(1938-12-28) Holiday Party
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Summary: With open windows and open doors, it's hard not to notice the party going on and more than one soul wandered in off the streets to join it, including Zack. Who, with a little help from his new friends, Xavier and Jenny, discovered the fine art of drinking too much, talking in snowflakes and the joys of having an Auror want to take him home. All the while questioning Silas, of all people, for information on his 'Kissing Teacher'. Oh my.
Date: 1938-12-28
Location: Daphyne's House - Diagon Alley
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Daphyne's house was decked out for the holiday's, with twinkling lights and enchanted decorations that left the front room a proper jumble of spirit. It was a mixed crowd inside, to be fair; while a tree stood yet tall in the corner around which a small band sat clustered playing music. A fast beat, to which one could easily dance. There was no specfic theme to the party, save for that it was just that and everyone who'd worked for the ministry or had a parent or a cousin who'd heard about it had turned up, including a few people who'd simply caught sight of all the noise that wandered in from the street.
Mistletoe adorned every archway and doorway, plates of sweets lined flat surfaces, along with the steadily collection of empty cups and glasses; while the kitchen was still overflowing with both, should one be so inclined. The attached den seemed to offer more room for those inclined to dance.
Upstairs, a fortune teller had set up shop in one of the bedrooms and happily weaving tales of the year to come for only a sickle, while other rooms stood open where the crowd had scattered and some doors yet, remained closed.
The rear porch offering a spot of fresh air, for those inclined.

No sooner had they entered, music flowing in the air Xavier appeared quite joyous at the scene before him. He was stopped short though by the sight of a mistletoe hanging in the doorway. With Jenny trailing behind him the wizard kept himself parked in place until his companion for the evening had arrived. Without a word he pointed upwards and bent himself down due their differences in height. "Might need to find a way to make Christmas every day if standing in the doorway grants you a kiss."

Jenny almost walked into Xavier, so swiftly did he stop. Though a puzzled frown was given to the man in a near demand for his explination at the change in behavior until she realized that he was pointing and further, followed his gaze upwards. Blinking twice, the girl chuckled and reached out to ghost the tips of her fingers in against his cheek. "Well, if you insist," came the murmur, before she did precisely that. No shyness, no shame.
And when it was finally finished, "Now will you move? Other people are going to want to come inside and you've held up the doorway."

"I do." Last words before the pair was engaged in a kiss, a brief one for sake of tradition of course. Afterwards, parting the man stood upright and stepped out of the way. "I may just linger in all doorways if this is what is to be expected." Xavier quipped as he raised a hand to unbutton his coat. No need for the thing when trading the chill of winter for the warm indoors.

Zack arrives at the party uninvited. He's dressed in magnificent blue robes that suit him very well. They're even new, so they're still wrinkle free. "Can you linger in another one?" he asks, standing behind Xavier as he waits for the man to move. He looks passed him and Genevieve to see inside the house. "This looks like a party. I wasn't asked to be here, but I saw it from the street. Do you have any blue drinks here?"

"I dare you, because the next thing you know, some…particularly plump aged female with graying hair and more warts than you have toes, is going to come strolling through them and expect you to make her night. Who knows," Jenny murmurs, "That might be what you like." It came with a chuckle too, before she eased on forward and helped clear the way for the man speaking behind them.
"Blue drinks? You know, I think I saw someone with a blue drink in a glass that appeared to be made of ice. Of course, it might have actually been ice that made it look blue so I couldn't rightly say…," a thoughtful frown.
"But I believe I heard someone say there was a drinking contest in the next room."

Xavier glances sidelong for a moment as the next to arrive towards was someone not of the female nature. Addressing the man in blue, "I could but where would the fun be in that?" As this wasn't his home the Sykes considered the man at length when he inquired about a specifically colored drink. "Not sure." He answered before returning to Jenny, "And if it is? I just may be the fairy tale prince to break the curse."

Zack's eyes light up the second the girl mentions blue and ice. "There are?" he says, looking around as if he expects to find one hovering near his ear. "Do they make your breath turn to mist? I want one of those. I've been looking for one for a over a year, but I don't know what they're called." He blinks at her. "What's a drinking contest?" Then he peers at Xavier, his brow furrowed. "I don't know. But how am I supposed to get inside if you don't move? Oh, there's a plant above your head."

"So that it looks like little frosted snowflakes before it disappears?" Jenny adds on to Zack's description without ever really missing a beat. "Because I did see one of those. I bet they're some still in the kitchen." She suggested, before chortling at Xavier. "Oh of course, a Sykes would pitch a claim to royalty. I believe you've been in one too many crypts, Xavier, all the dust has gone to your head," she teased; leaning in to offer a companionable little shoulder-bump before addressing Zack's question. "Oh there's all sorts of them, but in this case, you're given a drink and you take all but the very last swallow of it, which is then flung towards a towering stack of cups that're meant to catch it. The point being, the more you play, the more you have to drink and the worse one's aim becomes. I believe there was mention of prizes, but we haven't gotten that far yet to check." The plant information, she left to Xavier to field.

"Some nights the dream comes alive." Xavier quipped back and then came the explination of the drinking games being held. "I'd like one of those drinks myself." The idea of raining christmas from your mouth was appealing. As for the plant the Sykes looked upwards then back to Zack. "Tradition. Lay it on me blue man."

