(1938-12-28) Informal Invitations
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Summary: Xavier and Genevieve meet in the Farin Braw and decide to go on a little adventure; while Graham and Shelley take up a table of their own.
Date: 1938-12-28
Location: Farin Braw
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The Farin Braw Restaurant has every appearance of a pub that someone scooped up from a small Scottish village and plopped down in Diagon Alley. The entry door lets into a large room, crowded with wooden tables that are a bit scarred but are kept clean and well tended. Wooden chairs are surprisingly comfortable, because if you don't keep 'em in the seats, their money leaves with 'em. One wall is dominated by a long oak bar, polished to gleaming, lined with high stools for patrons who would prefer to be closer to the 'action'.

It was still early enough in the day where sunlight peered in through frosted windows. Fire lit lanterns provided a dim glow throughout the establishment as cigar smoke thickly hovered above. Xavier lounged comfortably by himself at a table illuminated by a single tall candle. Spread before him was a newspaper announcing all the frontline news related to the wizarding county, particularly referencing the dispute of 'Blood purity'. A fresh cup hot tea sat near by, the spoon stirring on it's own accord as he poured into the liquid a sizeable amount of honey. This man apparently had a taste for sweets.

Jenny, meanwhile, came in with company; head tossed back and blond hair dancing while she laughed at something the bloke beside her said. "That's crazy. I do not care how many times you swear by its usefulness, the Comet 180 simply does not measure up to the Cleansweep Three. They tried to outdo it and failed, Ricard, regardless of what your Master says. It doesn't climb anywhere near as fast. And if you want the truth of it, look to see what's favored yet on the international pitch. It's the Cleansweep Three, all the way. But I appreciate your attempt." A wink at that, while the pair strode on towards the bar and Solomon lifted a hand to draw the attention of the waiter.
"My friend here needs to pick up an order for his Master, and I..," lips pursed in a thoughtful expression, "Will take a coffee, heavy on the whiskey, heavy on the caramel and one of those scones that you do so absolutely well!"

The recent arrival of new chatter drew the Syke's head upwards from the newspaper. As school was out for the winter he's come across a newmerous amount of students taking advantage of the holiday by carousing the shops and pubs. In idle thought Xavier checked his pocket watch before folding up the newspaper. It's past the breakfast hour and he's forgotten to eat. "A scone as well." Then he taps the surface of the table indicating that he too was hungry. Vibrant green eyes took a study of the young ones that just entered, "And just what do we have here?"

Most students didn't dress like Genevieve did though, nor move with the same kind of swagger that suggested a confidence that went beyond Hogwarts years. But Jenny did. And it felt good to be back in London. Though the bloke at her side wasn't anywhere near to a student, mid-twenties if not a smidge more. An apprentice broom-maker, who's attire pitched him to middle class rather than above.
Long legs crossed, as the minx settled onto a stool; one hand smoothing against her skirt while she turned her attention towards her companion and settled her elbow against the counter. It brought her a view of the room as well, and in turn, the gent who's question was aimed in their direction. A playful smile turned her lips up at the corner. "Depends on whether or not you're gonna keep lookin' at me with hungry eyes. If you are, I might just have to play Little Red, to your Big Bad Wolf."
Beside her Ricard was rolling his eyes and shaking his head. "One of these days that mouth is going to get you in trouble, Jen and then what will you do?"

An inward grin raised in the corner of Xavier's mouth, finding amusement in the girl's tarty taunting. "I do recall that story doesn't bode well for Little Red after being eaten by the Wolf. Then again perhaps that is what she desired after all?" The Sykes wizard shifted upright in his seat then folded the newspaper in hand to a close and eventually out of the way. "How about you and your friend there join me?"

"Beggin' ye pardon, Sir, but I've t'be pickin' up me order an gettin' back t'work," Ricard replied, at which point Jenny cast a decided pout in his direction. "Bah. He keeps you so busy, don't sales back off after Christmas?" Not always, of course. Everyone still went shopping for other things. Sigh.
Instead, Jenny's eyes turned towards Xavier again. "You look familiar, like I've seen you somewhere before." Only at the moment she hadn't placed it as Ria's brother. "I suppose. After all, you /are/ putting your paper away."

