(1939-01-01) New Fears Day
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Summary: Tiberius hunts down Graham, to ask about the German names that have him so concerned. Phil overhears, but makes a quiet exit, while Graham only promises to investigate. Shelley enters - While Tiberius leaves - And begins to pry.
Date: 1939-01-01
Location: Leaky Cauldron, London

Tiberius strides into the Leaky Cauldron with purpose. It's a new year, after all. And with his first assignment coming up, he needs to be entirely sure exactly what he's getting into. So no more waiting for Graham, no more subtly poking at lists, or asking questions that won't tell him more than he already knows.
A few coins in the right places ensured that when Graham turned up at the Cauldron, Tiberius wouldn't be far behind. He stalks up to the bar, orders a whiskey, and then looks around for his target.

What Tiberius finds is a rather tipsy Philomena seated beside him. Dressed in a dazzling party frock made of silk, velvet and lace she is dripping with diamonds and sapphires the shame shade of blue as her wide guiless eyes. There is a champagne cocktail on the bar before her and a lit cinnamon sented cigarette held between her gloved fingers.

Graham has entered from the side of the alley not muggle London after an extremely long few days. He looks rather tired no doubt but still he gazes about spotting one then two people that he knows as he moves towards the bar himself and plops down next to his friend first though he'll noticed the other not THAT tired. "Phil my dear, have you been to sleep at all?" he'll ask reaching over to give her a hug "Happy New Year." he'll look "Mr Trip likewise to you." he will say before ordering breakfast and cider to go with it as he will move to sit.

"Happy New Year." Tiberius comments to Graham in return, spying his quarry. Tiberius isn't tired - In fact, he's looking remarkably refreshed and reinvigorated, thanks to… Yes, the new year. That'll work. "And to you, Miss." To Phil. "Graham, I know this might not be the best time about that list, but might I pick your brain about a few names? They've come up in connection to a new client, and I'm all but certain I remember reading about one a year or two ago." Whiskey is presented, and sipped dutifully.

"Hmmm?" Phil only seems to notice Tiberius when he Graham addreses him. "Hello." She gives him a rather thorough once over and then leans in towards Graham briefly. "Well you know how I like a party and love champagne." Speaking of she takes a sip of her drink. "Who is your scruffy handsome friend, Graham?" She may be engaged but she isn't dead.

The young man turns as he's answered by the others he smiles to his friend "I do indeed, i'm sorry i've been so busy lately i'm glad to see you." Graham says to Phil first and does seem quite happy to run into her. He looks back to the other "Sure I can try and answer." he says though looks back at Phils words chuckling "This is Tiberius Tripe and this is Philomena Rowel." he says making introductions and a rare use of her full name first name.

He'd use the term 'Rugged,' but hell, scruffy works. Tiberius chuckles softly, "Miss Rowle, a pleasure." He greets. "The names. Joseph Engels, Heinrich Von Nazcht and a third party by the name of Edvin Von Koch." Ticking them off against his fingers. "I /do/ remember the second one being involved in some kind of nastiness in Europe. At least, I think. These german names all sound so damned alike." A sip of his whiskey. He's trying to look casual, but he's studying them both ofsocarefully.

"Please call me Phil." Tiberius is offered a hand and Graham a glower as he uses her full name but for Tripe she is all sweet sassy smiles. "I've never been much of a fan of German or Germans either. Such a dirty gutteral language. Give me French any day or Italian. Some Greek even."

Graham the glower doesn't seem to phase him as he was expecting it with the usage of her first name such as he did. "I do prefer French to German of the languages I learned." He comments as well on the languages though he's running over the names as they are spoken to him. His face is tightened in concentration. "One name sounds familiar, i'll be back in the office soon come by there i'll try to find any and all information I can on those people and if there's anything that we know that can be offered i'll be glad to share it." he does seem to be thinking about something perhaps the name does strike a chord.

Tiberius takes the hand gently, and shakes. "Oh, I /know/. I've not heard a great deal of german thus far, but I've only heard it spoken /once/ in a way that didn't harm my ears." There's a frown as Graham concentrates, but fails to remember. "Please do." Considering what Dillorous had illuminated, and his own fears, he had hoped for a /glimmer/ of knowledge. Damnit all to hell. His whiskey is swallowed in one, to cover the frustration, and another is ordered.

"So who are these nefarious sounding Germans? Are they Nazis? The fiends." Phil takes a drag off her cigarette and politely breathes the smoke away from them. "Or is this something deliciously - wait…." Her mouth tightens and her head turns towards Graham. "Is this about your /sister/?"

Graham nods in thanks as his food and drink arrive taking a moment for a bite and drink it seems to perk him up a bit. "I will look into it as soon as I can, though if our ministry doesn't know anything i'll have to contact the German ministry to see if they might know a bit more." He looks to Phil at her words his mouth turning to a frown at the way she says his sister "I don't know yet though it might or might not be. I know things aren't good but please keep an ear out Phil it could be trouble hm?"