"Yes!" Zack says, quite excited when she describes exactly what he wants. "Yes, I want one of those! I saw someone drinking one at the last party I was at. I hate parties. My father made me go to that one. I didn't get to make my breath turn into snowflakes. But I did get to eat fire. Where's the kitchen?" In his excitement, he hardly seems to hear the girl's explanation of drinking contests, but Xavier's words confuse him enough to break his train of thought. "What?" he says, staring at the man. "Lay what on you? I didn't bring anything."

"Well, why don't we all go get one?" Suggested Jenny, before Xavier surprised her and had her all but snorting in amusement and Zack threatened to have her guffawing. "Ah..he means a kiss. You're both standing beneath the mistletoe and it's tradition." Which meant that she was probably standing a little close to proximity. Except something Zack said caught up with her. "Er…so wait, if you hate parties…why'd you wander into this one? Or was it for the blue drinks?"

"Sound like a good plan." Xavier replies. "Yes, which is why I suspect there's one in every doorway. Whomever the pair caught beneath it are to share a kiss. Your father should have dragged you out to more parties Mister…" He lets the end trail off and expects to be offered the blue garbed man's name.

"But I'm a boy," Zack tells Xavier. "You're not supposed to kiss other boys. Why don't you kiss her? She's not a boy." He points at Genevieve as if it weren't obvious who he's talking about. "And don't call me mister. My name's Zack. You should call me that." He nods at Genevieve. "Yes, I wanted to see if you had the right blue drink," he tells her. "Oh, and I wanted to try my new robes. I might not hate parties in these robes. My father used to make me wear horrible robes. They were blue too, which was okay, but they uncomfortable and itchy and clung to me. My friend gave me these for Christmas, but I only just got them. They're much nicer. I like them, so I might like parties now."

"The fact that you've looked around enough to realize that it's everywhere, Xavier, says something about your mind. Granted, I haven't figured out what yet, entirely, but something." Jenny grinned, her tone like that look, teasing. But then, Zack was explaining. "It's nice to meet you, Zack and those are lovely robes. The color suits you. I wonder," the girl ventured, arm lacing through Xavier's with intentions to follow the flow of full glasses towards the kitchen, "If blue is your favorite color, Zack. Is it?"

A short round of laughter came from the Sykes male, "That you are Zack and I've already kissed that one. Wouldn't mind it again actually. But as she said my name is Xavier. Xavier Sykes. This here is Jenny." And the two were linked arm and arm in search of this Wintery blue drink. Now heading towards the kitchen Xavier glance back over his shoulder for their newly acquired blue passionate friend, "It would appear so. Fetching."

"Yes," Zack says when asked about his favorite color. "It used to be green, but now it's blue. I miss my green robes, but they're too small for me now. But I like these ones the most. They do suit me. I look very dapper." As Xavier gives their names, he looks at each of them in turn. "Oh, you're doing first names. That's good, it's easier that way." He follows them to the kitchen, adding. "Yes, I know. But don't call me beautiful and pale, or I'll think you're strange."

"Perchance did your favorite color change when you outgrew your robes and had to get blue ones?" He was such an interesting fellow and it wasn't as if she were poking fun at him so much as attempting to discover how it was his mind worked. Though a glance was cast up towards Xavier for his little remark; she merely squeezed his arm again and then stepped off to the right, attempting to slip past one of the men lingering in the doorway to the kitchen, likely because it was convenient to the food, if the size of his gut was any indication.
"You do look dapper and yes, we're doing first names. It seemed silly, otherwise and I know most of his family, as is." And using last names merely confused the entire collection of them in her head. "You don't intend to stop me beneath every doorway, do you?"
Ah, but there was the tray of glittering blue drinks, sitting on the counter next to a tray of enchanted licorice brooms, zooming about the length of it.

Onward into the kitchen where the aroma of half devoured sparkling trays were displayed upon a table. Festive treats lavishly decorated in an abundance of red, green, candy striped and rainbows all to dance along the tastebuds in an explosion of flavor. With no desire for the food Xavier politely excused himself past the man in order to enter the kitchen. "I just might." He commented to Jeny before turning around to check in Zack, "Anything else we shouldn't call you? Besides that and Mister."

"No," Zack says. "It changed because I was sorted into Ravenclaw and Ravenclaws are supposed to wear blue. That's how it works. I liked green a lot, though. It's a pity it had to change." He frowns at the man standing in the doorway, and then answers Genevieve's next question. "No. Doorways are for walking through, not stopping in. Yes," he answers Xavier. "Don't call me Fudge. Or Mr Fudge. Otherwise I won't know you mean me." He peers around the kitchen, and when his eyes land on the blue drinks they light up again. He rushes over to the counter and grabs one and immediately takes a large gulp from it. "Oh, it tastes funny," he says, frowning again. But when he sees the frosty snowflakes drift in front of his face he grins instead, quite pleased.

"Ah. I've some friends in Ravenclaw," Jenny replied. "Blue is a lovely color. But, I'm rather fond of green myself. And red. Actually, I rather like all colors, truth be told." The girl babled on, before chuckling when Zack answered the question in Xavier's stead. "You just missed a doorway then," she corrects him, teasing impishly. "Fortunately we get to go back through it, because I completely expect to get to dance and I'm hoping that one of you will oblige to be embarassed by me." Cheeky grin. Ooooh, but they're were drinks and Jenny claimed one for herself as well, though she took a small sip; nose wrinkling over the taste before she giggled and…snowflakes littered the air in front of her. Which of course, meant she had to torment the man by blowing a few at Xavier.

