(1938-12-29) Morning After Whiskey
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Summary: After surviving an otherwise whiskey-blotted, cringe-inducing party, Silas sneaks down tot he pub to get a little hair of the dog, and a plate of greasy food. Oddly enough, he finds a friend there, and talk eventually turns to scheming.
Date: 29 December, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Hair of the dog. That's what he needs. It's nor quite noon, but late enough that breakfast is long overdue. Silas, however, had spent a much-needed, long overdue oversleep after the disastrous party the night before. Genevieve had done her best to keep him hydrated… but whatever whiskey they'd had there was clearly low-shelf, because the aftereffects are still bashing at the inside of his skull. Food. He needed food.
Walking up to the bar, Silas speaks quietly to the keep there, ordering a watered-down butterbeer, two glasses of water, and far more eggs and sausage, with white gravy, than anyone would expect him to be able to put away. Butterbeer and waters in hand, he then shambles over to a darker booth to wait on his food, and nurse the headache away.

Morgana sort of slinks down from the rooms above, keeping herself pressed against the wall as if she is sneaking away from something. However once she gets into the pub proper, she attempts to make it look like she came from anywhere else. She too, appears to be hungry, but she orders something far lighter than the greasy monstrosity that Silas ordered. Once she has her food and a bit of tea, she scans the room for somewhere to sit. Spotting Silas and his table, she'll slowly walk over. THere is a stiffness in her gait, as if she slept some where uncomfortable. "Afternoon." She says quietly, still trying to act as if she hadn't come from upstairs. "Do you mind company, or shall I let you brood in your dark corner?"

Blink. Blink. Now there's a voice that Silas wasn't expecting to hear. Taking another sip of his butterbeer, the boy motions to the seat across from him, "Please, join me, Morganna." He finally looks up at her, and the grin widens apace. "I could use someone to join me in this misery." His monstrosity is still cooking, at least, so it may take a bit before she has to watch him make a mess of it.
Once she takes a seat, Silas offers a wry smile, looking her over for a moment,, "Have yourself a good night last night?"

Morgana sits down in the seat and actually winces a bit before she settles in. "Misery? What ever has you down Silas?" She questions with a faint smile, though from the state of things she may have a guess. She takes a sip from her tea and when he questions about her night she nearly chokes on it. It takes her a moment to clear her throat and raise her brows. "My night? It was dull of course. Just a regular old night, that's all. Nothing exciting happening what so ever. Just a night." Clearing her throat again she'll look him over. "And yours?"

Silas doesn't buy it for a moment, and looks squarely at Morgana with a grin that could almost be counted as wicked. "Well… for starters, I went to a party." That one should be a shock. The only party last night was a more… adult fare. Which would suggest crashing even if it were open door. "Whereupon I was immediately assaulted by a tonsil-stealing woman, who might possibly have been part human, part mastiff, wearing a bodice half her size and who was nearly twice my age… all for hesitating under the mistletoe, was chastised for not wearing blue by someone named 'Zack' who was obsessed with kissing teachers, met Ria's older brother, who seems to fancy Jenny, spent time carousing with an auror, and discovered that not all whiskey is created equal." He points at his Butterbeer. "Thus this."
And then, after all that, the boy grins through a wince caused by his slight run-on there, "That, and today I discovered that my friend is a bad liar." Smirk. Grin. Sip.

Morgana raises her brows and had heard of that party. "It sounds like.. you' had a very enlightening experience. I learned, last year, that whisky and I do not get along, no matter what shelf they decide to put it on." ANd she hasn't touched it since that day. "Ah yes, I ran into Ria's brother as well, when I was cauldron shopping. He seemed.. delightful." She says in a doubtful tone. However as he calls her out on her lie she'll raise her brow and try the best innocent look she can manage. "I can be a good liar when I want to be. You just caught me off guard." Though she has paled just a bit, as her mind starts putting together the details of everything that happened the night before.

"Enlightening is certainly one way to put it," Silas offers, and chuckles, even as his heart-stopping brunch is place before him. He grins, eyes showing a slight ravenous nature to them, although he at least is in control as he takes appropriately-sized bites. Always in control, this one, if he can help it.

