(1939-01-07) First Day Back
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Summary: It's the first lunch after the holiday's are over and Niko, Elizabeth, Jenny, and Marcus all end up in the great hall. Though later, Marcus and Jenny end up on the roof, where some serious conversation ensues.
Date: 1939-01-07
Location: Great Hall

It is lunch time at the Great Hall and it is bustling with activity. The image of various students from all houses, moving around to take their seats can be seen, while the smell of all the different dishes floats and lingers in the air, seeping into the nostrils of various hungry students. At the Gryffindor table, Niko can be seen taking his usual seat by various students.

"I've missed this food," Jenny can be heard saying, to whomever might listen. The air might be somber in the wake of the loss of life and the attacks, there might even be a tension between pure bloods and muggle borns, between halfbloods whose loyalties other's aren't so sure about but Jenny? "I might be desperate to get out of school, more than anything else but the food…when I leave Hogwarts I'm going to starve, I just know it. There'll never been food again like this!" And Jenny waved too, towards the Gryffindor table as she ambled through; to the cousins she knew where there, whether she could find their heads bobbing against the rest or not.

Indeed, Elizabeth missed the food at school. As apparently quite a few others, those that have gathered around the Great Hall of Hogwarts. The young woman holds a few books against her chest as she enters, largely ignored as she slips between the aisles, her steps slowing as she maneuvers around other students while searching for an empty seat.

Niko picks up a sandwhich and inspects it for a second, his bluish-green eyes looking over it, before another Gryffindor tilts his head and asks, "Denholm what in Merlin's beard are you doing?", Niko blinks a few times and lets out a small chuckle, his trademark warm smile still on his face. "Oh just thinking about ham and swiss and how they are such a great combination." he says softly, his free hand moving up and running through his hair slowly. As he takes a bite, the conversation shifts towards the recent happenings, but he just listens silently, his gaze moving warmly from person to person as they talk.

Spilling onto a bench at the Slytherin table, Genevieve settles into her plate. The beginning of meals is always hardest on conversation, it seems, what with people restricted to the tables of their house or left to yelling if you want to talk two tables over. Either way, she takes up chatter with those nearest, speculation on the latest events, on the gifts of the holidays and every other topic beneath the sun. By her leather's she'd been dressed for flying though and her appetite was hungry accordingly.

Finding an empty seat at the Ravenclaw table, Elizabeth settles in and sets the books in her arms on the table. Egyptian, from what the symbols looks to be. Her attention shifts to the different sorts of foods being served, debating while her pale eyes glance around her, at the other tables. At the same time Niko does as well, apparently, their eyes meeting. She merely lifts a slender brow.

Niko holds up his sandwich as if he is offering Elizabeth a toast, the smile still on his face before he takes a small bite of it, trying to hold in a laugh as another student makes a small joke. Picking up some lemonade he takes a quick sip, his eyes looking back at Elizabeth and he waggles them in a rather silly gesture, before taking another bite of his sandwich.

As Niko toasts in her direction with a sandwich, of all things, Elizabeth arches the same brow a little bit higher, curious. Naturally he keeps her attention, and when he waggles his eyebrows at her a faint smile finally cracks at the corner of her lips. A chuckle escapes, and reaching for a hot mug of pumpkin juice, the Ravenclaw lifts her glass to return the toast gesture.

Marcus strolls into the Great Hall, and of course makes a beeline to the Slytherin table. His fingers play with a silver pendant, hanging from his neck. A brief glance at said table, garners a familiar face and he makes his way to her.
"Solomon," he greets, with a faint smirk and a wave of his hand. "Our practicing I see," he remarks of her leathers as he goes to plop down right next to her. He looks at her food like he might steal a bite.

Pretty Magijugend. Jenny offered a smile at Marcus, elbowing one of the third years that was beside her own down the bench so that there'd be plenty of room and flashed a broad grin at the Slytherin boy.
"You, Sir, I owe a thanks. A big one." Which apparently meant both slim arms around his neck and a squishy kind of bare hug, from a girl that while slight, had clout. "That calandar got its own wall space. How was your holidays?"

Niko chuckles and takes another bite of his sandwich as he watches the Ravenclaw girl from across the way, picking up his lemonade he returns the toast with his glass, before picking up his plate and his house mates letting out a chuckle as the always social and friend Gryffindor takes his food and sits down across from her, getting a few looks from Ravenclaws, "Hello!" he says before taking another bite of his food.

Amusement shows in Marcus' expression and Jenny's welcome. "Well, so did the calendar I got," he grins at her, just as eyes Jenny's plate again, but does a little wave, dismissing his thoughts.
"They were great, I think. Some unexpected things, but great… even with recent events." He purses his lips at this. "How about you. How did things go during the rest of your trip?"

Elizabeth is caught a little by surprise as the Gryffindor boy that had toasted his lemonade to her takes a seat across from her, her pale eyes blinking behind her wire frames for a pause. It wasn't entirely unusual that some of the other houses mix and mingle at the other tables, but still. She watches him for another curious moment. "Greetings." For a moment she tries to place his face, but being in a different year and different house, she doesn't immediately recognize him. "And how are you today?"

