(1939-01-02) Broom Repairs
Details for Broom Repairs
Summary: Elise stops by Flights of Fancy Broomshop to get her broom repaired by Laurence.
Date: 1939-01-02
Location: Flights of Fancy Broomshop

In from the cold comes a little girl bearing one of Laurence's brooms - Ravenclaw colors of blue and bronze. Her cheeks are pink from the wind outside, and her braids are a bit wind-tossed. "Hello?" she calls, nose twitching toward the aroma of the tea.

The holidays are well and alive in the shop, its not time to take down the tree and such now. So because of this, there's quite the beautiful tree that's been decorated to reflect a sky of Quidditch games, complete with solid gold and beautiful ornaments with fluttering wings (snitches). Laurence can be found coming from the back of the shop in time to hear that soft 'cooing' charm of the door opening and he carries a tray with some biscuits and some sweet smelling warm tea of sorts as his eyebrows raise and he flashes grin. "Ahh…little Miss Harper! Happy New Year! How are you darling?"

"Happy new year, sir! I'm alright," Elise says. "How are you?" Her eyes linger on the biscuits long enough to be classified as covetous, then she turns her gaze to him and smiles. "Your tree is quite beautiful, by the way," she compliments him, sparing the ornamented evergreen and admiring glance. "Did you decorate it all by yourself?" Now that she's in out of the cold she leans her broom against the counter and removes her coat, revealing warm-looking forest green robes all embroidered with acorns along the hems. Her braids are tied with matching green ribbons.

Laurence sets the tray down as he pushes up his sleeves, exposing the detailed tattoos on his forearms before he moves around the counter, holding out his hands to take the coat if allowed, chuckling lowly. "Well thank you very much…" He cocks his head to the side as if listening to something. "Hmm, and the tree thanks you as well." He grins and then takes a deep breath. "Actually I had friends surprise me by coming over and they helped." Then he's quiet for a few moments, smiling gently. "I do approve of the green, now tell me dear! Did you come to keep me company…or did you need some help…oooor…." He trails off. "Did you come to….eat allll of the delicious chocolate and vanilla frosted biscuits and drink sweet warm milk…oor umm, what could it be…"

Elise's eyes go straight to the tattoos - she's never seen them before. And for several seconds that's all she can look at. But then her upbringing kicks in and she looks back up to his face with a polite little smile. That quickly turns into giggles at his sillyness, of which she obviously approves. "Thank you," she says for the compliment on her garb. "I can certainly keep you company," she tells him. "But I've brought in my broom - I've noticed over the past week or so it seems to pull a bit to the left. I went over it with my broom-care kit, but it's still doing it, so I thought I'd better have you take a look." She hovers wiggling fingers over the biscuits and grins at him. "May I?"

"Hmm, to the left you say?" Laurence taps a finger against his lips before moving to nod to Elise and he pulls out two very pretty silver goblets, and he pours some of the warm milk into each one before offering one to Elise before nodding towards the tray of biscuits. Then his attention goes to the broom, carefully tugging his wand out from wherever he keeps it, twirling idly as he kneels down beside the broom, carefully brushing two fingers against the shaft, closing his eyes for a moment. "Did you have a good holiday so far Miss Harper?"

"Yes, Mr. Toulson," Elise confirms. "To the left. Just a bit. And since I've made the Quidditch team this year, I have to keep the broom in tip-top shape, don't I?" It's obvious that she's quite proud of being on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. She accepts the silver goblet of milk, and snags a biscuit, which she almost crams whole into her mouth before remembering at the last second that she's a young lady, and not a young yeti, and takes a sedate little bite. "Delicious," she compliments him. "My holiday was quite nice, thank you," she says. "I got the almond in the cake this year and got to be Queen For The Day. Which usually turns out to be only a couple of hours, but it was long enough to get out of my chores, so I was happy!" She beams at him. "And how about you, sir? Was your holiday good?"

Shelley strides into the shop, a Silver Arrow held in one hand. She pauses to glance around the shop, taking in the images on display. She's been in of course, before, but she always enjoys the atmosphere in this particular shop. Spotting Laurence and Elise enjoying their milk and biscuits, she offers a brief, polite nod, but keeps her distance for the moment, rather than interrupt.

The holidays are well and alive in the shop, its not time to take down the tree and such now. So because of this, there's quite the beautiful tree that's been decorated to reflect a sky of Quidditch games, complete with solid gold and beautiful ornaments with fluttering wings (snitches). When Shelley enters, there's the soft coo of the door charm causing Laurence to look up as he's speaking softly to Elise. "Really? Congratulations on your position dear." He holds the broom up near the table, waving his wand and murmuring a soft charm to cause the broom to levitate as he hmms. "I think the steering then may be a bit clogged up, I'll reset it for you and give it a tuneup." A pause. "I spent my holidays alone for the most part, but my birds…they enjoyed their presents very much." Then he looks up to nod to Shelley. "Welcome to Flights of Fancy, would you care for something to drink?"