Xaver offers a nod of his head toward Ricard, "No apologies necessary. Good day young man." That's when he rose from seat, ever the proper sort. Once Ricard would begin to make his departure the wizard devoted his attention to this new luncheon companion. "I hear that quite often much to my surprise." The man placed a gloved hand against his abdomen and tipped his frame towards Genevieve, "Xavier Sykes. Though it is perhaps my sisters Jocunda and Ria you may share familiarity with?"

"With a face like that, it doesn't surprise me," the minx teases, before offering a companionable wave to Ricard as he departs, their orders finally having been delivered to the bar. Drink in hand, Genevieve slips down from her stool to cross the distance required to properly join. Though a slim brow arches in reponse to that courtly bow. "Jocy, that's where I've seen you. Now there is a woman who can stand fast beside her broom. Even if it's not my flight of choice. It's nice to meet you, Xavier. I'm Jenny." General bartender for the Arrows and housemate to Ria. "Did Ria get her gift yet, do you know? I'm terrible with dates."

The highest expectations of mannerisms is held particularly with his brood. When Jenny approaches his small table Xavier pulls back one of those comfortable seats for her rear to plop on. "Ah yes, I've managed to attend a few matches if I am able. However, the feeling is mutual Miss Jenny." The name was ringing familiar in the back of his mind. Something said in passing or she had been casually overlooked in the past. "Ah a classmate of hers, I would assume so. If it was delivered to the school." After assiting Jenny in her seat the wizard would reclaim his own then settle both arms upon the rest of his chair. "I'll make certain to ask her when I see Ria next. It seems you're quite familiar more with my kin than I of you. That should be rectified."

Easing into the offered chair, Genevieve asked, "To the school?" A frown. "No. No it wasn't delivered to the school. What would be the point," the blond chaser laughed, "There isn't anyone there, Sykes." The good cheer remained though, even as Jenny took a sip of her drink. An appreciate rumble issued up from the depths of her throat, before her skirt was tugged smooth and the glass came to be cradled on the top of her knee; her legs having been crossed at the thigh. "But yes, you are clearly at a disadvantage. I confess I'm somewhat inclined to keep you there and enjoy it." Grin.
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He chuckled lowly, raising his honey flavored tea cup to the lips for a quick drink. "True, hardly anyone lingered around when leave was granted. I almost forget the little things of Hogwarts." Those without families stayed along with those obsessed with the craft. As his eyes continued their study of the young female Xavier countered, "Then you'll play right into my hobby Miss Jenny as I do favor a delicious mystery." The wizard set his cup down just as the scone arrived.

"The little things, he says, as if its all become so trivial," there was humor in the tone, a glint in her eyes that seemed to match the way her lips curled upwards. "And perhaps it has, such an esteemed family from which you come. The very world at your feet, no? Tell me then, what's your favorite mystery. The one that stands out most in the memory and haunts your dreams at night. Your obsession," Jenny challenged over the rim of her glass, before taking another sip. She drinks as if its natural, it should be said. Without the novel sense of newness that tended to linger against most of those freshly open to the privledge.

"Well in part it does sometimes depending on where your life is directed after Hogwarts." He offers casually, "Every day your nose buried in a book, commiting fact and ingrediant to memory until one day you find yourself in a tomb and there are no instructions. Just you, wand and wit." Xavier leaves his scone alone for the time being while engaged with the young female seated opposite of his table. "I'm afraid not the entire world unfortunately though a great majority will do." In the wizardly world. "As for my favorite mystery… hmm." Xavier lowered his gaze while reaching for his cup, consdering what is his own obsession. "That, my dear Miss Jenny would not be suitable for present company." Vibrant green eyes lifted temporarily, winking at the girl before indulging in his cup again.

