(1938-12-28) Regular Rowles
Details for Regular Rowles
Summary: Morgana Rashley joins Andromena and Anthony for a rambling Rowle repast. Great Uncle Siegfried makes his star debut.
Date: 1938-12-28
Location: Winchester; Rowle family home
Related: There is a small bit of talk relating to the Strange Defense plot.

Anthony emerges from the fireplace at home, with a woooooooooosh. Yep. Been somewhere by floo. He's dressed muggle fashion, although the overcoat and hat come off as soon as he's arrived.

Andromena was seated with the younger Rowles, not entertaining so much as enduring. Carolus and the two sisters were having a heated discussion about a card game that they'd all been gifted with over Christmas. The sad truth was, Andromena could barely muster enough attention to care, even as Carolus proceeded to explain, "It's all about strategy and tactics, you'd love it!"

"Oh, Tony!" She exclaimed when he arrived. Saved from hours of listening to which deck was superior, Andromena could not help but grin. "What have you been up to?"

Anthony pauses, "I've… um, been out for a walk." By floo. Right, Tony. "Seeing a friend."

"A friend?" Emphasized in just such a way that if the younger kids weren't so engrossed they might have started to get nosy. No parents were currently in the same room to warrant extra precaution.

Anthony gives a tiny little nod to his Cousin, and suggests, "Do we have any tea? Or something?"

"Yeah, pretty sure mom just brewed some not too long ago. She and aunt Lilith are talking about going on later, I overheard them." Because why wouldn't she tell Anthony that? There respective fathers were off being manly and smoking cigars and talking wizarding golf. If you thought muggle golf was something to twist your knickers up over, then clearly you were missing out. Andromena got up to fetch them each a cup of the requested beverage. Made just as Tony would like it!

"What made you think I was being gossipy?" Andromena says as she returns, dainty little cups in hand. "I was merely informing you of events that may occur later on of which you were likely unaware of!" The tea was offered. "There's some snacks, too, if you'd like?"

Anthony pauses, and then nods, "I could do with some food! I sort of lost my lunch earlier."

"I'll go get us something," Andromena said, disappearing again only to return a short while later with a platter heaped with little lemon cakes, and biscuits topped with raspberry jam and spiced crumble. Made with much love and affection by their mothers earlier that morning. Andromena selected for herself a biscuit as she reseated herself. "You know, I'm sort of glad I got into Domestics, if only so I can make food like this."

Anthony gives a bit of a faint smile, "Should I join? If only to learn how to cook after I graduate? Unless you plan on sharing a flat with me, of course."

Andromena 'hmmed' into her tea as she considered Anthony's question. A man ought to have some basic skills in the kitchen, should he not? Then again, did either of their fathers do anything but bumble in said room? Alphard wasn't taking it, and neither was Douglas. In fact, she only knew a few boys in the club, and aside from Variel, she suspected they were just there for the girls. Andromena did not want to do her cousin a disservice now, did she!?

"There's no harm in joining to pick up a few skills. Who knows where we'll be a year and a half from now?" Anthony might follow in the footsteps of their fathers, and be married right out of Hogwarts to a woman that would chase him from her kitchen for all Andromena might guess.

Anthony makes a little face, "Not even sure what I can do! I mean, the ideal is Mysteries, but that's horrible to get into. Maybe International Cooperation?"

"I thought it was decided that if Mysteries spurns your obvious talents you were turning to Dark Wizardry and the underworld?" Said after taking a delicate little nibble of her biscuit. Which is just a feat in and of itself because it's a damned biscuit covered in jam and crumble. Andromena is just such a lady. She leaned forward a little bit, her voice dropping a touch. "Speaking of, we have things to talk about." Like…his books, or indeed, her secret castle.

Anthony lowers his voice in turn, "Yes! Absolutely! Made any more progress with those inscriptions? I don't spose you fancy telling me more about the context?"

"They're all translated now," Andromena shares excitedly. "Eibhlin managed to finish up the last half and Alphard told me about it. I have them written down but it's upstairs at the moment." A shifty-eyed glance towards their younger siblings. They were seated far enough away and otherwise engaged enough in their game that they were paying their two older, more 'boring' relatives no mind.