In the kitchen, along with a small host of other adults enjoying the night out with drinking, music and fantastic finger dishes is a blue robed Zack, a young Jenny and one of the Sykes, Xavier taking part in drinking a festive beverage that forms clouds of Christmas if one should speak after imbibing. "Ah its a fine House. It hones the best minds." Sykes remarked after procuring a cup for himself but not yet drinking from it. "You should dance with Jenny, Zack. You know how to dance right?"

"I don't like yellow," Zack says. "It's the worst color. It shouldn't be allowed. I didn't miss the doorway, I walked through it." He sips his drink and breathes snowflakes everywhere, and he smiles at them as if they're the best thing he's ever seen. He frowns at Xavier. "No, I don't. My father got someone to teach me, but none of it made any sense. How are you supposed to know where to put your feet? People weren't designed to be that close together."

"I like it in sunsets," Jenny replies, taking another small sip of her drink. "Though not so much to wear. It makes my skin look sallow," the statement came with a wrinkle of her nose, before she arched a brow and cut a look up in Xavier's direction. Had he really just tried to…, "You're right," Jenny replied to Zack's statement, with a little tongue-and-cheek just to get a reaction from him. "They were designed to be closer." Grin. Then those sly eyes rose Sykes-ward again. "And you promised to put yourself in my hands for the night. That constitues a dance."

It wasn't really the boy's scene, and it showed. Silas had heard about the party, and having much of the day to himself while in London, he had decided to try something new. Something unfamiliar, and perhaps even a bit uncomfortable. This was what he was doing now. Trying new things. In his own mind, he thought perhaps this would be an experience he could discuss with Jenny the next time he saw her. So, dressed down just a bit, in a simple (but sharp) set of dark, wintergreen robes (complete with red trim, well, because it seemed appropriate to the festivities), and decorative cane in-hand, Silas approached the house, stepping through the open front door. Cue deer in headlights mode.

"Or a transfiguration spell." Xavier remarked with a bit of mirth before raising his cup to his lips. That blue, bitter beverage had an awful taste going in but once ingested a winter wonderland fluttered out his mouth. "Of course they are Zack. You'd be surprised how well a man and woman fit right on top of each other." A cloud of snowflakes fell before him, twinkling. As they caught the light Xavier's interest in the topic lessened momentarily. "Pretty." A distracted remark. "Anyway, your feet move to avoid stomping on your partners. Ever see silk flow in the wind? Be the silk Zack."

"Well hi there!" Buxom ginger; her ample cleavage all but threatening to spill past the top of her bodice, looking more than just a little bit tipsy with all of the festivities that were going on, makes her way up to Silas, standing there in the doorway and by default…beneath the mistletoe. "How bout a kiss, cutie? You look like you could use one!"

"Only in certain situations," Zack informs to Genevieve, as he was explaining the weather. "And those wouldn't be appropriate right now. Most of the time they're supposed to have space between them." His brow furrow's at Xavier's remarks. "I'm not surprised. And no, I haven't seen that. I can't be silk. I'm a person. I'm made of flesh and blood and bone. I slept in silk sheets for a few nights, though. That was nice. But it wasn't windy." Then he sees Silas enter the house and says, "Oh, that boy over there has green robes. They're too bright, though. And there's red on them. That's strange."

"I'd rather see how things go, before I resort to such means, if they don't fit right weeeell," blame the drink. It really would be for the best. She'd been drinking before she'd showed up, to be fair. Either way, the impish delight in her eyes remained, even as a snowflake bumped against the edge of her nose and left her to giggling. Or perhaps it was Xavier's attempt to teach Zack how to dance. "Honestly, it must just not be your night. He wouldn't kiss you, now he refuses to dance. What -do- you do for—-," Zack's pointing out someone's robes caught her attention and she looked to see where he was indicating only to blink. What in Merlin's name was Silas doing here? Ah, but more, how would he fair. The girl took another sip of her drink, intent to watch the fireworks.

The boy Zack indicated stands there, looking at the red-headed woman with all the suave sophistication of a brick. Looking upward, Silas sees the mistletoe, and his eyes close for a minute. The damned weed was everywhere. Breath. Two. And then a slight smile, and Silas is looking at the woman once more. "Why not?" He says, having no clue what he might be getting himself into. "First time for everything, right?"

"Oh-ho!" The buxom ginger delights with a tittering giggle and presses in close and cozy, both of her arms wrapping in around his neck as she hauls herself just as close as she could possibly get before laying one on him. Wet and sloppy and questionably not age appropriate. "Now there's a good sport! Let's have ourselves a drink!"

"Well yes, that is true." Xavier tells Zack as imagination is grounded once again. "I suppose pretending is out of the question for you. Just don't drink too much of that blue there Zack." Setting down the drink on a nearby surface the Sykes male grabbed for Jenny's hand, "Let's dance" in an effort to pull her out onto the floor where others were also dancin.

"I never learned how to kiss either," Zack says. "I don't think there are any teachers for that. There weren't any classes at Hogwarts either." He watches the ginger woman celebrate Christmas with Silas, frowning. "It looks messy," he continues. "And wet." He blinks at Xavier when he's warned off having too much of his drink, and he peers at the blue liquid in his glass, confused. "Why not?"