You say, "Let us just say that lessons learned, and boundaries set, but all for the greater good in the end. One such lesson is don't trust drink you haven't brought yourself." he explains with a grin.
There is a bit of concern in his eyes, however, as he asks next, "I may have caught you off guard, and we may be jesting a bit, but the concern is real. Is all well, Morgana? Or are you, like me, simply working off the vestiges of last night's folly? I may be a bit less than perfect at the moment, but that doesn't mean I don't have the wherewithal to rouse up a mob if someone or something needs crushing." Again with the grin."

"I do find it easier if I buy the bottle myself. After all, I can't complain if I bought it myself." Morgana says thoughtfully. "However I think you have learned your lesson well, my dear friend." She says with a smirk before she clears her throat again. There may be a flush rushing up her cheeks and she nods. "Yes, I am working off last night. Though, mine wasn't drinking, and that is all I am going to say about it in mixed company." She says sternly. "And yet, you are the third person to claim to want to come to my aid? It is a very bizarre notion for me."

Head-tilt. Silas takes another small bite of egg, waiting to finish it before he continues. "It's what friends do, Morgana. At least in my definition of it. We provide aid, comfort, and succor for those we allow close to us." He then smiles, actually batting slightly at her hand, "Without asking for detail, then, can I assume someone has decided to shake off a bit of the past, then, and take a chance again? Because I cannot begin to express just how much pleasure it would give me to hear this, were it so." After all, that had been a major subject in their last private conversation.

"I know, I apparently haven't had many before and it's a bit of an adjustment. I'm so used to fending and standing up for myself that when others want to step in I don't know when to say.. yes you should, or no I can handle it." Morgana says, watching as he swats at her hand. "Ehm well. Yes. Sort of. It's complicated but.. yes, for good or ill I am trying to shake off the past." She says with a nod, seeming to be okay with explaining it that way, over what it really is.

"You realize now that, once we're not in open and public company, I'm going to be of a mind to wriggle more information from you, but I'll leave it be for now," Silas offers, and shockingly has made pretty decent work of his dish; where it all could possibly be going is anyone's guess. He's definitely changed in the past few months, that's for certain.
"The past exists as chains for us, Morgana. It's always for good when we slip them, I think." He offers before taking another bite. "But know that I've always got a willing, and discreet, ear available should you need it. We shouldn't stand alone. Can't, really. Without others our foundations are but sand… and will crumble beneath us in the end." A definite change in worldview.

Morgana bites her lip and looks back at her tea, becuase she hasn't bothered with her porriage. Than again she isn't a growing boy like Silas is. Morgana is even a touch amazed at how much food he's putting away. "I hope you've recovered enough, I would hate for that breakfast to be wasted as it revisits you." She teases just a bit. "I.. I don't know what I can tell you. All of this is wrapped up in secrets and lies that one mistep is going to bring it all crashing down. Like I said, it's complicated."

She'll go quiet as he continues to speak of pasts and chains and once he is done she'll laugh slightly. "Do I know you? Because last I checked, my friend liked to brood on his own and not worry about foundations, let alone the sand beneath them."

Silas nods, "I had a good keeper last night, who has had a bit more experience in the art of recovery than I." A pause, and then a smile, "Or perhaps I should say Chaser, although in the end it is all the same. Aside from the headache, I'm fine. I just haven't had much other than a bit of fruit and cheese since lunch yesterday. And knowing me I'm probably growing again… one last spurt before the end."
At the next bit he nods, "I can… understand those complexities. At least to a point. My own just ended recently… and even then cannot be spoken of, aside from misdirection and half-truths such as this. But the offer still stands, even if you cannot take it."
At the final bit, however, he laughs, and shakes his head, "Perhaps you don't. I certainly don't. That boy has had a very… enlightening few months. He's learned just how much his view of the world was based on the lies and prejudices of his parents, and that he wants no part of it. So… he, being me… has had to force himself to reevaluate much." He grins up at her, and the smile is a mixture of pain now, too. "And I know for one I can't be alone anymore. I still like my silences and my meditations, and brooding… but I can't stay in the shell any longer."

"Well then, I am glad you were so well cared for, and it seems to have done you some good." Morgana will smirk at his mention of growing and shake her head. "I am glad that I am not getting any taller, I would fear what would happen should I dare go over six feet." She says thoughtfully before she leans forward. "You have said very little of your situation, so I have no advice to give but.." SHe'll bite her lip and look back toward the rooms above. "I would be willing to lend an ear. I am good at keeping secrets, and I need to have better practice with it, since it will become my life here in a few short months."