"Alphard and I were in Hogsmeade," a pause. "And we, by sheer accident, crashed through the door of this old cottage. It looks like no one has been in there for years- anyway, we thought if it was cleaned up a bit, it might be a cool place to hang out during the Hogsmeade weekends. Only…" Andromena, to make a long story really very short, condensed. "A book we found there is actually a portkey to a castle. That's where the eight doors and their riddles came from."

Anthony whistles, and whispers, "Andy?! That's breaking School Rules! What are you going to DO about it?" He pauses, "And where's the castle?"

"I'm not sure where," she totally ignored mention of school rules. Her. Andromena Rowle. Miss-perfect-never-been-in-trouble-for-anything, not even with her parents. Alphard was clearly influencing her! "It looks like it could still be in Scotland. Or maybe somewhere in Scandinavia. We got attacked by some pixies, sure, but it wasn't that bad. Now we know to be more prepared. I've brewed up some potions and we've all been researching the possible creatures that could be lurking about, like doxys or redcaps, but I still think it will be fine. Hey, do you know who Herbert Lestrange is?"

Anthony shakes his head, "Not a clue, I'm afraid. Why? Is it his book? And you didn't work out location from the Astronomy?"

"Well, his book was the portkey. Evie told me he was some murderer that was locked up in Azkaban ages ago. Dead now." She looked up from her tea. "Uhm…" Eyes darted left, then right. "No. I didn't even think about it. We didn't spend much time looking out the windows, though. That's a great idea, though." Maybe it would help to smooth Alphard's feathers when she told him…

Anthony gives a shy smile, "Well, sometimes the Stars tell us very accurate truths, regardless of the things they told us in Divination!"

"You'll have to help pin down the location, then," Andromena volunteered him with a smile that was less shy and more crooked. "I mean…if you want to come along when we go next? I'll understand if you're not comfortable, I'll just ask that you keep it a secret just the same!" The young woman wanted to groan, to whine that she was going to get killed when she told Alphard about all of this, but she maintained her composure. It wasn't becoming, whining. People had to…to own up to their messes.

Anthony gives a firm nod, "Alright! I'll come along! Our house points can't get MUCH worse, and I _am_ curious about abandoned castles!"

"My thinking exactly," Andromena agrees. "Besides, it's fairly obvious it's abandoned. I doubt we have to worry about upsetting any owners. At most I fear we may have to deal with doxys, but that's nothing we can't handle. What I really look forward to is solving these riddles." Andromena set her tea aside so that she could gesture with both hands as she spoke. "I can't imagine what they might be concealing. Part of me doesn't really care what it is so much as the inherent adventure of it all. Who gets to explore abandoned castles? People like Xavier Sykes, and how many of him exist?" Someone wanted a life of excitement, clearly.

Anthony flashes a grin, "The Amazing Rowles, obviously!" Okay, that doesn't quite work. "Rip Roaring Rowles? "

"The Raging Rowles? Hm…" Oh dear, at least it was just the pair of them this time, with no one else around to groan at their antics. "If we run in to any further runic inscriptions, between you, myself and Evie, we ought to be golden." Andromena smiled at the thought.

Anthony is sitting talking quietly, almost conspiratorially with Andy. Are you appearing by Floo, apparating, or at the door?

The fireplace roars to life, it's flames turning to a brilliant green color. It isn't long before a tall young woman steps through the flames and pauses to dust herself off. Granted, she wasn't fully invited, but her house became a bit too full for her. "Hullo?" She calls out, brushing off a bit of soot from her shoulder.

Andromena continues to chat quietly with Anthony; secret cousin talk. There's a platter of treats before them and Andromena has just about finished with her cup of tea. It's this cup that pauses midway between her and the table when Morgana's voice calls out. She arches a brow at Anthony. "You hadn't told me you were having a guest."

Anthony starts up, hands resting on the table, "I didn't _know_." He's gone pale, "Morgana. Um… tea?"

"I didn't know you already had company." Morgana says tentatively, walking closer to the Rowle cousins. They looked to be in a very intense conversation, and she does feel as if she is interrupting. "You gave an open invitation, so I thought I'd use it today. I can go elsewhere if you are busy."

"Not at all," Andromena chimes. She manages to set her cup down, this time. "Yes, would you like some tea? There's biscuits and lemon cakes to, if you're at all hungry." Andromena got to her feet, preparing to…pretend at playing hostess. The glaring truth was that she would give Anthony some alone time with Morgana if he so desired. Well, alone as he could be with a group of adolescents harping on in the background.

