(1939-01-05) Doctors and Aurors
Details for Doctors and Aurors
Summary: In which Miss Lee is forced to confront dumb insolence (Angus being dumb, Douglas being insolent) to find out what really happened in Flourish and Blott's bookshop.
Date: 1939-01-05
Location: St Mungo's Infirmary
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** Shelley was not ICly present, but was NPCing the St Mungo's Staff**

Arriving at St Mungo's curtesy of the floo system from the Leaky Cauldron, Lucretia follows Douglas into the accidents part of the hospital. "He's going to be fine. Just fine. You really wrecked his nose though, MacMillan." She's not really helping, she's just tailing along behind at this point, guilt playing a major part no doubt.

And the boy remains unconscious. With a flattened nose, covered in blood. And the healers will find, also a horribly sprained purple ankle.

"He's a fucking idiot," Douglas decides, force of the statement at odds with the worry in his body language, as he hurries along to eventually set his wee brother down into a bed. "Shit… he gonnae be okay?" he asks the closest healer, brows drawn.

"He's not an idiot," Lu says defensively, squeezing herself in through a couple of the healers so she can stand at the side of Angus' bed. The side that's not Douglas' side. "It was just a prank, you know. A joke. It wasn't even his idea, so yes — he's pretty bloody daft for saying it was." A worried sucking in of her lower lip is given and she looks up at one of the healers. "He will be fine, won't he? He was limping before too. He had an accident with his broom."

Angus groans quietly

"He groaned," Lucretia says, sucking her breath in and looking hopefully from Angus to one of the healers. "Does that mean anything?"

"It means someone punched him in his nose," remarks one of the healers, looking amused by the anxiety on the girl's features. "Don't worry. He'll be fine." The woman pulls out a wand, aiming it at Angus' nose. "Episkey," she says confidently, watching as the offened facial feature begins to mold back into a more natural shape. Well - that's the easiest part done.

Angus groans rather louder at the remolding. There's even what sounds like 'Fukkit' in there somewhere

"He said thank you," Lucretia says to the healer. "He can be a little difficult to understand sometimes, he's Scottish, you see." Reaching out, she takes Angus' grubby hand in her own and curls her fingers tightly around the edge of his palm. "You're going to be fine, Angus. You're in St Mungo's now."

Angus mumbles, "Goat hit by a fuckin' _Dragon_. Whit wus a Dragon doin' in th' bookshowp?"

"Dragon?" the healer asks, her brows furrowing. These injuries don't seem like /dragon/ caused injures. "Perhaps there's underlying head trauma," she murmurs to herself. "Did he fall when he was struck?" That could further complicate things. Being as gentle as possible, she inspects his skulls for bruising and swelling.

"Wasn't a dragon, was Douglas," Lucretia says, a frown furrowing her brow. "You were stupid to try to take the blame for everything yourself, I didn't really have you down as the heroic sort. Gentlemanly even. I'll write and tell your mother she should be proud of you." Exhaling slowly she offers her classmate a smile, then amends. "Actually, I probably shouldn't. If I did, she'd want to know why you and your brother were fighting. And could you try to stop swearing please? Its horrible."

Angus mumbles, "Woas mah idea!" At least that's what he's claiming. "So mah folt! And didnae want him hitting a gurl… or gettin' in trouble wi the Blacks. Or you gettin' hurut! Best way!"

Childish pranks. That makes a lot more sense. Clearwater shakes her head, letting out a quiet sigh. "You are all lucky your friend here wasn't more severely injured. Head injuries can be tricky." The boy seems fairly lucid now, at least. As long as he stays that way… "I don't feel any broken bones in your skull," she advises Angus. "So mending the nose should do it. We'll want to keep you here for a little bit, though, just to be certain - and of course we have to send for your parents to come pick you up."

Bizarrely, his ankle is also swollen and hugely bruised.

