(1938-12-31) Alley Cats
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Summary: In which Lea surprises Anthony in a Dark Alley, and Silas joins them. Continued in *To be Confirmed*
Date: 1938-12-31
Location: West Knockturn Alley

Anthony pads through the alley, looking around, and a little ill at ease. But curious nonetheless. The shoulders are slumped once more, the gait more 'him'. It's as if the Devil had never been

Lea walks with the same poise and carriage that she has always possessed, head held high, no slumping to her shoulders; a blue dress on with a wide cold collar, over which a equally matching mink stole is worn. She's accessorized for the weather. And unlike her housemate, looks all too comfortable here. But the same icey demeanor's returned, as if the Witch never was.

Anthony starts slightly at the sound of a footfall. There's a twitch, as the youth goes for his wand, and then relaxes. "Oh! Rashley!"

It's a sharp abrupt climb of the girl's brow when the boy actually goes for his wand and her voice flows with all the cool chill of winter, with a bite there at the end. "Did you really think that you would pull your wand on someone Rowle? And do what? Poke them with the pointy end. Do not act so foolish."

Anthony sniffs, "I do _know_ some spells, you know, Rashley!" He sighs, "Sorry. This place has me slightly on edge. The atmosphere.." He glances around, "I was curious. Perhaps I shouldn't have c… Oh, hang on, do you need escorting somewhere?"

“Scaring them to death with Ancient Runes is going to be of absolutely no help to you, Rowle," Lea points out. Offering the suggestion of a smile that did not remain. "I have to wonder what it says, however, that the atmosphere disturbs you. I shall grant that it needs a fair scrubbing but…," but clearly she found everything else perfectly fine. "And no. Thank you. I know precisely where I am going and more, how to get there. Do you need an escort?"

Anthony ponders this a moment or two, and he finally admits, "I wouldn't mind the company, certainly. What brings you here, anyway?" He glances around once more. "It doesn't seem quite… well… upmarket enough for you. For a Rashley."

"I did not ask you if you wanted a companion. I am not of a mind, or a mood to be 'company'. However, I shall offer direction if you are in need so that you do not end up with your pockets empty and your head more addled than it already is." Clipped, oh so clipped, with just a smidgen of that matronly talking to a child, flavoring the tone. His question about what brings her, ignored.

Anthony's eyes narrow, "Come _on_ Rashley! We're the same bally age! I _think_ I can look after myself quite as well!"

"I am not the one startling at sounds and reaching for my wand just because someone came along behind me. But if you are so sure, run along then." Lea gave him a patient smile.

Anthony's eyes narrow, and he crosses his arms, "Rashley! Are you _trying_ to provoke me?" He looks annoyed, "What _is_ it with the girls in your family?"

"Is this you looking after yourself then? Folding your arms over your chest and casting such dark looks in my direction. Oh very well, Rowle, consider me….what is the word. Warned? Intimidated? Driven off?" Did Lea actually laugh? Why yes, she did. It had an edge to it too, as she began to continue onward down the street.

Anthony pauses, and then falls into step besides her, "You're in a foul mood. What's the matter?"

Lea sends an arch look in Anthony's direction. He is now, intruding. "Actually, I am not. Which only goes to show how very little you know me."

And yet that curiosity draws him on, "You've not seemed so when we've spoken in the past." A beat, "Or at least, more polite."

Lea's memory is much…different than what he is suggesting. The last time, she'd politely called him stupid for being impratical and blind. But if he remembered different? The creature smiled, it came no where near her eyes. "You were not so foolish as to reach for your wand, the last time I approached you. You are in fact quite lucky, Rowle, that you are not hauling yourself up off the ground."

You say, "Last time you approached me it was not by night in a dark alley of ill reputation!"

Lea does not justify that with a response. Instead, the silence extends and she pays attention to her steps, to see, if when she angles to turn a corner, he intends on following her. Not that she turns one. But the suggesting steps are taken.

Anthony does so. Yep. He's strolling along, in overcoat and hat, and generally looking a bit out of place. Which is maybe not the best option for here. "I heard there was a bookshop down here."