"He's lying," Jenny replies, her laughter easy. "At least about the drinks. And there are teachers for kissing. Though I'm not applying for the job." She did at least make an attempt at spirit; her drink finished off before the glass was set aside, her hand settling into Xavier's. The girl lets him haul her forward, pausing only long enough to attempt a kiss against Zack's cheek. "If you drink too many, then you'll talk in snowflakes for a week," stage-whispered. Wink. Though as she straightened, she all but chortled, still checking in to see just how Silas faired.

Silas tries to be a good sport with it all, but as soon as her gaze is pointed anywhere away from his, the look of sheet disgust is clear on his face. One can't be sure if it was the kiss itself, the woman, or the taste of whatever she'd been drinking before hand. This, however, he has at least some idea how to handle, from society functions. "Yes… let's. How about you head over that way," is offered, pointing toward a corner of the room not quite as visible from the kitchen, "And I'll head to the kitchen to see what's in the offering, no?" Anything to get away from… this. Of course that's about the time he looks toward the kitchen. Eyes meet. His go a little wide.

"Ooo, yes! Somewhere nice and cozy for us, that's where we'll go. Settle right down. You just bring us a few drinks there, cutie and we'll end the night on a high note, that's for sure!" Silas' clearly unwelcome and equally oblivious companion beamed. One hand dipped down her bodice, readjusting her charms as it were and with a saucy wink in his direction, she started off towards the area that he'd gestured to, a decided sway to her hips.

"Not lying!" Xavier calls back to Zack over the shoulder while making his way towards the common room where all the seated furniture was tucked away for this very night. Now out of the kitchen the new comers that arrive are none particularly known to this Sykes so the recognition passing between Silas and Jenny go unnoticed. Xavier pulls the young woman closer until they may stand face to face before hands are given placement to dance along with a slow tune. "Talking snowflakes for a week wouldn't be all that bad, not at least for him."

Zack looks at Genevieve in surprise. "There are? I've never heard of any. Hey, why'd you do that?" he asks, staring at her after she kisses him on the cheek, utterly baffled. "Am I standing underneath one of those plants?" He starts to look up, but her comment about the drinks distracts him, and he peers at his with wonder. "It will? That's great!" He drains the rest of his in one go and turns back to the counter to grab another. When he walks out of the kitchen he sees Silas looking in what he thinks is his direction, so he walks over to the boy. "Who was your teacher?" he asks.

Figures it had to be a slow song. There was no sign of disappointment however, in the girl's eyes as he hauled her in close and the shifting bodies made it hard to keep track of where Silas had ended up; though she'd tossed her hand up in a wave, for all that she wasn't sure whether or not it was see. "I'm not sure if he'll speak in snowflakes or not, but as long as he doesn't drink himself into a terrible hangover I think that he might find the experience an enlightening one." Ever the humanitarian, that was Jenny. "And look at you, cutting lose and looking like you're actually having a good time." Smirk.

Bafflement is Silas' reaction shortly after he escapes the ginger, seeing Jenny get dragged away to start slow-dancing just as she waves to him and she waves back. Dragged away by… someone he doesn't recognize. Drink. A drink would be good right now. He may not turn to it often, but considering he already believes himself to have made a huge mistake, and now one he can't flee from for fear of looking bad to one person whose opinion means a far bit, he's stuck. Casting about, he finds something at least marginally familiar and begins to pour a glass when Zack approaches him. "Teacher? What? For what?" Baffling.

"I doubt his concerns about a hangover." Xavier chuckled as lead the pair into two-stepped dance with sweeping floor movements. "Suppose I am. It happens on occasion though you seem to be joyous over that. I might make a habbit of it, who's to say." Coupled pairs are swirling slowly about the room and mindful of each others dancing space. "And once the snow clears I'll be leaving for Greece for a few weeks. Perhaps months. It depends on the assignment."

"For kissing," Zack tells Silas, as though it should be obvious. "Isn't that how you learned to do that? Did they teach you about the plants too? They're traditional. But don't stand under any or that man over there might ask to kiss you." He points to Xavier and sips his drink, then frowns at the one Silas pours. "Don't drink that. Drink one of these. It's blue and it makes you breath snowflakes. Look." He breathes to one side and frost mists the air next to him.

"True enough," Jenny agrees, following where Xavier leads them and it was a good thing that he was leading, because she certainly didn't pay much attention to the steps. At least she lent some small grace to it, because brooms took control. Or at least, flying with any amount of care did. "You making a habit of looking joyous though…are you sure? People might go into shock, or worse, your face could freeze like that," she teases; her hand absently smoothing a bit of lingering snowflakes from his shoulder, where they sway. "But Greece? Ooo, I'd love to go to Greece. Why couldn't you be going next week? Then at least, I could safely hide along in your luggage without consequence," she laughed.

Blink. Cough. Slightly more drink added to the cup. Silas looks back at Xavier and Jenny, eyes narrowing just slightly as he thinks, but then pushes it off. "I'll have to try it some time. However, for the time being, I think I'll start off with this, thank you." The drink, whiskey of some sort is raised, and he takes a slight sip. They'd been talking to Zack, so they must know him. Stay here, eventually they should gravitate back, right? "As to… teachers. It's a little less… traditional than you might expect. Professors don't teach it." He looks over at Jenny, "The man you mentioned is dancing with the closest I've had to one."

