quite a large one. She could hear her mother's voice in the back of her mind, 'better too big than too small!' They had to have it here, somewhere…

Busy indeed. Everywhere one looked students were dashing through the streets, flouncing from shop for resupplies or to gander at new items displayed in the stores. Xavier would appear to be in no rush as he entered the cauldron shop. He brushed off the snowflakes collected on his coat's arms and shoulders before heading towards the display of brass cauldrons.

Lucian nods to Adam, shrugging. "They're all pretty cheap today. But…I think the real bargains are in this bin here." He steps over to a large barrel full of numerous medium-quality cauldrons. They're mostly just piled on top of one another haphazardly for customers to sort through themselves. A sign on the side of the barrel proclaims: BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE! MOSTLY GUARANTEED NOT TO EXPLODE!

"Thanks," Adam tells Lucian with a grateful smile. He looks at the bargain bin with a hint of trepidation at the way they're stacked. Then he sees the sign. "D'you think we're allowed to buy just one? I can only afford one." His back is to the door when Cassiel enters, but when he glances around to look for Variel and tell him where the cheap cauldrons are, he sees the man in the corner of his eye. Turning, he waves and calls, "Hi, Mr Umbridge!"

Morgana stands there holding her cauldrons as Lucian decides to help out Adam instead of her. Shrugging, she'll turn to Josie. "That was my thought as well, maybe just spring for the more expensive one while they're on sale and I have the coin for it. Or maybe save what's left over and shove it in the vault?" There seems to be a lot of debate over this for the poor Ravenclaw. "Maybe I should get the copper, it will last longer and I won't have to worry about it once I am out of school." When she hears Cassiel being addressed, she'll turn toward him and tilt her head. She knows him, from somewhere. Than again she has trouble keeping track of her grandfather's relations.

Lucian only took a moment to direct Adam where he needed to be, and soon returns to Morgana and Josie. "I…have no idea which is better. Do you need it to last longer? I mean, do you think you'll be doing much potion work after school is done with?"

Stepping further inside, Shelley lets out a little breath of annoyance as she feels a little body go careening into her, and then pelt off in another direction without a word. "Sorry," mumbles a rather harassed looking woman, chasing the young child. The only response Shelley offers is a disapproving frown. Isn't there anyone else at home to watch the little one? Is a store with piled up cauldrons the best place for young children? She'll never understand some people.

Cassiel homes in on the familiar voice as Adam calls out to him, and with a genuine smile, he heads over in that direction. "Young Master Irving!" He offers, clasping his hands together slightly, "Good to see you," he looks at the other students near the boy, "And with friends no less! Excellent!" His voice is deep, not quite a full basso, but enough that it tends to travel well without him having to project much

At Morgana's look, the older man smiles, the tufts of his muttonchops almost seeming to stand at end when he does, "And with a Head Girl included in the lot. You've done rather well for yourself, young man." Of course, he doesn't think to introduce himself.

"Hi," Adam says again, smiling up Cassiel. He looks around at Lucian, Morgana, and Josie. "Oh, we only just met! But I hope we'll be friends." He gives them a friendly smile as well and says, "Hi, I'm Adam. I'm a first-year Hufflepuff." Then he turns back to Cassiel. "My dad's waiting for me outside. Did you want to talk to him, or are you shopping for a cauldron too?"

"Well I hope to still be brewing my own, it will save money of course." Morgana says thoughtfully, finally seeming to be ready to make her decision. "How about you? What are you looking for in a cauldron?" Since she figures that's what he is here for. Turning to Cassiel she'll nod her head. "That would be me? And you are sir? I swear I have seen your face before, I just cannot place where."

Xavier's been here before like many other young witches and wizards had in their youth. Possibly to replay a melted cauldron or two. With a gloved hand he patted the side of the brass cauldron's rim. "I'll take this one." He relays to the shop keeper, "With luck my brother won't melt this one too."