Anthony clears his throat, "No… no, not at all! You're always welcome to see me wherever I am!" Now THERE is a statement which could probably do with some clarification. "Can I take your cloth…. your coat?" He starts going pinker.

"Tea would be lovely, thank you." Morgana says as she does remove her coat. Watching Tony flutter a bit with his words she'll raise her brows. "I am sure there are places that you would not like anyone invading your privacy, even me Anthony." Her tone is smooth as she raises her brows at his near Freudian slip.

Andromena vanishes momentarily before returning with a nice warm cup of tea for their guest, Morgana. After setting it down before her, Andromena gives Anthony a quick once over to assess his well-being. He's grown pink as one of her tops, but what could she do about it? Not the best wingwoman in the world, one must grant. "I was asked to help in the kitchen," she tells the pair of them. "I guess they're amused by my joining Domestics. Said I have 'no excuse,' now." A dejected sigh. "So I'll…be back in a little while."

Anthony laughs softly, "Uh, you needn't tell Maman that we have a guest. Unless you want to, of course?"

"I don't want to impose." Morgana says with a shake of her head, or maybe she's just concerned about meeting Anthony's parents. Settling down in her seat, she'll nod her head to Mena. "Thank you, and good luck." She knows what it's like to be pulled into the kitchen like that.

Anthony laughs, "Oh, no, no imposition, at all. As long as it doesn't scare you, of course. Mother will probably work it out."

Morgana smooths over her dark skirt before she sips from her tea cup. "That depends on what you think your mother is going to do to scare me." Morgana says thoughtfully before she looks about the room. "So this is it then? Rowle manor?"

Anthony laughs, "Hardly a manor! Welcome to the Hospital of St Cross!" He gives a grin, "Humble set of houses, really. And she'll be polite enough, I'm sure."

"I sure she will." Morgana says with a tinge of trepidation in her tone. She hasn't really met anyone's parents before, at least not someone who.. well, potentially be in a complicated situation with. "It's nice enough and your house seems very busy."

Anthony laughs, "Well, house_s_ really. They connect." He gestures, "I can show you around, if you like." And he gestures to the younger people, "Do you know any of these louts?"

"If you'd like. I didn't really give you the grand tour or anything when you visited." Morgana says lightly as she sets her teacup down and gets to her feet. "Some of them look familiar, but than again all of the lower years start to meld together after a while.

Anthony says, "Those are my sisters." He gestures, "Amber. Alicia." A 13 year old and a 10 year old. So only one at Hogwarts. Amber looks over and freezes. Head Girl! Hides a bit. "And… well, come this way, and I'll show you around"

Morgana raises her hand to the younger girls, Morgana will give polite wave as she moves on. Why is it the younger children are always afraid of her! Maybe it's because the Head Boy is a softie? Either way she'll follow Anthony when he leads on. "Lead the way." She says quietly.

Anthony shows you around, "We've got most of the complex, of course. There's the 'poor brothers', but they work for us. And there's the church." He gestures, "Fishponds down that way. Um, rather pretty. Care to see?"

Morgana nods her head as she looks where he is gesturing. "Fishponds? I suppose. I do enjoy the water after all." She says lightly, following where he leads. "I hear where my Grandfather grew up is similar to this, but I have never been there."

Anthony remains close, guiding with occasional touches to her arm, but not offering it formally. Just in case.

"It is a nice view, not as nice as the ocean, but still, I could see coming down here with a nice book." Morgana comments, and doesn't pull away from the arm touches, but again does reach for his either. She seems very guarded today.

Anthony says softly, once there's a bit more privacy. Well, y'know, apart from the whole 'people with magic', "I didn't think you'd come. But you did."

"You offered, you want to be friends, and I am taking a step in doing so Anthony." Morgana says with a shake of her head. "If you're going to read further into this than it is, than I can go."

Anthony shakes his head, "No. No, I didn't think you would on _any_ terms." There's a quirking smile. "I'll try and protect you from the worst of the questions. Will you stay for dinner?"

Morgana shakes her head and wraps her arms around herself as she looks over the fish pond. "Maybe, like I said I do not want to be in the way, you seem to have quite the family gathering here and I don't want to impose. I just needed to get out of the house a bit."