The song was short as they probably took to the dancefloor in the middle of it. Soon enough the tempo picked up and bodies that were once pressed close together had separated, now bobbing and bouncing to the rhythm. "It could then someone may have to come along and deface it, give a proper scowl." Xavier smirked as he checked over the shoulder for Zack. "Ah yes well that will certainly go well with your teachers should you not report back." The Sykes fellow shook his head, "You'll have plenty of time to see it once you graduate. Besides, I'll do a piss poor job looking after your well being. Let's get back to Zack."

"Yes, I know," Zack says to Silas. "I went to Hogwarts and they didn't teach it there. Are you sure you want to drink that? It's not blue. This one tastes bad, but at least it's blue. If I drink enough of them I'll be able to talk in snowflakes for a week." He looks to the dancers, his brow furrowing in puzzlment. "Who, Jenny? No, she just told me she won't teach it. You'll have to find someone else. Oh, what about that girl with the red hair that you met in the doorway? You met the girl, I mean, not the hair. Well, you met that too, but not directly."

"You know, I think I could manage that. It may be a bit of a chore and certainly some hard work but…I could manage." Cheeky grin. Though she gave a little twirl, as she the slow sway came to an end, before she settled back in properly and couldn't help but laugh. "Mmm, no doubt I will have fulfilled the expectations of many. Of course, I have my doubts that you'd let be the vacation that I'm imagining. Beach side service, drinks on silver platters," it was obvious, by both smile and tone that Jenny was teasing however; eyes dancing with amusement as they began to make their way back towards Zack and the recently joining Silas.

"I could always transfigure mine blue… but I doubt it would be palatable after that," Silas offers Zack, still trying to suss out if the older young man is having a go at him. Two draughts later and his own drink is finished, his cup sat down. "The… Hair? No. I don't think I would want her as a teacher. Not at all." He actually shudders at the thought, grabbing the previous bottle and adding some more to his cup.

"I believe you could." Xavier smirked down to Jenny as they were making their way back to Zack and new one to socialize with. "If only Gringotts would make it so…" As they arrived the Sykes male looked to Silas, "New friend here Zack?"

Zack, a year later, has finally found the drink that turns your breath into frosted snowflakes. He holds a glass of blue liquid, which to him tastes quite awful, and is continually drinking and breathing mist everywhere. "She seemed very good at it," he tells Silas. "It looked gross though. Maybe she's not a very good teacher." He looks over as Jenny and Xavier join them. "Who? Oh, no. We're not friends. I've never met him before."

What is Shelley even doing at a /party/? It's a fair question. The woman was not known for enjoying them, but her older sister Glenda had dragged her along, much to Shelley's annoyance. She'd spent much of the evening hiding on the rear porch where it was relatively quiet, enjoying a few drinks - until a young and all too overcome with ardor had taken up the far corner of the porch. Really - what was with young people these days?
Well. She'd been a good sport, she tells herself. She'd come, she'd lingered, she'd gotten… relatively tipsy. It was time to go. She was just making her way out, passing the kitchen when she saw- …he was actually breathing mist. She can't help - Shelley stops and stares at Zack for a moment. He actually managed to find the damned drink in that assinine fashion of his?

"Mmm, I'm going to pretend that's a compliment, particularly since getting you to thaw out to begin with was such hard work." Jenny winked at Xavier, giving his arm a squeeze, as the settled back in near the pair and handily, near the drinks. Perhaps now is not the time for another flurry inducing drink, but there's a red concoction, that looks to be in a martini glass whose rim is lined in crushed peppermints that appears enticing. "Have you had enough to drink yet Zack, to decide that you might like to try dancing?" Jenny inquires, amusement in the tone as she offers a little wink to Silas. "Meliflua, it's a surprise to see you here! And, I see you've met Zack. Which just leaves this gentlemen here, Xavier Sykes. Ria's brother," she adds, just incase Sy isn't up to date on the family tree.
Though, there's a recently familiar face. "Mmm, wasn't she there when we were having drinks at the restaurant?" Jenny asked, dipping her head in Shelley's direction.

Silas himself is dressed festively dark wintergreen robes with red trim. He's currently nursing his second whiskey. He looks up as Xander and Jenny return, "As he says, just new acquaintances, alas. Apparently, he wants my mouth to mist, as well." A look then goes to Jenny, and for all that she addresses him by last name, the smile he offers back to her is incredibly warm. "Solomon. So good to see you. I… apparently should not follow whimsy when I am bored, for I have fallen into hell, and it's Ginger, has questionable fashion sense, and tastes of cheap gin and vomit." Another shudder.
Upon learning Xander's identity, he grins, "Ria's brother? Apologies for not immediately recognizing you." At the mention of Shelly, Silas looks over, but without recognition looks back to the other three.

Xavier takes a small gander at the various drinks being served, all seemingly having some special affect or another. Though once his name was spoke the tall blonde snapped right back into the conversation. "I've been in hell once. And I remember very little of the affair." But here was another student that was familiar with his sister. "And it's quite alright. I spend most of my year abroad anyhow, still good to meet a friend of Jenny's here." As Shelly is pointed Xavier's eyes do wander, "I uh.. yes. I think I've seen her before as well. Maybe in one of the shops or that pub. You know of her?"

"I don't know," Zack answers Jenny. "I don't know how many I have to drink to make me talk snowflakes for a week. I've never had them before." He finishes the rest of the drink in his hand and steps over to the counter to pick up his third. "I've had two so far. That doesn't seem like enough. I don't know how to dance. And I don't know anyone who wants to dance either." He shifts his gaze in the direction Jenny indicates. "Oh, it's the Auror who doesn't know the world is round. She's rude. And nosy. It's part of her job."