Lucretia scrubs her free hand over her face. "I don't think Douglas would have hit me, Angus. He might have yelled a bit and shoved some itching powder down my back, but he'd not have been violent." Another small squeeze is given his hand with her own before she pulls it free and moves one of the chairs so its alongside the bed. "Oh. Do his parents really need to come?" she asks of Clearwater, twin spots of colour just rising in her cheeks. "They're in Scotland and we'll be heading back there on the train tomorrow anyway. Might my own parents possibly be able to step in and make sure he stays quiet after he's released? He could stay at my house. Maybe…" She eyes Angus, assuming that he won't want his parents to know when she makes that offer. "Could you also just look at his ankle whilst he's here? He did something to it whilst practicing on his broom."

Angus opens one bloodshot eye, "Dinnae fret thim. Had wurse fallin' owf mah broom!"

"I cannot release you to anyone but your parents. If you will provide us with the information necessary to contact them, we will send an owl promptly," Healer Clearwater says firmly, and unequivocally, before coming down to inspect his ankle. "Twist it when you were hurt?" she asks, gently feeling around the swollen ankle. She speaks a few quiet words, her wand waving over the ankle before letting out a thoughtful sound.
"You're lucky. It doesn't seem to be broken, either. I hope you all realize this could have gone quite differently."

Angus says some further bad words, now he sees Lucretia isn't here. "Hard ground contact wi' mah brum." And he grumbles quietly, "Mah bruther goat told tae look after me. He kin sign me oot, aye?"

Again 'episkey' is murmured - Angus' ankle briefly growing warm, before the pain begins to subside. "Is your brother at the age of adulthood? In that case - with your parents /written permission/ - we could release you to his care. But they must be notified of your injuries, there is not getting out of that." She smiles sympathetically before again, "Sorry, kid."

Angus mumbles a Highland address, and a couple of MacMillan names. "Aye. Mah brother has the written slip of authority." He's trying hard not to wince too much as things fix themselves inside him.

The healer glances aside at one of the nurses, who jotted down the information hastily, and hurries off to send an owl to the unfortunate boy's parents. "There. Now - does your head still hurt? We can give you a remedy for that, if you like."

There are some advantages to being the rookie at the MLE. One doesn't find themselves sent out on life-threatening missions, just yet. But, on the other hand, one does find oneself generally tasked with the oddball little follow-ups to things like strange altercations in which children are injured. And that's why Rena Lee finds herself at St. Mungo's today.
After asking to be directed to the case brought in from Flourish and Blott's, the young Auror is ushered to the room in which Angus is being treated by Healer Clearwater. Pausing at the door, she raps lightly on the frame to announce herself so as not to surprise anyone unduly.

Angus gives a small nod, "Aye. A wee dram would help mah heed considerably." He says, rather hopefully.

"Then I shall bring you some," the healer promises, glancing at the door curiously when there's a knock. She opens the door, glancing to see who is outside. "Yes?" she asks, while simultaneously gesturing to one of the locked cupboards. It unlocks itself, opening, an a vial of potion floats into her waiting hand.

That uncomfortable moment when one has to identify themselves as an Auror Initiate…
Rena shows her badge to identify herself officially. "Uhm - I… I represent the MLE - Irene Lee. I was sent to follow up on the altercation that took place in Flourish and Blott's Bookstore." A beat, and the redheaded woman leans to look past at Angus, offering a friendly smile. She's not here to be the big bully Auror and scare anybody. "If that's alright with you?" A questioning glance flicks back at the Healer. "I 'ave a few questions to ask."

Angus slinks lower in the bed, hearing 'MLE'. Oh yeah. Not here. So TOTALLY not here.

"Of course - Miss Lee, do come in. We have the victim of the altercation here - he's fine. Just a bit of a headache. Seems to have been a quarrel between children - but I suppose I should leave that to you to determine." Healer Clearwater gestures the woman into the room. "I'm Healer Clearwater, by the way." After the door is closed behind Rena, the healer takes a moment to pour out some of the potion into a cup, offering this to Angus. "Now - a warning - it tastes simply vile, but it will help. I'd advise drinking the lot in one go."

Angus blinks, "Ah woas hoping for Glenlivit?" A pause, and he downs it in one, "UYUGUGGHHH!"

