(1938-12-31) Apothelypto
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Summary: Andromena, joined by Edgar, intends to restock her supply of potion ingredients. Edgar gets attacked by an old woman who seems to think the teens are up to no good.
Date: 1938-12-31
Location: Black's Apothecary

After much roaming about, Andromena passed by the Apothecary - twice. The first time the thought niggled at her, and the second time she just had to go inside. A bit of personal shopping before school resumed, you see. There weren't very many people inside - an old witch chatting with the proprietor, and then some bookish fellow further to the back. As Andromena entered, she was given a friendly enough greeting before being asked if she required any assistance. She politely declined. With firm intent, she made her way towards one of the tables running the length of the room.

"I used up some of my personal stores," she said to her companion, Edgar Carrow. "So I figured since I'm here, may as well restock." Slim hands began to rifle through the various ingredients, checking their tags and moving on as soon as she saw they weren't what she desired.

"Mine are still pretty much intact since that little accident," Edgar admits with a brief laugh, helping Andromena by carrying whatever is it that she finds as decent procurable ingredients. He glances sidelong at the Ravenclaw when she passes by particularly valuable but common alchemical components, which prompts him to ask, "What, by Merlin's beard, are you looking to make?"

Caught on quick, did he? That was what she got for keeping friends with a modicum of intelligence. If it were any of the other males kept in Alphard's Slytherin pack, then she could have at least felt assured none would bother to question her. There's a look sent Edgar's way, and it is at once sly and secretive. Neither of which Andromena believed she was very capable of achieving though the truth was, as it always is, by far more interesting.

"I'm looking, in general, for ingredients used in remedies and curatives. I'm also interested in any ingredients you might see that function on their own." As many things contained plenty of properties by their own merit before ever being combined with another. "Extra practice for my time spent in the infirmary," said with a little smile.

"That one," Edgar points at a vial with a yellowish, almost sickly pale tone. "I think that's vitriol, isn't it? I hear it can cure bad tempers. Or something." Kids, don't try to imbibe sulphuric acid thinking it will improve your mood at home, please. "And that one." He points at a reddish powder.

Andromena nodded, and reached for the aforementioned vitriol. "Ah, and here, Black snakeroot," said as she took up a small pouch and began to deposit some within. Luckily she'd grabbed a tote so that Edgar wasn't forced to juggle all the various ingredients she intended to purchase. "This Bitterroot, and some Wintergreen…" Andromena enjoyed the act of brewing potions, of taking several different components and turning them into something even more powerful than their individual parts.

So far, all that she had selected were indeed useful when it came to treating sickness or injury, if some were a little more expensive than others, then Andromena did not seem to mind…though she knew from recent events that her current allowance was much lighter, even for being post-holidays.

"You must really love the Herbology classes. Even when the plants are actually actively trying to hurt people, I bet," Edgar remarks wryly as he moves along with Andromena down the aisles of the apothecary. Really, it's surprising that he's even in a chipper enough mood to get along with doing this. And if her allowance is lighter, well, the Carrow can help. Sort of.

"Don't tell Alphard that," she said in a whisper, as if he were around to hear! But her grin said that it wasn't actually a big deal. He made fun of her for not just getting a house elf to do the gardening for her or something, and while Andromena did not care for gardening for its sake alone, she did enjoy the knowledge gained from it; the feeling of mastery. Perhaps few others would understand, but when one hungered for knowledge in its myriad forms, even growing a plant could be viewed as a success.

"Here we are," said as she plucked up a few more items, one of which she didn't seem to remember to name aloud for Edgar. Then she was moving on, towards where the majority of liquids were kept. Andromena isn't giving Carrow the opportunity to be a moper, not around her. She isn't being a happy-go-lucky twit, mind, that's simply not her style. "I don't have much more to get here."

"Why exactly are you…" Edgar shuts up after a moment, he can connect the dots. And instead, looks a deep, deep shade of red. Gosh, it sure got warm in the wintertime, didn't it? He nods once to what Andromena says and follows after her, apparently deciding that curiosity is probably not the best problem to which he needs a solution right now.

Andromena isn't looking at Edgar, and thank Merlin for it, too, because the shade of red his skin has taken would give it all away, and THEN wouldn't she be horrified! One can only hope he manages to return to normal whenever she does happen to glance in his direction. A few vials are selected and placed within her tote and Andromena gives all her accumulated items a once-over. Satisfied, she nods to herself before saying, "Hm, what? Oh, these are really rather simple. You can use them in tinctures for coughs and sore throats. My uncle was trying to inscribe a new rune he was working on and well…" She shook her head, unwilling to reveal much about the mad antics of beloved but crazy Siegfried. "Anyway, he broke what we had in stock so I promised my mother I'd grab of some more." Oh Meanie, the biggest lie you ever told was the one to yourself: you know, where you said you weren't any good at being duplicitous.

"I, uh, yeah, sure," Edgar replies with a genial smile, just letting her put all the bottles she wants in the bag, because he's there to chill about it and honestly he should have expected that coming. He nods once about the antics of her uncle. "You really know a lot about these things," he murmurs after a moment, once his face is no longer some shade of red.

