(1939-01-04) Books Rebound
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Summary: Cousins Rowle find another portion of the Unspeakable Book.
Date: 1939-01-04
Location: Books Unbound
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Books Unbound was owned by a one Thomas Carrow; a man soon to be wed to Andromena and Anthony's lovely cousin Phil (who is, in fact, a woman). Unfortunately, as Andromena wandered around the book store, Mr. Carrow was not available. The manx cat was keen to slink about her ankles, however, and Andromena was okay with that.

"What was the name of the book you were looking for again, Tony?" Because it wasn't like they got enough during Christmas. The young woman absently traced her fingers across the spines, reading their titles and hoping to see something that stirred up her memory.

Anthony says, "Well, the book itself is called the Unauslichsprechen Buch. But it won't be filed as that if some of it has been pulled out and bound in something else. So, we just need to look for a few pages which don't fit. Or newish bindings of older books."

Andromena was not sure if Books Unbound would even have one of the strange tomes, but had suggested that she and Anthony look there because…well, why not? With his advice in mind, she set about scouring the shelves immediately before her. Every so often she'd pull a book free and flip through it, only to be disappointed. The cat wasn't much help, but she thought it was cute, and that had to count for something in the long run. After some time, Andromena heaved a sigh and returned another book to its place.

"There probably isn't one here," she confessed to her cousin, looking somewhat dejected.

Anthony mmmhmmms, "Well, maybe. It would be a bit of a million to one chance. But then, that's what magic is, isn't it? Million to one chances happening for us, on demand." His own hands are caressing bindings, stroking over them as if they were a lovers skin. "I'm trying to find similar bindings to the two I've seen. They were similar, but not _quite_ identical."

"Yeah?" Andromena queried, beginning to pay a little more attention to the feel of the bindings. "Were they of a specific leather or anything?" Some were rough, others smooth. A few were fanciful and others were grim in coloration. Wizard books did not necessarily conform to a Muggles expectations of them, either. Some, for example, could bite the unwary. Andromena idly thumbed through another text. It just so happened to be a manual regarding Dark Creatures, specifically, vampires.

"Take a look at this. It's already in German, but some of these pages are a bit yellowed, so…Just to be sure." Andromena passed it over to him.

Anthony glances through the pages, and blinks, "Andromena! You're a bally genius! This here? It's a title page! Bound into the middle." He skims over the heavy gothic text. "This says… um… 'The Testament and True Recounting of An Unspeakable'." A few more pages are turned, "This looks like the introduction. You've spotted it!"

"I did?" Andromena asks, looking over Anthony's shoulder and back to the book. It was sheer blind luck, but that didn't stop her from feeling good about the find. She beamed at her cousin before nodding.

"Maybe having the introduction will shed more light on this whole sordid affair," she suggested thoughtfully. "And…" A pause, because the idea she was about to suggest could be rather unpleasant if true. Then again, wasn't this whole thing actually unpleasant? "If we're finding so much material right here in London, as well as at school, wouldn't that indicate the culprit at least lived in the general area at one point and time?" Or may still.

Anthony gives a little nod, "Yes. Yes, or has passed through. This is where the bookshops are, after all." He ponders, "They must read German. So this book doesn't get much further. But vampires are pretty far up the study path, aren't they?"

"They are," Andromena confirms for her cousin, expression thoughtful. "But are we looking at the books these pages are secreted within as some sort of message as well? I mean, I hadn't been." That the selected tomes might not be random was somewhat intriguing. Sadly, Andromena did not know enough to as yet see any definable patterns. Nor did she speak German, which meant she was going to miss out on a lot if she was questing on her own.

Anthony mmmrmmhmms, "Well, either it was split up as a trap, in which case what books it was put into will tell you something about whom the trap was intended for. A couple of first year books, and a… sixth." He's questioning, for Defense against the Dark Arts isn't one of his NEWTs. "Or they are hidden to conceal them. So that it would not be noticed and confiscated."

"And adults aren't likely to go browsing through any first year text books; unless it's a parent helping out with homework. They'd likely not read or speak German, so then you just get the book returned- and who knows what would happen to it then. And if they could read it, then…" The answer was obvious. "But as it stands, we have every reason to think these have not been stumbled across before." Andromena motioned to the book again.

"The book it was originally taken from was plainly old, but that's not to say this was done a long time ago." Her lips tugs into a frown. "Here's what I think we ought to do," and she would proceed to explain how they ought to translate the pages the have, and lay them out in order, to be re-arranged as more were found. Oh, secretly, of course!

Anthony pauses, "And then when we have them all, hand it over to the Ministry… to the Aurors?"

Andromena nods. "Yes. We should still alert faculty, hopefully once school is back in session Mopsus won't be so busy." She tapped the pad of her fore finger to her chin. Andromena did not want it to appear as if they were trying to be neglectful…and then a sudden thought struck her. "No, maybe we should not bring this up to the faculty until it's all collected and assembled." Her voice had dropped to a whisper, so that even the manx cat would strain to have to hear! "What with the castle and all…" A shrug, as if that could possibly indicate all Andromena left unsaid. "We don't really want a lot of scrutiny."

