(1938-12-30) Cure for a Hangover
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Summary: After rescuing Rena from the bad life choices she was going to make the night before, Graham takes care of his friend at his place.
Date: 1938-12-30
Location: Cohen Residence
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It's early morning, and the house of Graham Cohen appears much as it often does: silent and peaceful. Though it's sunny now, his bedroom is kept quite neutral. Given the hours he works, he often blocks the direct sunlight, which he's done today. The owner of the house isn't up there currently mind you. The sofa has a pillow and blanket on it where it appears he slept. He currently stands over a cauldron watching it simmer "Hm almost done." He walks to get something to put it in.

"Mmmhm…" Rena moans softly in her less than comfortable sleep. She begins to stir, but her head feels like it's full of buzzing bees. Painful, angry, noisy, obnoxious bees. In her half-wakeful state, the young woman's nose twitches at the smell of something very far away. But, her stomach isn't telling her that she wants whatever that smell may be - quite the opposite, in fact. And so, rather than waking fully, she groans a little again and just buries her face into the pillow.

Graham returns from the kitchen. Putting out the fire, he will ladle a bit of the stuff into a cup, and with the other hand, he grabs is some water. He looks up stairs the expression on his face likely hard to read; pained, angry? It's not something often found here but he'll grab one last thing a plate and begin making his way up stairs perhaps it's now he hears the groan pausing an instant to think before he continues. He will move the last few steps and into his room.
"Good Morning." He says, though it's not his usual friendly tone. He sets the things on the bed side table a headache potion and water and buttered toast. "The potion will cure your headache and water and toast." He'll say before backing up sitting on a chair lightly one which doesn’t have the others clothes folded neatly on it.

Rena begins to lift her head, though her eyes are barely willing to open. She squints at her surroundings and takes in the fact that she's in a strange bed in a strange room… in a robe that's a good deal larger than she is? There is a moment of silence as she rolls slowly onto her back, somewhat wound up in the sheets. "Guy…?" She asks softly.
But no, it's Graham who enters the room and says his flat 'good morning' like a disappointed older brother. A hand rises to cover her eyes and she moans again, this time rather muffled: "Unh - Graham."

The face of the Auror frowns when she assumes he is the bold pilot and he shakes his head: "No, not Guy." He then watches the other as she finally works it out. "Yes, Graham. Drink your potion and your head will hurt less."
He is still frowning "To catch you up: After nearly causing me to get into a fight with your git friend, and calling me a blood purist because I wouldn't let you leave with him, you fainted or passed out. I brought you here and changed you into my robe and here you are." He tells the story unhappily.

Sitting up in bed with a pained expression painted all over her features, Rena reaches for the headache potion with a trembling hand. Raising it to her lips she takes a sip and makes a face. It's all she can do to get it down right now.
Stopping dead as Graham recounts the events of the night before, she looks down at the loose robe she's wearing, one hand pulls at the neckline to close it reflexively: "I was about to ask just 'ow I got 'ere and 'ow the devil I got into this thing!" Another half-tick of a pause and her voice rises quite noticeably with outrage: "You mean to tell me you make all that fuss about me not making informed decisions because I'd been drinking - and then you 'ave the audacity to scrape me up off the floor like a run-over cat and 'aul me to YOUR 'ouse and undress me… I…" With her voice going so high, her head causes her to cringe in pain and she is forced to shut up.

Graham watches as she drinks the potion which will take effect rather quickly - magic and all. "Your clothes were wrecked." He begins to say when her voice raises, he holds onto his seat listening. "Have you lost the plot entirely?" He asks his voice is controlled: "Yes, I scooped you, up if it weren’t for me you'd likely be waking up in that man’s bed like last night’s leftovers," He retorts. "I brought you here.. I covered your bases with Takeshi even."
Now, Graham’s eyes flash: "Did you not hear what I said..? You called ME a blood purist.." He says, and it's hurt in his voice now for certain.

