(1939-01-03) Sweet Consequences
Details for Sweet Consequences
Summary: Chance meetings, the morning after the Black Party, in which the two Conspirators discuss their crimes, and get some uneasy gloating in. And in which there is much confusion of giggling older students.
Date: 1939-01-03
Location: Sweet Temptations, Diagon Alley
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When Angus arrives at Sweet Temptations, Lucretia has already found a table and installed herself, complete with two mugs of hot chocolate and a pile of sticky topped buns. Unsurprisingly, she's picked a table towards the back of the shop and is doing nothing, absolutely nothing, to draw attention to herself. "Angus!" she hisses on catching sight of her accomplice in crime. "Over here!"

Because hissing summonses is totally incognito. Angus is back in his kilt. He's also wearing new boots. And a smug grin. "Och, hi there!" And he's coming on over. "Wus that no a bonny fecht?"

"You lost your boot," Lucretia points out helpfully to Angus. "Alphard was left holding it in one hand a little like Prince Charming did with Cinderella's slipper. You should have seen his face!" And with that, she cracks, her laugh bubbling up as she scoots over on her seat to make room for her friend. "That was terribly brave of you to do what you did, I was sure Meanie was onto me!"

Angus slides into the chair, and grins, "Who was it Ah shoved mah elbow into the face o'? Ah didnae recognise hem!" And a beat, "Ah think she wuhs, and it was a Borin' party but Ah knew yuhs wanted tae be there, so Ah figgured…" They're sitting in a dark corner, and cackling.

"One of the house elves," Lucretia tells Angus, her voice remaining relatively low as they talk about events of the night before. "Alphard wasn't at all happy and it wasn't long after that he practically pushed me back through the floo system too. Still…" And she breaks off, picks a corner off one of the sticky buns and dunks it into her mug, "… it was the funniest thing I'd done all year. I'm just itching to see who we caught." Another giggle follows, she just made a funny.

Angus reaches for his hot chocolate, "Poor wee elf." He takes a swig, "It isnae its fult." Then he grins, "The train will be so very interesting!"

Even aurors are allowed sweet tooths - not that Shelley is seen terribly often in this shop. She pushes the door open, glad to get somewhere warm and out of the bitter wind blowing down the alley. Once inside, she starts peeling off warm, woolen gloves, and glances around briefly, looking for familiar faces. No one jumps out at her, just yet. It looks (predictably, for this time of year) like the place is largely filled with students.

"Think that the effects will last until then? That'll be hilarious." Completely unrepentent, she tilts her head back and hoists her piece of bun over her mouth, letting it drip chocolate onto an out-poked tongue. "Mmm. You should try your buns like this. Makes them all gooey. You still had enough floo powder to get home after?"

There were a few couples that fell prey to the prank of the two younger students, a one Lestrange in particular was said to be seen itching so badly that she was forced to put mitts on her hands so that she wouldn't cause herself any undue harm. Her mother was said to be most displeased, but as yet that was only rumor. Andromena did not know exactly who else was victim to the itching powder. She largely suspected that many weren't going to come forward. Especially the Slytherins or Ravenclaws that would prefer to mete out their own sense of 'justice' in due time.
Andromena was not here, however, for Angus and Lucretia. Indeed, she had no idea they were frequenting the shop just then as she sidled up to the counter to place her order. For someone who had imbibed as much as she did, Andromena seemed hale enough. Though…she was wearing a large pair of sunglasses, even indoors.

Angus gives a nod. He's dressed in kilt and a warm jumper. "Aye. Ah was fine. Tho' mah foot wus afful cold." He takes a swig of hot chocolate, "But so totally wurth it! Best. Prank. Ever!"

Unaware of the talk of pranks, or of unfortunate students with itching conditions, Shelley makes her way to the counter, standing next to Andromena as she offers the lady working there a brief smile. She orders a sweet drink with a warming charm worked into it, popular during this season for a reason, along with a rosemary shortbread cookie (don't knock it until you've tried it).

Sweet Temptations. A rather fitting name for the sweets shop, Elizabeth allows as she's just one of several students to visit upon the last few days of winter break. She had only heard a few whispered words in passing on the walk over her, something to do about 'itching'? The girl barely pondered for a moment before discarding it, not really one for rumors and gossipmongering after all. The door closes behind her, shutting away the cold of January to Elizabeth's relief and welcomed by the sight of so much candy.

