(1938-12-31) Premeditated Gift
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Summary: Conscious that her plan to crash Alphard's party might land her in hot water, Lucretia plans on having a gift ready to give him. Out shopping for it, she runs into Jocunda and Angus.
Date: 1938-12-31
Location: Quidditch Supplies, Diagon Alley
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The shop is fairly quiet, perhaps because its a little before lunchtime and people are naturally heading either for home or for one of the eateries scattered throughout Diagon Alley. There are a few people here within the quidditch supplies shop however; a small knot of them admiring a new Cleansweep 3, a couple trying on gloves and a diminutive figure in smart black robes that's being waited on over by another counter. The latter would be Lucretia, the girl immaculately turned out and apparently demanding quite a lot of attention from the server who's been unlucky enough to get her. "No. No not that one, its just not him. Haven't you any more?" She does follow her statement with a smile, a smile that draws a resigned from the shopkeeper before the man heads back to the stock room.

Jocunda arrives without her leathers, but /with/ a large cloak instead - Wrapped around her body as she walks into the quidditch store. The polish section is right beside the front counter, so that's where she's heading - Selecting a few well known and trusted products for her beloved Oakshaft and then approaching the counter. "Lucretia." Jocunda greets the small creature. She remembers, this time! "We seem to keep meeting."

Lucretia turns at Jocunda's voice and beams her a huge smile. "Miss Sykes! Hello. Yes we do rather, don't we! I'm looking for a present for my cousin Alphard, I think I might be needing to make amends with him after his party." Turning her back on the counter for a moment, she smooths a wrinkle or two from the folds of her cloak and looks up at the chaser. "You look so very different without your leathers on, I'd not really thought about it before, but I suppose that you don't always wear them. What are you here to buy?"

"Not many people do." Think about it, that is. "It makes it easier for everyone that way - Besides, I've made my name on the back of a broom, not wandering around London. It stands to reason one type of clothing would be more well known." She gently wriggles her little collection of broomcare. "Maintenance. If you don't take care of your broom, it's hardly going to take care of you."

Lucretia's smile grows wider, if that's possible. "That's what I'm buying for Alphard. But I want it in a black leather pouch, preferably with either black or silver piping so that its more of a personal gift than just a collection of waxes and oils shoved into his hands. I intend to get his initials stamped into the leather too. Do you think that that would be a nice gift? Not too much, but not too little either."

"It seems an appropriate gift," Jocunda notes. "I don't know if they'll have anything just like that on hand. Might be a better plan to buy what you're after and have the pouch comissioned, so it's just right? That was you know you're going to get the leatherwork done too." Jocunda suggests.

"Mhm. The pouches they've shown me so far just aren't what I want. I wanted calfskin, something expensive. These are all just so…" Lu's hand wafts over the several that have already been laid out on the countertop and she exhales a slow breath of air. "But I think you're right. I'll get the pouch made up then fill it with the nicest bits I can find." There's quiet for a fraction of a second before a sudden thought has her eyes crinkling happily at the corners. "I don't suppose that you'd help me choose for it, would you? I could then tell my cousin that it was all hand-picked by the famous Jocunda Sykes for him!"

Angus slinks in. Yep. That's a slink. And a certain amount of furtive slinking at that. He approaches one of the display brooms, and runs a reverant hand over it.

"I'd do it the other way around; buy the pieces and then have the kit made to fit them." Jocunda blinks when she's asked to help out. And then smiles, and nods. "I've nothing else planned for the next little while. Surely, let's find the best little bits for his broom and assemble them?" The server is handed Jocunda's own purchases. He'd better keep them save.

"Oh thank you!" Lu exclaims, a slight flush of excitement rising in her cheeks at having secured herself a few minutes of personal time with one of her idols. "We should definitely get some of that, the thing right there that you've just bought for yourself, but what els—…" Her voice tails off as Angus slinks into the shop and catches the periphery of her vision. Her mouth snaps shut and she turns to look his way, pausing a moment before greeting him. Not that she wants to greet him, because that'll draw him over to share in her time with Jocunda, but it'd also be so terribly rude not to. And Lu has manners. She sighs. "MacMillan? Hello…"

Angus looks up from spreading sticky hands over a Cleansweep. Then he looks around at his voice, "Och! Hi there! And Miss Sykes, too! Hullo again, Miss!"

Two students. Both of whom she remembers. This IS a weird day. "Polish goes without saying. No broom should ever have to go without." She's adding all of the 'essentials' up in her head, when she hears the M-word, and chuckles softly. "Angus. Hello. Still coveting a Cleansweep?" She smirks a little bit. Clearly they've met.

Angus runs a hand through his hair, "Aye. But cannae affurd one. So, mebee Ah'll find mysell a secund hond one, or sommat." A grimace, "Or mebee Ah'll just hov to save up."

What was that noise? It was the sound of Lucretia groaning inwardly. "Miss Sykes is helping me to put a present together for Alphard," she says, her voice lifting just enough that Angus will be able to hear her. When he steps closer, she'll continue to speak, though her voice will drop even lower. "Did you get it?" What 'it' is, is hard to say. Presumably Angus understands.

