(1939-01-02) Family Connections and Sparkly Drinks
Details for Family Connections and Sparkly Drinks
Summary: Verial slips out of Alphard Black's party early, Elizabeth finds a long lost cousin, and-oh! Sparkly drinks!
Date: January 2nd, 1939
Location: Sweet Temptations
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It is a winter night. The weather is cold and overcast.

This shop is both a malt shop as well and bakery and sweetshop. Polished hardwood floors and walls painted a soft ivory give the room a welcoming and calm air. Green plants and flowers are placed in planters throughout the room and landscape paintings of the countryside cover parts of the walls. Two counters run across opposite sides of the room leaving the center area open for seating. The tables are set up for groups of two or four, the tables polished wood and the cushioned chairs made to match. The counter to the right is the malt counter, its wood polished to a high shine and cushiony bar stools lined up in front, provides a place for patrons to sample all manner of drinks that fizz, foam and steam. On the left is another counter dedicated to candy and pastries. The candies sit in elegant glass jars atop the counter with plates of every kind of pastry or cake you can imagine. There are both muggle and wizard flavors for everything sold here. A large board hangs over the front wall across from the door with a neatly organized menu of what is for sale at each counter.

True to his word, Augustin has managed to come to London for the express purpose of seeing Eibhlin. He's asked to meet her at the sweet shop, because who doesn't like a malt and candy? It's a nice place for a date. Out of his school robes, Gus looks rather dashing in casual-but-well-made robes of cream and tan. He's procured a couple of stools at the counter, and waits facing the door, and expectant smile on his lips.

Eibhlin is running late. Its not exactly out of the ordinary for her to be a little late having been distracted by reading or some project she'd been working on, but today she's just plain late. London is not a place she's so good at navigating, but she did make it. As the door closes behind her the red head scans the shop and spotting Augustin her steps turn in his direction, lifting a hand in a short wave as she removes her mittens. "Afternoon."

It isn't long after Eibhlin enters that the door opens again, letting in a brief sweep of winter air inside the little candy shop before the door promptly closes again. Elizabeth exhales a small breath and suppresses a small chill, the warm air washing over her with growing relief. "Hm." rolling her shoulders, she decides to forgo slipping back her hood for now, a hand emerging to gently push up the bridge of her wire frames as her powder blue eyes begin scanning the variety of candy.

Gus grins at her and stands up, turning the stool around for her. "Afternoon," he returns. "I was s tarting to get worried you weren't going to make it." There's a pause while he looks her up and down, and smiles again. "You look nice," he tells her. Meanwhile the place is rapidly filling up, and one of the few seats left is another stool at the bar on the opposite side of Eibhlin.

"I got a little turned around," Eibhlin admits as to her lateness. "But thanks.." she replies as she slides onto the stool. She doesn't really look any different than usual, but the comment is appreciated. "How was your holiday?"

There's a couple others around, mostly near the bar it appears. Elizabeth notes this, wondering vaguely to herself if the y're here on a date or if that would be presumptuous. Not even a moment after though she decides that it isn't any of her business. There's candy all around after all, and now is the rare chance to splurge. So she browses different colors, different textures and tastes, debating.

There's a couple others around, mostly near the bar it appears. Elizabeth notes this, wondering vaguely to herself if they're here on a date or if that would be presumptuous. Not even a moment after though she decides that it isn't any of her business. There's candy all around after all, and now is the rare chance to splurge. So she browses different colors, different textures and tastes, debating.

After he's seen the redhead seated comfortably, Gus sits down in his stool, too, and one of the waiters puts down menus in front of them. "It was alright," he tells her. "Visited France, saw some relatives, got my cheek pinched a few times, learned a bit more about making wines and whatnot. The presents went over well, I suppose." He catches sight of Elizabeth browsing the sweets and does a double-take. "That girl looks exactly like my cousin," he mutters to Eibhlin. "Wow. The resemblance is uncanny!"