"There must always be room for a good brood, or a silence, since those things are great for reflection, but you can't always be in there, and you can't alwayd dive into your work." She says and it sounds more like advice to herself than to him. "So, what prejudices have you freed yourself from?"

Silas finishes off his feast, grinning down at it for a moment, before he looks back at Morgana. "I didn't speak much of it because I couldn't. And parts I still can't. She is my closest friend, that much I can say. There was, and is, simply… complication. You could say I was the 'other man'… but am no longer. My place now is undefined and tenuous… but I take what I can have with a happy heart." A sigh, and he looks away, "As much as it can be in such, strangeness."
"But is has been good for me. Because I've seen through much. My family… sees others in ways I cannot. As tools, no more, no less. My mother weaves lies and deceit like a spider after prey. Even the deal with young Miss Urquart was a part of this. She convinced the girl that I was in love with her, so she would throw herself at me… all because mother was upset that I chose to pursue someone she hadn't chosen. And Father? A man with not an ounce of love in his body, for neither wife or child, or any other. Everything is contracts and controls with him… and he makes Medusa's work at chess-play look mediocre in comparison."
"I can't use lies, or people like them. I know my house is known for its love of intrigue, and I openly revel in it too… but I can't follow them. I find I even rail against their philosophical allegiances, and the things they've taught me about blood, just because I know the lies that stand behind them." A look goes around, "Although I guess that may not be as wise an admittance."

Morgana lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding and shakes her head, while a rueful smile crosses her lips. "To think, we have found ourselves in similar situations, without even knowing it. It is strangeness, and there isn't something that flat out tells you how to deal with it, nor many people you can ask about it. So many secrets buliding up to lies and in the end there will only be madness." Someone is feeling a touch pessimistic.
Hearing of the Urquart girl and how she was played, makes Morgana shake her head. "Again, these are things I have not had to deal with. No one expects me to marry well. Although I am sure either one of my parents would like to make alliances, I believe they know better than to ask me to do anything of the sort. Your father sounds like a very charming man." She comments lightly, trying to make a bit of a joke about it.
His words do cause her to pause for a moment, and she seems to think some things over just a bit. "Tell me." She says lowering her voice again. "What do you think of Flint's little club he started at school."

Silas is silent for a moment, before he reaches out, and this time just touches Morgana's hand… a light touch, but clearly a symbolic gesture for him. Although he doesn't replay to the admittance of the similarity between their circumstance, he allows that touch, accepted, to convey the commiseration instead.
A moment or two passes, and then he nods, "He's a monster… although not so bad as my mother, I think. Both of them. I think the only reason I am not a mirror image of the two combined is that neither took the time to raise me. I never thought I would ever be thankful for that."
And then the question. His hand retracts, slowly, and he thinks on it a moment, "On the outside, the club itself seems a farce to me. I've heard you have connection to it, so understand that I say this with all due respect, but it seems to be a way for select students to claim their allegiance in a struggle that the staff should not rightly be declaring sides in, and giving them direct advantages for doing so. It is not something I would join, myself, even though I've been given offer; even if I shared the beliefs they apparently hold, such a bold political move seems… rash to me."

Once he touches her hand, Morgana will reach over with her other and touch the back of his, making a sort of hand pile for a moment before he pulls it away. "I feel the same way, though my mother is.. not so much of a monster as she is waste of flesh and bone." She replies dryly. "She fancies things that are trivial, and spends her coin on pretty frocks, and fancy hair styles. She spoils her other child, trying to buy her affections than attempt create an actual bond with her. She is raised by a governess, to while I was raised by my grandparents who set better rules for me than they did their own daughter.
When he mentions her 'connection' to the group she frowns, reaches down in her shirt and pulls out the sapphire pendant that she wears. "I have no connection to them." She says with a growling sigh. "I go to one bon fire and everyone believes I have joined up. So please, speak freely Silas." However his words do cause her to nod her head. "It is rash, and foolish and I do not like having to deal with it, but I am not sure if there is anything to be done about it."