"Who spends their days with their nose buried in a book?" Not her, obviously. One need only look at the shape of her, the tone of limb and figure. Her days are for the skies and the books? Secondary. Though the smile that settles her lips is one of amusement. And her eyes, while he speaks, take their time in traversing the length of his figure. An appreciative look, that's cut all too short with his remark. "Mmm, a pity. I'd hoped for something engaging, expected it, perhaps given the nature of your profession and instead? I find that you're as hidebound as the worst Professor. Most wines get better with age, Xavier. It's a pity you seem to have soured." Tongue and cheek, while the chaser took another swallow of her whiskey.
The pair occupy a table, while the establishment is quiet for the most part. The last lights of day filtering in through the window, while the mood seems to be one that's shaped with stale smoke and dancing shadows from the candle light that offers the illusion of privacy to each table.

"I do. Most days." He tells her, also quite proud of that trait as he was always the sort to have a book nearby. As Jenny continued Xavier laughed aloud following her assessment, "Well yes. I suppose I am. It must be from the blood." He relayed with a measure of pride. "Then what of you then as I've soured according to your perceptions? What has become your obsession?" By looks alone he can guess.

Jenny chuckled, finishing off the last of her drink before returning the empty glass to the table. "I've more than one," came the easy response to his question, "Because the obvious is never really an obsession, is it? It's the piece that's seen by the world." A wink was offered at that, before those long legs unfolded and Solomon pushed up to her feet. "And like elegant suits and fancy dresses, like stereotypes, becomes nothing more than a mask. How many do you wear, Sykes?"

"True. It is." Xavier replies at first. Watching her the man remains quite poised in his seat as even natural movements were grilled into perfection. "The better question should be which one am I wearing now?" He offered. "Everyone knows what I do. That I am a relic hunter and my absence from the realm is explained as much." A hand raised, fingers stroking the chin in thought. "You're quite an intrusive young lady Miss Jenny."

"A measure of yourself," Jenny replies, both hands resting against the back of her chair. "The piece that enjoys polite society, the subtle crush of people but still skirts the appropriate and expected. The mask that's safe and expected for family and holidays, because if you're in town, then it's likely for both. I think the truth, the real truth, that moment when the masks are peeled away is when you're away from all the eyes that might judge you and the expectations can't be weighed against you," her voice was soft at that, pitched not to carry beyond the table, even to the occasional servers ears. "I think the truth is somewhere between that moment when every book you've read, every rune you've studied, every enchantment you command has been weighed against the magic of men you've never known and the ghosts of the pasts. That moment, when everything falls into place and your surperiority makes itself known. Beyond the acclaim for what you do, beyond what the papers will report, beyond all of it. That maybe, just maybe, a measure of your validation is found in it."
It was a careless shrug that followed, as she rocked back on her heels and removed her hands from the back of the chair, instead smoothing at her skirt. "But what do I know, hm?" Her tone had returned to normal, her smile just as easy and carefree. "I'm just an intrusive young lady who couldn't possibly understand anything. Including why a man would invite a woman to join him and then, never follow through with the implied meal that joining one in a restaurant would imply. Terrible manners, Mister Sykes. Absolutely terrible." Wink.

It would seem that the Farin Braw and not the Leaky Cauldron are some peoples destination this late afternoon. It can get rather crowded and perhaps there's no place to sit just now, whatever the reason the one who enters has changed his place of choice this evening. Graham enters but turns back holding the door open. "Hm an interesting tactic, maybe next time I can avoid the tail or the teeth or both." he says answering an yet unknown comment made with a small chuckle that escapes him.

Shelley slips in after Graham, flashing the man a brief smile of thanks for holding the door. "I don't know your way sounds more /entertaining/," she counters. "For me, at least." She always enjoys a story about other aurors finding themselves in a spot of trouble - as long as they get out of it in one piece in the end. She's not cruel, after all. She pauses just inside, glancing around for a table, and nodding to an empty one near Genevieve and Xavier.

