(1939-01-05) The Mystery of Magic
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Summary: Elizabeth ponders magic itself and meets Variel's uncle, by chance.
Date: January 5, 1939
Location: Leaky Cauldron

It is a winter night. The weather is cold and overcast.

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses, sometimes coined "wenches", bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent are any modern Muggle devices or electricity, the lighting all provided by lanterns and chandeliers.


The Leaky Cauldron is a small but warm pub, cozy and inviting to all who visit. It was comfortable. And while others may be partying, Elizabeth has secluded herself to one of the tables at the Leaky Cauldron, A few books stacked neatly, and papers spread out before her as she the self-inking quill in her hand moves smoothly with the girl's handwriting. Every once in a while she pulls one of the books towards her and flip to a precise page, her pale gaze narrowing at it from behind her wire-frames before she calmly closes it and returns it to her place once more.

Galahad enters into the leaky cauldron glancing about to see if it might be just too busy though he doesnt seem to think that it is as he continues on his way towards the bar though he orders himself an ale. He looks around while he's waiting spotting the student an eyebrow raising he'll order a second drink not ale but cider. He will pay for each with thanks and make his way through the pub torwards this table. "Good evening, you seem rather busy for being on winter holidays." the man will say.

The spoken words are enough to disrupt the steady pace of the quill as Elizabeth glances up at the source of the words. Glancing up at him, she pauses for a moment, lips parting faintly as her thoughts are derailed, if only momentarily. "I suppose that tends to happen, when you have free time." Outside of her father's shop anyway.

"I can see that, sometimes I work on my days off too it's a hard habit to break. What are you working on? If I may ask of course." The man will say after she returns his words he will pause a moment "I'm Galahad Weasley." he introduces himself before asking "Mind if I join you a moment? I brought a cider in case you would like it." he offers it over to the other even if she doesn't wish him to join she still can have the drink.

One of the pages that's partically visible is a map of England, with several lines crossing over it. As he asks what she's working on, however, it gives Elizabeth another moment of hesitation. "Mostly they're my theories. About what magic is, among other things." Rather serious business. When he introduces himself, Elizabeth glances up from the papers she'd been writing on. "Are you by chance related to Variel Weasley?" Her voice is soft, but curious. It's a very strong possibility after all, but it doesn't hurt to ask." Her pale blue eyes glance to the cider, thoughtful before dipping her chin with a small nod. "You may."

Galahad looks impressed at the words of what she's looking into. "That's quite the topic indeed a large research teams worth of work probably." He says though he nods to her approval and will pull out the chair across from the other and sit down lightly setting the mug of cider on the table but takes a drink from his ale a quick moment. "Ah yes, he's my nephew." he will answer the others question at the familiar name. "

"Perhaps." Elizabeth murmurs. "Mostly right now I'm trying to determine if there's anyone else that have the same theories that I do. But so far what I've come across has been the application of magic, rather than what it is." The cider is set on the table, and she reaches out to pull it a little closer. Within arm's reach. When Galahad explains his relation to Verial, for the first time her expression alights with a smile, small and genuine. "Ah. I think you are the first of his family I have met then." she says. "I am Elizabeth Aurora Dweedle. I… well, I suppose you could say that your nephew and myself are courting." A small amount of color touches her cheeks as she says this aloud.

The red headed wizard listens to her words on the study "Ah cross referencing for information that can be a good step. I'll have to think if I know of any authors who deal heavily on that topic." Galahad will add after a moments silence "I do a bit of research for the ministry so I get to read a lot myself which I enjoy." the reaction to his words about his nephew makes the man smile though it's kindly "Oh my, well that is excellent. I will have to see that he treats you properly." he says with a more firm nod "It is good to meet you Miss Dweedle."