Anthony says slowly, "Actually, I think we should tell them after we've sorted it out, Andy. Thinking about it. They're BUSY. And well… they'd shut the library down to search it, and that would disrupt peoples NEWTs."

"Yes," says Andromena, nodding her agreement. "And then word would spread, which means rumors, which means kids would start trying to look for it themselves. Now I'm not saying we're professionals or the best at anything," even if Andromena worked very hard to be just that: the best. "But I think you and I are fairly responsible and can tell if something is out of our depth. Anyone else can hardly be trusted!" Which was to say, anyone else not including people like…Alphard, or Morgana, or…one catches the meaning.

"So, after we've sorted it, staff, and then the M.L.E.? Oh- if this doesn't get you into the Department of Mysteries, coz, I don't know what will." Leave it to a Rowle to view potential Dark Wizardry as an angle for betterment.

Anthony nods, and gives a faint smile, "The thought _had_ occurred_." Ah. So, not just one Rowle, then. "Now, what would REALLY make life easier would be if there was a bloody owners name!"

"That would make it easier," Andromena allowed. "But then the spirit of the mystery would go out of it, and you'd lose interest, and it'd be left to me to go and talk to the culprit." She gives his shoulder a friendly push, to show she is mostly teasing. "So, anything of interest in that introduction?" And if Anthony didn't think she found reading about a 'Beginners Guide to Virgin Sacrifice,' as interesting, then he didn't know her half so well as he thought!

Anthony skims over it, "Uh, 'I tell you this as a warning for this day and all future days. That others may not suffer as I have suffered, alone amongst men, knowing that in my exposure to these evil things, I have managed to retain my sanity.' With sentences like that, I _really_ rather doubt it, actually."

"Well that certainly sounds promising," Andromena said in a dubious tone. "However, at least we can reasonably say this was done by a man."

Anthony says, "Well, probably. It might mean 'Along amongst humankind'."

Andromena gave a roll of her shoulders before saying, "This feels like something a man would do. But I suppose it's not important as of right now! So, shall we go purchase our latest Dark Defense manual? I actually recall professor Lestrange saying this was a book he recommended." A quick grin. "And dear Thomas has already promised the pair of us a family discount. How could I possible refuse to shop here with an offer like that?"

Anthony laughs, "I agree! I agree totally. Are you alright for cash?" A beat, "And do you want some German lessons?"

This is where Anthony's cousin looks pained, maybe even a little embarrassed. "Uhm, my spending money was deposited at Gringott's. Better in savings, I was told…" Somewhat mumbled. "And yes, I'll need to start learning German, as well. I can't be very much help if I can't even read a single word I may find!"

Anthony pulls a purse from his jacket, "I've been living inside my allowance for _years_." And he hands it to you without a further word, "Although Morgana's corsage cost a little bit."

"I- I haven't, well…" Andromena's cheeks have flushed, even though she is sure Anthony understands! "Thank you," she tells him, eyes lowered. And with their family discount, the book isn't even all that much! Talk about getting a deal. The purse is returned to Anthony in short order. "How are things between you and she, by the way?"

Anthony pauses, "Uh." He flushes. "Confusing. Difficult." There's a pause again, whilst he waits until they're well away from the shop, "She says she's attracted to me, but there's no love, and she doesn't think she can give me that, and doesn't feel that's fair on me."

"Well…" Andromena drawls thoughtfully as they stroll down the path, away from Books Unbound. "While that's technically true, don't you think it's a little too soon to be talking about love? Alphard and I certainly haven't so much as discussed the notion." As far as she was concerned, they were still getting to know one another. Oh, she liked him very much, no matter the thoughts or opinions of others, but…love? Love was a big deal, something that one did not just give away willy-nilly. "If she gave you a chance, in time that could change. For all you know, the way you feel about her now could change, and you both go your own separate ways."

Anthony nods, firmly, "Precisely. I… I think she's _scared_, if we're honest. and she just needs a little time to… well, realise I'm not going to take her heart and rip it into bits."

"Indeed!" Andromena says encouragingly. "These things take time, and that is as it should be. People that rush into relationships, well…they're not giving themselves the chance to think clearly. They make all sorts of mistakes and act a bit foolishly besides." A slight pause. "I've talked to other girls about it." How else would she have formed such an opinion?"

A beat, "I think her Grandfather heard me confessing how attractive I found her." He flushes, "I wanted to sink into the ground."

Andromena pats his shoulder sympathetically. "Don't feel too bad, you have no idea what mum did to me when Alphard and his parents came to dinner…" Nor would he, because there was no way ever, not never, would she admit to her mother imparting unto her a chapter of 'the talk.'

Anthony admits, "She hasn't forbidden me to call on her. Not promised it either, but…." He wavers a hand and quirks a smile, "Maybe."

And off the cousins Rowle went, sharing the sort of casual teenage talk you might expect to hear.

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