"Thank you!" Elise says, beaming still more. She nods at his assessment of her broom - a gorgeous little thing in blue and bronze colors. "That will be splendid," she tells him. She looks just a little sad at the thought of him alone for the holiday. "What kind of birds?" she asks, only to look over at the entrance and smile politely at Shelley. "Hello," she greets, just as polite as as can be, a thin and pale twelve-year-old girl in forest green robes embroidered with acorns around the hems.

"I wouldn't mind a little cuppa," Shelley agrees, after giving the snitch-decorated tree an amused look. "Shelley Prewett," she offers by way of introduction, coming closer to the pair, now that she's been welcomed. "Hello, Miss," she adds towards the girl, with a friendly smile. Despite how distant she can sometimes act - she has a genuine fondness for children.

"A turtle dove and…a little owl." Laurence flashes a grin as he whispers softly a few charms and then brushes his wand along the shaft of the broom and back up, pausing at a certain point and murmuring softly before he quirks an eyebrow at Shelley and smiles brightly. "Laurence Toulson, and this is little Miss Harper, a future Quidditch star." He winks at Elise before looking back to Shelley. "What can I do for you ma'am?" He leaves the broom levitating and there's a couple of glowing moments, red and then green as he takes time to pour Shelley a goblet of sweet warm milk, offering it to Shelley.

Elise opens her mouth to introduce herself after Shelley does, but Laurence beats her to it. "Pleased to meet you, Miss Prewett." She smiles back. She giggles a little when Laurence calls her a future Quidditch star, but even so there's something sad in it that she doesn't quite manage to hide.

"Well - I shall look forward to seeing you play in a few more years, when you're out of Hogwarts," Shelley responds politely, giving the girl a brief smile before slipping into a seat. She props her broom gently against the table, then takes the offered cup from Laurence. "Ah, thank you." After a sip she adds in a tone laced with mild surprise, "Quite good, isn't it? At any rate. I was hoping you'd take a look at my Arrow. The braking charm is starting to act up - and that is better attended to sooner rather than later." She's a general fan of being able to stop.

Laurence just ahhs softly and then hmms softly as he eyes the Arrow and nods quickly. "Very well. I'll actually get that fixed up for you…would you like a complimentary polish as well ma'am?" He asks politely before looking to Elise. "What's your favorite scent?"

The girl nods to Shelley, looking far from convinced that she'll ever live long enough to make it out of Hogwarts. "Sure," she says, without much conviction. "My favorite scent?" Elise asks Laurence. "I… suppose that's… maybe roses? Or vanilla. Hm. There are so many." She taps her chin thoughtfully.

"Wouldn't mind a polish," Shelley confirms after a few more sips of milk. Was that the hint of a milk mustache growing on her upper lip? "And as long as you have her - give her a good shake down and see if anything else needs tuning up." With a wry expression she adds, "I've been flying with Jocunda lately," for explanation.

At the sound of a quiet tapping sound at the window, she looks up, spotting an owl with very distinctive white feathery 'eyebrows.' "Hmm. Though it looks like I have something to attend to." Rising back to her feet she adds, "Thank you, Mister Toulson. I'll leave her to you, then." She then puts a hand on Elise's shoulder, giving it a brief squeeze. "Miss Harper, you will be a wonderful Quidditch player. And there's at least one thing you can be certain of," and her mischief sparkles in her eyes. "Quidditch is not nearly odd enough to do you in." Yes, she has a rather indelicate sense of humor. With that pronouncement, she starts towards the door.

"I'm coming, Vee, I'm coming! Stop that racket."

Laurence listens closely to Shelley's request before he nods quickly and retrieves her broom to gently lay it on a table behind the front desk before he moves back to where Elise's broom is levitating and he waves a hand to Shelley. "Be safe, lovely…she'll be ready when you return." Then to Elise he nods slowly. "Very well, I'll make sure to put a bit of that in your polish."

Elise's eyes widen at Shelley's comment about being done in. Then she lowers her eyes and presses her lips together and waits until the woman leaves. She sinks into the closest chair and stares at her half-eaten biscuit and the spiced milk. "Thank you," she says to Laurence when he mentions the fragrance. "That will be very nice."

Laurence watches Elise for a few moments, selecting a rag and draping it over the levitating broom before he moves to sit in the chair across from Elise with his own goblet of milk, head tilting to the side as he takes a deep breath. "Are you okay little luv?" He has to ask with some concern, tilting his head to the side.

Elise looks up at him, blinks, and smiles. "Sure," she tells him. "It was just… a really bad joke." She sort of huffs out a laugh that isn't exactly happy as much as it's exasperated. "Doesn't matter. Do you know… I'd love to see your turtle dove. Is it a girl or a boy? What's its name?"

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