Anthony says softly, "Morgana. You are _always_ welcome. Always. But we live in these places, all the time." He gives a chuckle, "May I enquire why you needed to?"

What sort of fun was Anthony getting up to while Andromena was stick learning the finer points of keeping a clean kitchen? She couldn't know, but that didn't mean she wouldn't try to find out now that she was free! Though…it might take some time to search for the pair of them, all things considered.

"Well as you saw, my house is rather small. Once you get a few extra people in there, it becomes over crowded. I just need some where slightly quieter, and I figured a friends house would keep me from spending my coin at a shop some where." Morgana says with a shrug.

Anthony cracks a smile, "Thank you." The hand is taken gently, if permitted, and lightly kissed, then released, if there's any effort to do so. "It's really rather pretty here. Maybe I don't appreciate it enough, being born to it."

In Andromena's humble opinion, being the next best option so one doesn't spend their money isn't exactly a favorable sign, but she hasn't the heart to say so. "There you two are," she says as she comes in to view. Narrowly missing Anthony's attempt to be gentlemanly. "I was worried I'd be searching all day."

Morgana allows the gesture, but she is quick to remove her hand and place it in her pocket, especially when she hears Mena's voice. "I've noticed that it's hard to see the beautify in something you're constantly surrounded by." Turning to Mena she'll nod her head. "We didn't go to far, I hope the ladies in the kitchen didn't eat you up too much."

Anthony starts back a pace or two. Well, there you go. He does look a touch like a cat caught with his paw in the cream.

Andromena makes a show of being greatly worn down by her Cinderella duties; shoulders slump, there is a weary sigh. "They thought it all very funny that I should have such a hard time getting the dishes done." Utterly ignorant to Anthony's guilty behavior, she went on. "And they kept taunting me," Andromena sounded surprised, like her mother and aunt had never teased her before! "About my reasons for joining Domestics in the first place."

"Well at least they did not make you do them with out magic?" Morgana says with a slight smirk to her lips before tilts her head to the side. "What was the reason you joined? Was it so Black can steal your pudding from you? He seemed keen to have all of Medusa's custard the one day I saw him slip in there." Whatever it is that Anthony has done, it does have Morgana narrowing her eyes at him, just a touch.

Anthony seems unwilling to catch Morgana's eye. For whatever reason.

Andromena's own gaze narrows ever so slightly as she answers Morgana, tone light. "Something like that." It was because he had suggested going to other girls for their cookies and puddings and cakes and whathave you that she had joined. If he needed a damned snack then by God, he was getting it from her! "And I almost ended up doing them by hand." Keep on talking, Andromena.

Anthony says brightly, "I was considering joining the domestics. It's not THAT long until I will need to have a flat! I can't rely on Andy to cook for me!"

"I know enough about cooking to keep myself fed. They're not going to be fantastic meals but in the end it'll get the job done." Morgana says thoughtfully before she shakes her head. "I usually end up doing them by hand, but that's just my grandmother's way of showing me that I should have joined the domestics club."

Andromena can't help but notice Anthony's eyes as they try to go anywhere but toward Morgana. Nor can she fail to see how the Head Girl has given her cousin a cool look. Noticing, however, does not equal knowing. She can only guess what may have occurred between them before she arrived. "Hopefully by that time I'll have a decent arsenal at my disposal when it comes to recipes." A friendly pat upon Anthony's shoulder. "So if it's needed, I could cook for you." At the very least he could always count on her for some sort of dessert. "Oh, and don't concern yourself overmuch about wandless cooking. Patil has had us make several such meals that way already."

Anthony nods, and then says, quietly, "Perhaps I should learn by hand, Morgana. What do you think? I mean, as well?"

That rather came across as a desperate effort to change the subject.

Morgana watches as Andomena starts looking between the two of them, and decides that yes, perhaps Anthony's horrid attempt at a subject change should be encouraged. "It can't hurt I suppose. It might be easier to understand the magical side of it, if you can do it with out magic. Otherwise your just pointing at pots and food, while hoping for the best."

"Yeah, now that I'm in the club I understand the reasoning behind it," Andromena offered. "And who knows, if you join - " Imagine a train screeching to a halt, that was how Andromena bit down on her words. "That is to say, knowledge is power, coz. Even knowledge about things others might see as mundane. You know you'll never starve. Or, uhm, be forced to eat bad food."