Variel steps into the shop, dressed to the nines but looking a bit puzzled. He beelines for the candies, but diverts himself with a single firm but gentle tug on a particular ponytail.

Eibhlin nods a bit for Gus' reply. "I glad you had a good time," she replies before his comment on Elizabeth causes her to turn and send a glance towards the other girl. "Really?" its a rhetorical question, "Are you sure it's not?"

Elizabeth isn't close enough to Eibhlin and Gus to know that she's being talked about, her attention drifting while she browse the several shelves of muggle and wizard candy alike. The sudden yank to her updo makes a hand instinctively reach up to catch at her tail as well, confused if it's being caught on something or if someone is just playing a joke on her. She blinks over her shoulder with a short look of accusation, only to blink again to see the boy. "Variel." A small smile twitches at her lips briefly, only for worry to touch her eyes the next moment. "Why are you here? Should you be at the party?"

Gus watches another redhead - this time a boy - come in and tug on his suspected cousin's ponytail. "Er… it might be…" he admits. "I haven't seen her in forever, and we're really… second cousins or something. I never could get all those things straight." He frowns and squints. "Let's see… if she's my cousin Elizabeth, then her father's… mother… was sisters with my mother's grandmother… so… yeah, second cousins, I think." While he tries to connect Elizabeth to his family tree, he's using his hand to draw a little diagram in the air. Then he looks over at the girl. "Er… Elizabeth?" he calls out tentatively.
…And yes, apparently Gus is oblivious to girls who are a couple of years younger than him and in a different house, especially quiet girls with no figure to speak of…

Eibhlin hmms, nodding. "Something like that," she agrees to the labeling of the relation. "Elizabeth?" she questions Gus on the name of his cousin, watching as the other boy comes up on the girl in question. "Well, her name's Elizabeth," she remarks when the other girl turns giving her a better look. "She's in my house." Whether its the same girl who's also his cousin she wouldn't be able to say.

"Was at," replies the smiling redhead. "Had a couple drinks, almost had a dance which was really more an attempt at obfuscating someone what wasn't supposed to be there, but no luck. So, I left before people started disappearing into back rooms because really, I don't have any need of that."

"Also, you've a fellow calling your name. You, miss, have been busy in my absence." Variel grins mischievously.

Elizabeth blinks her pale eyes at Variel again as he explains what happened at the party, or why he's out earlier than expected. She frowns quietly at him again with quiet, apparent confusion. "'Disappearing… into the back rooms', for what?…" she asks, not quite sure what he's referring to. But, he's here. His grinning face is before her and it takes another moment for Elizabeth to realize that her name is being called and it isn't him. She blinks a second time, glancing around curiously before finding Eibhlin and Augustin at the bar, looking straight at her. She hesitates briefly, recognizing the older girl as a Prefect, but the boy? She takes a few steps, approaching, "I'm Elizabeth Dweedle," she clarifies, just in case. "Can I help you with something?" Did they know her?

"Must be her, then," Gus says. "Hnh. You'd think I'd notice family roaming the halls of Hogwarts for… she must be fourth year, by now." He grimaces. "Observe my stunning powers of observation," he deadpans at Eibhlin. "You must be so impressed." He tilts his head to one side, squinting at Elizabeth. "Aren't we cousins?" he asks curiously. "I'm Augustin Rousseau. If you're who I think you are, I may have left you stranded in a tree when you were about five or six. If that was you… sorry. I was a total prat, back then."

Variel leans in to murmur something to Dweedle, but turns with her, shrugging out of his suit coat and working off his tie.

Eibhlin laughs just a bit, shaking her head at Gus. "You can be a tad oblivious sometimes," she teases the Hufflepuff, sending a smile and a bit of a wave towards her fellow Ravenclaw. "Eibhlin Shine," she offers for the other pair, though its likely the girl at least has an idea who she is.