Expected what!? Everything she had selected was perfectly innocent on its own. In fact, all she had gathered was a supply worthy of any Healer's personal stock. Andromena was merely trying to prepare herself for…things to come. As she made her way towards the counter to pay for everything, she turned toward Edgar with a smile that could have been considered smug.

"I like to know as much as I am able," this too, was said with some superiority. Andromena wasn't lording over Edgar so much as allowing herself a much-needed indulgence of her own ego. "Ignorance leaves you out of control, and…" A shrug as she passed her tote over to the woman behind the counter, who then began to unload it. The senior witch she had been chatting with stood off to one side, looking at the pair in a friendly, grandmotherly fashion. To see youth so interested in the art! "Who likes to feel stupid, or that they cannot control what happens to them? It's all very- "

In that moment, Edgar is quite thoroughly THWAPPED upside the head by the old woman's knitted purse. "You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!" Came her decrepit banshee's shriek. Andromena was not spared in the assault. Having seen the attack on Edgar, she threw up her arms to deflect the blow.

"MERLIN," she yelled, unable to stop herself from doing so. "Settle yourself!" Whap, whap! More dull thumps, what did she keep in there, cotton balls?

"Your mothers would just DIE if they knew what you were doing! Stop the sale, stop the sale!" The saleswoman had pause, mouth hanging open slightly as her customers were assailed by a typically sweet woman. She had to pull back Andromena's supplies in order to keep their aggressor from stealing it away!

"There's no need for this behavior, Myrna." To Edgar and Andromena she mouthed one word, "Paranoia."

"Well, knowledge is po—- augh! Get off of me!" Edgar protests as he is pursed on the head again and again, pushing aside Andromena to take the brunt of it again. He can, after all, take the punishment. Never trust a girl to do so without her being on the tackleball team or something! "Oh," he remarks to the saleswoman, before looking sidelong to Andromena, "Maybe… uh, we should get out of here and fast."

"I'm not a bloody Dark Wizard," said around Edgar and to the frothing Myrna. Andromena could have a bit of a temper when push came to shove, and old ladies weren't to be spared! She was able to pay for her things while Edgar shielded her, and indeed, the other woman from the furious swings of that atrociously garish purse. Apparently, there wasn't any arthritis in that granny. Hurriedly shouldering her bag, Andromena nodded toward the door.

"Don't think I don't recognize you," Myrna shouted at Edgar. In all actuality, she did not recognize him for who he was, but instead another. Now some poor young man's mother was going to receive an outrageous letter that he and his no-good harpy of a girlfriend had been caught purchasing items that only women of ill-repute had knowledge of! Not to mention an assortment of poisons fit for only the most evil of evil minds.

As Andromena darted out, and was some distance away from the Apothecary's door, she shook her head at Edgar, and then began to laugh. She pointed at him, laughed some more. "You- you should have seen the look on her face when she first hit you!" Her laughter continued, unashamed.

"I…" Edgar shakes his head, "I swear by Merlin, these old hags…" He laughs at the end. He knows what's worse about it: she saw the potions that Andromena was putting in the bag! Surely it must have been that, given what she said…

Andromena shakes her head, sighing as she does so. "I guess we…have something funny to talk about? The Crow, as he's buying his secret ingredients for the Dark Arts, is nearly foiled by Knitting Nanny!" She waggles her fingers at Edgar, 'oooing' for effect. It's not every day ones mundane shopping turns into something like that; which is to say, an aged assault. "I'm just glad she didn't break any of these vials, otherwise I may have taken it as a sign and introduced her to my great uncle."

"With those crazy women you never know what they're going to do," Edgar laughs at Andromena's teasing, especially the waggling fingers and oohing for effect. He is amused at it for a few moments until he realizes that something hurts when he smiles too much — maybe the lady was carrying some lead to go with all the cotton balls. Or, you know, coins. "I forgot to get ingredients, myself. Needed a few potions for when the classes restart."

"Maybe you'll be better off going to MacDiarmarda's," suggested with a squint back towards where they had just fled. And Edgar, perhaps smiling only hurts because you rarely ever do it. Looking grim and dour all the time tends to cause such problems. If it is, indeed, capable of being considered a true problem.

"I just prefer this place for the scent," said as she jerked her thumb towards it.

Well played, well played. "Ah," Edgar replies as he follows the jerked thumb towards the respective store. "It might have a more unique aroma," he seems to agree with that. "But we'll check that out later. First, we must get all this shopping to wherever you store these things. Your vault?"

"At home," she answers, beginning to head in the general direction of a floo-location. If Edgar was willing to meet up with her again, Andromena would be perfectly content following him about for his errands, though she might return accompanied by her younger brother or even her cousin. If she had half the chance, she'd whine for- wait, no. She was secretly whining for Alphard's company already, which was perhaps not surprising all things considered. Then again, wasn't it said time apart made the heart grow fonder?

"I'll catch you later, Edgar," Andromena said by way of parting.

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