(1939-01-06) The Daily Prophet - Jocunda Sykes Speaks at St. Mungo's
Details for Jocunda Sykes Speaks at St. Mungo's
Summary: Description of Jocunda Sykes' statement at St. Mungo's
Date: January 7, 1939
Location: London
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Jocunda Sykes calls the assembled press to attention. She's the first Sykes to speak openly about the incident, outside St. Mungo's, where her friend is still being treated. Her wand is drawn, and tapped against her throat lightly. Her voice amplified, so she can be heard clearly. High. Proud. The Celebrity is here to say her piece, and as many people as possible will hear it.

"To the individuals responsible for this cowardly, monstrous attact on my family - My blood, and on the Magijugend… On Pureblood society, Sykes, Malfoy, Weasley, Proudmore, Black and everyone else - We have our cliques. Our prejudices. Our traditions. Our 'ways'. Last night, we endeavoured to celebrate our history, and our belief, with a gathering of friends and loved ones. And last night, you stole into my home, performed unforgivable magic, and killed indiscriminately."

"…Today, I will make something abundantly clear. Some wizards and witches are better than others. Better bred, a better class. I want /everyone/ listening to know that there these terrorists are not witches. They are not wizards. These 'mud-friendly' activists are a new kind of scum upon our world - Forcing upon us that which they claim bloodlines cause. I want to stress this again. No Sykes cast an unforgivable curse. No Malfoy petrified a muggleborn. No Black sacked a half-blood's estate. This is what /they/ did. This is what your nameless fears and fantasies have grown."

"For now, I would appreciate everyone giving a moment's silence, in respect of the memories of Alanna Proudmore and Juliette Rosseau, both wholly innocent. Killed in a heinous fashion, by evil men."

No questions. No comments. Jocunda turns around, the lone journalist who attempts to get in her way is shot a withering glare.

"… I am going to tend to my loved ones. You will show some respect."

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