Elizabeth recognizes the name 'Rousseau', her soft lips parting. "Oh. My father's mother." She had been a Rousseau before she was married to Grandfather Dweedle. "Then we are second cousins then." Surprising. She hadn't even known that she had cousins. "I'm not normally contacted because my father married my half-blooded mother." When he apologizes for leaving her in a tree many years ago, she frowns to recall the memory. After a pause she gently shrugs a slender shoulder. "If you had, I'm sure that I hadn't noticed because I was reading."
Glancing to Eibhlin, she meets her eyes with a small be genuine smile. "A pleasure to meet you." However, when Variel leans in to murmur something in her ear, she blinks with evident surprise, widening subtly. Her cheeks become crimson not even a moment after. "Really? They do that… How is that dignified?" Whatever he said to her, she's aghast.

"Who said anything about dignity? By the time they sneak off, they're too drunk for dignity anyway." He shakes his head. "'I'll not put a thief in my mouth to steal my wits.' Someone smart said that once." said Variel.

"Yeah…" Gus mutters. "I don't remember why were together that day… but…" Yeah. His family is kind of hard-core about blood purity. He looks at Eibhlin, seems worried for a bit, and then takes a deep breath. "Well, I'm here on a date with my girl, so…" He stands up. "Eibhlin, let's get that table in the corner. It'll be a bit more cozy." He pats his stool. "You can have this, little ginger," he tells Variel. Whatever it is that Variel was whispering to Elizabeth, Gus decides not to pry - he's probably got a good idea about what those party-goers were doing, anyway.

"Yes, but after school starts I won't be able to have again until the year is over! And besides, Adam hasn't tried one yet!" comes an insistent voice from the door as it gets shoved open, and Madeline practically drags her Uncle in. She is bundled up warmly in muggle clothes, with her school cloak over the top of it, largely on account of the fact that she was just back from the interactive reinactment of The Fountain of Fair Fortune, and her hair was still wet.
"Oh, come /on/," she insists, giggling at her Uncle's exagerated show of reluctance. He is clearly just messing with the young girl.

Hardcore purists, it's no wonder her side of the family hadn't been contacted. Her father is probably considered a blood traitor. Her poor father… A small but sad smile touches her lips as Elizabeth dips her chin towards the pair. "I understand. I hope we can speak on just as friendly terms in the future." Looking to Eibhlin, her expression softens some. "Even get to know one another in the commons room."
Exhaling another soft breath, she glances back at Variel, the frown of confusion returning. "I would have hoped that that they would be a bit more dignified than that… but if they were doing… that… at a party… I can't imagine how they are any better than muggles." Her frown deepsn. "How could Black approve of that?"

"You know you want one too, Mr Evans," Adam says, grinning as he watches Madeline struggle with her uncle. The boy's dressed in Muggle clothes as well: his usual too-large trousers and coat along with a new yellow jumper that actually fits him quite well. He stands just outside the shop, his hands balled in his coat as he shifts his weight back and forth from one foot to the other to keep off the chill. His hair is still a bit damp as well.

Eibhlin is blissfully unaware of that worried look of Gus', he being slightly behind her currently. "Nice to meet you two," she replies towards Elizabeth and Variel, raising a brow at the pair at their exchange, but she's not asking any questions about that whispered conversation either. A nod follows Elizabeth's comment on getting to know one another more, "Of course," she replies. "Sure," she agrees easily to the Hufflepuff, turning a smile over to him, scooting up from her own stool to let him lead the way.

"Help push, Adam!" Madeline encourages her friend with a giggle, as she continues tugging her Uncle along, enjoying the little game.
"Oh, no, no. I much prefer the little tea shop. Let's go there, instead." It's Perry's turn to start tugging his niece towards the door, as she lets out a laughing squeal of protest. They're making quite a spectacle of themselves.

Variel laughs. "I can't prove anything, mind. I just know how McMillan was talking in the midst of things.

Variel may laugh at this, but Elizabeth doesn't find it amusing, the frown lingering in her expression. It's probably a good thing that his parents weren't there. Exhaling a soft sigh, she gently curls her fingers into his bigger hand. "I'm glad I hadn't been there. That sounds disappointing." to her at least. And of course, Madeline is pitching a fit, making a scene. Elizabeth blinks at this with blank surprise.

