(1938-12-31) Solace in the Library
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Summary: Once Zack is gone, Graham confides in Rhyeline about his recent argument with Rena. Rhyeline in turn confides in him about her own recent experiences in pureblood society at Cassius' side.
Date: Tuesday, December 21st, 1938
Location: Berylwood
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It appears that the two are left alone as Zack exits the room. It's still a fairly early day and hopefully a lazy one to come. The auror turns around back towards the other after closing the door lightly. Graham will move back though this time joining the other on the sofa with a voiced "Plop." he grins for a moment "I'll look after Zack and see if we cant find out about clearing or not clearing of his employers and talk to Shelley." he says reassuringly to the other

Rhyeline can't help but grin at the sound effect that accompanies Graham's return. "Thank you, brother…" murmurs Rhyeline as she nibbles on the last of her croissant. Her dark gaze lingers on his features. She has not forgotten the way he looked at her when he first arrived. There is something on his mind. "…is everything alright?"

Graham he had hoped he'd get a grin with his cartoon sound effect and it worked he smiles back in return to her. "It's been a trying couple of days, but I think it will be okay well I hope anyways." he says with a small sigh escaping him. "I found a friend drunk at the Leaky Cauldron, and she was about to kiss someone who was NOT her boyfriend. I interviened and nearly got into a fist fight with this man." it's not like him but it's clear from his face that he seriously dislikes the one he speaks of. "She's a good friend, but in her drunken state she said some rather hurtful things. I still took her to my place." he says "Covered for her with her boyfriend." he pauses here to allow the other to keep up.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip the moment he begins to relate his story. As his narrative unfolds, the empathetic pain in her eyes deepens. Having finished the last of the croissant, she creeps closer until she is tucked against his side beneath his arm. Peeking up at her adopted brother, she offers a small nod, encouraging him to continue.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip the moment he begins to relate his story. As his narrative unfolds, the empathetic pain in her eyes deepens. Having finished the last of the croissant, she creeps closer until she is tucked against his side beneath his arm. Peeking up at her adopted brother, she offers a small nod, encouraging him to continue.

Graham regains his smie as she moves closer and he finnaly squeezes her lightly as she moves under his arm. He looks to her a moment before continuing "When she awoke the next morning, i'd made her a potion for her headache, but she was and I think is mad at me for what i'd done. We got into a bit of a round and round talk with tempers on both sides. She left after saying she'd still be friends and meet with this man. I just dont quite understand that I suppose." he gives another shrug.

Rhyeline's brows furrow when she hears that his friend still intended to see the man she'd nearly been unfaithful with. "I don't understand either… if… if I- I found myself tempted by someone… I would try to maintain distance. Nothing would be worth the risk of hurting Cassius…"

The young man is glad she understands this much though he is silent a moment while he thinks over many diffrent things sorting them out in his head. "I just want her to be careful, and truth be told i'm worried that things will go badly with her boyfriend and she'll get hurt." Graham shakes his head "I know it's not my fault, but I introduced them you see so i'd feel responsible all the same.

Rhyeline shakes her head and murmurs, "It's not your fault. You were kind to cover her almost mistake… but… now… she must make her choices and live with what follows. She might get hurt, but it will be a good hurt… the sort that teaches… it will help her grow. You should not deny her that."

Graham smiles "I know it isnt truly my fault, I take strange things to carry on my shoulders sometimes." he squeezes her once more "I know it's good to learn from experiences but I wanted her to be sober to make the descion." he explains "Anyways that's all it was I feel dont feel stressed or worried at the moment though." he says easily looking to her it's plain that he means because she's here.

A quiet, adoring little smile appears upon her lips. Closing her eyes, she nuzzles the top of her head against his cheek. "I'm always here to listen… and… you did the right thing, protecting her from a moment of weakness. That was different from a choice." Nestling closer, she's quiet for a moment before adding, "I'm sorry she said hurtful things… perhaps she was ashamed you'd caught her in such a moment."

"I know, and i'm very thankful for it. I am here for you if you ever need to talk or need anything at all too if i've not made that clear just yet." Graham smiles to her a bit as she moves closer he will wrap both arms around her for the moment protectively. The auror is silent in this pose a moment but he does respond. "I belive it was that and the alchol talking, but the man she was with is a squib, and she accused me of discriminating on blood status." he shakes his head she has seen how he is with this topic something he prides himself on being against.