Andromena's entrance naturally draws Lu's attention, there's a glance to Angus, a lifting of her chin in Meanie's direction and the smallest of eyerolls as she looks back to her companion. "Uh oh." Allowing herself to consider all possible resolutions, she finally makes a decision. "Hello Rowle!" she calls brightly, her greeting accompanied by a small waggle of her fingers in a wave. There's not a person around who could ever call Lucretia a coward.

Angus looks over, and just… grins. Studying the newcomers with interest, especially Andromena for some reason. To his colleague he says loudly, "D'you spose there's green behind they sunglasses?"

Andromena tips her head politely to Shelley as she comes to stand beside her. The younger girl orders a hot chocolate and a muffin, and it's only when she's served both items that she hears Lucretia's greeting. Her pale face turns towards the sound, and her lips - looking much redder for the additional wan hue of her skin, tug into a friendly smile.
"Black," since she had opted for Rowle. "How are you today?" Her voice is as sugary sweet as anything within the shop. Certainly not the sound of someone that's mad or angry! Andromena, after setting her tray down upon a nearby table, begins to unwind her scarf.
"MacMillan, right? Douglas' little brother?" If she squinted at the lad, then it was too hard to discern through the lenses of her glasses. Not a note of suspicion here, either. Maybe she had been really very drunk, and simply didn't remember. The two of them could certainly hope.

Lucretia keeps her smile fixed on her face, murmuring to Angus out of the corner of her mouth. "Couldn't get in Alphard's room. Locked door. Such a shame." The smallest of blinks follows and she relaxes a little, this evidenced by the fractional lowering of her shoulders. "You're looking very well today, Rowle. Partying must agree with you!"

Shelley returns the nod with one of her own, leaning against the counter as she waits. It isn't long before the drink and cookie are delivered. She picks up both, looking around for a place to sit - but with the students out on holiday, the pickings are few. Well - she can always just lean back against the counter and enjoy her treat.
She idly wishes they could spike it with a little whiskey, though.

Angus raises his voice to reply, "Aye! Angus MacMillan, Miss Rowle. An how are yehs bidin' the day?" He's got a clear, loud voice, obviously well suited to the Quidditch pitch.

Elizabeth spots who she things to be Andromena, though she frowns softly to herself when she spots the sunglasses, looking out of place. Her gaze trails with her towards a table, occupied by Lucretia and Angus, who Liz saw just the day before at the Leaky Cauldron. At the moment she browses through candy, muggle candy to be exact, finding the bright colors drawing her attention curious.

Andromena's next smile is actually more like a pretty grimace. Because yes, she can even look sort of cute when she's in pain…or is that nausea? "So it must," she says before taking a sip from her steaming cup of hot chocolate. Naturally piled high with cream. Because sugar is totally what you want to consume after a night of unrepentant binge drinking. Hey, at least she was up and on her feet!
"Angus, yes!" They didn't run in the same circles, and not just because he was younger than she. He was clearly…outdoorsy. Sporty. Loud. "I'm doing good, thanks." At least, she thought that was what he asked.

Pelafina Slughorn's shadow enters the room before she does. Tall and dark it is poured over the floor and the colourful sweets as she is about to cross the door sill.
For a second she hesitates, an expression of quiet amusement flickering over her freckled face as her eyes wander over the gathering of youth. Once, twice she knocks the head of a little pipe made of ivory on the palm of her hand, the blue smoke that has meandered around her as she walked through the streets disappears, the opening of which it has emerged closes and with a swift movement of her hands the whole thing disappears safely in the pocket of her cream-coloured coat.
When she finally enters, her smile is suave. Appreciatively she drinks the nostalgic smell of the room, strides past the lively youths and stops at the malt counter. Looking for something bittersweet to offer some diversion.

Shelley glances at Pelafina as the woman enters - a faint but thoughtful frown on her features as she stops beside her. Her features were vaguely familiar, and she was the right age - so probably somebody she had encountered at school, but certainly not a Gryffindor.
Not, she concludes, that it really matters. If she woman were important, she would remember her - or have run into her since school.

Hearing the tiny bell on the door gently chime when it's opened, Elizabeth instinctively glances up at the person entering, another cold breeze flowing inside her wake as Pelafina enters. Looking suave indeed. The bookworm quietly lifts a brow at her, but merely watches for a moment longer, pondering over the clientele before her gaze returns to the candy. She picks up a couple of Ice Mice, looking over the package thoughtfully.