"Okay!" Adam says, and he starts pushing Madeline's uncle from behind, though whether he's actually making any meaningful difference is hard to tell. But perhaps along with his friend they can overpower the man. Looking past him into the store, Adam sees Variel, whom he briefly met in the tea shop on Christmas Eve. "Hey, isn't that your Gryffindor friend, Maddie?" he asks.
Eibhlin has disconnected.
Augustin has disconnected.

Variel wraps Elizabeth's hand in his own as her fingers slip into his. "Well, again. Didn't see anything. And it WAS McMillan. That's just sort of how he is. I can't say for sure that anyone actually did anything of the sort."

Dramatically enacting a great struggle - Perry finally allows to the two children to push and pull him into the shop, amongst a great number of giggles from all involved. "There!" the child declares triumphantly when the door closes behind them, and turns to survey the shop.
"Oh, it is!" Madeline agrees brightly when she spots Variel seated a table. "And Elizabeth, too!" She lifts one hand, waving it enthusiastically over her head at the pair.

Elizabeth remains unconvinced, but she doesn't mention it any further. Variel was here with her after all. And there's Madeline and Adam and Uncle Perry, before he's officially pulled into the shop. Exhaling a small breath, she lifts her free hand to gently wave at them.

"Yes!" Adam cheers as they get Madeline's uncle into the shop, laughing along with the pair of them. Walking inside, he lifts a hand in an enthusiastic wave to the pair at the table. He doesn't know Elizabeth, but his friendly smile includes her as well. "Hello!" he calls.

Variel lifts a hand in cheerful greeting as well. "Hello, everyone!" He's got a tie undone around his neck, and a lovely suit jacket over the back of the chair that looks like it's made from spun thunderclouds, complete with flickering lightning.

"Go greet your friends - I'll order the drinks for you," Perry encourages the two children, ushering them further into the shop.
Like Maddie needs much encouragement. She darts over to Variel and Elizabeth all bounce and smiles and excitement. "Oh my you look dressed awfully fine today, Variel, wherever did you find cloth like that, did you magic it yourself, would it be okay if I touched it?" Yes. Definitely excited today.
"Guess where we've just been!"

"He does, doesn't he." Elizabeth murmurs softly in agreement, giving him a small smile and a sideways glance. His suit is definitely amazing for the occasion, seeming to catch the imagination of the younger students. "Somewhere moist?" she guesses, from the way their hair looks it's a good guess. Variel then murmurs into her ear and she turns her head slightly, her small smile changing. "I'm not worried about that. It just sounds disappointing…" Elizabeth says softly to him.

Adam grins up at Perry. "Thanks, Mr Evans!" he says as he starts heading over to the older students' table. As he gets closer he spots Variel's suit jacket and his eyes grow wide, and he rushes the rest of the way. "Wow," he says, staring at the jacket. "That's amazing!" He glances sideways at Madeline and nods his head eagerly. "Yeah, I want to as well! Can I, please?

"It was, a touch. Might have been more interesting if I had some reason to need a bedroom sans parental observation. Sadly, lacking such, I didn't have much reason to stay too long." Variel shrugs pleasantly enough. "I sewed that, yep. It's less impressive if I tell you how I did it. Surprisingly little magic, really."

"I would love a whole /dress/ like that! Wouldn't I look fine?" Madeline asks, grinning at Adam, before letting out a sudden, 'Oh!' "Elizabeth, have you met Adam yet? Adam Irving. He's in Hufflepuff. We just both went to the Fountain of Fair Fortune together - Uncle Perry took us - and they had the move amaaaaaaaazing swimming pool you've ever seen!"
Towards Adam she adds, "Elizabeth's a Ravenclaw. Plus, she's in the Mud Club. And she's really nice."