"A pleasure, I'm sure," Rena answers with a quiet smile directed at the Healer as she enters the room. The poor lad downs the horrible medicine and struggles momentarily, and Rena must force herself not to show amusement in her face.
Moving to the side of the bed, she comes to the boy with a warm smile: "Glad to see you're doing alright. The report was worrisome. I expected to find a lad 'alf dead once I got to St. Mungo's. You don't need to be afraid of me… My name is Lee," she offers her hand as a good-will gesture to Angus.

Angus pauses and then tries to say with bravado, "Angus MacMillan, miss. Mah brother will want your address for the owls."

"I will leave you with Miss Lee, Mister MacMillan," Healer Clearwater says gently. "You'll be alright now." She pats the boy warmly on the shoulder, then makes her way to the door - gesturing at the cupboard to relock it, almost as an afterthought. Don't want to make /that/ mistake again!

One eyebrow quirks slightly, but the smile does not leave Rena's face. She pulls up a chair to seat herself beside the bed: "Well, that's alright by me." A pause as the healer leaves the room and Rena offers a warm nod: "Thank you, Ms. Clearwater."

Now, those keen dark eyes fix upon Angus once more and the young woman begins: "About this tiff in the bookstore. Can you tell me 'ow it began? I'm not 'ere to get you into trouble - or anyone else, for that matter. I just want to 'elp."

Angus clears his throat and stares straight into your eyes. "Well, I was in there wi' Miss Black. And… um… I goat into a wee discussion wi' mah Big Brother, about a wee prank, and Ah goat up, and forgoat I had a poorly ankle, and Ah fell ohver, and hit mah heed ohn the floor. And that's it."

He's probably being… economical with the truth.

Rena's expression doesn't change as she listens to Angus' story about the incident in the bookstore. Her head cants to one side after a moment however, and she gives him a softer look: "Now, Mister MacMillian, I told you that I don't want to get you into trouble. I wish you would trust me." In other words, she catches on that he's probably not telling her the whole truth.

"I'm not calling you a liar - far from it." She soothes quickly before he can hopefully get his dander up. "But it's a lot easier going in the long run when we're all honest about things from the start. If you're honest with me, I'll be in your corner to stand up for you."

Angus winces, "Ah fell over!" A pause, "Ah miiight have bumped into someone as Ah went down. It wasnae really a punch, tho'! And Ah had it comin'!"

Rena nods sympathetically, still keeping her overall demeanor carefully non-threatening in any way. "Who did you 'bump' into? And why do you say that you 'ad it coming, then?" She asks calmly, her hands now folded in her lap.

Angus mumbles, "Bumped intae mah brother. He wasnae expectin' it. And… uh, kinda… um… didnae do anything _wrong_, but mighta slightly… left some itchin' pooder around somewhere." A pause, "And mebee some skin dye…"

Rena's expression struggles a little here. It's hard to keep a straight face. And so, she raises one hand to rub the bridge of her nose briefly, giving herself enough time to recover. "The itching powder and skin dye - where did you leave them? And was that the prank you mentioned discussing with your big brother?"

Angus mumbles, "In beds." A pause. "At a party."…. "A teenage party."

Goodness, but Rena's nose seems to have an itch today. There must be something in the room that she's allergic to.

"I take it then that the prank has already been done and this argument was the aftermath of… ahem, well - what 'appened." She states, rather than asking, trying very hard to keep her voice steady and her face straight.

Angus gives a nod, "It's a _good_ prank," he mumbles slightly defensively, "Worth getting punched for." A pause, and a very hurried, "If that had been what happened, but I just tripped and fell. But I'll probably get punched at school."

Rena folds her hands once more, and sobers down a little. It's a genuinely sympathetic look she gives Angus now. "Well… There's an unfortunate fact. When you go around pulling pranks - no matter how /good/ - there are usually people who won't 'ave a good sense of 'umor about it. And you run the risk of getting knocked about for it later." There is a pause, and the young woman thinks. "There's another reason I was sent to talk to you about all of this. Witnesses said that there was a good deal of shouting in a language that nobody understood. But, I 'ave a feeling you can explain that pretty easily."

Angus blinks, "Uh, we were speakin' normally? Bloody Sassanachs."

Rena chuckles and casts a knowing glance at Angus. "That's what I figured. You mustn't mind City-folk. They don't know much." She adds soothingly.