Cassiel chuckles, shaking his head slightly at Adam, "Oh, no, although if you'd let him know I'd love to have a meeting with him after the holidays, that would be lovely. I just saw you as I passed, and wanted to make certain you were doing well. Part of the job, and all." This he offers with a knowing tap of the end of his cane to the tip of his nose, and then he looks back to Morgana. "Cassiel Umbridge. I figured you were Alexandra's daughter. We're related through your grandfather." He scrunches his nose up a bit, doing calculations in his head, "At least as best as I can recall the tree, last I saw it."

At the moment, the middle-aged wizard seems to be paying to a small group of students near the bargain bin of cauldrons.

Lucian nods. "Then go with the long-lasting one. Whichever that was. Copper, right?" He's so helpful. His eyes follow Morgana's to Cassiel, but drift on past him to another man behind him: Xavier Sykes. His brow creases, a flash of displeasure passing over his features as he recalls the one and only time their paths have crossed. But it is banished as quickly as it appears. Steeling himself, he nods to Morgana and Josie, murmuring, "Excuse me." He steps over toward Xavier, shoving his hands into his pockets and clearing his throat. "Mr. Sykes? You…ah…you're looking for a sturdy cauldron? I, umm…I remember Professor Slughorn recently mentioning that the Anvilwright brand has an extremely high heat tolerance. Um…just in case…that helps." The strain in his voice is plain to hear, but he manages a cordial smile through the tension.

After her brief encounter with and distraction by the young child, Shelley arrives at the display of brass cauldrons - only to see Xavier holding just the size she had been hoping to purchase. She looks up the stack, and down it with a frown, looking for similar, but with no luck. Bloody hell.

"Do you have another like that?" she asks the shopkeep, doing her best to keep the annoyance out of her voice. If she came out here for nothing… ugh.

Lucinda, Cinda- as she was more commonly known to friends and family, enters Potage's Cauldron Shop in her distinct green cloak. The heavy winter clothing is a quite specific shade of green, an unconventional chartruese that shimmered with all the illusion of unsettling slime layer. As she moved the yellow green picked up the light and reflected back in with a subtle iridescence; fading through emeralds and turquoise but always ending in the same pea soup colored hue. She enters the shop with a practiced ambulation, a confident stride that suggest she was familiar with the layout. As Cinda strode in she removed removed her gloves and cut her gaze to a stack of heavy wrought iron looking devices. Taller than most her age she is afforded a relatively clear view, both brows raised as she headed that way… casting a thoughtful weight on her face.

Josie looks back to Adam again, smiling as she says, "No, we met months ago. Remember the lake party? But I'm Josie," she adds, since Adam seems to have forgotten, and she hasn't met Cassiel before anyway.

"Ah yes, I believe there is a picture of you somewhere in my house." Morgana says to Cassiel. "Indeed, I am her daughter, she was in town for the holiday but I believe she and her husband went back to Italy." Her eyes follow Lucian and where he is going, and doesn't recognize the man until Lucian says his name. Frowning she holds up her cauldron. "I should purchase this and slip out of here before the shop keeper bans me for life. If you'll excuse me a moment." She'll nod to Adam, Jose and Cassiel before slipping off toward the counter.

Adam peers up at Cassiel. "You did?" he says. "Thanks! I am. I love Hogwarts! I'll tell my dad you want to see him." His smile falters when out of the three nearby students, only Josie responds. Perhaps he should have worn his school robes after all, instead of these Muggle clothes. But then Morgana nods at him, and he doesn't feel so bad as he waves goodbye to her. "Oh, yeah!" he says to Josie. "I knew you looked familiar." He scratches the back of his neck sheepishly. "Sorry. That was a fun party, wasn't it?"