"Wow, you sewed it?" Adam says, reaching out with a tentative hand to prod the jacket. He looks almost as if he's afraid the lightning might shock him. He grins back at Madeline. "You should get one! You'd look like a storm!" He turns back to the pair at the table. "Yeah, you should have seen it! It was incredible, there were these balls of water that picked you up and dropped you into the pool." To Elizabeth he adds, "Hi, nice to meet you! I've only been to one Mud Club meeting so far, but I'll be going more next term."

"You should have seen Elizabeth's dress at her Masquerade. She was wearing moonlight. That's something I can't even pull off with cloth and spell. She was gorgeous." Variel smiles supportively at Elizabeth, glancing after Perry while the others chatter about the Mud Club.

Elizabeth blinks a few times, surprised to be defined in such a way. "Um, greetings." she returns. Whatever else she may have said about the Mud Club is wiped away as she glances over to Variel. A rosy flush touches her cheeks. "Well… I'm sure that one day you'll be able to create articles of clothing even more wonderful than that. Being creative with the specifications of the spell was part of it, I think.

"I thought everyone's clothes at the party was just wonderful!" Madeline says brightly - helping herself to a seat, uninvited. "Oh, you should have seen them all, Adam! There was even this one girl with… gears and things. It was strange, but very wonderful." Perches on her seat, she kicks her feet idly, and glances to see where Uncle Perry is with the drinks - he appears to still be waiting at the counter.

Adam looks slightly concerned that he may have offended Elizabeth, and he shoots Madeline an uncertain glance and lifts his shoulders in a quick shrug. "Really?" he says. "Wish I could have seen them, but I was stuck at home. This jumper was knitted by magic though!" He points to the yellow, cable-knit jumper he's wearing.

"I'm pretty sure the girl with the gears is a cousin of mine. Mulciber, named like one of the gods or something. Daedalia? … no. Well, she had a very inventive-" He pauses and groans. "… didn't mean to pun there. She had a great outfit, is what I'm saying." says Variel.

"Yes, it was. Everyone's costumes were wonderful." Elizabeth agrees, the same small smile on her lips as her powder blue eyes flick to Adam from behind her wire frames. "Next time you should come. I'm certain you would enjoy yourself." she says softly, her voice quiet but warm. After a pause she lifts a slender brow. "That is, if I have another." she glances at Adam curiously. "I'm still evaluating the after-effects resulting the party after all. I wonder how I'll be received once school is in session again."

"You think people would be unkind?" Madeline asks, looking confused. "Because you had a party? That seems backwards!"
And then Uncle Perry appears - with two blue, sparking, smoking drinks for the first years, and a simple pot of tea with two cups for the older students. "I took the liberty - I do hope you don't mind," Perry remarks, as he sets the tray down in front of the students. It's a light tea - with a touch of sweetness - given the time of evening. There are even a few biscuits. "If you don't mind - I'm going to be just a few tables over with a book. If Madeline is too much trouble, I find that a kick to the shins does wonders."
"Hey!" the girl protests with a laugh. "Don't listen to him - don't you dare!"

"I will!" Adam tells Elizabeth with a smile. "You should have another!" But the arrival of the smoking blue drinks draws his full attention, and he stares at them as Madeline's uncle sets the tray down. "Wow, thanks, Mr Evans!" he says, reaching for one of the drinks and setting it in front of him. He doesn't even drink it yet, he just watches it in awe. But the man's parting comment makes him look up at Madeline. "Don't worry," he tells her with a grin. "I wouldn't dare!" But under the table he aims a light kick at her legs.

"Not 'unkind'. Just… observing. There was more than one that doubted that it would be successful at all. So I'm not entirely sure how things will play out, if at all." Still, a small smile touches her lips. "I'm not saying something awful will come of it, or people will be awful, but I wonder if it'll stir things up a small bit." The tea is set in front of her, and Elizabeth reaches out to gently pull it towards her, thankful of the warmth in her hand. Glancing at Variel, the girl's expression sees to soften. And it makes her decision as well. Taking a drink of her tea, she gently sets it on the table again, pushing herself to her feet. "I'll escort you."