Anthony nods, "Well, both approaches might be best then." He flashes a sudden smile, bright towards his cousin. Rather more uneasy towards the other young woman. "Perhaps we might walk into Winchester and go book shopping?"

Morgana almost doesn't want to know what it is Andromena might have said should she have continued down that path. Either way, she'll nod her head. "It'll be a learning experience none the less." She'll say with a shrug, before she looks back to Anthony. "Isn't your dinner going to be soon? I should get out of your hair before that happens."

Anthony looks to his cousin, "Do you suppose she might…. I mean, we have spare room, don't we? I mean, at dinner, but we probably have room in the rafters. I can sleep up there."

It wasn't exactly bad, so much as bringing the subject right back around to where neither Anthony or Morgana wanted it! Andromena looked between the pair of them as Anthony suggested the Head Girl…stay the night. "I'm sure no one would mind if you stayed for dinner. I can promise a great meal, trust me." Even if Grandma Burke wasn't there cooking today, there was still the two Rowle mothers, and they were each wonderful cooks in their own right! The notion of sleeping arrangements is left untouched.

Morgana shakes her head at Anthony. "I may be able to stay for dinner, but that is all. I will have to return home for the evening, but your offer was kind." She says with a polite nod before she frowns just a touch. "That is if it's alright with your mothers, of course."

Anthony gives Morgana a slight look of concern. "They will be fine. Are you sure… I mean… if you're needing to get away from 'things'?"

"I'll ask, don't worry," Andromena tells Morgana. She'd need to pull Anthony aside later and tell him that though he's only being nice, he ought not to question the lady's decisions. "I'm sure that if Morgana's free tomorrow," as opposed to 'needing to get away from'. "She can swing by again and maybe we can all go into London or something for the day?"

"I am sure, my Grandmother is already cross at me for spending so much time away from home already." Granted, Morgana's grandmother did not expect her own daughter to be home as much either. "I do have to work in the morning, but perhaps we can go out to London afterwards." She says politely.

Anthony looks apologetic, "Sorry. I um… Right! The floo to the Cauldron, perhaps? But _do_ please stay for dinner!"

"Work?" Andromena queries, guiding them slowly back toward the…center of the Rowle family nest?

Morgana nods her head toward Mena. "Yes, I help out at an apothecary near my house, it lets me have some spending money.. or something to save up for after Hogwarts." She says with a shrug of her shoulders. Oh the Woes of Middle Class. "Very well, I'll stay for dinner." She says quietly, following Mena as she starts walking back toward the houses.

Anthony follows also, still looking a bit uncomfortable. Who knows why?

"Ohh," Andromena breathes. "I hadn't known." Obviously. Part of her found the notion of spending money as nice, but…work. Bleh. She wasn't cut out for that sort of thing! "I hope you like," insert delicious meal name here.

Ah the woes of the middle class. Morgana doesn't comment further on her job, or other such things that she does but instead nods her head. "Yes, I am sure that whatever your mothers have prepared is going to be fantastic." She's just hoping that she isn't going to be grilled by anyone. "Are you well Anthony? You look like you did the last time you apperated."

Anthony leans closer, to just mumble a soft word into the girls ear. If Andy is being nosy (and probably with that awareness she's capable of it), she'll catch 'Sorry'. Then the youth straightens his shoulders, pushing them back, and stooping much less. Standing straight he's just shy of 6' tall, and he sets his jaw, "No. No, I'm fine. Do you.. um, speak French, at all, Morgana?"

Andromena gave no indication of having heard. But perhaps that was just her being polite? In any event, when Andromena walked ahead of them to confirm if it was alright that Morgana stayed, the two would be left to talk - if only for the moment. Naturally, when they caught up, the answer would be yes!

Morgana watches as Mena goes forward to ask for permission, while Morgana turns to raise her brow at Anthony. "Are you sure? Because you look like you're about to turn bright red. Surely your family will have questions." Trying to keep her conversation quick, she'll shake her head. "No, I only know Italian, and a smattering of Russian. I figured it would be best to know the languages that my step-parents spoke."

