(1938-12-28) Boys Just Do
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Summary: Lucretia and Angus duck into Sweet Temptations for something to eat, and whilst bonding over cauldron cakes, milkshakes and icecream, Lu informs Angus that boys learn things slower than girls.
Date: 1938-12-28
Location: Sweet Temptations, Diagon Alley

This shop is both a malt shop as well and bakery and sweetshop. Polished hardwood floors and walls painted a soft ivory give the room a welcoming and calm air. Green plants and flowers are placed in planters throughout the room and landscape paintings of the countryside cover parts of the walls. Two counters run across opposite sides of the room leaving the center area open for seating. The tables are set up for groups of two or four, the tables polished wood and the cushioned chairs made to match. The counter to the right is the malt counter, its wood polished to a high shine and cushiony bar stools lined up in front, provides a place for patrons to sample all manner of drinks that fizz, foam and steam. On the left is another counter dedicated to candy and pastries. The candies sit in elegant glass jars atop the counter with plates of every kind of pastry or cake you can imagine. There are both muggle and wizard flavors for everything sold here. A large board hangs over the front wall across from the door with a neatly organized menu of what is for sale at each counter.

Angus follows Lucretia in, grinning, "Och? This place? Aye, the pastries are lovely!"

Lucretia apparently knows her way around both Diagon Alley and the less savoury parts quite well. It might surprise some, but not those who know the young witch personally. Slipping through the shadows and threading her way between numerous shops, its not long before the pair of them enter the shop she was speaking of. "I know! Do you want one of those too? I was thinking of a strawberry milkshake myself with some crushed exploding candy sprinkled on the top." A girl that knows her own mind, she heads immediately to one of the booths and flops down into it, knowing a server will be over shortly.

Angus says, "Och, Ah was thinking a knicker-bocker glory wi' the wee wavin' flags and exploding candy!"

"And pastries," Lucretia reminds, a grin given in her delight at someone that likes the same things she does. "Cauldron cakes. We'll have those, yes? I love it when you pour the syrup in the top and it all comes bubbling up. Usually I get jelly slugs wriggling out, but the last one I had here had a chocolate frog!" Delighted with her choice, she lays the menu down on the table, the fact that she'd not even had to look at it a homage to her evident patronage of the place. "So! Do you think you'll be trying out for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team this next year? I love quidditch!"

Angus says, "How aboot the wriggly wurums which solidify when you grab them, into boiled sweets?"

Lucretia shakes her head. "Never seen one of them come out of a cauldron cake. Have you?"

And he adds, "Aye! Ah've been playin' a little with the Second team. And they need some good beaters!" He gives a grin, and nods, "Aye! You no? And Ah've hurd aboot this long jelly tentacle that comes oot."

Lucretia giggles. "Tentacles sound fun, I do hope I get that then." Quickly giving their order to the hovering waitress, the girl settles herself more comfortably in her chair, elbows plonked on the table with her chin resting on folded knuckles and her eyes on Angus. "Well I'll come and cheer you if you ever tryout for the first team. Eibon plays for the first team and so long as its not Slytherin they're playing, I shout loudly for him. It'd be fun to have two of you to yell at."

Angus flashes a grin, "Duggie plays too!" Okay, not just a flash of a grin. A broad one, talking about Quidditch. Jocks. In both senses. "But Ah think Ah'll be a better Beater than he is. He gets distracted by Chasers wi' pretty faces!"

Lucretia nods, shifting back a little as food gets delivered, the strawberry milkshake placed before her and the knickerbocker glory before Angus. A long suck is given her straw and a slow swallow follows before she speaks again. "Well. He's older. I suppose its to be expected at his age. I expect you could knock him clear off his broom if you tried should he get distracted that way at the wrong moment."

Angus grins, and leans conspiratorially forward, "Cud ye talk Medusa intae distractin' him? It'd be hy-lair-ee-us!"

Lucretia grimaces, twisting her straw through the froth of her drink. "I don't know. She kind of talks to me, but she's kind of scary too. She mightn't take too well to my suggesting her boyfriend get kocked out the sky by his younger brother." Reaching one hand forward, she nudges one of the cakes towards Angus, a sudden anticipation in her voice. "Go on… pour your syrup and see what you get!"

Angus makes a little 'awwww' noise, and picks up his syrup, "Lets see whut ah get!" And with great ceremony, he pours. Bubbling starts to occur. And then… there's a frog hopping out! 'Ribbit!' 'Ribbit!'.

Lucretia laughs, scooting her chair back a little; not because she's scared of chocolate frogs for heaven's sake, but because its trailing green cauldron slime in its wake. Or perhaps not so much trailing it, as splattering it with each hop taken. "Oh! Oh! Catch it quickly Angus, then I'll do mine!"

Angus picks up an unused fork, and flipping it over in his hand nimbly, slams it down, to pin the frog to the table, "Ahah!" He gives the girl a grin! "Your turn!"

Lucretia grins, picks up her own pot of syrup and pours it carefully into the cauldron cake. "Don't be slugs. Don't be slugs…" Its a bit of a mantra as she pours, the stream thin and the filling slow. There's a moment when it reaches the top and bubbles, a curl of steam rising before the cake seems to shudder and squeeze. "Oh! Come on MacMillan. Guess! I guess another frog!

