(1939-01-06) Support Your Own
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Summary: In the wake of the gala disaster, a voice speaks out to the Press from among the victims, calling for a unified front, support amongst the Pure-Bloods and a…boycott?
Date: 1939-01-06
Location: St. Mungo's
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It's a cold morning, in the wake of the Sykes Gala event, the room quiet and the crush of reporters is a thick one despite the early hour as if someone had tipped them off. Someone had. Regardless, Lea Rashley stands somber and severe as ever, with her hands folded demurely against her waist, the Eye of Truth worn proudly around her neck. To her right stands Alphard Black, looking somber and equally dignified, the quiet hero of the terrifying evening. Variel Weasley lingers as well, to her left. Beyond the trio, other victims for the evening linger, some family of those who stood proud now.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Witches and Wizards, esteemed family and friends. I stand before you today, a victim. A victim but never-the-less, a survivor. A survivor like Variel Weasley of the Cruciatus Curse. Others were not so fortunate. Last night was a tragedy, one of such horrors that I hope the likes of you all are never forced to suffer and we were punished for our beliefs, for our birth. For existing. Some were killed, while many were wounded.

Unforgivable Curses were used last night. Homes and lives, families destroyed. Nothing can ease the absence and the heartache that was left behind with the useless deaths of Alanna Proudmore and Juliette Rousseau. These families are forever touched, forever broken by hate but what if next time, it was one of yours? Your wife, your child. Them, held aloft and tortured. Killed. Your own and instead of us. But we are your own.

This was not simply an attack on your peers, it was an attack on you. On your future. They demand protection but what protection was there for us? Or for a little girl, who's life had yet to unfold before her? So I challenge you now, do not let these death's be in vain. Do not the pain be for nothing. Support your kind. Support the Pure-Bloods. Support each -other- for the Greater Good." And there, the girl's voice seemed to become rather impassioned.

"Wear the Eye of Truth so that these faceless cowards can see that we are not alone, that we are not weak, that we will not be cowed. I challenge you, each and every one of you. Support only those shops that bare the Eye of Truth in the storefront window. Boycott those who fail to show their pride and their support. Wear the Eye of Truth, if the torture of innocent children offends you. Wear it, if you support the families of those who have lost loved ones to this horrible event. Wear it, if you are proud of your Blood.

Show them that we are not cowards to hide away. That we need not resort to violence. Let our actions draw the action they themselves demanded. Let the Ministry take notice. Let it take a stand and protect and when it does? Let it protect those who were harmed the most. Who suffer.

Us. The Pure-Bloods."

Questioned erupted in the wake of it, no sooner finished than, "Miss Rashley, Mister Weasley, what was it like beneath the Curse? Can you tell us anything more about your attackers?" …. "Mister Black, is it true that you single handledly caught one of them and are the reason some of your friends are still alive today?" And while some of them were answered and some weren't, the effects of such a…speech were certainly going to ripple.

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