Rena angrily downs the rest of the headache potion with one gulp. Now it begins to take effect - though it hasn't quenched her anger and humiliation in the least. Her face is burning red: "For your information, 'his bed' happens to be located about thirty miles south of here!" She must be infuriated. Her H's are coming out correctly. "He drove me all the way BACK to London so he could take me home!"
It seems that Rena isn't in the least bit willing to acknowledge or admit the disastrous potential for wrongdoing in yesterday's fiasco. However, a look of genuine shame and hurt touches her features when Takeshi is mentioned. Though still under the blankets, she tucks up her knees and drapes her arms around them, murmuring: "Thank you for that."
"I didn't say you were a blood purist. I said you didn't approve of me hanging around a Squib. There are plenty who /aren't/ purists, but still would prefer a little degree of separation. You approve of Kenneth. Why don't you approve of Guy?"

The man is angry; matching anger with anger for the moment. Graham watches her, and stands up to cross a step or two only towards his bed. When her anger drains somewhat, his does a little as well. "You know I don't care who's a squib or muggle, witch or wizard, Rena," he says. Looking to her, he shakes his head: "I've known Kenneth longer, but I’d have reacted the same if you'd been drunk and about to kiss him." He looks toward the bed "Look, I’m your friend - or, well think I still am, and I care about you. I was scared. I just wanted you to make your own choices when you could think straight. You can hate me if you like, but I did the right thing."

Rena's face remains buried in her knees, and only the uncomfortable stirring as she squirms against her own self-reproach shows that she's listening. She's never known such utter humiliation, and she doesn't even fully know why she feels this badly over basically nothing. After a length of intense, heavy silence, the young woman finally raises her face and looks up at Graham: "I'm a horrible person, aren't I?" There is a small, shuddering breath, and then tears start to well in her eyes. Burying her face again, a sob escapes and she says muffledly: "Takeshi would never forgive me."
Not that she's actually DONE anything. But, guilt is a pretty vicious weapon to use on Rena.

Graham finally lets out a sigh shaking his head "No. Everyone - even I’ve been drunk - and done or thought about doing things they'd regret. Why do you think Takeashi would never forgive you?" He says a bit more softly. He completely disarmed by the tears moving he will sit on the bed and reach up unless she moves to put his hand on her shoulder.

Quietly, Rena lets out her pent up energy in the form of tears. She doesn't move away from Graham's hand. "Because… I - Guy asked me if I…" There is a lapse in communication as she sobs again before slowing into a more civilized sniffle. Graham, however, can probably put some of the pieces together by himself. "It doesn't matter now, I suppose. It's not like I did anything." Another sniff. "I should get dressed."

He moves his arm around her shoulder, but there's nothing to it but an older brother's care here. Graham listens to her, and though she doesn’t say the full thing. "He asked if you were seeing someone?" he looks over to her "Are you not happy with Takeshi? You should tell him if that's the case it might hurt now but it'd be worse otherwise." he says "You didn’t do anything, no, and that's why I did what I did, I hope you'll forgive me some day but I’m not sorry." he nods though pulling his wand out he'll point them "Scourgify! Reparo!" the clothes are cleaned and repaired, "I can leave the room or you can use the bathroom but owe me some more talking." he says giving a half smile before he'll stand up wither way.

Hugged gently by Graham, Rena’s crying begins to lesson, however, his question is what seems to finally snap her out of it. Did Guy ask if she was seeing anyone? She stares at him through a tear-soaked face and just stays silent for a moment, considering how on earth…
“He already /knew/ I was seeing someone.” She finally replies deadpan. Another sniff, and she nudges Graham off with a faint but good-natured smile: “Sure, we can talk more when I’m dressed.”
The man is sent from the room for a few minutes, and Rena opens the door once she has dressed herself again. Now she moves over to a mirror to try and fix her frizzled hair. She hasn’t answered either question really – which Graham will surely notice.

Graham is wrong but it's not a surprise she didnt give him much to go on really. He does leave the room when requested though he re-enters the room he watches her "You look just fine." he says with a chuckle guessing his potion making skills havent gone completely slack afterall. "Okay so he knew you were seeing someone, so what is it then?" he will ask picking up pretty much where they left off. "If you need anything let me know hm I have food suppose I should have offered the shower before hand but it's there." he says listing some things off a bit though he's still slightly annoyed.