Sykes? Shelley's attention goes from Zack, and over to Xavier again. "Any relation to Jo?" she asks curiously, moving a few steps closer. The students are greeted with a simple nod.
"Fudge. As charming as ever, I see," Shelley remarks cheerfully. She's decided you can either thoroughly enjoy the man - or go mad. And she has enough madness on her own, thank you very much, without his help.

"Hell was a ginger with questionable fashion sense and tasted like wha—Oh eww." It would have been enough to put Jenny off her meal, but as she wasn't having one, merely drinking there was no harm done. "Oh you poor thing! I thought I saw you under the mistletoe with someone," she teases. "But you know, you could always go try your luck a second time? Perhaps it might be better?" Grin.
Yet Zack's chattering has drawn her attention again. "Mmm, perhaps you should try for six." Maybe she'll feel guilty tomorrow. Maybe. "But, as happens, you do know someone who wants to dance. Though I confess I'm rather terrible at it. Or you might ask her," a nod of her head was offered in Shelley's direction. For all that she and Xavier look just as they did when they left the pub, his hat seems to have relocated to Jenny's head. "I've met several rude people who were all rather remarkable dancers."

No surprise many knew of his family and the question rose often. "Yes, her brother." Then he lifted his chin a touch, "Xavier. Believe I've seen you before somewhere. Though when and where escapes me." Memories were fleeting like that at times. "Go on, Zack. Everything should be experienced at least once." He encourages the pair to dance. "Meliflua is it? Tell me, is Aldius your father?""

"Six?" Zack says, his eyes growing wide. "How am I supposed to drink six?" He frowns at the one he's holding and takes a large drink of it, making a face afterwards. "I do? Oh, do you mean you want to dance with me? I can try, but I don't know how. Are you going to teach me?" He peers at Shelley. "I don't think I should dance with her. She's an Auror." He runs his free hand through the snowflakes absently and then finishes the rest of his drink in one go. "Okay, I'll dance. If you show me how."

Okay… Silas catches on at about this point that Zack truly is acting… like Zack. Odd, that. As he seems to no longer be the target of the young man's attention, he turns his fully to Jenny, a familiar eye finally taking a moment to see what she's wearing, and a grin and a wink is offered at the outfit. Taking a liberal drink of what is now his third half-glass of straight whiskey, the lithe boy offers, "A second chance? I'd much prefer take back the first one, thank you. There is but one person I'd prefer find under the mistletoe, right now, and that wasn't it."
Looking back to Xavier, "And the feeling is mutual. But yes… Aldius is my father, you don't know him, do you?"

A smirk crosses Shelley's features - a distinctly mischevous expression. "You should ask Jo about her latest race," she remarks. "I'm sure she'd love to tell you all about it."
At Zack's comment, the girl lets out a snort of amusement. "There are some aurors who dance - or so I hear," but she is not among them.

"If you'll excuse me for a few moments," Jenny inquires of Xavier and Silas, her attention turning once again towards Zack. "Sure, why not. You're a fun sort of fellow. And you're enjoying those drinks like they're going out of style. Besides, everyone should dance at least on—-Jo was racing? On that old broom? The only thing it's good for is going the distance, Cleansweep Three, now that's a broom to race with. Speed's far better." And just like that, Jenny was distracted.

"I am fun," Zack says with a short nod. "I read and I translate ancient runes and sometimes I even play chess. They are? I hope they don't go out of style. I finally found them. They should make them not taste so bad though." He blinks when Jenny starts talking about brooms instead, and he grabs another glass of blue and drinks it all at once. "I thought you said you wanted to dance."

"Oh, sure, Cleansweeps are fast, but they don't have the personality of that Oakshaft - or my Silver Arrow. If I were to race /professionally/, it'd probably have to be on a Cleansweep, but when I'm out to enjoy myself, and challenge myself… It's my Silver Arrow, everytime," Shelley remarks with casual ease.
Towards Xavier she adds, "Well, it was just such a /great/ race." It seems Shelley is not going to disclose what happened. Oh, no no. That ruins her fun.

"Oh?" Xavier turned to Shelley, "And why is that?" While he doesn't stay up to current with the latest in Jocunda's matches his interest in piqued now it has been brought up. As conversations carried on he does respond to Silas, "We've met once or twice through my father. Perhaps ten or twelve years ago. I was a student then. A fleeting encounter really as they were carrying on a rather heated discussion. Not so much a discussion after too long. Either way good to see a face to the name."

Finishing off the last of his current drink, Silas nods at Xavier, "Likely to do with some niggling bit of contract my father was chewin' at." His diction was failing him, Silas noticed, and set down his cup, "It's what he does. I hope your father got the better of it, then." He notices the byplay between Zack and Jenny next, and watches, honestly a bit lost in all the crossing conversation of a sudden.

"What?" Dance? "Er. Yes. Yes, let's go." Jenny offers Zack her hand, though her nose has wrinkled at the mention of the Silver Arrow. "Oh no. NO no no. The Cleansweep will top them all, every time. There's a reason that it's endorsed on the Internation Quidditch level. You wanna race a real broom sometime, we'll fly," Jenny offers the Auror, for all that she's out to make good on her promise to Zack. "I'll be back in a few minutes Sy and then we can have a go, I promise!" Man, Zack's gonna stop all over her toes, isn't he?