Variel smiles at Liz and slips to his feet. "Lady, gentlemen- I bid you adieu." He offers Elizabeth his arm before moving to lead her from the sweetshop, homeward bound.

"Hey!" Madeline exclaims again, as she's kicked under the table. It, of course, causes her to errupt in giggles. But then Variel and Elizabeth both rise to leave, and Madeline smiles brightly at the pair, waving eagerly. "See you soon!" At platform 9 and 3/4 if nothing else!
She picks up her sparking drink, letting out a little shiver as it causes a tingle to run up and down her arm - and also, she kicks Adam right back. Not hard, of course.

"Wasn't me!" Adam says immediately, but if it wasn't already obvious then his grin would betray him anyway. He looks around as the two older students get up to go. "Bye!" he says, giving them a friendly wave as well. He pulls his drink towards him and is about to pick it up when he's kicked in return. "Hey!" he complains, laughing. "I said it wasn't me!" Then he takes a sip of the strange drink and shivers as well. "Whoa, awesome!"

"Isn't it?" Madeline agrees eagerly, taking another drink. "I could drink this /every day/ and never get tired of it. I wonder if I'd turn blue, eventually?"

"Loads," Madeline agrees brightly. "Tons and tons and lots and scads. It's a good shop. But mostly I like this drink." She takes another sip, grinning happily. "Not so sure I'd want to be blue, though!"

"Not even for a day?" Adam asks, grinning at her. "Not even if you were wearing a dress made of that thunder and lightning material?" He takes an especially large sip of his drink and spends the next few seconds shivering excessively. After recovering, he says, "So, d'you like my new jersey?"

"Well. Okay, maybe then," Madeline responds with an amused smile. She holds her cup in both hands as she studies the jumper, a curious expression on her features. "It's pretty nice. But you said it was knit by magic, didn't you? Who knit it for you? Did you learn the charm, yourself?"

Adam sits up straighter and pulls his coat away from his sides so she can see the jumper better. He's quite proud of it. "No," he says, shaking his head. "It was knit by magic needles. Someone at school gave it to me for Christmas. It's nice and warm too! Much better than my old brown one."

"That was real nice of them!" Madeline says brightly. "Another Hufflepuff?" she asks curiously, and then adds in a teasing voice, "A giiiiirl?" No. Apparently they're not /entirely/ too young for that sort of nonsense.

Adam grins and starts to shake his head at the first question, but his face goes quite red at the second. "Maaaaaybe," he replies, his grin turning a bit sheepish. "She's in Ravenclaw." He hesitates, and his grin fades a little. "Only, I don't think she wants people thinking we're friends. Because I'm Muggle-born. But you can keep a secret, right?"

"Yeah, sure," Madeline agrees - though she looks curious, practically /intrigued/. "Who is she?" she whispers loudly, leaning in towards Adam. "Is she a firstie?"

Adam glances around the shop as if expecting to see a whole herd of people with ears turned towards their table. When he doesn't, he nods his head at his friend and leans towards her as well. "Fiona Donnelly," he whispers, much more quietly than Madeline. "She's in the Magijugend." He sits back and continues at normal volume. "And she gave me some sweets too."

Surprise registers on Madeline's features. "The Magijugend?" she whispers. "But I thought they /hated/ us. Why's she in with /them/ if she's friends with you? I don't get it."

Adam lifts his shoulders in a small shrug. "No idea," he murmurs. "I don't get it either. But she's always been real nice to me. She's the one who suggested I join the Mud Club, and to be careful about who I told about being Muggle-born. Wish I'd listened to her and been more careful. In the letter she sent with the presents she said I seemed nice and doesn't think less of me just because she's in that club."

"It doesn't make any sense," Madeline says quietly, a look of intense contemplation on her features. Not that it gets her anywhere. "I'd /love/ to ask her about it, but I guess if she's trying to hide who she's friends - though, that's rather side. Hiding it. People ought to- they should stand up for-"
Her Gryffindor is showing, isn't it?

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