Anthony nods, and explains rapidly, "Maman is French. She may speak it to you. If you know Italian you can probably muddle basic greetings and so on. Would make you look rather good." He takes a breath, "Probably most of them won't notice anything odd about anything. As a family we're a little… oh,… single minded about reading and research and our own little mindsets." A beat, "But I'm _sure_ Andy knows, and I wouldn't be surprised if others guessed. How I feel, I mean. Not anything else. So, um, you're very welcome. Really. I'd love it. But don't feel pressured, or anything. I understand. Friends."

Pauvre Anthony! The lad must feel like he's under tremendous pressure. Andromena would have assured him by now, at least, that her and Alphard's parent meeting had not been all that horrendous. It was doubtful anyone would give he or Morgana the third degree about their friendship. Sure, his mother might prod a bit but that was what mother's did. And if things started to look bad, Andromena had already promised to throw herself under the proverbial bus. So selfless was she.

"I know enough French to say hello and how are you but, beyond that I'd have to guess." Morgana says with a shake of her head. "If you believe your cousin has no idea what is going on, that you're daft." Morgana states plainly before she continues toward the house. "If you understand that we're just friends, what was that stunt you pulled down by the water?" She asks in a cool even tone.

Anthony flushes, and says very quietly, "Sorry. Seemed a good idea at the time. And.. I.. " He shakes his head, "Andy knows about us, I'm sure. I said. I mean, how I feel." Oh, Andy=Andromena. Clearly some pet name. "And um… I rather hoped you'd take it as it was meant, rather than… oh… hell, I don't know."

Andy, Meanie. The men of her life have saddled her with the most peculiar pet names. Andromena helps to set the table while Anthony and Morgana finish their business! She couldn't help even if she actively meddled.

"So, you intended to to get me to think of things I should not think about before meeting your entire family and your cousin was close on my heels?" Morgana says, calling him out on his actions once again. "You could have put me in a very awkward situation Anthony. Were I a meaner person, I would put you in the same situation." With that, she'll slip back toward the house, if he lets her.

Anthony coughs, "Uh… no… no, not my intention at all! And I hoped Andy would give us a little more time. Anyway." He keeps the shoulders back. See! Man listens. "There'll probably be wine, and the food is good…"

Morgana sighs and pauses, shaking her head slightly at him. "Well, she didn't, and even then, I told you it was only one. You seem very keen to keep pushing that boundary." When he mentions the wine, she'll shake her head. "Again, trying to get me intoxicated?'

Anthony rolls his eyes upwards, "_Warning_ you, so you don't think I am, actually!" He gives a faint smile, "If you were in my place, would you keep pushing boundaries, as politely as possible? Or would you step up, and give up and mope?"

"Are you guys coming," Andromena called, hanging in the doorway. "You had better hurry before all the rolls are taken." A gentle tease, no more. And then Andromena slid from view.

"One day, you'll learn to take a joke." Morgana says with a shake of her head. Though his words do give her pause, and she shrugs her shoulders. "No, I suppose I—" That is when Mena makes herself known, and she nods her head at him. "We should get in before the rolls are taken." With that, she follows Mena into the house and toward the dinning room.

Anthony also follows, murmuring, "You don't actually have to _do_ anything to have me in a state of distraction, you know. Just _being_." Ah, revenge for the girl is sweet. Specially since Tony gets to follow her in, with all the distractions that may entail

Inside are many Rowles gathered; Andromena's parents as well as Anthony's own, the two sisters and her younger brother. And even another young cousin (Alfie), visiting for the next few days. The long table is heaped with food, and despite Andromena's warning, there would be no shortage of rolls any time soon. Morgana would find herself greeted politely, even warmly. There are two free spaces beside Andromena for them to seat themselves.

"You're a boy, if I sneeze incorrectly you'll be in the wrong state of mind." Morgana says dryly as she walks in front of him. Surely, he's taking Doug's advice as she slips into the dinning room. There are so many people here, and she does return the warm greetings as well. There are quiet thanks as well for having her as she takes one of the empty chairs by Mena. "It all looks lovely." She says politely, putting on her best manners."

Anthony slides into the remaining seat. It's Morgana's choice as to whether she's stuck between the cousins or not. "Um, thanks awfully Maman. Auntie. Grandmama, for letting Miss Rashley stay for dinner. And it looks awfully good!" He reaches for a napkin, and carefully places it over his lap before going for any of the bread to break.