Jocunda shakes her head, sadly. The boy is not a good listener. "As you will." The whisper is heard without /any/ effort on Jo's part, but she says nothing about it. Presumably content to start there, the elegant, athletic angel, and wait for the children to have their conversation.

Lucretia nudges Angus heavily with her elbow to prompt a reply whilst turning back to Jocunda at the same time. "I know a lot of people that can ride their old Silver Arrows or Comets far better than I ride my Cleansweep; its not all about the broom. Then again, MacMillan on a Cleansweep. Well. If he's anywhere near as good as he says he is, that'd be really something to be wary of." Still waiting for her fellow third-year to come up to speed and get over the whole 'being in awe of talking with Jocunda and touching brooms' business, she draws another breath, she angles her next question towards the tall blonde. "So. What else would be good to include for the present?"

"Angus has heard it before, Lucretia." Jocunda notes. From /her/ no less. "Resin, which is handy for little knicks that you sometimes get, despite all care. Tweezers and clippers are essential. And depending on the model of broom, you apply a different product to where you grip, so that the polish doesn't kill you." Many a proud owner has slipped off a broom, after all. "Depending on the broom, twine, ribbon and metal polish might all be appropriate."

Lucretia listens carefully to Jocunda, then relays all that to the shop assistant, together with the make and model of Alphard's broom. Satisfied that he'll pick everything out to the older girl's satisfaction, she clasps her hands behind her back and smothers a laugh at the reason for picking the right brand of polish. "Now that'd be a terrible trick to play on someone; sneak in and polish all their brooms with the wrong wax just before a big game. Though, actually it might be quite dangerous. Probably not such a wonderful idea."

Angus sighs, and steps away from the sweep, "Aye. One day." And he ambles _waaaaaay_ too casually over to the two girls. He clears his throat, "Ah goat you them sweeties, Lulu." And he offers a _large_ bag to the girl. "Is that 'kay, ken?"

"I seem to recall a member of my family doing that for me when I was still in school. Luckily, all I got for my trouble was a blood nose and a black eye." Jocunda doesn't seem to find the idea of polish related accidents too amusing. The 'secret' doesn't seem to phase her, either. Who cares about a big bag of sweets? Her favourite mysterious packages are /much/ smaller.

"That's lovely MacMillan, thank you." Lucretia takes the bag quickly, and without even looking in it she shoves it deep within the folds of her cloak, distracted only momentarily as Jocunda relates her own accident. "I bet you half-killed whoever it was that did that you, though they probably only meant it as a prank. Pranks can be quite funny if done right."

Angus grins, "Aye! A gud prank is wunderful!" He gives a nudge to 'Lulu' in the ribs. "D'yes think we culd pull anythin' on the train?

Lucretia squints Angus' way. "Maybe. I suppose its possible. I'd not want to do anything that would land me in trouble at school though. Does the train count as school grounds?"

Angus gives a little, or probably as he would put it wee, shrug, "Ah dinnae ken. Why, you're no afearted are yes? Skeeredie Snake?" Totally teasing going on there.

Jocunda frowns. "I would have, if they weren't family." She admits. And then she falls silent, watching the students again.

Lucretia scowls, her brows lowering so that her eyes seem even darker when they meet with Angus'. "Not afraid at all. Aren't we about to pull off the biggest prank of the holidays? I just don't wish to do anything that might lose me house points, or worse." And as she says that, she leans forward and jabs Angus's arm with her finger. Its a sharp poke.

Angus makes a complex little noise. It's probably meant to be a combination of 'Bwark-bwark' and 'Hiiisssssssss', but he doesn't really manage to get it to come off. Unabashed he adds, "Och, one superb prank is one thing, ken, but _two_ wuld just be magnuficent!" He ponders a moment and says, "Whut aboot an 'Out of Order' sign on every lav ohn the trrain?"

Lucretia doesn't flinch at the chicken-snake-noise thing that Angus makes. Doesn't flinch. Not a muscle. "MacMillan. You astound me." Face impassive, the young Black girl closes her eyes for a brief moment, then opens them again, drawing a breath. "You make the signs and I'll help put them up." She turns then back to the counter where her requested for purchases have been neatly stacked, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string into one neat package. "Could you send the bill to my father? Thank you." Instructions given, she collects her things and tucks them under one arm.

Angus gives a wicked grin, "You're on!" A pause, "How many are we gonnae need?"

Lucretia blows out a breath. It could almost be a long suffering one. "There's four carriages with a bathroom for each. So we'll need four. Unless you think we shouldn't put one on the front carriage, the one that the prefects have. That might just be inviting a little too much trouble. We don't want them coming to the other carriages only to find that there's signs on the other doors too. So three. Three should be fine. Yes?"

Angus gives a grin, "Plus spares, for if they get removed?"

Lucretia nods.

"I will see you soon then," Lu says to Angus. "I'll send word by owl about the party." There's a bit of a smile as she says that and she turns to Jocunda. "Thank you so much for your help Miss Sykes. I should be getting along now though, I have a few more things to do before returning home."

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