Cinda continues in her path over to the heavy Anvilwright wrought iron cauldrons. A small sign written in a pleasant script at the base of the stack reads, "VERY HEAVY- please ask for asst. if needed!" She hrms softly, looking at the display model at the front and center. It was a medium-ish sized cauldron with a handle and three wide feet. Made of a heavy, plain, iron. Perfect for acid based potions. She ran a slender finger along the inside of the cauldron, picking it up and looking at it… then sniffing it with an antiseptic study. A very clinical review, she seems serious as she continues to inspect the device/

Variel had returned to his hunt after he assured Adam that he'd be glad to set him up with properly tailored robes for his schooling, then returned to his wanderings. Eventually, his distraction from such is Lucinda and her robes- it's not long before he's heading her way, his own robes- a pale blue this touch short of white with true snow stitching and embroidery leaving it looking rather magnificently like a snowstorm. "Slughorn! Smashing robes, who's done the enchanting?"

At the sound of his name Xavier turns about. A faint expression of disappointment flashed across his features as he realized just who said his name. "That so young Proudmore?" He asked before taking a glance of the Anvilwright brand suggested by Lucian. "You remembered that? Color me surprised."

"You know what, ma'am? I think we have a few more in the back. I'll go check for you," the shopkeep answers Shelley, flashing her a reassuring smile. "Just a few moments, and I'll be back."

Well, that was a relief - or at least she hoped. Shop assistants have proven wrong in the past, after all. "I'd appreciate it," Shelley says simply, crossing her arms over her chest, and finding something sturdier than a stack of cauldrons to lean back against - part of the counter - as she watches the room.

Lucian grits his teeth, and forces a smile at Xavier. "Just trying to be helpful." Though keeping his ire in check, he does suddenly find it much easier to look Xavier directly in the eye.

Cassiel looks back to Morgana with a slight nod, "Indeed. I hope it's not an entirely embarrassing one at that. There are plenty of those." He then looks back to Adam, patting the boy on the shoulder lightly. "You just make sure you let me know if you need help. We don't just leave you at the door, you know…" Even if so many times it feels like with.

With that, Cassiel straightens up, looking about the shop again, eyes casting about for anyone else he might know in the cacophony before heading out.

"It's a Slughorn Secret." She mutters with a barely audible, distracted, quality; one hand inside the cauldron. Cinda craned her neck to some serious degree, peering into the belly of the Anvilwright. Tall enough to be able to bend into the gesture. "Grandmum would have my left foot if I told." She says, a bit louder this time but still into the cauldron so it rebounds on the ears with a hollow insistence. Then she stood back up and turned to Variel offering a very tight lipped smile, the most fleeting shadow of manners. "You understand, Weasley." Is near crooned in a soft spoken alto that was her known monotone. Then that vapid gaze flitted over his own digs. "Yours are…." She trailed off that tight lipped smile blossoming into some wry grimace. "Crafty." She decided before wrinkling her nose for a passing second and turning back to the Anvilwright completely. A soft pip noise that isn't quite a laugh squeaks out, followed by silence from the somber girl.

The woman returns with the cauldron Shelley is looking for - much to her relief. She quickly takes it to the counter, purchasing it so she can get away from the crowd of small children - and probably go do some drinking. Always a much more sensible choice the day after Christmas, anyways.

"I don't think it was an embarrassing photo, otherwise I might have remembered you faster." Morgana says thoughtfully. "Than again, you know my grandmother and her never ending need to take photographs." However now it's time to pay for her items, and she'll wait her turn in line, which is going to take her a minute, even if she is looking anxious to leave.

"Of course your were Mister Proudmore." Xavier returns his brief inspection of the appointed cauldron. "Though I'd wonder why if what I hear is true that you and my sister are estranged from one another." Perhaps it is was bound to happen sooner or later. But as Lucian was gritting his teeth Xavier quirked a brow, "Hungry?"

"Aaaaaaadam!" Calls a cheery bundle of energy - bounding through the door. Madeline had /not/ been planning on going into the cauldron store - she had one already, after all - but then she and her Uncle had run into Adam's father outside, and that decided that. With Perry standing outside talking with Mister Irving, young Madeline was free to track down her friend who she pounces, wrapping a friendly arm around her companion's shoulder. "Found you!"

