(1939-01-04) Taking Risks
Details for Taking Risks
Summary: Nathan takes an impulsive risk and tries once again to get to know Rhyeline. A conversation in the bookshop follows part of it in German…
Date: Sat Jan 04, 1939
Location: Flourish and Blotts Bookshop
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A cold winter breeze brings an unexpected little flurry of snow. The delicate flakes seem to dance as they flutter to earth. Rhyeline shivers at the breeze, but can't help but pause and peek up at the grey, afternoon sky with a soft smile. A snowflake lands on her nose which is a bit pink- nipped by the cold, and she even giggles. Not even the guard following her can quite keep a small smile from her lips. This one is new. She wears the same, functional robes as her colleagues, but keeps her auburn hair in a long plait down her back.
With another shiver, Rhyeline turns and hurries into the shop to her right- Flourish and Blotts. Closing her eyes, she savors the warmth of the shop for a moment before venturing into the twists and narrow turns of the stacks.

Nathan had been walking the streets of Diagon Alley on his way to the Leaky Cauldron. He puased however seening Rhyeline. For a moment the dark clad man watched her as she giggled softly and then as she slipped into the shop. He smiles and in that moment all his resolve to avoid trouble was brought crumbling down. What was life without a good risk? And with those thoughts he slipped into the book store after her. He has snow flakes in his hair as he is not wearing a hat or scarf and he steps into the shop making his way over to where Rhyeline is browsing. "Hello again Miss Diderot." He looks over her shoulder at the books in this section to see what they are about before looking down at the woman with a pleased smile. "How have you been? And don't worry I won't hold it against you if you don't remember my name."

Rhyeline does not quite recognize the sound of the man's voice, but she looks up at once when she hears it. Of course, the girl has only met him once before. And it has been some time since that encounter. Her guard doesn't quite seem to recognize him. She watches him with the same careful regard she'd give any other stranger that her charge encounters and nothing more. "Oh… it's- it's you…" murmurs Rhyeline, recognizing him at last. A quiet look of caution settles upon the fragile creature, but it does not seem as profound as in times past. It does not quite conceal the innocent curiosity of her young, dark gaze. "Hello…"

Nathan chuckles softly and smiles down at Rhyeline. He takes a slow step back to give her more space and nods breifly to the guard. "Well I see you remembered something at least….I hope you have been well since I saw you last?" He looks around the room a moment before those deep blue eyes come back to her once more. "Hmm I wonder if they have any books on manging businesses or accounting in here? Do you know if they do? I don't read as often as I should but when I do its always something practical….What about you what are you looking for?"

"Oh… mmm… just… stories," murmurs Rhyeline as she sneaks a peek up at the shelves she'd come to stand at. Adventures of travellers in far off lands line the wall to her left. "I know where the books on business are… this way…" she murmurs, taking a small step back to lead him even deeper into the shop. Her guard steps to the side, keeping a careful eye on the looming gentleman. He seems familiar, but she can't quite place him.

Nathan gives the gaurd a charming smile completely unbothered by the careful eyes following him. He follows behind Rhyeline subtly and gently brushing against her as he is lead over to the right section. It doesn't look obvious and after that he stays back just a bit more. "Thank you. You must love reading a great deal. Tell me if you could have a single rare book what subject would you want it to be about?" There is a light of mischief in his eyes and its clear upon looking into them he is planning something….

Rhyeline senses the touch, but her guard follows behind and doesn't quite catch it. The little one lifts her head, but doesn't quite peek up at him until they reach the shelves on business. Hands clasped behind her back, she watches him with a hesitant, vulnerable sort of shyness. "Mm… well… there- there aren't many such books that- that I don't already have…" she murmurs almost apologetically. The subtle blush in her cheeks deepens a touch. "I… I most read books on- on political thought… analyses of current events…" But of course, that is not the section where he found her.

Nathan nods looking thoughtful for a moment. "I see well I'm sure I can find something you don't have and mind find enjoyable to read. I don't suppose you can read German? If so I have something very interesting that you might like. Its not political or about current events though but I have a feeling you might enjoy it." He smirks down at her that light in his eyes growing. Yes, he saw what section she was looking at. He looks over the books she had led him to a for a breif moment his eeys scanning the titles carefully before looking back to her waiting paitently for an answer to his question.

"Yes, I- I can read German…" murmurs Rhyeline with a small nod. Hands clasped behind her back, she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. Head tilted a bit to the side, adds in the softest little tone, "Do you speak German?" One might not have thought it was possible to speak such a harsh language German with such a sweet, delicate accent. It sounds more French than German.

Nathan smiles softly as Rhyeline asks the question in German. He replies his accent thicker and the words sound as if he lacks practice speaking them but he doesn't butcher than languge too badly. "Yes…I learned as a child though it has been awhile since I have spoke the language." That smile turns into a grin as he watches her. He speaks in German once again. "I need more practice but anyway….I know someone who can get a hold of rare German books some of them over a century old….they are fiction mostly or histories…but I would be happy to bring you one if you like?" There is a moment as he watches her where he seems almost vulnerable but that breif that look is quickly replaced with a small almost gentle smile.

Rhyeline shifts once more and seems to linger rather close to the shelves on her right as she peeks up at Nathan with a quiet shyness. He looms over her, well past six and a half feet tall while she barely reaches five. She blinks at the fleeting look of vulnerability in his features. "To borrow?" she asks, still in German.

Nathan replies in German with a faint yet wicked sort of smile eyes sparkling with mischief. "The man in question owes me a favor…you will be able to keep the book if you like. Consider it a gift from me if you will. I'm in the mood to do something nice for once surely you can't find fault with me for that?" He smiles playfully at her watching he a moment and looking breifly to the nearby guard before looking back to Rhyeline once more.

"Of course not," murmurs Rhyeline, still lingering in the shelter of the German language. "Thank you, sir…" Looking a bit self-conscious, she tucks a loose wisp of a curl behind her ear. Her gaze flickers briefly past Nathan to her guard before it lifts once more to meet his eyes.

"Good. Meet me at the Sweet Shop at three in the afternoon in…five days if you will. I should be able to aquire the book by then." He replies in German before switching back to English with a small smile. "It was good seing you again. I should probably go now though. Take care of yourself." He turns to leave paussing to look back at Rhyeline with that playful smile as he speaks to her in German one last time. "You speak beautiful German by the way." He winks at her and then makes his way twoard the shops exit with a grin on his face.

"Thank you… Mr. Eldritch…" murmurs Rhyeline as she watches him go. The guard recognizes the name and her eyes widen. Now she recognizes the name, but it's too late. The man is already on his way. However, he maintained a respectful distance from her charge the whole time. Behind her back, her hands tighten into fists as her cheeks flush with color. The little one peeks over at her guard before glancing back after his dissappearing form. She stands in silence until he is gone. With that, she returns to searching among the shelves from before.

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