Angus grins, "Aye. Did yehs have a good time at the party wi Wee Duggie? Ah believe he found it great fun!"

Variel steps into the room with a big cloth bag stuffed with fabrics. He slips in and pauses, catching looks at those present. He ducks aside to place an order, a huge glass of water, for Andromena, then scoots past the kids with a mutter. Elizabeth gets a warm onearmed hug! "Ice Mice in winter. You want to be blue yourdrlf?"

"I had a blast," white teeth revealed in this next smile. "And Wee Duggie," as he has so wonderfully called him. "Is always good for a party, I've been told." Since…that was sort of her first, and thus could only go by word around Hogwarts. Andromena was glad she hadn't been disappointed. And still no mention of some particular little party crasher…or any of those itching couples. Red hair catches her gaze, muted though it was through her glasses, and Andromena lifts her arm to wave to both him and Elizabeth, whom she only just noticed.
"Hey you two, come have a seat?" She offers.

Angus seems to be assuming the Ravenette was too out of it to recall. Even if he _did_ go past really close to her, he _was_ really going fast. Faster than light, right? He takes a healthy swig of hot chocolate. "MMmmmmm, deeeeeeeeee-licious!"

"What would you recommend?" Pelafina asks the woman next to her with casual curiousity, slightly squinting as the profile of Shelley's face seems to remind her of time passed. "Oh, you are the youngest of the Prewett sisters, are you? It has surely been a while since I've been here the last time, but I remember you. A Gryffindor as I recall. You must have been two or three years above me… weren't you always walking through the hallways with this friend of yours, back in the days… what was her name? My cousin had a thing for her."
She throws an amused side glance at the teenagers, her speech indulging in memories of youth. "It's been quite a while indeed."

Elizabeth is caught off guard. An arm scooping up around her waist and pulling her into an unexpected embrace before she realizes that it's Variel. A subtle rose touches her cheeks as he eventually releases her, "You gave me Ice Mice for Christmas." she murmurs lightly, somewhat flatly and countering him in turn. Truth be told, she was thinking of him while she was looking at the neatly packaged candy, but she isn't about to admit it out loud. Before she can add anything else, she blinks up at the sound of Andromena's voice, calling them over. Well, since she isn't doing much anyways…. Elizabeth offers a small smile as she turns to approach the table, giving Andromena a brief but concerned look.

Lucretia dunks another bit of her bun into her chocolate as Variel scoots past her table. "Weasley. Hello again!" He's bestowed a brilliant smile and she dips her head a little to suck the chocolate from the doughy mess, sheer delight at the taste combinations that hit her tongue being expressed in the small groan that rumbles in her throat.

Variel laughs at the clever counterpoint. "Too true!" He gets to the table with Lizzie about the same time as the huge water, which he nudges towards Andromena. "it's good for what ails yeh," he remarks, plopping the fabric to the floor.

"Yes, Shelley Prewett," the woman confirms. "You'll have to forgive me - it seems my memory is not as keen." There's a slightly bitter turn to her smile - subtle, but present. It's only grows keener as her friend is mentioned. "Alis Whittle," she supplies. "It has been a while."
She takes another sip of her drink before adding, "They have a very good dark cocoa here that I enjoy," she offers.

Prewett? Variel glances at Lu, wondering if she noticed her betrothed's relative or not.

Andromena is content to let them assume. After all, she's just little miss Andromena Rowle; you know, that girl that reads a lot and never really talked to anybody, but oh, now she's suddenly dating Black and who does this hussy think she is!? Words of a jealous Hufflepuff. Don't believe the hype about their willingness to be huggable and friendly, oh no. Vicious little backbiters, one and all! The point being, after much wandering rambling, is that Andromena is a sweet, gentle girl. Wouldn't even hurt a nasty pixie.
"Huh?" Andromena looks up at Variel, and then to the water he has so kindly brought her. "But I have hot chocolate…Er, thank you?" She clearly does not get it!

Angus gives Variel a bright grin, and then starts muttering to his conspirator

Variel grins to Meanie. "Trust me and drink it. Helps reduce reliance on sunglasses," he comments meaningfully.