Sitting back in the chair, the young woman passes a hand over her face and thinks again: "So, the story is this: You, Angus Macmillan were with Miss Black in Flourish and Blott's bookstore. You and your brother got into a discussion about a prank involving itching powder and skin dye used at a 'teenage party.' You then got into an altercation with your older brother over said prank; your bad ankle caused you to trip and fall, and you 'it your 'ead on the floor. And that's all there is to it. Yes?"

It may be frustrating, but she has to be positive that she has all the details before making her decision.

Angus nods, firmly. "Hit him on the way down. With my face."

Rena gives the boy 'a look,' but says nothing to that remark.

"Alright," she says at length, sitting forward in her chair and looking earnestly at Angus. "The thing is this. I can simply explain away what 'appened in my own report by stating that it was an argument between siblings. But, you did disrupt the bookstore with your fight. And left a bit of a mess behind. I strongly suggest," which means an order, "That - when you are able - you go back and apologize to the owner and offer restitution for any damages."
Rena pauses briefly, letting her 'suggestion' sink in, firmly. "That being said, I need to discuss this with your brother first to cross-check your story. And possibly Miss Black. It's no laughing matter when someone calls for the MLE - even though it may all be a big misunderstanding. It's my job to be thorough."

Angus nods, dumbly, "Sorry. Nobody was sposed to be disturbed."

Rena's expression softens and she reaches out to pat the young man's arm gently: "That's alright. Mistakes are made, accidents 'appen. It's all part of growing up. As a matter of fact, we all keep on making mistakes once we're grown-up." She rises from her chair and smiles down at Angus. "Try not to worry. I'll do my best to 'elp you boys get this mess cleared up. You get yourself some rest, and things will look brighter, I promise."

Angus nods, a few times, "Yes Miss Lee." Okay, even he looks a bit cowed. "Uh… I've not been to Domestics club yet, and we're not allowed to cast outside School anyway, so… uh, clean up by hand?"

Rena offers a wry smile, arching one eyebrow: "I'm afraid so. Good old elbow-grease as Muggles would say," she answers. "Oh, where might I find your brother? She then asks. "If 'e ought to be coming to fetch you later on, I suppose I might just stick around the 'ospital until 'e arrives."

Angus looks blank. Douglas had gone before he came around. But one of the Healer Initiates might point you to the tea shop, where the distraught boy had been sent.

With another warm, reassuring smile, Rena leaved Angus to rest and recuperate. Closing the door quietly behind her, she then heads off in the direction of the teashop to locate the unfortunate other half of this story.

Angus is propped up in bed, looking a bit better. But pale. If he sees Douglas, he hisses in his broadest Doric. "Checker'd Bawnet! Tol' her Ah tumbled!"

It's been an interesting day for the MLE's resident rookie, Irene Lee. Called out to St. Mungo's on what appeared to be a fairly serious incident at Flourish and Blott's, only to discover it was more or less a misunderstanding between brothers.

The Auror initiate seems to have been sent on a wild goose chase. She was directed to the visitor's teashop to locate Douglas Macmillan, but the young man in question wasn't there. However, not one to waste an opportunity for tea, Rena takes some time for herself before returning to Angus' room in hopes of catching the other youth.

Angus is sitting up in bed, looking a bit better, but also a touch cowed, as if something slightly scary had occured, but he was trying his dogged best not to show it. When he sees Douglas and then Rena, he hisses in his broadest Doric. "Checker'd Bawnet! Tol' her Ah tumbled and hit may hied."

Douglas rises from his spot by the bed hurriedly, looking at once alarmed at Rena and relieved at Angus. "Got it," he hisses back to his brother, running a hand through his hair and plastering on his best smile. "F'like, ma'am. Officer. Ma'am. S'good to see the wee man feeling a bit better, eh?"

Lucretia walks in behind the other two, not right behind, but enough behind that she's not treading on their heels. There's a moment of hesitation in her step as she spots Rena, then bravado takes over and she continues her path straight as an arrow. "Oh Angus. You're looking much better!" She mightn't have been close enough as yet to hear anything pass between the two brothers, but she's canny. A smile to Rena and she plonks herself down in a chair alongside the younger MacMillan's bed, patting his hand.