"My apologies for the assumption then," Silas offers, even as he digests her talk about her mother. Much in common, indeed. He sits there for a moment, finishing off the rest of his butterbeer before actually speaking. "The club, I was complete there in my assessment. My feelings on the matter, however…" he frowns, finger poking at the tines of his fork.
"I don't care for Muggles. For the most part they don't interest me. They're not a part of my world, and I would prefer for them to stay that way. Mixed bloods?" He says the last specifically, avoiding the phrase others might use, "I've no problems with. I'll not mix my line with theirs, but that's a matter of personal preference and propriety. But I don't adhere to the rubbish thought that blood has any impact on aptitude or power. And that, just as much as its connection to Grindelwald's nonsense, is why I've no want to be part of that little club."
"What /can/ be done of it? Short of the Ministry removing Flint entirely? It's his game, and we're playing in it. It's his tune, and we're forced to march to it, or suffer the consequences, no?"

"It's a rumor, a nasty one at that, but nothing more." Morgana says with a shake of her head. "I feel much the same, than again, I have spent most of my life considering myself to be a half-blood, so it's hard to really get into that mentality." Morgana says with a shrug. "I don't want to join either, it's… not my cup of tea." Frowning she'll raise her brows. "Well yes, that is really all that can be do about it, but we have such little power against that. It's not like I can march into the Minstry and go, 'I think Flint is doing a poor job.' and have anyone care."

Silas sit there for a moment, thinking… if there's nothing he likes more, it's plotting and planning, when the cause is just. "It would require… more than just one of us. Or ten. Or a hundred. Students. Professors. Parents. Ministry workers themselves… because we'd need to know who we could lean on, who was not secretly backing this blasted movement. Because it all ties in together, a giant puzzle."

Morgana opens her mouth to say more, before she leans forward and lowers her voice. "Perhaps we should speak of this elsewhere. Do you still have access to your room?" After all, Merrythought was sacked for things she said outside of school, and Morgana doesn't seem keen on taking chances. "But you are right, it will take a lot more than us. Far more than we might even think we need."
I don't see that here.

Silas nods, and his voice has been low this entire time, but he catches the drift easily, as it has been on the minds of many, "The professor spoke out of turn, and with full conviction, without a thought to the consequences. Or the reception. But yes… this may not be the best place." He looks up the stairs, though, and considered, 'That might not be the best place either, for now. This may be a conversation to table, and consider, for now."

"Oh…" Morgana says thoughtfully, looking back toward the stairs. "I'm assuming your room is still occupied by your friend then." Clearing her throat she'll gesture toward the stairs as well. "We could use mine, they should be done cleaning it by now." She says, clearing her throat. "I just worry about having this conversation at school, but if you'd like to wait, I am sure we can find some where quiet to continue it."

Silas offers a half-grin, head turning to the side a bit, "We still have the better of a week to meet before then, and even after, it's not as if we could hold off such conversations at school if things are to move forward. I'll do some thinking. Some planning. And I'll let you know what I can offer from my end of things."

"That is true, I suppose all of it has just been so heavy on my mind, and there are so few I can speak to about it." Morgana says thoughtfully before she sighs. "But yes, plan away, I would be curious to know what you come up with, and I know one member of staff we can trust, and I was thinking of speaking with Dumbledore, but I know that will be tricky, I may need to fake someone getting in trouble so it doesn't look odd." Since she no longer takes his classes.

Silas nods in understanding, reaching across the table again to offer some support. "You've had time to think on it. I haven't. My sort of… planning doesn't work well on the fly." He pauses, "Morgana. You're head girl. Who better would have need to pull aside a teacher for a private concern now and then?" Another smile, and then he stands, "I do have… company I should be paying attention to, however, which in truth is why I can't prolong this conversation. But it will continue. I promise."

Morgana reaches out and squeezes his hand. "I'd hug you, but we're in public." Because he sort of sounds like he might have needed one earlier, and it's Morgana and she's horrible at displaying affection. "Take your time, I would love another perspective on it, and I am sure it wouldn't look weird, I am just trying to be careful. Anything you plan needs to be discrete, far too many students have outwardly opposed the club and it has not ended well." Morgana is still mourning the loss of all of those points. "But go to her, I have some things I need to do myself."

Silas offers a wide grin, even as she speaks of such unruly behavior, "Careful, or one of these days I may hug you in front of other Slytherin, just to prove a point." But he nods, thankful that he's not hearing judgment from her as he aims to leave. "If the head girl had no idea… I doubt anyone else will who shouldn't." And with that, he offers a slight bow, and moves to head back up the stairs.
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