"Mn. I hope not. I keep my nose clear of politics, so far as I /can/." Tiberius is about to take his refill of whiskey, when he hears what he's been both looking for and hoping against. It does seem the world wants his mind on one of three things lately, and the german 'Tourists' could only have one of them in mind… If they did. "Mn. Well, if anyone finds out anything? I'd admit, I'm not fond of these people already. I'd not lose sleep, should I have a good reason to cut them loose."

Taking that answer however she does, Phil begins to rise to her feet. She downs the rest of her drink and stubs her cigarette out in the ashtray on the bar. "I have much to be doing. A pleasure, Tiberius Tripe." She pulls her fur stole up over her shoulders and leaves an imprint of her lipstick on Graham's cheek.

Graham nods to the mans words "I'll let you know if I find something out." He watches as his friend stands up he cant help but smile at the cheek kiss "Hey please stop by my place sometime for dinner we need to catch up or i'll come by the bookstore or something and be careful." he says worry in his voice for her though he looks back and takes another drink from his cider before looking to the other. "Mr Tripe, if there are dangerous men or women in London no matter who it is they are after i'll need to know…" it's not a question but his voice is still calm

Tiberius looks a little shocked. "Dangerous persons in London? Graham, I'm talking about a client that has expressed investment interest - I've just uncovered a few contacts of theirs that I couldn't place." He seems a little bit concerned. "Are there goings on that I should know about?" Lying… After so long, it's become second nature. He rises from his place at the bar, downs his refill, and smiles. "For now, though, I must away. To see a man, about a dragon." Gambling. Of course he does.

Shelley had been granted several days off from work during the holidays - and so she simply hasn't been /able/ to return Rena's had just yet. Naturally, that translates into walking around wearing it, bold as brass. The fedora sits jauntily as you please on top of her hair as she strolls in through the bar, sparing a quick glance around the Leaky Cauldron as she makes her way towards the bar. Graham is spotted easily enough, and she makes her way towards him. "Cohen," she greets the man in a cheery voice. And who is that with him?
Ahh… isn't that the fellow who got all jumpy the other day?

Graham looks to the man as he speaks any sign of a lie but he will nod "I hope so, enjoy your day then." He says it's clear he still doesn't trust the other and he did notice the question about his sister afterall. "Of course there are investigations.. there always are." he turns "Ah Miss Prewett happy new year." he says returning to his calm cheerful self easy as nothing. He does notice the hat "Ah yes she asked me who had that when she woke up." he says pointing lightly.

"Happy New Year, Cohen," Shelley says casually, as she takes a seat beside him. "I hope she wasn't feeling the affects too badly when she woke up?" she asks, flashing him a smile, then reaching up to touch the brim of the hat on her head. "Ah, yes. I've been looking after it for her. Figured it'd be easiest to return it if I kept it on my person - wouldn't it?" Of course, the mischief in her eyes hints to the fact that this isn't her /only/ reason for wearing it.

The young auror takes a drink from his cider and another bite before he turns back at being spoken to. "She was, though i'd brewed her a headache cure while she was out." Graham explains his actions giving a smile but also a shrug he looks again to the hat. "I'm sure you'll see her at the office first, try and be kind hm?" he asks prehaps he's seen that glint in her eye "So how did you bring in the new year hopefully it was a good evening?"

Shelley feigns innocence. "Do I know any other way?" she asks, her eyes wide and her hand on her chest.
She shrugs her shoulders, adding, "Spent the evening with family. They were rather insistent on it - since the last New Year was so trying on everyone," with her in the hospital and all. "It was pleasant enough. Yourself?"

Graham takes another drink of his cider before he smiles to the others look to his words about being kind. "Of course not." he agrees with her though he does sober up a bit remembering when she was injured. "I am sure they were glad to have you there, that does sound very nice." he says and he does mean it "I met a few small gatherings but mostly was at home. Party animal me you know?" he says grinning again.

Shelley lets out a quiet laugh. "That's you alright." As the bartender wanders near, Shelley nods to the man. "Coffee with whiskey," she requests simply, then rests her elbow on the counter and her head on her hand. "Jocunda wanted me to join her for what certainly would have been a more… lively evening, but…" She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not much for big parties, either." She prefers to do her carousing in smaller and more intimate groups, that was for certain.

The auror shakes his head knowing this cant be anything further from the truth. "I met her once at a party Laurence was throwing I would imagine her party would be more lively indeed I suppose there's always a time and place for those parties i'm just less likely to be up for them." Graham says with a shrug he'll wait till her drink arrives holding his glass up "Cheers for the new year." he

"Jo's certainly… something else," Shelley agrees with a wry smile. She picks up her coffee, lifting it towards Graham as she echos, "For the new year," before taking a sip. "Those on the wrong side of /our/ office won't know what comin' for 'em this year, eh?" she adds, flashing Graham a confident smile.