The young woman's expression is decidedly quizzical as she looks between Douglas and Angus just now. Lucretia slips by and distracts Rena briefly. She knows that young woman from an encounter in Hogsmeade, not so long ago…
Rena remains in the doorway a moment longer before blinking and letting her keen gaze rest more fully on the older boy. A hint of recognition begins to show: "I'll swear I've seen you somewhere before. Are you Douglas Macmillan?"

Angus keeps quiet, lying in bed, and squeezing the hand put in his, and shooting his conspirator a faint smile, although it looks distinctly forced.

Douglas scratches at the back of his neck, looking her over. "Um. Aye… I think I might have chatted you up at a party before," he admits with a hopeful smile. "Call me Doug, eh? This is my wee brother, Angus."

Lucretia leans closer to Angus, dark hair falling to curtain the sides of her face, and therefore her expression, from Rena. Keeping her voice low, she asks a question of him. It might be a terribly important question, it might just be how many of the chocolate frogs he'd like that she's brought with her in the large bag she carries.
Lucretia whispers: Why is there an auror here? What story are we telling her?

Angus gives the Auror a meaningful 'Told you so' look. Then back to glancing at his hand holding Black McMillanfan, and leans in to whisper back.
You whisper, "Following up blood. Argued, slipped on bad ankle, banged head. Now gimme a grape!" to Lucretia.

Rena has observed Douglas' antics before, and she's not one to be easily daunted by them. However, her demeanor remains friendly and peaceable. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure, Doug. Until now, that is." She smiles warmly. Lucretia's movements are duly noted by the Auror with a flick of a glance, but she doesn't seem to care.

"I've already had a long chat with Angus here," she forces her H's to come out correctly now. Probably for the best, with older kids to impress gravity upon. "About the incident in the book store. I need to double-check his story against yours and a Miss Black - whom I am assuming is this young woman." Rena motions to Lucretia now with a small gesture of her hand.

"It was just a wee bit of an accident," Douglas assures her hurriedly, along with a brief Look towards Lucretia. "We had a bit of a barney, and I gave Angus a bit of a shove, and he fell down and cracked his face a bit. So we brought him in here, see?" A pause, then he admits, "I thought for a bit he was dead and I was shitting myself."

Angus calls out, "Ah slipped. He doesnae shove hard enought to knock over a flea, Miss Lee!" His hand tightens on Lucretia's for a moment.

Lucretia nods to Angus, fishes in the bag and presses a wrapped chocolate frog into his hand. "That's me. Yes," she says to Rena, rolling down the top of the bag and placing it right about where the boy's belly button would be. She adds an aside. "For later. When you're feeling a little more like them." All this done whilst Douglas is giving the low down on the situation to Rena, and when he's finished, she gives an emphatic nod of her head in agreement, together with a slight yelp at the suddeness of Angus' grip on her hand. "OW!"

Something about Douglas' answer seems to gratify the Auror - or satisfy her, at the very least. A nod toward Lucretia is all that is given in reply to the girl before Rena moves a step or two away and then turns to face the group of teenagers with a calm, but serious expression. Her eyes rest on Angus a little longer than the others. She almost feels bad for how frightened the boy seems to be of her.

"Angus kindly explained the situation to me, earlier. The prank that started the argument, the bad ankle, the slip." She begins, clasping her hands before her in a non-threatening manner. "The reason an Auror was called in was due to the blood loss and apparent violence; also, the fact that bystanders didn't understand the language in which you boys were speaking. But now I know that it was all just a big misunderstanding - and a quarrel between two brothers." There seems to be another "But" in her speech to follow. However, she allows this to settle in the kids' minds first and foremost.

"Aye, well, they're all English, aren't they," Douglas points out thoughtfully. "Stands to reason they'd not understand the Doric. They shouldn't be earwigging anyhow. Look, it's all a bit of an accident but it's fine now. No wands. No dark magic. Just a bit of a slip, aye?" He tries that smile again. "Officer. Can I get you a cup of tea, maybe?"