Andromena has already performed the necessary preparations in order to eat in polite company. The two of them (Tony and Morgana), might be thankful to discover that no one currently seems intent on questioning their dinner guest. In fact, the conversation seems to center around the patriarchs as they talk work.

"So how was your Christmas, Morgana?" Andromena questions as she begins to put food onto her plate.

"It's been a very busy Christmas so far, but I am enjoying being away from school for a while." Morgana says quietly enough to keep the conversation between the three of them. "And yours?" She's already seen Tony since Christmas so that question was already answered. For now she'll put food on her plate, taking a modest amount with out looking like a pig.

Anthony has the appetite that might be expected of a growing lad. His plate gets a generous serving. "I'll miss the place when I leave, but… yes, it's nice to be home!" He flashes a smile from girl to girl, or cousin to girl (it not being clear if Andy counts as really a girl). "And it's odd being, you know. Able to _do_ things with magic at home!"

"Good. Enjoyable," Andromena answers in turn without much elaboration. "A little busy over here as well, but that's to be expected." And OF COURSE SHE COUNTS AS A GIRL! The gross unfairness of life. "I'll miss being here, too." There was such comfort to be had in ones own home.

"Holidays are a little insane." Morgana says with a nod of her head. "But your family seems mostly sane." She'll say with a smirk. "Yeah it was such a novelty for me when I was finally able do magic at home, I think I drove my Grandmother insane when I did. Now it's just second nature."

Anthony says, "Well, don't let appearances deceive you." He gestures to a rather elderly looking wizard in a corner, "Great Uncle Siegfried spent thirty years researching a rune to repel fleas."

Siegfried lifts an eye at his name being mentioned and waves a wizened hand, before turning to say loudly to one of the younger adults, "I say! Who's the young lady over there with young Adam over there?" One of the others prods him lightly and says, "Anthony, not Adam." And then Siegfried rejoinders with, "Anthony? Strange name for a young lady?! Witches these days!"

"Everybody seems mostly sane when strangers are around," Andromena said with a grin. Their family was pretty normal though, wasn't it? Like…almost boring normal. Well, there was uncle Eloi but…a story for another time. At the mention of Siegfried, Andromena nearly spat out her wine. "And you'll not find a single flea on the premises, either."

"Well that seems to be a good focus of study, fleas are very annoying parasites." Morgana says with a thoughtful glance toward the uncle, though she slightly winces when the Uncle starts talking, and very loudly. "I didn't know your name was Adam." She teases Anthony.

Turning to Mena, Morgana smirks. "I think all families either go on their best behavior when company is around, or they act up as much as possible to embarrass you.

Anthony explains, "He thinks I look like father did at my age. I think Old Siegfried may be getting a little… eccentric." As opposed to… flea work for thirty years." He gives Morgana a grin, "Why? How am I looking for forty-eight?"

Morgana gives him a once over and raises her brow just a touch. "Well I suppose that explains all those grey hairs I spotted earlier." Morgana teases, eating a few bites from her plate. "Than again, I happen to look a lot like my mother when I was her age, except she has brown eyes."

Anthony gives the girl a look over in her turn, but wisely refrains from anything too astute, "Ah, good looks from that side." He gives a smile, "Sadly, I _did_ get my fathers looks, rather than my mothers." He's giving yet ANOTHER straight man line, seemingly without meaning to

"My mother is a beautiful woman, unfortunately she let that go to her head at a young age." Morgana says in a tone that suggests she will not be doing that. "I can see the resemblance however." She says, looking toward what must be his father at the other end of the table.

Anthony reaches for a bit of butter for his roll. He doesn't butter up Morgana, precisely, "Well, I don't see any chance of that occurring, Morgana! Quite the reverse!"

"Indeed. It perplexes her, but in the end I am my own person." Morgana says with a shrug as she finally reaches for her wine. She only sips it, not wanting to take too much, or seem like a lush.

As might be expected, although Mdm Rowle is from Northern France, the wine is still rather good.

Tony nods, "I think some parents may find that hard? That others may pick a different path from their own?"

Morgana shrugs her shoulders. "My mother didn't really have a path, aside from find a rich husband. So, it won't be hard to deviate from that since I do not intend to marry for several years." Which is something some of the girls she's spoken have found very perplexing.

Anthony waits until she's taken a sip, and totally deadpan says, "Well, good. I want you to be certain before you accept me."