Xavier listened as Jenny spoke her piece, some publically and partially reserved for their table. Afterwards he is silent for a moment, a single glance given to the scone before his bright green eyes return to young woman, once seated, now standing. "No one cares for the truth Miss Jenny, the world fancies the masks we wear and how well we uphold them. And the few that might well perhaps their lust for insight will be sated. Until that times arrives our roles are maintained diligantly and well guarded."

Since Jenny rose from her chair he did the same, manners after all. "As for the meal, I had discovered something far more interesting than sating my appetite. The little things, easily forgotten." He reminds her while ending his words with a light smile. "However, on the contary I think you have a grasp of human nature quite well. Bold if I may say so. Perhaps, should we meet again you may have those questions answered Miss Jenny." In noticing a nod from recent arrives, Xavier returns on in their direction for courtesy.

"Whoever said it was your appetite I was concerned with sating?" Came the glib response, while a hint of amusement brought light to dark eyes. "In truth, though perhaps I shouldn't give it, since by your own word the world cares little for it, I was concerned with my own. Slight I may be, but my appetite? Considerable." At any given time she could produce at least one fruit and a handful of chocolate from her pockets.
"Though I will take the compliment. It's so rare I find them, after all." That sense of humor remained though, while the girl's attention drifted across the establishment and towards the door and the light that was fading by the moment. It brought her gaze across the newly entered pair and she offered a polite little upnod in her direction before her attention went back to the window. Jenny appeared to be struggling with a moment of internal debate, too before those dark eyes settled on Xavier again and she asked, with a smile that was borderline wicked. "How are you for parties?" In a question that was almost like a dare.

Graham shakes his head but he's still smiling. "I'll admit, that drinking potion to be made to taste like a vegetable isn't a common occurrence even for our line of work. It'll stick with me that's for certain." He looks to the table she's motioned to and gives a nod in greeting as well to those who are sitting there. The young man will pull out a chair for the other prior to moving to the otherside and gathering menu's and plopping down himself.

Shelley hadn't meant to nod /at/ the pair but - well. No need to be rude. Quite yet. She smiles at them both, before dropping into the seat Graham offers for her, slouching back into it comfortably. She starts perusing the menu, though her nose wrinkles up and she makes a face at one of the items they serve. "They have haggis on here," she remarks. Simply vile. "Rather have the vegetable potion."

Xavier smirked inwardly, amused by the young woman's ever constant sharp tongue. "Of course you weren't, Little Red." A gloved hand smothed over the fine sleeves of his coat, "As for parties, certainly. Love them as rare as I am able to attend." He raises a brow in matching her gaze, "Know of a good one then? Surely you wouldn't care to have 'sour wine' in attendance."

"Careful, Wolf," tit for tat, Jenny didn't miss a beat; watching with all too sharp eyes. "But as happens, its not my guest list for which you're being extended an invitation. After all, it wouldn't do, having someone as stodgy," did she just call -Xavier- stodgy? "Turning up to ruin things, but as happens, I have it on remarkably good authority that Daphyne Urquart," ever faithful if somewhat ginger haired member of the Ministry, "Is having an…event tonight. Now I've heard it's an open door policy but the best way to find out for sure..," and there the challenge lay, "Is to crash. What say, think you can manage or are you not allowed to be out, when the moon comes up?"

"Stodgy.." He repeated back almost questioning how that word even applied to him given how much of his life isn't reported back during his expiditions. Xavier shook his head allowing this taunt to roll off his back. "Sure, why not?" Meeting the challenge Xavier removes a few coins from his pocket to pay for the small meals. "What time should this Stodgy old relic retrieve you?"

"I've never tried it though maybe I should have don't know if I would like it now or not, I seem to stick with my same types of food cider and chips when i've been out at pubs recently." Graham says across the table though he chuckles a bit at her remark. He will remain silent though if he can hear the other conversation he's not making note that he is just looking over the menu a bit himself.

"My personal recommendation is to skip it," Shelley remarks, while studying the menu herself. "Hrm. The forfar bridie with rumbledethumps doesn't sound so bad, though." And whiskey, of course. What meal is complete without a glass of it?