Lucretia squeezes Angus' hand back, possibly just as tightly as he did hers. "I'm so terribly pleased that you're better now. I'll have to find the healer that fixed your nose and ankle and thank her personally. And you… you should send her some flowers or chocolates." The tiniest nod of her head is given with that advice before she turns to glance between Douglas and Rena. "Its so wonderful that the MLE does follow up things like this, Miss Lee. Even when it leads to nothing more than a shove and an accidental fall. Its gives a person faith in the system."

Angus pipes up, "Dougie, you still got that note saying you're in 'Loco Parentis' until we get tae school? So Ah can get signed oot? Ah had tae tell them Mam and Dad's address fur gettin' oot." A beat, "They've sent an Owl up to Aberdeenshire."

Lucretia winces when Angus says that.

There is a look in Rena's dark eyes when Lucretia makes her remark that seems to quietly say that her sarcasm is duly noted. However, again, the Auror says nothing in return.

"Look, the three of you," Rena says at length, her expression softening quite considerably: "This isn't going into any sort of write up. I'll be writing it off as a misunderstanding. You're going to have enough trouble catching it from your parents," a beat and a glance drifts to Angus, "and your schoolmates, probably. I already told Angus, however, that you should do the responsible thing and jointly return to Flourish and Blott's to apologize for the incident and offer restitution if it's wanted. Just saying 'I'm Sorry' can go a lot further than you'd think."

Now Rena returns her attention to Douglas fully and she smiles: "I'd take you up on the offer, but you probably want to spend your time here. Thank you, just the same."

"Nothing got damaged, did it?" Douglas queries in confusion, but then Angus's words get his full attention. "An owl? When? What kind of owl? If I apparate home I can catch it. Hold that thought!"

Angus nods, "Yes, officer, Ah'll be headin' doon there soon as DOUGLAS signs me oot o' this place!" And Lucretia gets a smile. And then he scarfs the chocolate frog and devours it whole. "And thank you officer!" It's a bit perkier for chocolate. Raises spirits you know. And drives away Dementors. And things.

Lucretia sits quietly now, her slight dig at Rena apparently all that will be forthcoming. "Oh yes. Can MacMillan sign Angus out? He seems perfectly fit now and he was going to take me for a last drink in London before we head back to school tomorrow. It'd be a real shame to miss out on that when he promised and everything." A brilliant smile is bestowed Rena before she turns and does the same to Angus. "I thought a proper meal at the Leaky Cauldron would be a bit more grown up than Sweet Temptations."

"I'm afraid parental permission is the only way out, luvs." Rena replies to the question regarding getting Angus out of his hospital bed. "Healer Clearwater already made that quite plain."

Bemused by the trio, Rena just silently chuckles to herself and shakes her head. "You're welcome, Angus - and please, in the future… be a little more careful and thoughtful about your pranks. Be mindful that there are consequences." But only if you get caught.
That said, the young woman leaves the teenagers to it and heads out into the hall. Rookie fieldwork - what can you do?
At least you meet interesting people.

As soon as Rena's out of sight, Douglas reassures Angus, "S'all richt, loun, I'll forge dad's signature."

Angus grins, "On the slip sayin' you've got reesponsinility for me until we're at Hogwarts?" He's perking up. "Noo, lets get oot. Before they keep me!"

Lucretia hoists herself to her feet once she's certain that Rena's completely gone. "You blinking twits. You nearly got us in such a whole heap of trouble. I hope your nose aches for days and Douglas, I hope your fist really hurts. I'm just surprised that nobody spotted how red your knuckles are." Her lower lip juts in a pout. "And I know you were heroic in taking the blame Angus, but seriously!"

Douglas lets out a breath. "Cheers for not grassing us up, Lu," he adds. "You're still a fucking idiot, Angus, but you're all right."

Angus blinks, "Hey! It WAS my idea! No stealing the credit! Okay, I couldn't have done it without you, but come on. Awesome idea, was it no?" And then he says, "It wasnae sposed to get us in trouble! Ah mean, if Duggie had the brains to punch me when nobody was round, ya daft loon!"