Zack stares at her hand for several seconds before he starts to give her his empty glass. But as he holds it out to her, he realizes that can't be what she wants, so he puts it on the counter instead. "Am I supposed to hold your hand?" he asks, though he takes it with an uncertain look on his face. "You have to tell me what to do," he says as they move out to the dance area. "I don't know how to dance. I told you that already. Why's everything so blurry in this room?"

Xavier refrains from prying any further about the details of Jo's last race and may just head directly towards the source instead. "Who's to say. They almost went wand for wand had someone not interviened." The Sykes gives a glance to the dance floor then addresses the pair, Shelley and Silas, "Excuse me." Abandoning them for now the man heads towards the back of the house and eventually outside.

Shelley shakes her head. "The kid don't get it. Ah well." When do they ever? It's alright. Her Silver Arrow will forever remain her favorite - the things are dasterdly hard to get your hands on, after all, and just such a pleasure to fly.
"Goodbye, Mr. Sykes. Do tell Jo that Shelley says hello!" she calls after him.

Jenny's brow rose up when Zack started to hand her the glass, a near wordless correction, before he seemed to catch on, under his own steam and remedy the problem. Her clasp is firm, though not uncomfortable. Enough to keep him from wandering off lost, perhaps. "I just don't want you to wander," she offers. "And get lost. Those snowflakes are probably what's making it so blurry, or maybe it's the lighting. I'm sure it'll clear up, when we go back." How did you teach someone how to dance, when you're also terrible at it? Why couldn't the slow songs come back? Why'd it have to be so fast?!
"Okay! Oh my god, Okay." Tongue between the corner of her lips, expression thoughtful. Jitterbug. Okay. It wasn't that hard was it? "We'll start slow." She captured his other hand too, or tried at any rate. "And go side to side, side to side, on the beat, see." Bad demonstration, bad. "Generally the man's supposed to lead, too. How're you feeling?"

Silas grumbles slightly after Xavier as he leaves, a look of something definitely less than positive coming across his face. Time to pour that fourth drink. "Should've gone at it," he mumbles to himself, "spared a whole lot of people the trouble." Then he remembers he's still not alone. Looking up at Shelley, the younger man offers smiles again, looks at the glass he just poured, and sets it back down, pushing it away, "Sorry… don't think I heard your name. Auror, though… wasn't it?"

"Shelley Prewett," the woman offers, watching Zack and Jenny with a slight frown and ignoring any social faux-pas the young man may have made. "He looks unsteady," she remarks. "How many of those /blue/ things has he had already?"

Zack moves his free hand up and down in front of his face as if trying to wipe fog off a window. But then the girl takes his other hand as well, and he watches her move for a moment or two before attempting to mimic her. "I don't know how to lead," he says, his brow furrowed. Distracted, he comes very close to stepping on her toes. "I can't think properly. Everything feels strange. And the room still looks funny." He stops moving completely and stands there staring at nothing as if he's trying to figure it out.

Steeling himself, Silas looks down at the glass of whiskey he just put away, and shakes his head, "Three, that I saw," he offers, "Although there may have been more. There was a show of finding the bottle though, and I don't think he was playing at it." He looks at Shelley now, "He asked me who my kissing teacher was at Hogwarts. I feel there's an entire story I've completely missed here."

"I wouldn't put too much weight on anything he says. He's… very odd. He always has been," though it looks like Shelley's trying desperately not to laugh. Kissing teacher. He's still going on about that? It's been /years/!
"I don't trust that man to get home on his own in this state." She turns and eyes Silas for a moment, adding, "Can I trust /you/ to get home on your own, young man?" Aurors - never quite off duty.

"You're doing well!" She's an encouraging teacher, even if she isn't the worlds greatest and likely never will be. Yet, when he mentions not knowing how to lead, "We'll work on that another day, hmm? When you're feeling better. I don't think you should have anymore drinks tonight. You're like a minature blizzard at this point," Jenny teases, though she stops trying to show him when he stops. "Ah…would…are you going to be okay, getting home, Zack?"

"I've only had four," Zack says. "I need to have two more to speak snowflakes for a week. That would be six. But someone's moved the kitchen." He looks around and waves his hand in front of him again, trying to get rid of the cloud forming from his every breath. "Home? Oh, yes. I should probably go home. Yes, I can do that. I go home very often. I know the way."

Silas actually chuckles at that, "Yes. It didn't help that some woman nearly twice my age decided to catch me under the mistletoe as I entered to snog me… and he saw." He shudders again at that. "I will be fine, yes… as long as I don't follow up on that very tempting glass near me."
He shakes his head, trying to will the cobwebs out of it. "I owe Jen an apology." He says, out of nowhere, likely unaware he even spoke aloud. He looks back up to Shelley, blinks twice, and grins again. "He seems like a nice chap. If strange. Speaks in circles." A pause, "Oh.. okay." Apparently he's caught on to something.

"Well, you can have two more tomorrow," Jenny offers, looking hopeful. "Because I think…if you have anymore tonight, then you're going to spend the morning throwing up. To avoid that, particularly if you've never felt like this before, when you get home you should drink as much water as you can handle. That'll keep you from waking up feeling quite as terrible. You can remember that, can't you? Drink water when you get home? Actually, let's start you off with a glass now, how about it?" Suggested as she freed up one of his hands, but kept the other; intent on guiding him back towards the kitchen.