The fact that the man works at the Ministry, that he does research like this on a regular basis, it gives Elizabeth something to debate for a long moment. Trying to determine whether or not to share her theories or if she would be laughed at. Then, she exhales a breath. "I think that magic itself is life's essence. Generated by living things. Wizards and witches can channel their emotions to generate and channel magic, making magic a very real and physical thing that can then be shaped into the spell or potion that's desired." She quietly taps the partially hidden map and pushes it lightly in his direction. "I also speculate that magic comes from the Earth too." The line crossing through the map is indicated as a ley line.
His reaction to the news that she's dating Variel, being a positive one, earns a warm wash of relief through the girl that's visible in her expression. Elizabeth wanted to be accepted by his family, and she wanted her first impressions on them to be good ones. "Thank you. He's… he's a gentleman, in his own way. Certainly a character." A single chuckle escapes.


Galahad listens attentively only pausing to take sips from his mug as the other speaks. "Hm that is a good theory and I would guess you could back it up with children performing magic when scared or upset." he says thinking this over a moment though he'll look to the map a moment nodding. "That part will take a lot of research, there are magical schools in nearly every continent so it'd be quite the criss-crossed map. But it's worth looking into and it's good you have a keen mind." he will take another drink though chuckles "I'm afraid tha many of my family are a bit unique including myself but hopefuly it's not a bad trait."

"Wandless magic." Elizabeth murmurs with a small nod in agreement. "And ley lines would be a plausible reason why ancient monuments such as the Hurler's Stone Circle, Glastonbury Tor, and Avebury fall along those lines. In an exact straight line. Or why similar sites are also the source of faerie lore." She exhales a breath, her gaze turning towards the map again, thoughtful. "I wonder if it also be a reason that Diagon Alley is where it is, or the schools for that matter. That wizards are naturally drawn here because of the natural magic. I suppose it's plausible. But you're right. This would take allot of research and cross-referencing with the research of other wizards. And probably taking up more time than I will have, with the start of the school around the corner again. But I'm also hoping that this sort of research could potentially persuade the Department of Mysteries into considering me for a position. I haven't a clue what they otherwise look for in hirings." Pulling her gaze away from the map, Elizabeth lifts her gaze up at Galahad, her expression softening again. "He's genuine, honest. Much more than what you get from other wizards. And there's been an occasion where he stood up for me. They're important attributes, and a significant part of who he is. I appreciate it."

The older man finishes off his mug though he'll ask for a refill all the while listening to the other "It's a good thing to wish to figure out the big mysteries, dont let me discourage you. I just know as a fellow researcher it can be hard work but it's worth it when you find that puzzle piece which connects things together." Galahad says though as she mentions the department of mysteries his eyebrow raises ah secretive bunch those but they seem to find a way to find a way to tap the right people keep studying hard and an apt resolve for research and it's possible." he'll say drinking from his new mug while he listens. "Those are good things i'd say maybe my brother raised him right afterall." he says though his face show he's teasing here.

Elizabeth glances to the map and idly taps her fingers on top of it with a curl, faintly thumping in rhythm. "That's true, and I'm hardly discouraged. But I would be foolish to think that this is something only I can look into. One person can possibly make the discovery, but it would be more thorough if there is a team." She agrees, in part. "Discovering what magic is is almost as big as finding out the meaning of life, among wizard-kind." The young woman exhales another slow breath through her nose, curling a hand around her mug of cider to simply hold it. "I've been expanding my skills into areas I think would be needed for the Department of Mysteries, but… I can only speculate after all." Once more, the subject shifts, and Elizabeth's expression softens. "He's making it rather difficult not to fall for," she admits quietly.

Galahad will finish most of his second mug while he's listening over the few moments "That would be a rather a astonishing discovery." He will say to the others words and he does mean his this is clear enough while she speaks about expanding skills and continuing her skills "It'll go a long way to be certain." he glances to the time with a small wince "I should be going afraid i've got an appointment shortly." he will tip his head to the other "Say hello to him for me, and i'm glad he's being a gentleman let me know if that brother of mind gives you a hard time once you've met him." he says lightly before he'll head towards the door.

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