Lucretia does glance Shelley's way as she hears the name Prewett, the girl narrowing her eyes ever-so-slightly. "Merlin's beard. I hope Ignatius doesn't get wind of our prank," she says quietly to Angus. "He's bound to use it to torture me. Its bad enough that he's a fifth year without giving him further ammunition to batter with me." Her voice tails off right about there, because Angus cups a hand to her ear and starts whispering. Have to be quiet for whisperers.

"Shelley Prewett," Pelfanina weighs the name on her tongue for a moment, its taste leaving her mien indifferent for now. Her answer is delivered on the wings of polite interest. "A pleasure to meet you again. Yes, you may not remember me… I've been a rather subtle girl when I was their age. Pelafina Slughorn is my name."
With a delicately pointing finger at the dark chocolate is ordered.

Though Andromena politely refuses the glass of water, Elizabeth still quietly worries to herself for a moment before deciding to drop it for the moment. Shifting, she takes a seat at the table, her arm still lifted however to make it more apparently so that she's holding hands with the boy beside her. When Lucretia mentions the prank, Elizabeth blinks behind her wire frames. "'Prank'?" she asks. This is the first she's heard of it.

"Pelafina?" Shelley muses quietly. It did have a familiar sound to it, but nothing important rose to memory. "Well, it's a pleasure to see you again Miss Slughorn, after so long. I hope you've been enjoying the holidays?" Pleasant little nicities always come so easy to the tongue - even if she cares so little for them.

Angus says quietly to his companion, "Look, yus gonnae be wedded tae hum fur a hundred years. Least he can dae is give yehs some fun the noo."

Maybe Andromena just LIKES her cat's eyes sunglasses. With that dainty little scarf wrapped around her head, doesn't she just look like a movie star? Still…the water is accepted in a grudging manner, and Andromena drinks it before returning to her previously ordered goods. She totally appears oblivious to the talk of pranks.

Lucretia takes the rest of her iced bun and pushes it fully into her hot chocolate. Its a little too enthusiastic, or it might just be that Angus' words touch a sensitive nerve. "Ngh." Chocolate ripples over the rim of her mug and puddles on the table before she pulls the it back out and transfers it, soaked, to her mouth. At least she doesn't need to talk once her cheeks are stuffed like a hamster's, the girl narrowing her eyes and bringing her chin to rest on the folded knuckles of her fist.

Variel coughs loudly as Elizabeth starts to comment. "I'm going on a trip this weekend- have either of you ever been?" He catches the comment Angus slings and winces. "Black, what about you? Know much about Venice?"

"The holidays, the holidays… a lack of surprise this time. One drowns in food and boresome conversation until grandmother attempts to light the house-elf on fire. A year ends, another one starts, I wonder how long I'll stay on these luscious, dusty streets of London this time." Pelafina answers, joining the dance of niceties completely in intonation, even if the content might be chosen a bit more boldly. "And you, Miss Prewett? Enjoying yours?" she adds, not completely indicating whether holidays, memories or the sweets of the shop are reffered at.

Elizabeth frowns with confusion, no clarification about the mention of pranks is offered at all, and the topic swiftly shifts to Lucretia being married, then Variel changes it yet again to Venice. "Um, I haven't…" she offers quietly, wondering as she glances to the others whether not to ask again. Confused as to what was going on. Maybe she's just out of the loop. That usually happens.

"Oh, you're going to Venice, Variel? Family vacation before school resumes?" Andromena queries, finally beginning to eat.

"Christmas with the family was as dull as ever." It was sickeningly sacharine this year, in fact, with all the doting her mother had done given the misery that had been last year's holidays for the family. "But I used the time off to enjoy other pursuits, so I can't complain." She takes another drink from her cup - it's almost empty now.

Lucretia swallows down quickly at Variel's question, a small nod given before she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. Apparently no so much in the mood for being a refined member of the Black family today, she leaves a smear across the sleeve of her silk shirt and holds one finger up, halting conversation until she can speak. "It has gondolas and the canal's stink something horrible. Visit San Marco piazzo but don't feed the pigeons. They're awful things and likely to make a mess of your clothes." With that last piece of information her smile returns, and she leans closer to Angus and enlightens him further on the pigeon situation.

Angus calls out cheerfully, "I'm told it gets a wee bittie wet!"

Angus bursts out laughing at whatever Lucretia whispered to him.

Finishing her drink and her cookie, Shelley pushes away from the counter. "If you'll excuse me Miss Slughorn, I had best get on with my errands. But it was nice to see you again after so long." She nods politely, then turns towards the door, pulling on her gloves as she walks.