Lea almost stopped walking abruptly just to see if he'd keep on going or how long it might take him to notice that she hadn't. But…at..no. No mind changing. She did. Just…stopped. Completely.

Tock, tock, tock. The sound of a cane on cobbles slowly approaches the area, Silias getting as much use to a certain Christmas present as he can before having to go back. Knockturn isn't exactly a place he finds himself often, but he's heard of an inkseller here who can get him a deal far better than what he's had to pay in Hogsmeade, so off he's gone to check its veracity.
He's not so much dressed to impress today as he would on others, but that doesn't mean he's not properly dressed. Indeed, full robes, several layers, lightening shades of silken green starting at near-black as it suggests each layer. Black gloves, black boots just barely visible where the robes don't quite meet the ground.
His mood? Somber, yet with a smile. However that might be.

Interestingly for someone who seems off in a world of his own, Tony manages to make his own abrupt stop smoothly, "May I help you with something, Rashley? A cramp, perhaps?"

"No. I wanted to be sure whether or not you were actually following me. Now that I have established it, I am not entirely sure what to make of your presumptiousness." Lea replied, in a perfectly level tone while she considered the baser instinct of sending him bouncing down the street. But that would be…rude. The tock tock tock, doesn't seem to bother her, for all she waits, before completing the turn to take her into East Knockturn, to see whether or not Rowle startles again.

Anthony shrugs, "As you wish, Rashley. Actually, I was looking to see if I could find this shop. This way seems as good as any." A beat, "And a defenseless maiden, on her own, in the dark….. seems polite to kill two birds with one stone." Because, obviously, that assessment is right on any level. He glances over towards the clicking noise.

The sound of the cane comes closer, as the two were stationary, at least for the moment. Long enough, at least, for him to hear lea's statement. A brow rises as he looks at the two Ravenclaws, something almost appearing to be a smirk coming to his lips, "An unfair assessment, Rowle, if memory serves. Defenseless assumes so very much about a young woman, and is oftentimes not a wise assessment to make public." He pauses as he watches Lea turn again, curiosity threatening to get the better of him.

Anthony turns at the voice, "Or a distraction, so any attack comes against me, rather than her." There's a faint sigh, "But if I am unwelcome, I shall push off, Rashley!"

"And you would take an attack for me?" Lea inquires, the question not so sharp as the others, though neither was it soft. Those dark eyes watching with the kind of intense speculation often found in teachers who looked down on students suspected of cheating. Or…lying, as the case may be. The addition of a third yet to be acknowledged as she waited on Rowle's response.

Lips quirking just a bit as he hears and smells what would be a trap coming from someone in his own house, Silas pauses, then, waiting for the older boy to respond, to see how this goes. And so he stands silent, can angled in front of him with both hands atop it, head tilted.

Anthony gives the blonde a slight shrug, "Of course. Who wouldn't?" It's less clear where it's for Lea in particular, a Rashley in general, a witch, or any woman. Nice and specific, there, Tony. "I mean, what else would one be supposed to do?"

"I shall keep that in mind," Lea replied and then, did the strangest thing. She offered her arm. "I shall show you to the bookstore." Simple. Curt. But polite. "And you are welcome to join us, should you but care to." The Slytherin boy was recognized, faintly but as he wasn't in Black's inner circle, her knowledge was mostly academic and from a distance.

The Slytherin boy, so called, nods his head, offering as he steps closer a simple, "My thanks. I'm actually looking for a particular inkseller… Murkhart by name. Not truly familiar with his shop, so… adventure it will be, no?" He looks at the two, trying to place the girl's name… not being too familiar with any Ravenclaws other than Morgana, although he did catch the commonality of name.
Anthony he knows, however, through Medusa. And Silas he offers, "So, Rowle… be in any snowball fights, lately?"

Anthony gives Silas a faint smile, "No. No, I haven't." He takes the offered arm, and tucks it through his, "And thank you, Rashley. I do appreciated it. But please, do your task first!"

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