"Mmm, stodgy," Jenny repeated, her tone teasing where his seemed to be a baffled taste of the word. But then he surprised her and it showed, for she clapped both hands together and let her grin stretch broad. "Retrieve? Oh no. That isn't how this works, we're not going to be proper about it, Sykes, by far. What we're going…well, I'll show you." And with that, dapper as any gentlemen, she extended her arm. "Let's go."

And for some reason… unknown to human kind at this moment, Sorcha enters the pub. She's dressed for the chilly December weather with a cloak over her plaid wool dress and has her hair in a braided twist. Dropping her hood she moves over towards the bar with a package in hand, waiting patiently for the bartender to finish with the customer that he's speaking to.

Xavier retrieves just his hat from the table as Jenny seems eager to go about this all backwards. "Right…" He tells her, obvious suspicion weighing the tone of his voice. Ready to depart the man slips the bowler upon his head as the other hand links in with Jenny's arm. "Just the girl to turn everything upside down hmm?"

Graham nods to the others recommendation about not trying that food but it looks like he's going to stick with as close to his usual as he can get. He will allow the other to order first though he turns towards the door and smiles at who enters. "Saving the world from the menace still pretty lady?" he says with a grin coming to his face. The others preparing to depart seems to be noticed but it's likely not his place to ask questions.

As a server approaches, Shelley places her order - though she does opt to skip her usual whiskey for once and try the sloe wine. She spares a brief glance for the departing pair, but has no comment for them either, before her attention is drawn to the woman Graham addresses. She is greeted with a brief smile, and friendly nod.

"And watch it burn," Jenny finishes, offering Xavier a wink and with a few quiet words, offered up just between the two, they depart.

The streets of Diagon Alley, as the sun sinks low on the horizon, the sky tempered in shades of purple and blue, of black, as night begins to touch against the imagery. The streets are full, however, with bodies bustling to and fro. And Jenny, keeps her arm looped through Xavier's, guiding him along the chaos. "So what's your defination of fun then? Since you don't seem so inclined to consider my viewpoints 'fun'."

Xavier matches the pace Jenny sets as they take to the streets through the veil of winter at dusk. "Something new and exciting and may possibly kill me." He answers easily as they're out and about in the air, the wizard smiles a touch. Lowering his gaze to the young woman at his side he asks, "On the contrary, your viewpoints may differ though that doesn't make you less interesting. Did I not agree to accompany you?" She might feel a slight squeeze of her arm, "Relax. If you think I am looking down at you it is simply because you're short."

"Mmm, well, two out of three are covered of a certainty. The third argubly depends. But…the odds increase if you intend to stay the image of the absolute reserved gentleman. Are you really incapable of relaxing?" There was a touch of sincerity with the question as she peered up at him. Though, a hint of a grin returned when she chuckled at his question. "Looking down at me? Darling, I simply assumed your interest was in my top." But at least she seemed to have a certain direction to her steps, because she didn't amble as one lost might.

"Not incapable." An easy answer as he looks ahead to where they've been heading. "You're taking issue with my natural state Miss Jenny. You shouldn't encourage someone to go against their nature. Besides I am relaxed. I am home again." When a passerby acknowledged him he did the curtesous thing, a simple nod of the head while touching the brim of his hat. "A fine top it is at that. The remaining articles are quite fetching as well."

"Perhaps I do. Victim of imagination, hope and mask. To think that there might be some zest beneath the mask that's bore so readily on the streets. Perhaps..," she muses, glancing up in his direction, "Mmm. I had hoped that if given the chance perhaps…to strip away that mask, you might accept it. But, if such is not the case well, I would be more than happy to grant you your freedom should you so desire."

"And should you discover what lies beneath is a replica of the very same you seek to repeal? Come now, I was given the impression you desire challenges." Another passerby caused the wizard to touch the brim of his hat once more, afterwards his gaze lowers to Jenny again, this time their progress is haulted by his refusal to walk any further. "Enough talk of that. Let us simply enjoy what this is hmm? Who knows what the night might bring."