Variel's typically warm, friendly expression cools at Lucinda's reply. It'd take a studied eye to catch the shift, but those with the aptitude would swear for a moment that the frigid disdain in his expression for the haughty Slytherin could only come from someone of her own house. He leans in and speaks to her quietly, not bothering to raise his voice enough to expose his words to anyone less than dedicated on overhearing them.

"Okay!" Adam says, grinning up at Cassiel. Then a thought occurs to him. "Actually, there is something I'd like to ask you about. Will you have time to talk to me before I go back to school?" He looks up at the man hopefully, but then someone's got an arm around his shoulder and he looks around in surprise. "Oh, Maddie!" he says, beaming at her. "D'you need a new cauldron too? Mine's broken. Remember how I told you I was bad at Potions? Well, it's cracked in two."

Lucian sighs heavily. "Ria and I aren't estranged. We just…called it off. It was tense…but we're both Slytherin prefects, and we had to learn to work together again. So we did. We're also both in the Magijugend, and Magijugend look out for each other. So, I figure helping her family is helping her." He shrugs. "Anyhow…take my advice or don't. It makes no difference to me. I just thought I should offer." With a dark cloud hanging over him, he starts to make his way back toward Morgana and Josie.

"And in turn yourself. That's quite alright Mister Proudmore. We're all selfish in one regard or another." Brass cauldron picked out earlier was being carted off and prepared for purchasing. "Good day then." Xavier tells the young Lucian before he heads off.

Cassiel offers Morgana a short laugh in response, nodding, "Oh indeed. Almost inescapable, when she gets a mind to it." Then, wen Adam addresses him again, he smiles, especially at seeing Madeline appear. "My door is always open… or, well… figuratively speaking. Just have your father reach out to my office and set a time." Another look is given the Madeline… another little Muggleborn girl. Both are given a wide, genuine smile.

"It's- how did you do /that/?" Madeline asks, her voice a mix of curiousity, horror, and - well, just down right impressed. "Gosh. We better start going over your potions work as soon as we get back to school. I'd hate for you to get bad marks on your O.W.L." Yes, she's only thinking 5 years ahead.

"Hello, sir!" Madeline adds towards Cassiel as he smiles at the pair.

Lucinda freezes as Weasley leans in to whisper in her ear. Her face is devoid of emotion. Then her left brow climb up her forehead as her annoyance mounts. She allows the boy to have his piece. Even nodding with a stoic, "Mmm. hmm." At the end. She raises to her full height, square shouldered and with a face like a person who just trod over a slug. Slowly a veneer of good cheer surfaces. "If you think for even a breath that I care what others think of my clothing you're speaking to the wrong person. I've eyes Weasley and they can see I look just perfect. Should you choose to forget that it's your own loss." She shrugged with a haughty, confused, shake of her head. "Now if you made me something unique, like this Cloak I wear for instance…" She trailed off intoa shrug; false theatrics giving her voice some lilt for that line. "Make an impression, not an intimidation." The girl corrects before turning to walk away.

Morgana is finally at the counter and paying for her purchases by the time Lucian returns, with that dark cloud over his head. "A friend of yours?" She questions, knowing full well who Xavier is. Turning back to Cassiel she'll nod her head. "She is. I worry that she'll be there the moment I step off of the train, snapping feverishly as I leave it for the last time. You should see how many pictures she took on my first day, I thought I'd go blind."

"I don't know!" Adam tells Madeline. "I think too many bad Potions finally did it in. It happened at a bad time too. Cauldrons are really expensive. Lucky there's a sale today…" He nods his head up and down at Cassiel. "I will. Oh! Have you met my friend Madeline? She's Muggle-born too." He then looks around and points to the bargain bin with the sign that offers 'buy two, get one free.' "Do you think that means I have to buy two? Or can I just buy one?" he asks his friend.