Rhyeline closes her eyes, savoring the reassuring warmth of her brother's protective embrace. While his friend might have lashed out at his attempt to protect her, it is clear to see how Rhyeline would cherish it as she nuzzles appreciatively against his cheek once more. When he speaks, the little one peeks up at him. Her brows furrow at the injustice of such an accusation. "Does she not know you? You are the last one who should be accused of such things…"

Graham leans his head down lightly into the nuzzle with a contented smile to his face. He looks to her after he's spoken and sees that she understands why this is hurtful he's grateful for it too. "She does know it, I think she just lashed out and that's one thing i'm not silent over with my beliefs. I told her and the other at the time i'd fight and die to protect any person no matter their blood status." he's rather passionate about this.

Rhyeline gives a slow, solemn nod. "She knew it would hurt… in that case… you could see it as a compliment. Others, that might not have hurt them… but your nobility is so well known that /that/ was what she chose to say."

"It sounds like i've done something worthwhile when you put it that way. Like my speaking out against it has touched people." Graham says and seems satisfied with this idea and grins a bit more easily now "I was hoping i'd get to talk to you, I knew it would help." he says though he looks back to her and just says a moment before speaking "How are you Rhyeline, you seem very content i'm glad for it."

Rhyeline nods, smiling up at him without a trace of caution. "I am. The glow… it always makes me feel warm. Even though darkness looms… I feel safe. Even the curse feels distant."

Graham nods to her "I am glad that you have that glow. The curse should be starving away and soon will only be a memory of times which you struggled by made it through. You have so many who care and love you and will keep you safe there cant be a darkness which could overcome that." He says quite sure of his words to the other as he gives her another squeez looking to her closely like he will be able to see through to make sure she's okay.

Rhyeline peeks up at him with a quiet, luminous smile. His words warm her to her core. A subtle blush emerges in her cheeks and her dark gaze seems to shine. She has changed a great deal from the cautious creature he'd first met. With a small nod, she murmurs, "I know that /you/ will keep me safe… and love me… just as- just as I care for you…"

The auror watches her easily the blush and the smile makes him all the more protective and glad he's close to her. "True on both accounts." he agrees about keeping her safe and loving her. Graham understands that she will not say love easily but he knows it without her speaking it outloud and so only gives a squeeze "I know you do Rhyeline, and im very glad for that." he will say in return "So do you have any plans for this new year?"

"Mmm… I think that there are some- some parties that I am to attend with- with Cassius," murmurs Rhyeline. Lowering her gaze, a subtle shyness seems to settle upon her, but despite this shyness no fear hint of fear touches her.

Graham nods to her words "I bet that will be fun, each day i'm sure you learn more of each other and it's like an adventure." He says with a warm smile glad that she has something like that right now. He watches the shyness creep back up to her. "You would do much better at those sort of parties then I would ever so dont doubt yourself, you'll be brilliant as always." he says he cant imagine himself at one not really.

Rhyeline gives a small nod. "Most tend to assume that I come from a French pureblood family… and… are too polite to make sure. Or… if they do know I am a half blood, they are too cautious to insult Cassius by being rude to me…"

The auror smirks slightly though she probably knows what he's going to say here. "They should like you for who you are, not because they think your blood status maters." Graham says though chuckles a moment after shaking his head "I imagine they'd not wish to cross him, but hopefuly there are some good apples in the bunch who truely just want to be friendly for friendly sake?"

Rhyeline hesitates a bit, eyes lowered, before shrugging "Mm… I… I haven't said much to anyone when- when I'm there. I… I've seen Phil a few times… but… only at a distance. I still don't think she cares much

Graham watches her as she looks down before he'll hug her close to him once again to try and fix it. "It's okay i'm not really good at parties either unless i'm with someone I know I tend to stay with them it's comfortable." he says easily the talk of Phil gets a sigh of his own. "None of that is of your doing Rhyeline, none of the worries she has are based on fact. I dont know if it's the times or just the nature of her work but I think she'll see truth in the long run." he'll lean and smooch the top of her head.

Rhyeline closes her eyes and nuzzles close, appreciative of his reassuring hug. She can't help but smile a bit and peek up at him at the little kiss he places atop her head. "It's alright… I am loved by those who matter to me… and that's enough."

The auror nods his head to her but it's clear he wishes Phil would come to her senses on this topic. Graham returns the smile easily to the other "I am glad you know it ust hold onto that it's important. If I dont see you before hand Happy New Year sister." he says. It seems at least for the moment they will continue talking and curled up on the sofa likely until Graham or her has somewhere to be when they will part ways until the next time they will meet which likely wont be very long.

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