Angus looks, and hazards, "Worms!" It's said doubtfully though, as if unsure about how the cake was behaving.

"Merlin's beard! Slugs…" There's a slow exhale of Lucretia's breath with that, and she picks one up and pops it into her mouth, squishing it quickly so the red slime filling oozes out. She pulls a face. "I guess you got to be the lucky one this time. Next time though…" Taking the second slug between finger and thumb, she leans over and delicately balances the sweet on top of Angus' pudding. It wobbles there a moment then burrows itself down through the cream. He'll unearth it later. "Oh by the way," she says, watching the slug with not a little fascination, "…have you come across a horrible little first-year name of Evans yet?"

Angus says, "Och, the odd one? Aye. She's awlright, as far as Ah can mek out. What's she done?"

Lucretia gives a loose shrug of her shoulders, chasing the slug sweet with another mouthful of milkshake. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing." There's a small wave of her fingers through the air, subject apparently closed in favour of concentrating on what's before her.

Angus leans over, and takes a spoonful of Lu's cake, "Aye? So, whit's the problem?" When she objects, he'll then try and sneak the straw and take a gulp of milkshake too.

Lucretia takes a retaliatory spoonful of Angus' knickerbocker glory. "Nothing. Its just the likes of her that have made me decide to apply for membership of the Magijugend. Muggle-borns…" At least the girl didn't say 'mudblood', which makes a change to her usual prefered form of address for them. "I think when I get back home that I'm going to send a letter of interest to Professor Flint, ask for an interview. Had you given a thought to it yourself?"

Angus says quietly, "I dinnae see th' point. I dinnae really wanna meet with lots o' folks, tae complain about lots of other folks, when I kin be hill walking!"

Lucretia smiles. "Well then you'd probably not be accepted anyway, its not for everyone. I really hope they let me in though, its important that there's a stand taken against the creep of muggleness into our ways is happening. Though, its not so much complaining as just trying to halt the destruction of the wizarding world." A dip of her head to take another long suck on her straw and she closes her eyes, savouring every last explosion of the candy on her tongue. "So you get on with everyone, do you?"

Angus shrugs, "Nut all, no. But mostly they avoids me if they don't like me." He digs out the slug with his spoon. "Another time for the tentacles."

Lucretia squints long and hard at Angus. "Very much doubt that you annoy people Angus, you're just you and not exactly offensive." A pause and she blows her breath out, resting the side of her face in the curve of her hand. "Douglas now, he kind of is offensive. I like him despite that though."

Angus laughs, "Weell, give me till I'm 17, and Ah'll see if Ah can be as offensive too!" And he steals another bit of milkshake

Lucretia frowns across at Angus and his milkshake-stealing habit. There's a forward jut of her lower lip and a walnutting of her chin before she calls the waitress over and asks, politely, for another spoon and a straw to be brought. "Didn't realise you were a sharer sort when we ordered," she grumbles, slotting the straw into her shake and angling it his way. Not that he's getting away with anything, she's her own spoon now and she deftly skims a choice bit of cream from his pudding. "Well, Merlin preserve us when you do reach 17 if Douglas is to be your role model."

Angus giggles, "I dinnae want to get all smoochie with Medusa!"

Lucretia swats Angus' arm with the back of her spoon. "Not Medusa, no. She'll be all adultified. But I bet you'll be smooching with someone!"

Angus makes a face, "I dinnae see it happening!" Although he does regard the girl with interest. "Why? Are yes stakin' an interest?"

Lucretia chokes on her mouthful of ice-cream. "What?! No!! Boys. Eurghh!" A vehement shake of her head follows. VE-HE-MENT!

Angus bursts out laughing, "Ah, give it a time!"

Lucretia grunts a little; its so attractive. "Uh huh. Thankfully I have my studies to keep me busy. I don't need distractions like boys and.." There's a flutter of her fingers through the air. "And all … that." A slight blush to her cheeks at the awfulness of the conversation subject, and also the fact that Angus had actually asked her if she were staking a claim, she lowers her head and starts to make proper inroads into her milkshake, drinking it all the way down until the straw gurgles in the dregs at the bottom.

Angus laughs abruptly, "See? Why should Ah like it more than you do?!"

"Boys just do," Lucretia replies, clearly a complete and absolute authority on the subject.

Angus snorts, "Aye? Well, news tae me!"

"I'm glad I've made your day one of learning," Lu says smugly. She pushes her now empty glass from her and wipes her mouth with a small paper serviette. "I think there's probably a lot that you don't know, but that's not your fault. Probably its because you're a boy. Boys learn things slower than girls."

Angus laughs, cheerfully, "You're welcome. Glad to give you a chance to shine."

Lucretia grins. "At least you've a sense of humour, that's good. Some people take themselves far too seriously." Sliding from her seat she lays 3 sickles on the table to cover the bill and flips her hair back over her shoulder. "I'll see you around soon, yes? If not before, then on the train back to school. If you like, I'll save a place for you in my compartment."

Lucretia is so terribly benevolent with her company.

Angus gives a grin, "Aye? That'll be nice, Lulu! None of they basterds best object tae me bein' there, tho'!" Whilst small, and skinny, he looks like he's whipcord, and tough. A 'scrapper'

Lucretia arches a brow. "If they do, they'll have me to answer to!" And with a lift of her chin, she heads out the door.

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