Variel leans back and listens as Lucinda educates him on how wonderful she looks and how best to truly improve her appearance- through charitable donations of his work, presumably recompensed by the chance to showcase the piece on her lovely and eminently popular form. His eyes do the laughing that his face is too controlled to betray, and comments simply, "If I've the urge, I'll make sure you're informed, Slughorn. Lovely evening to you." He turns about and casts his gaze for either a suitably interesting cauldron, or perhaps a suitably interesting face.

5t Cinda lifts a hand as she walks away just wiggling her fingers at the boy in her wake. A disinterested farewell as she wandered off to find a sales clerk to question them about how heavy, was 'VERY HEAVY' she finally finds a clerk and starts up a conversation about the wrought iron cauldron she'd been checking out moments ago.

Lucian gives Morgana an apologetic grimace. "Ria's brother. Arsehole," he mutters, glaring after Xavier. He perks up when he spots Camilla wandering by, and gives Josie a nudge. "Hey, there's Cami. Go catch up with her, alright?"

Madeline eyes the sign, her expression going thoughtful for a moment, before she shrugs her shoulders. "I imagine so," she finally responds. "It'd be pretty silly, otherwise. Who needs /three/ cauldrons all at once?"

Her attention returns to Cassiel again, to offer him a cheery, "Hello! Very nice to meet you Mister, umm…" What name did Adam say? Did he say?

"I was going to say, he seems to be a very charming fellow." Morgana says with a shake of her head, her sarcasm dripping off every word. She opens her mouth, looking like she might comment further, but stops herself and instead focuses on her transaction and pays for her shiny new cauldron.

With Josie departed, Lucian's dark mood descends upon him again. he nods to Morgana, "He's never even spoken to me except to try to talk down to me. Even when I try to do him a favour. Bloody arrogant twat." He looks to Morgana's purchase. "Decided at last?"

Morgana's last statement is met with yet another chuckle from Cassiel, although her growing distance from the young Muggle-borns he's near dissuades him from prolonging the conversation beyond that; no need to be rude. Instead, he looks to the first-years again, and nods, "That's perfectly all right, Miss Evans." He's placed her now, "My name is Cassiel Umbridge, and I'm with the Ministry. You worked with one of my associates when you were first discovered to be a witch. I wouldn't expect you to remember me, though, I didn't work directly with your family. I actually was assigned to your friend Adam here, however, which is how he knows me."

Looking to the bargain cauldrons, he sighs, "If you can manage it, I'd suggest against this bin," he kneels a bit to get closer to eye to eye with the two, "Frankly, if you can afford it, it's best to go with one you can rightly afford than three you can easily afford. You want to make every knut and sickle last, but that also means spending them wisely."

After an extended dialogue with the clerk Lucinda turns to exit the shop, seems she's lost her taste for the spicy acidic potions of her dreams. Either that or she is just not the mind to lug a 'VERY HEAVY' cauldron all through the streets after paying out the nose for the thing. Best to levitate it but… she wasn't very good at heavy things. So she left, meaning to return shortly with back up.

"Oh, yeah," Adam says, remembering that he hadn't said Cassiel's name. But the man beats him to it. "Yeah, he's really nice! He was a big help when I first found out I was a wizard. And he really liked my little car. Remember, Mr Umbridge?" He turns back to the bargain cauldron, which are stacked hapharadly on top of each other, and tries to decide how to go about getting one out. But he pauses at Cassiel's suggestion. "Well, I can afford one of these," he says, his face turning a bit red, "but not three. So I hope I can just buy one. I can't really afford any of the more expensive ones, it has to be one of the cheap ones."

Morgana watching that dark mood fall, Morgana shakes her head. Again she bites her tongue, since this isn't the place to have this sort of conversation. "Yes, I have actually. I'll take the copper one, and hope it'll last me a while. What about you? Did you decide on one yourself?" She's says in an attempt to change the subject away from Ria's brother.

"Oh, I see!" Madeline responds brightly. "Well, it is very nice meeting you, Mister Cassiel. We had a Miss Biggles stop by to talk to us - I think that's just a wonderful name, don't you? - but I imagine it was a much easier job for Miss Biggles, on account of my Uncle is a wizard already, so my father already knew and my grandparents too - it's just I didn't know, and my mother didn't either. It's all still very exciting, I think!" She beams up at the man, then gives Adam and his bargain-basement cauldron a dubious look.