"No - I imagine that didn't help," Shelley agrees, her eyes still on Zack. He's part of her /case/ - the only lead on what may or may not be some very illegal goings on. If he gets himself silly drunk and then killed - well. That would make things much more difficult. "He is nice enough, I suppose. In his own way."
She watches Jenny lead him, a slight frown on her lips as she wonders what the girl is going to fetch him from the kitchen.

"Oh, will that work?" Zack asks vaguely. "It doesn't have to be six all at once? Okay, I'll have two more tomorrow. I hope they taste better than the ones I had tonight. Water?" He blinks and lets her lead him back to the kitchen by the hand. "Is it blue water? Oh, all water's blue. That's the universal color for water. It's not really blue, but it is. Symbolically. Why've they put the kitchen all the way over here?"

Water. The moment Silas hears the word coming from Zack as the two approach, he latches on to it, and being close enough to it, he grabs two cups, filling both and holding one out to Zack even as he and Jenny come closer. A look goes to Jenny once she reenters the room, the smile back, even as he downs his own cup of water in a single pull.

"To challenge you," Jenny grins; mindful to keep Zack from wandering too close to anyone who looks like they might be offended by his questions or his feet, if they should happen upon toes. "But you're winning. Though, -is- water really blue? I mean, if it's in a clear glass, it's clear. Like the sky, it's not all black, either. Just…generally considered black. But yes, water will help. Would you like me to help you get home?" It seemed the polite question, after all.
"Did you two see how good he was doing out there?" Though her look suggested that somebody lie, to help spare the poor dear's feelings. "Oo, thanks Sy." The glass he was avoiding? She collected for herself. "That was sweet of you. How'd you know I wanted one?"

"I can see him home," Shelley offers. She needs to find out where the man lives, anyways. That would simplify things considerably. "So you can stay here and enjoy, Miss…?"
As for the dancing, she puts on an amused smile - she doubts Zack would understand the expression anyways. "Oh, yes. A very valiant first effort," she agrees. "Clearly promising."

"It's not really blue," Zack says. "It's symbolic. That's what symbolic means. It's like a metaphor, but without words. I know it's confusing. It took me a while to figure out too." He stares at the water Silas holds out to him and then takes it and gulps it down eagerly. "You can't help me get home. I have to Apparate. Who was doing good out there? No, that's not right. Who was doing well out there?" He looks around the kitchen. "Where's the front door gone? I need to go home."

Silas fills his cup again, smiling over at Jenny once more, "I'm trying to make a habit of anticipating your needs, and all. It's what any good b…" pause. Right. She'd called him by his surname initially. Which meant the title and "ruse" may not be appropriate here, "…bloke would do." Down goes the water again. Just like that.
He then looks to Zack, "Oh! They didn't tell you? The blue drink can really throw off one's ability to apparate correctly. Snow, after all, can be a bit tricky. You'd be better off walking, just to be safe."

"Right," Jenny agrees, using minimal words. It suited both Zack's words and Shelley's. "Sounds like a plan. Ah…you'll see he doesn't splice himself?" Hopefully inquiring, before Jenny looked back to Zack. "The rude woman is going to see that you get home safely, alright. But, if you ever feel like trying something new again, you send me an owl." It wasn't even flirtacious just a genuine extension of friendship and perhaps a pathway to trouble.
Either way, the chaser took a long swallow of whiskey and looked over to Sy. "Though, it seems like it might be time for us to go as well. How bout you?" She grins, completely missing his blunder. "Need an escort back to the Inn?"

Shelley gives Silas an amused and appreciative smile, before turning her attention to Zack. "I'm afraid he's right. It's much too tricky - you'll get splinched for sure. You can either side-along, or I'll walk you back. How far is it?"

"I can't walk," Zack tells Silas. "I mean, I can walk. I just can't can't walk home. It will take too long. I'll have to Apparate. I'm not going home anyway. I'm going somewhere else." He peers at Jenny blankly. "She is? Why do you want an owl? Oh, you mean send you a letter via owl. Okay, I will." He turns to Shelley. "Okay, fine. I need to go to Lambeth. I don't want to walk. Walking feels strange."

That look Silas gives Jenny? Something akin to a penitent seeing their chosen deity come to rescue them. "That would be lovely," is the response that comes out of his mouth though. Third glass of water? Down. Pity the WC later on tonight.

"You two be safe," Jenny offers towards Shelley and Zack, "And you, remember to drink some more water when you get home." The latter added specifically towards Zack, before the girl offered a companionable little shoulder-bump to Silas and began escorting him out; head falling in against his shoulder. "So…what was it like, kissing the ginger from hell?" Giggle; where the giggle followed them away into the night!

Lambeth? "Who's in Lambeth?" Wasn't Jo in Lambeth? Somehow he doubts she's going to see Jo. "Are you sure I should be dropping you off on someone else's doorstep in this state?" she asks. She'd rather find out where his /home/ is. "Let's step outside, so we can apparate."

Silas grabs his cane even as he and Jenny leave, although his parting words tell the story clear enough, "Like having a gin-soaked mastiff try to tear my tonsils out with its tongue." Oh, there's a thought.

"Yes, water," Zack says to Jenny. "I'll drink it. I already had some just now. That boy in the green and red robes gave it to me. I'll have three more at home. That will make four. Four for four." He peers in Shelley's general direction. "A friend. They won't be home. It's quite safe. I'll stay there. I don't want to go home."

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