Rena continues to busy herself at the mirror, but her hands stop and her expression falls slightly when Graham persists in the question she doesn't really want to answer. Her lips part briefly and she looks at the man in the reflection, rather than having to face him squarely. "He wanted to give me the kinds of experiences I've never had before." She can't possibly put it any more plainly without sounding crude and unladylike.
Now, Rena finally moves over to the toast and water. Her stomach can take a little nourishment, and she needs something to hide behind before Graham answers. He's not going to like what she said.

The auror understands the meaning this time though his eyes go wide. "Then I was right to intervene when I did." Graham says easily enough though no confusion or regret behind these words. He follows her to where she moves to eat the toast "I dont understand Rena.. I thought you were happy." he pauses but his eyes dont leave her. "Your sober now, do you understand now though he if KNEW you were with someone and still offered that he's not a gentlemen nor a very good person." this sort of seels how Graham sees the pilot no misunderstanding.

Rena's cheeks are hot and red now. Her dark eyes continue to remain averted from Graham fully as she takes some toast and begins to nibble on it furtively. Good thing the water is there. It almost seems to turn to ash in her mouth.
Chewing and swallowing and sipping - she finally does reply in an extremely quiet voice: "I am happy, Graham. I love Takeshi very much and I'm quite sure no one has ever loved me more." It's odd then, to note a sound of fleeting sadness in her voice.
"However you feel about Guy," she says abruptly, changing the subject: "I'm going to be an adult about this. He is my friend and this isn't going to stop me from seeing him when I can."

Graham continues to lean at first against the wall lightly. He does push off to stand though. "That is good, but I sense a “but” in there." he is an auror after all, and not completely useless most of the time. He moves to stand closer to her though her words bring another flash to his eyes. "I don't think much of him no." his eyebrow raises at her words "Rena you are an adult and I stopped you this time because you were drunk, but a friend doesn't knowingly do something which will harm you." he shakes his head "If he is a friend after that then what the hell am I to you?" he asks a bit harshly.

Rena tries her best not to look hurt by the question. Her expression belies the inner struggle, though, and she turns her eyes to meet his again: "You /are/ my friend," she says thinly with a lump in her throat, quite clearly. "He /wasn't/ going to hurt me! Gods, Graham! Not everybody is like you. You can't expect me to place everyone into a box and compare them with you and say: If this person is like Graham, then they can be my friend. The world is a lot bigger and full of a lot more kinds of people… I don't know how to explain this to you, but I /need/ Guy. And," She pauses, looking away, "I think in some respect, he may need me."
"Graham…" her look softens, and she pleads now: "Try to understand? Even if you can't, just bear with me? I don't /have/ family like you do to turn to when things go wrong. But if it makes you feel better, I won't let anything wrong happen between Guy and me."

"You have friends who want what's best for you, like myself. I know Rhyeline really likes you too, and others." Graham tries to calm down her words: "It's not about being like me. I'm not perfect, not even close to it." His voice has softened much more. "I am trying to get across that saying all the right things, whatever he had said, is not the same as speaking a spell. People get hurt. Look at Laurence. Phil had an open relationship seeing both and he ended up in the hospital. I don't want you to hurt. Because I do care about you." He is looking into her eyes now if she'll meet his. "I can ask no more than that nothing wrong happening between you. I know that feeling. How do you think things started with Rhyeline and I? It was like an instant bond."

Rena does look into Graham's eyes, and quite seriously at that. A weak smile tries to form. She just seems kind of tired and sad on some level right now. It's been a trying night and morning. "I know you only want what's best for me, luv. I'll get by, though. I can take care of myself." She always says that - but now, there is less assurance than usual. A little of that bubbly bounce seems to have gone as well.
A small sigh, and then she realizes the time and goes to retrieve her overcoat: "I'd better get going. Thank you for taking care of me and all - I didn't much deserve it." She says genuinely. Stopping beside her friend, she lays a hand on his arm and gives a gentle squeeze. Leaning in to kiss him lightly on the cheek, she adds: "I forgot that New Years Eve is tomorrow. Happy New year, Graham. In case I don’t see you."
Then, she moves toward the door, stopping with a puzzled look on her face: "There's just one thing I don't understand. Where's my hat?"

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