Variel says, "Something like. Not the whole family going- it's a reward for studying Charms until I was snoring the incantations." He makes a face at Lu. "eugh. Maybe there's parts of the city that are less absolutely horrid.""

Angus prods Lucretia's shoulder, "Hey, don' worry. Mebee yer Boooyyyyfriend wull run owf wi' someone else, eh?"

She quietly glances from Lucretia to Variel as she listens, frowning to herself at the description of Venice. That doesn't sound right. "I was under the impression that Italy is very beautiful." She doesn't speak Italian yet, but given time it's likely she'll wander that way. Elizabeth looks back to Angus as he begins poking at the younger girl's shoulder, picking on Lu. Probably not the best subject though given her earlier reaction.

"I see," says Andromena to Variel. Her own family had not travelled anywhere this holiday, which was not a big deal, mind. They usually took their vacations during the summer months. The young woman continues to nibble at her food, expression thoughtful - from what can be seen of it!
"You know, I was almost in an arranged marriage." No other information is given, but it's said so very…casually. Maybe she'd be more emotional about it if it wasn't an 'almost' thing. "The guy never did quite get over my father's refusal."

"Actually, it’s a lovely city," Lucretia says, a nosecrinkle given in Variel's direction before Angus' tease pulls a sigh from her. "Ignatius isn't going to 'run off' with anyone else, and he's not my boyfriend." A small degree of annoyance just colours the tone of her voice and a morose shove is given her mug before she picks up a paper napkin, wiping the mess of chocolate from the table. Back to Variel she adds, "My father took me a symphony concert in St Marks Basillica. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Try to take one in, if you can, its worth the trip just for that."

Variel looses his hand from Elizabeth's, looping it around her waist instead. "That was what I heard, mostly. I'll hold off on expectations until I get there." He chokes on a laugh at Andromena's punchline, then listens to Lucretia describe the rest with a growing smile. "I'll see if we can! It sounds phenomenal. coulda mentioned that first instead of the pigeons!"

Though it's a surprise at first that Andromena was almost in an arranged marriage, Elizabeth reconsiders this and decides that perhaps it isn't so much a surprise as she once thought. It would be natural after all, given that both her and Lucretia are pure-blooded. The topic of Venice though, her expression softens as she glances down at her hands in her lap, suddenly free now that Variel loops an arm behind her waist. "Very lovely indeed."

Angus offers, after a while, "There's sposed to be a sea serpent in the lagoon, that the bossman there had tae get married to every time."

Lucretia props her chin in her hands. "Well if its a serpent, I'm not surprised he'd want to marry it over and over. Serpents are rather wonderful, wouldn't you agree?"

It's not so strange at all, such unions. Pure-bloods practice all sorts of ancient traditions, though, and see no issue with marrying off first cousins. Andromena is not all that perturbed by that sort of mindset, either. It is, after all, her 'normal.' When Angus and Lucretia get to talking about serpents, well…Andromena sniggers, and says nothing.

Variel gives Elizabeth an odd grin at the mention of snakes. "Well, never let it be thought that I dislike the creatures. Though… think you all know about Clever, anyhow."

Angus surprisingly, perhaps, for a Gryffindor, grins, and nods. Not, of course, a surprise to Lulu. "Aye! Beautiful wee beasties!" He mimes the head dance of a snake, with his tongue (still slightly chocolatey) flickering out once or twice to taste the air, snakelike.

Andromena's snickering earns a small smile and a glance from Elizabeth, catching it for a moment. Amused perhaps just as the other girl is by the thought of serpents being attractive. Variel's odd grin is more distracting though, reminding her of the day before and encouraging a flush in her cheeks. She tries to push the memory away. "Have you made any progress in identifying what kind of snake he is?"

Lucretia merely grimaces at Angus and leans forward, freeing one of her hands so she can punch him on his arm. "You're awful. Here, eat a bun and stop doing that disgusting thing with your tongue." She shoves the plate of sticky buns towards him turns her attention to the subject of Variel's own snake. "Do you have Clever with you today?"

Andromena was going to put her snickering to rest, but then…Lucretia. Andromena might not actually be completely sober yet. She begins to laugh, hiding her face in her hands.

Variel says, "Yessssss…" He trails off, "But he isn't likely to want to come out. He's awfully warm and comfy where he is.""