Andromena would say possibly even the boys would find that strange. After all, both her father and Anthony's own married at about nineteen. Even she would probably feel anxious about 'spinsterhood' if she wasn't married at an 'appropriate' age. And there goes Anthony, saying…things. Such things. "Marriage isn't so bothersome as is the notion of babies," said thoughtfully.

Of course he would wait until she was drinking. Morgana coughs, of course, when Anthony makes his little stunt. Clearing her throat, her cheeks obviously color and she shakes her head. "I can't accept any proposals if I choke on the wine." She says, reaching for water this time.

Anthony looks slightly shame faced. Just slightly, and pours it for her. "A good point. I shall be sure to protect you from that, then?" Still absolutely deadpan comedy.

Andromena thinks Anthony really ought to consider a path in comedy. She busies herself by moving the food around on her plate. Very important, that. "Anthony is actually a really good swimmer, so…if you were ever at risk of drowning…" More food is pushed around. Conversation failure.

"That's good to know." Morgana says to Mena, however anything else she has to say about it she just holds into herself. Besides, she's a little embarrassed from snarfing the wine, so for now she'll just nibble on her food.

Anthony munches away, "So, we're not dreadful, are we? I mean, we Rowles."

"Adam, I say, ADAM," Great Uncle Siegfried hollered across the distance between them. Which was not all that much, it must be noted. "Tell your little girlfriend - Antonia, was it? Tell her I know the perfect set of runes to repel stains." He leaned forward, held up a hand to the side of his face as he whisper-yelled. "Not the most graceful of women, but," a whistle. "At least she's pretty." This as Anthony asks his innocent little question. "Andromena, love, be a dear and pass your uncle that plate?" Seems he remembered her just fine.

"That.. has yet to be determined." Morgana says, and when G.U.S. starts calling her random names, she raises her brow just a touch. "Ehm, thank you sir. I know quite a fair amount of runes myself, but I am always eager to learn more." She says politely, though the way she leans back in her chair might suggest that she's trying to become invisible.

Anthony clears his throat, "Anthony, Great Uncle!" He looks to Morgana, "Actually, he really is pretty good at runes. So maybe it will be something new."

"No accounting for taste these days," Siegfried says as he looks directly at Morgana, again assuming her name to be Anthony. "It isn't your fault, dear, your parents just didn't have any sense." Andromena looks to Morgana apologetically. So their uncle was a total kook, but Anthony was right. He was really was good at runes. Can't take that from the man.

"No I suppose they did not." Morgana says to the elder gentleman and takes in a long slow breath. Granted, she is named after a famous Sorceress, so that might not be much better. "If we have time after dinner than maybe. I don't want to over stay my welcome."

Anthony says softly, "You can stay, can't you, Morgana? You can… I mean…" He glances a little nervously to his parents, "It's not _too_ late."

His parents give the okay that Morgana may stay to hear dear Great Uncle give one of his infamous rune lectures. Which…are actually entertaining, because as crazy as he might seem 99 percent of the time, when it came to runes the fellow's brain focused in and he was once again the energetic, knowledge-hungry Siegfried Rowle of…thirty years ago. Andromena would have to ask him at some point about a few items of interest she'd been pondering! Meanwhile, the wizard in question continued to eat.

Morgana shakes her head at Anthony. "I can stay for the lecture, than I will need to head home." Morgana will lower her voice again. "I cannot stay over night, I have already explained why. You're toeing the line again Anthony." With that she'll turn to her wine glass once more.

Anthony nods, not arguing. Yep. It seemed Morgana picked up what Andy did not. He leans back, "Agreed. Can I tempt you to Dweedle's party, or shall I be going on my own?"

That did catch Andromena's attention. "Is Dweedle's party still the same night as Alphard's?" She asks.

Anthony shakes his head to Andromena. "No. Thankfully someone talked her out of that one!"

Morgana shakes her head. "I have plans the night of Dweedles party, so you will have to be on your own." She says lightly.

Anthony gives a little nod, "Ah well. I'll try and have fun anyway! Thanks for the thought, though! And perhaps you can let Black know we'll both be there, Andy?" Oooh, is that a slightly defiant air to Tony? So it seems, but it's the last spark for the evening, and he drifts into a quiet and thoughtful, yet polite, background presence for the rest of the evening.

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