"Oh bah," Jenny grumped, casting a threatening look in his direction. "Fine. But remind me to have a word with whomever's giving you false impressions, because clearly they need to be fired." And then, she was hauling him towards a shop. By all appearances it should have been a joke shop and that was what it advertised and certainly didn't appear to be the party she'd promised but..maybe she'd factored in time. Or appeared to, that would have been the case had he not stopped abruptly in the street. "I've a fair idea. I often do about these things you know. Now can we go? You need a different hat or a scarf or…a pair of glasses. Something so that it won't look like I'm crashing the party with someone who's stuffy and stodgy and well…I suppose you have the idea, hmm? Who knows, perhaps it'll help you stop bloody acknowledging everyone you meet."

Jenny's threat earned an amused smile in reply. "And now she takes issue with my attire." Spoken to no one in particular though it carried a hint of mockery. "Yes we may go." Their footsteps continue again towards the same direction he was being lead to. "A scarf, though not from there." He gestures towards that shop, that joke of a shop. "I much rather fall in a pit of vipers than procure any article from that hovel." Only the finer things for this one's expensive tastes. "I'll make a deal with you, I'll wear what I want and you may learn something of me. Fair enough?"

"I'm already learning that you suffer from a decided lack of humor," Jenny grumped in response. "But fine. Since you'd rather turn your nose up at my games than participate in them, we'll go on." And so aimed to see them go, though this time she was without direction of shop and more, with intentions to see them to the party instead.

"Nonsense. You've just haven't said anything funny." Xavier returns which it's self made him chuckle. A little. Now, truly on their way to the party he keeps pace with the little hellion latched on his arm. "Very well, do lead on Miss Jenny."

"I meant the act of things. Of pretend. You seemed the kind of man who would enjoy or could at the very least benefit from a night off from himself. And they have the most novel little enchanted disguises there. Wide rimmed glasses that make you look old, hairbands that put your hair in pig tails and cause freckles. I just thought it'd be amusing is all." Onward down the street, before eventually she turned them towards the residental alley. "If none of this is your idea of fun then…why come along?"

"So you wish that I should be left entirely up to your devices?" Xavier asked as he glanced up the street to somewhere where the party was being held. "Alright." The wizard raised a hand to remove his hat. A few seconds later it was tossed aimlessly in their opposite direction, landing somewhere on the ground to be claimed by another. "Reservations aside. We'll do this your way and let's hope I don't break anything."

"Wasn't that what you agreed to in coming?" The girl asked, turning those all too inquisitive eyes up in his direction. Though when he agreed, she gave a faint nod; the gestuer interrupted by the sight of him… "Wait? What are you?!" And backwards she scampered, with all the deft swiftness of a chaser to catch his hat before it could hit the ground and in turn, settled it firmly atop her head. "There was absolutely no reason to ruin a perfectly good hat. What's wrong with you, anyway." Hat in place, Jenny danced forward, bounding on down the street. Beyond them, one could see the glow of lights both from windows and an open door. Hear the sound of music as it wafted outwards.
"There, it's just up ahead and you can keep your stuffy clothes and your borish demeanor and the world shall know the truth. How your adventures are just the tales of others, while the 'star' sits home and entertains himself with borish books." Cheeky grin.

Xavier was all ready to pounce into the affair until she bound after his hat as though it was something precious. The act its self caused him to erupt in laughter, "Apparently hatless." Now that it had a temporary owner the wizard raked a hand through his hair then moved to follow Jenny. "I'll have you know these clothes are very, very stylish." He tugged at his jacket, seeming quite proud of how faciful he looked. "Is that so?" Brows raised another challenge to his accomplishments. Trecking after the girl in his hat Xavier headed towards the door with the lights and music pouring through the walls. "You don't know what you're in for Miss Jenny." Picking up his steps Xavier caught up with Jenny and headed straight on inside.

"Well that'll be a change since picking you up," Jenny offered back, tongue and cheek; as she bounded up the stairs and into the house right behind him.

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