Lucretia grouches a little more, then snatches up the bag of chocolate frogs from Angus' bed. "I'll see you on the train tomorrow Angus. Don't forget to bring what you're meant to bring." She doesn't elaborate, Angus will know. That done, she offers Douglas one of her nicer smiles, then turns and heads out of the ward.

Angus jumps up out of bed, "What? Och, for cryin' oot loud!"

"Stay put, yiv fuckin' eejit," Douglas insists, rolling his eyes. "Yous hiv causit enough trouble. Yiv ken as they cannae find oot aboot me an' Malfoy. Lukit, I'll sign yous oot, but dinnae gi me ony mair fuss, aw richt? No this year. None ae it."

Angus grumbles, "Yehs dumpit yersel; in it, Duggie! If yehs werenae messin' aboot with Malfoy, yeh'd no be purple! And Ah will prank who Ah bloody well like, yeh big feartie! Ah've no let on aboot how yehs behave in the last couple years, an' Ah'm no aboot tae noo, y'ken? But yehs have upset Black, and that's noo fair, after she covered fur yer big bully self!"

"Fit? How? Och, yis are sweet on her, is it, Angus?" Douglas jeers, much happier now he's convinced that he's not committed fratricide after all. Yet.

Angus punches the top of your arm, hard, "Am _no!_. Bit she's a friend. Ye'll no be familiar wi' the concept!"

"I hiv friends, ya fanny," Douglas insists, rolling his eyes. "Look, hiv we goat a deal or no? Will ye no dick aboot wi' me an' Malfoy aw year, an' then I'll sign yous oot ae this infirmary?"

Angus sniffs, "Ah'll no dae it deliberate. If it gets you whan it's aimed wider, that's jus' tough luck, ken?" A beat, "Or Ah can stay here, and keep sendin' owls to Mam and Dad, sayin' as hoo you broked by nose, and willnae let me oot."

"I'll break yer fuckin' gams next time, if ye dae," Douglas tells him, rising to his feet. "I'll awa' an sign yous oot then head hame tae catch this fuckin' owl afore we baith ae us get in the shite."

Angus nods, "Aye. And yehs can explain ta them hoo mah gams came tae be smashed, aye?" There's a slightly beligerent glint in the younger boys eye, "Ah'll no give in tae bullyin', Douglas James MacMillan. Ah'll no target yehs, like ah said, and Ah'll keep your little secret. Honest, tho', she's a braw lassie. What's for them to be angry 'bout?"

Douglas rubs at his face. "Aye, she is, but her parents, see? Thiv sent word hame an' leanit on our folks some, ken? They arenae happy at aw aboot us. Politickin', ken?"

Angus rolls his eyes upwards, "But we're Class, Duggie! Och, we're no rich basterts like they, but we're Sacred!"

"Aye, but Dad breeds owls, Angus," Douglas points out, rolling his eyes. "That's no classy enough for the Malfoys. They're aifter politicians, ministers, top aurors. No owl breeders."

Angus rolls his eyes upwards, then gives a masterly political assessment, "Fuckwads."

Douglas nods firmly to that. "Aye. Fuckwads. But fuckwads I need tae get oan the richt side ae wi' this fuckin' office job Aunt Betty's got lined up. An' I need tae keep ma heid doon for the year while she sorts hersel' an aw, so jist dinnae. Aw richt? Gonnae jist no."

Angus nods, slightly, "Ahl dae mah best, Duggie, since it's important tae yehs. But listen, ifn ah does get yehs, let it blow over an' just blame me, Ken?"

Douglas grins slightly. "Aye, o'course I will, Angus. You're a Macmillan. It's allus oor fault."

Angus nods, and then says, "Noo, forget it was you, ken. Was it nae a BRILLIANT prank?"

"Naw, a brilliant yin wid've been putting yon itchy dust in the teacher's bathroom, ken?" Douglas insists with a grin. "No that ony Macmillan'd iver dae that."

You say, "Ah couldna dae that back in London, could ah? Gimme a chance!"

"Onyhoo, yous still owe me fer gi'in' me a purple boabie," Douglas tells him, resting a hand casually on his shoulder as he leads the way out to sign the pair out.

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