She really wishes she could help him out more - but, well, she was already giving him the cat, and her Uncle was taking him to the Fountain thing, and she'd hate for him to start feeling like he was just some sort of charity case for her or something… "We'll just have to be careful with it. I'll show you eeeeeverything so this one'll last longer."

"Oh," says Lucian sheepishly. "No. Damn. Um…I suppose a copper one as well? I guess it'll be useful after school. Cami could teach me to brew some healing potions for the animals, or something. Are they expensive? I don't have a lot to spend."

At Adam's statement, Cassiel actually frowns. He doesn't say anything to Adam, but there will be a few choice prods in the boy's father's direction. Funds to help Muggle-borns may be limited, but they exist to help the needy… and if they're not at least taking some advantage of it.

He grins at Madeline's description of "Miss Biggles," trying hard not to chuckle. "So magic may actually run in the family? You never know, look back a few generations, you could find a Merlin in your family tree," is offered to the young girl.

He looks back to Adam, nodding, "And yes, I recall the toy. The Atom-marble right? Marvelous little creature, that."

Adam shakes his head, eager to talk about something else. "No, it was a little toy model of an automobile. It was an Austin, but I don't remember which type. I can bring it with me when I come talk to you!" He looks back and forth between the man and Madeline. "I bet Maddie's got loads of magic in her family! Her uncle's amazing!"

Madeline giggles at the thought of Merlin being in her family. "I don't know about Merlin - but there's magic, alright! None of my cousins have - or at least, we don't know for sure, yet. Sammy's still little - he's only six. It'd be real neat if Sammy were a wizard too, though! Maybe he'd even get Gryffindor, and I'd still be at school, and well old enough to show him the ropes!" The more she thinks about it - the more she likes this idea! Oh, she really, really hopes her little cousin is magic, too!

Cassiel nods distractedly, "Right, an atom-mangler. Strange to look at, but they must be useful. May have to even look for a few models for my collection one of these days." He stands back up again, smiling at the two younger children, "Oh! And Mr. Irving, I wanted to congratulate you for being sorted into our House this year. Being a Hufflepuff is something to wear with pride. Honor. Loyalty. Strength. Compassion. Ours is the house that moves the world, young man. Be proud." And with that, something of a distracted air comes about him, so that he turns away, looking toward the door, as if he forgot something. And with no more goodbye than that, he heads toward the exit.

"I hear they're nice, you might as well get a decent one while they're on sale." MOrgana comments with a shrug, stepping away from the counter so others can make their purchases. "If you don't have it, I can cover the rest. Alexandra went overboard again and I"d rather someone else use it." She says, before he can protest.

Variel seems to content himself with his research and heads out of the shop, perhaps to report on his findings and make excuses for not carrying a cauldron home.

"Er, yeah," Adam says, biting back a laugh as he realizes that Cassiel meant automobile to begin with. "One of those. Oh, you were in Hufflepuff too? That's amazing! I am proud, even if Mr Evans thinks Ravenclaw is best." He gives Madeline a bit of a cheeky grin as he says this, but when he turns back to Cassiel, the man's walking away. "Oh, I guess he had to go. Wanna help me choose a cauldron? I want to find the best one out of this cheap lot!"

Lucian opens his mouth to do exactly that: protest. But, curse her Ravenclaw wit. He frowns, "Cami gave me enough for…something." He manages to locate the model of cauldron Morgana purchased, and looks to the price. "I'm two sickle short," he mutters, embarrassment coloring his face.

"Gryffindor! Rar!" Madeline calls playfully after Mister Cassiel, and then beams at Adam. "My Uncle can't be right about everything. Neither can you." As for finding a cauldron, Madeline nods eager, and starts tugging and pulling at the cauldrons in the bin. She starts inspecting them minutely, looking for bad dents - or worse yet, /cracks/. "You know what I found?" she remarks as she's studying the cauldrons. "There's this magical junk store around her - just piled with all sorts of /stuff/! You wouldn't even believe it."