Variel's reply only makes her laugh more!

Angus ooophs, at the punch, "It's just as well that you're wee, and a gurl, otherwise Ah'd punch yehs right back, Lulu!" And then to Variel he says, enthusiastically, "Yehs goat a Snake wi' ya, Weasley? Kinn Ah see hir?"

The odd turn of topic… while Andromena laughs and Variel grins (cheekily I may add), Elizabeth lifts both of her hands to bury her face in them. Quickly becoming beat red as the older students return to the mention of snakes from the day before. They were worse than she was, but her mind still caught up with them and as a result, she couldn't hide how embarrassing it was. How red she's become.

Lucretia blows her cheeks out and addresses Angus. "Weasley just said that his snake's not coming out, I'm sure you must have heard that as clearly as I did." She pauses, looks over at Elizabeth's embarrassment and shakes her head. "What's so funny anyway? Weasley, where exactly is it that Clever sleeps when he's not up and out?"

Variel says, "I have no idea what you lot are fussing about. Elizabeth, hold the cloth while I see if Clever is willing to play.""

Variel then promptly starts handing Elizabeth bits of fabric from his bag, working down in apparent search for the snake. After waitin g for the girls to react.

Angus leans closer, and starts to lift from his seat. Yep. Reaaaally wants to say hello to the snake. Or possibly, being a MacMillan, eat it.

Andromena would normally not draw such connections - no! But the night previous has conspired to see her mind in unfamiliar territory. One where everything was some how indecent but also hilarious. So long as she did not say anything, Andromena felt she was in the clear. She could laugh at whatever she damned well pleased! But it was quickly becoming unseemly, all that laughter, and so the young woman reeled it in. A finger slid up beneath the frame of her glasses to wipe at an eye.
"I'm going to get another drink," she decides then and there. "And maybe a bit of fresh air. It's awfully stuffy in here." And with a grace you might not expect, Andromena was up and out of her chair.

Elizabeth pulls her face from her hands, exhaling a longer breath to gather herself despite she was still very red. As Variel gives her pieces of fabric from his back, she takes each in turn, placing them in her lap so that she can fold each of them in turn and place the pile neatly on the table.

Angus just looks from one older girl to the other, and then back to Lucretia, "Whit?"

Lucretia doesn't rise, she does however keep her eyes on the bag that Variel's emptying. "He let Malfoy wrap it around her wrist in the Three Broomsticks one night," she says to Angus, noting his interest. "Its terribly long and quite beautiful to look at." A pause as she shifts further forward in her seat. "MacMillan, do you want me to ask Alphard about your boot? I could probably get it back for you if I ask him nicely."

Angus pauses, "Uh…. will it come back wi' a curse on it, do you suppose? Ah mean, he seemed a wee bit… irate?" Then he glances back towards the snakehandler, "So, why does the snake make her blush?"

Hearing the curious question from Angus to Lucretia, Elizabeth quickly shakes her head, resting her hands on top of the folded fabric. "Never you mind." she murmurs, falling quiet again to give Variel another glance, watching as he searches for Clever.

Lucretia turns her hands palms upwards and gives the smallest uplift of them. "I don't know. But I have to go. Mother's throwing a dinner party and she'll have forty fits if I'm late for it." Real regret shows in her expression as the snake is not yet forthcoming, but mindful of the time she pushes herself to her feet. "I'll see what I can do about your boot, but no promises. As you say, it might be best just to let it go." A breath, and further lowered murmurings, together with a quick glance Andromena's way. She leans closer to Angus. "Now listen, don't mention the party. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it!"

Angus gives a little nod, "Aye. No a wurd, Lulu! An' haf fun, aye?"

Lucretia gives a delicate nod of her head, then turns and heads for the door. Not before one of the sticky buns is snagged from the plate though; it'll make for good eating on the walk home.

Variel finally finishes wrangling with Clever and pulls him from the bag. "You can put the fabric back, Elizabeth, if you like." The snake coils around his wrist and peers at Angus, tongue flicking.

Angus hunkers down a bit, to put himself at the same height as the snake. Again the tongue comes out, mimicing a snakes tasting of the air, and his head tilts to one side, and then to the other. Inquisitive, but friendly body language.

The garden snake if finally fished out, and Elizabeth is careful as she slides the folded fabric back into Variel's bag. The interaction between Angus and the snake was amusing, earning a small smile from the young woman as she watches this.