Graham nods and takes a drink from his cider "They don't stand a chance of course. Of course we'll do it without the skin off our noses too." he returns the smile and he really does hope he can close out his long running case this year it's gone on far to long for his liking that's for certain. "Any plans for the new year so far at least?" he asks but after a moment he adds "Thank you for trying to help the other day with Rena I really didnt want to get into a brawl with that man and she'd likely never forgive me if I used my wand."

"Plans? Nah. I'd rather be more spontaneous," Shelley counters. Though truth be told - yes. There's already /one/ plan at least slotted into place.
"Anytime, Cohen. We gotta have each other's back, right? Just doesn't work, otherwise." Shelley shakes her head before adding, "You were both a bit thick-skulled, though. Tried talking to that squib after you left - don't think he's much happy with you. He seemed pretty… unrelenting." Which was, of course, a fair enough description of Graham as well.

"That's a good way to go about it, not sure I have any set plans this year either just yet." He eats a little bit while she speaks finishing before he speaks "Very true, no room for division with our line of work." he chuckles "I suppose I was, but I am glad that I was after all was said and done." he sighs "Yeah well i'm not exactly looking to become his pal either." he says which isn't his usual attitude he chuckles "Guess i'm an ox sometimes arent I?"

"That's the polite way of putting," Shelley counters dryly, flashing Graham another of her brief smiles. "But yes. Still, all's well that ends well. And I imagine Miss Lee was grateful for the interfence in the end. She never struck me as the sort that would… indulge in such casual dalliences."

Graham shakes his head but chuckles "Awwr thanks Prewett." he says in return to her with a teasing eyeroll at her words about putting it the nice way. "I don't think she is especially since she's seeing someone already. If she werent drunk at the time it might have been diffrent oh well." he says with a small sigh though he takes another drink ordering a refill. "Things worked out well in the end so far so i'm glad for that."

"Good to hear," Shelley responds. She takes a sip of her spiked coffee, her expression going contemplative for a moment before asking, "Who was that you were talkin' with, just as I came in?"

He looks over to the other at the expression as she seems to change before her question. "Which one the man was Tiberius Tripe, the woman was Phil Rowel." Graham only seems to remember something after he speaks and reaches up to his cheek before he gets a bit of water and wipes his cheek "Why didnt you tell me I had lipstick on my cheek." he asks but continues "Phil is a good friend of mine the other is an acquaintance. I don't entirely trust him either."

"Because I have to find my amusement somewhere," Shelley remarks. Yes - she was going to let him walk around like that all day. She's horrible like that.
"And I meant Tripe," she adds. "What can you tell me about him?" There's something very intent in her expression as she asks, and her attention focuses on the man beside her.

Graham laughs but shakes his head "I suppose so, but next time you have a milk mustache i'm not saying a word." he says though it's in good humor all the same. It only fades once the question is asked. He ponders a moment taking a drink from his cider. "Hm well he apparently is an investment broker of some sort. I pulled his file as when I first met him he had a very angry constable trying to pin just about anything on him she could nothings stuck so far." he looks over and the next part is spoken lower only for the other to here. "He has some sort of interest in my adopted sister, and I don't trust his intentions."

"And when have you /ever/ seen me drinking /milk/?" Shelley counters with amusement. It's true, though.
"Yes, he told me. Carrow Investments - head of security," Shelley confirms. There's a deep frown on her features, now. "And I seen him wander off with Miss Diderot. I'll admit, I didn't care much for the sight, but she had her minder with her, so…" Who is she to interfer? And yet, there must be something more, given the way she's scowling into her coffee. Why would Shelley show such an interest in someone, just because he wandered off with a coworker's 'sister'?

"Perhaps, but it'll happen some day." Graham says with a smirk about drinking milk though he listens to what she has to say about the other as well perhaps hoping to learn more. "He doesn't think much of her guards the night I spoke of, he pretended to drop something into Rhyeline's drink to see if her guard would react." he is not happy with this and it is in his voice showing. The young man looks interested now though watching over the other auror a moment an how her posture is for the moment "What is it? Is there more?" he asks he looks both curious and a bit concerned at the others actions

"Ah, yes, he mentioned that incident to me," Shelley confirms. She takes a drink of her coffee, then glances aside at Graham. "When I was just 'Ms Prewett,' he was fine. We talked; he did his best to be charming," which wasn't saying much. "But as soon as he found out I was /Shelley/ Prewett with the auror's office… he got strange. Uneasy. He couldn't leave fast enough. But he knows /you're/ an auror, doesn't he? It's something about /me/ that sets him off."

~To Be Continued~

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