Morgana reaches into her robe pocket and looks at the coins in there. Than she lets two silver coins fall to the ground. "Oh look, it seems that someone has dropped the exact amount you need on the floor, it must be your lucky day." She says, shifting her new cauldron from one hand to the other.

Adam looks through the cauldrons as well, though he's willing to let Madeline pick out a good one since she isn't abysmal at Potions like he is. His head whips around at the sound of money falling, but, when he sees that it's by Morgana and Lucian, he turns back to the cauldrons. "What?" he asks Madeline eagerly. "Wow! Really? That sounds brilliant. I want to go see it!" Then his face falls a bit. "Oh, but I don't think I can. My dad's not happy with me at the moment. He just wants me to pick out a cauldron and then go back home with him."

"Not happy? Why?" Madeline asks, sounding puzzled - and a bit concerned. "Oh, gosh, just /look/ at the crack in this one," she mutters - pointing to the top edge of the cauldron. She shoves it out of the way, and grabs for another. She's got a slowly growing pile of possibilities.

"I wish you could come with - it's really neat. You won't even believe what I found there!"

Lucian sighs at Morgana, but cannot help a little smirk as he reaches down to pick up the fallen coins. His pride isn't entirely intact, but her attempt has soothed the damage. Soon he is setting the copper cauldron by the register, counting out the coins for the shopkeeper.

Morgana smirks just a bit as Lucian goes to pay for his cauldron, and she even raises her head toward Cassiel as he takes his leave of the store. "Do you have any plans after this? I don't want to keep you from your duties if you're busy." She'll ask Lucian.

"Wow," Adam says, peering at the damaged cauldron. "How can they even sell that?" He picks another up to inspect himself, and it seems in okay condition to him. He tentatively puts it in the possibility pile. "Oh," he mumbles. "Well, remember that teacup I told you about? I gave it to my mum for Christmas, and then, when she tried to drink from it, it bit her nose! Can you believe it? So I'm in trouble."

"It did what?!" Madeline gasps. "Oh that's horrible! The cup that-" she lowers her voice, "That Slytherin girl gave you? Well, that's not your fault. What a terrible joke to play! Gee, I wonder if we can make it up to your mother somehow… Umm… There were these lovely Christmas scarves that would be on sale now - but gosh, since the pictures move she wouldn't be able to wear it out of the house. Hmmm… There's got to be something!"

Lucian shakes his head. "I've got the day, really. We expected to spend all day shopping. But this cauldron is all I really need," or can afford. He pauses, nibbling at his lip. "Why? Did you have something in mind?"

"Nothing too exciting, I just planned on spending some time out here, and whatever coin I have left for spending." Morgana says with a shrug. "Perhaps on some books or something else equally as flippant." Since this is of course coming from her mother.

"Joke?" Adam says. "No, it wasn't a joke. I think she just gave me the wrong teacup. She felt really bad for crumpling my picture." He lets out his breath in a sigh. "But yeah, that sort of ruined Christmas. My mum and dad are already a bit weirded out by magic. They think I gave them the cup on purpose, like I thought it was funny. But I would never!" He does brighten at Madeline's suggestion though. "Good idea! If I can find something magical but wonderful at the same time, I think it would help a lot."

"Well — I hope you're right." She doesn't sound entirely convinced though. "Hmm. Does she like candy…?" Madeline muses quietly - forgetting to inspect the cauldrons as she lapses into thought. "Or, uhhh… gosh, I wonder if there's some sort of charmed… make-up kit. Does your make-up for you, you know?"

Lucian chuckles, taking up his newly purchased cauldron. "Books? Flippant? Are you sure you're a Ravenclaw? I think someone may have hit you with a nasty Confundus Charm." He starts to make his way out of the shop, looking to Morgana to see if she'll follow.

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