Variel grins as Clever bobs a bit, keeping pace with Angus' eyes, before it curls back around Variel's wrist under his sleeve. "Told you guys he wouldn't be too keen on coming out." His other arm tightens similarly around certain raven-haired bookworms.

Angus nods, still keeping up that snakelike bobbing for a moment, as the snake vanishes, then he straightens up abruptly and grabs an iced bun, "No. Dinnae think he wants to leave the warmum. But he's beautiful."

"Mm. I don't blame him. It's too cold outside." Elizabeth adds softly in agreement, her weight shifting lightly in her seat as she adjusts herself, crossing her legs beneath the table.

Andromena returns! And yes, she did get another hot chocolate. "Miss anything?" She asks.

Variel has Clever out for a visit! Sort of. The snake's wrapped around his wrist under his sleeve, the slender face poked out and flicking its tongue now and then.

Angus gestures, "Weasley showin' off his wee snakie. But it's shy. It's too cold out."

Elizabeth may have answered Andromena when the older girl returns, but the nuance on words only makes her flush again, chin dipping closer to her chest as she lifts a hand to absently brush back her long, dark bangs from her face. She clears her throat gently, and glances to Variel beside her. "How long will your visit be to Venice?"

"Is that so?" Andromena asks with an arched brow as she resumes her seat. "Well, they are cold blooded creatures, so that's no surprise." Elizabeth's flush is noted, but Andromena chooses not to say anything and instead let the conversation drift back to…Venice.

"Just the weekend. Class is on inna few days, after all. Wouldn't do to fall behind in my studies. Be ironic, it would, since the trip's a reward for studying hard."

Angus finishes his iced bun, and drops his head back towards the snake, again with that same dancing head movement. "He's so cute."

Clever's head peeps out again, swaying a bit with the movements.

The younger nods again. She figured it would be a short trip, considering school would start soon enough. Still something lingers in her eyes as Elizabeth glances back to the tiny snake, emerging curiously once more from the sleeve. "Clever is intelligent as well. And apparently he's poisonous." she explains to Angus. Which is really all she knows about the serpent.

Andromena thinks things like puppies and kittens are cute. Snakes are neat, or interesting, but they aren't cute. You can't even cuddle them. And look, apparently this one is poisonous! As a creature that was all well and dandy…but definitely not on her list of desired pets.

Variel gives the snake a rub behind its head, clearly getting its approval. "Yep. Poisonous constrictor. Which, according to the books I can get my hands on, don't exist. Except for basilisks, and-" He lifts his hand to peer into Clever's eyes. It peers back. "… well, he clearly isn't."

Angus tilts his head some more. Tongue flickers out again. Anyone would think the boy was doing an impression of the snake. His tone is very soft, when he speaks, "And he's beautiful. And unique, aye?"

Elizabeth reaches down to lightly rub at the middle of the snake's body, part of which is still wrapped around Variel's wrist. "I wonder… if he's a hybrid of a basilisk of some kind…" she murmurs idly out loud now, thoughtful. That would be interesting indeed.

"I saw a constrictor at Black's," Andromena informs the trio. "They feed him a whole pig about once a month." She looks over Elizabeth, then Angus. "But I suspect he could eat the both of you and that would be enough."

Angus says quietly, "What dae baby Basilisks look like, anyhoo. I know they hatch from a snakes egg incubated by a rooster."

"I highly doubt any roosters hang out in the Dark Forest," remarks Variel as the snake seems to be pleased with the attention from those nearby. "And I saw that monster of a serpent hanging about in the Menagerie when I tried to go see if Cygnus Black- the properietor, I'm sure you're aware- knew what Clever might be. No luck, but I did see that one." He peers between the two. "Nah, if it eats pigs, we can let him have Angus and be done with it. You saw what he did to the iced buns."

"That particular Black…" Andromena shrugged. Alphard had told her he preferred solitude after the death of his wife, but Andromena wasn't about to tell everyone else that! "Well, I'm sure if you ever do see him, he'd be the one to know."

Angus sniffs, "Well, animals _like_ me. I cannae blame them!"

The comment about eating both her and Angus is ignored. Elizabeth continues to lightly rub at Clever, quiet and thoughtful. "Where did you find him again?" she asks. "That should be his natural habitat, and if that's the case then maybe he hatched from a nest that was nearby. What does he usually eat?"

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