With a cheeky grin, Jenn untwines her arms and settles back onto the bench; her own plate considerably lower now than it'd been when she'd started. Likely because it was her second. She was a growing girl! The day she stops playing Quidditch, she'll end up as big as a house most likely. "I saw it and thought of you, how could I not?" The girl teased, offering a little shoulder-bump of companionable affection.
"But I'm glad you had fun. You were missed." A little frown. "I thought we were supposed to get together, you said we would." And he'd kind of promised, at least to her mind. "But…I guess that's just how it goes. And how stupid was that attack and all that chaos and all those poor people dead and could you had me the jar of honey there," a dip of her head indicated past him, just near his elbow. It'd go good with the thick slices of buttered bread on her plate. "Were you there at that party? I worried you might be. And France was…well, it was nice. It was good. Everything was okay."

Niko takes a small sip of his lemonade, "Good yourself?" he says his hand running through his hair slowly, his bluish green eyes locking on the girl, "Denholm, Niko Denholm." he says introducing himself with a smile, "Do you normally toast sandwiches with people?" he asks curiously, even though she did it with a drink. Taking a bite of his sandwich he looks at her books tilting his head curiously at them, "Light reading?" he says in a playful tone, the warm friendly smile never leaving his face.

Marcus returns the shoulder-bump. "Aha, so you thought about me," he teases her, ending up in a chuckle. "Thank you," he then says, sounding rarely genuine.
He takes a deep breath as she reminds him that they missed getting together. "I intended to. Things… just happened," he frowns now, looking disappointed himself. "The attack was more than stupid. It showcases the reality we're facing, Jenny," he side-glances at the other tables, eyes falling on Elizabeth and Niko for a moment. He shakes his head. "I wasn't. I wish I had, though. I'm not the mooshy type, and I sort of feel terrible for those attacked. Sort of," he says this, trying to be his usual joking self, but, his expression is quite serious.
"France was just… nice?" He arches a brow at this.

As Niko uses a free hand to slowly run his fingers through his hair, Elizabeth once more quirks a curious a brow at him, quietly amused. Her hands quietly fold in her lap as she gently dips her chin towards him. "A pleasure to meet you, Niko Denholm. Since we are exchanging introductions, I am Elizabeth Aurora Dweedle. And technically, I did it with a drink. You did it with a sandwich first. So I suppose the inquiry would be better placed with you instead." The books are mentioned, and her pale gaze calmly glances to them. "Mm, I have a certain flair for languages, so this is another I'm attempting to master."

"Well of course I did, Marcus, you're my best mate." Jenny replied, sticking out her tongue. Of course, he forgot the honey, which had her politely reaching past him to snag the jar so that she could slather a goodly portion of it onto the bread with a little honey butter to make it absolutely….perfect. Of the two thick slices she'd slathered, one was offered out to him.
"It's a horrible terrible reality," Jenny agreed, "And we should beat it with a stick! But…I kind of suck at walking around oh so serious bemoaning the horrible state of the world. There's enough people who do that. So I'll wait, smack it in the face with a club when someone does something to effect me directly and…enjoy myself in the meantime." Out of sight, out of mind.
"There would have been face smacking, if you'd been injured." But as he wasn't, "Yes. Nice. I mean, the whole holiday started off horrible and then it was weird but then it got sort of better, then worse, then better again. Silas was wonderful. Understanding. Problems are all in my head anyway."

"Well met." he says with a small nod and smile, "Actually yes, bread makes great toast." he says with a wink, chuckling a bit at his own play on words, "Ah mastering languages, not my thing." he says with a small wave of his hand, "I could possible, learn a million things before I mastered another language." he says nodding slowly with a smirk, "Kimiko is always correcting me when I try and speak Japanese to her." he says with a snicker, "Even with her help I think I fail pretty bad." he says taking another sip of his lemonade.

"If you keep this up, Solomon, we're going to have a moment here, and it'll be embarrassing, I promise you," Marcus tells Jenny, but there is affection, the Marcus kind at least, in his words and tone. Oh, ooops, the honey. He did forget, a little drawn into the conversation, he was. Something close to an apologetic look is offered.
"Yeah, I usually don't do serious all that well myself. But this is different, I guess," he shares. "Beating it with a stick sounds like a good plan, though. He grins as she threatens to smack faces for him. "We get close and close to that moment, Jenny," he warns, playfully. He looks curious as she continues. "I… see," he sounds dubious. "I'm glad it was… nice," he decides to say. Glancing at her plate, he adds. "You done filling your belly yet? If so, let's get out of here."

The smirk tugs at the corner of her lips as Elizabeth gently shakes her raven head, the French braid that drapes over one shoulder sliding subtly from the movement. "Well met indeed." she murmurs. "I have a skill that makes it relatively easier to memorize languages. And reading books and spells in their original languages, well it ensures that nothing is lost in translation." Elizabeth smirks again, just a hint of a one. The mention of his friend and the poor attempt at japanese, it elicits a small chuckle from the Ravenclaw girl. "That isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm sure you have strengths in other areas."

Niko offers her another warm smile, before finishing up his lemonade, "Well it was nice meeting you, Liz." Niko likes to call people Niko names and almost everyone knows him by his and no one even bothers to call him his real name after all. Standing up, "Just remember next time that bread makes for good toast." he says offering her a playful wink, "Best of luck on your exploration of the human mind." he says giving her wide eyes, before chuckling, "I need to go catch someone." he says running his hand through his hair, "Oh and I won't tell anyone you smiled." he says with a wave of his hand as he goes to leave.

"I know. You'll cry, ruin the good china and someone else will have to clean up the mess." Jenny gave a thumping pat against Marcus' back. "There there. Keep it together, you'll be fine." The honey issue long since solved, she was stil offering to feed him the end results.
"It's different and..yet..not. I mean, I can have a passion and a point and still be all like, drama isn't going to run my life. I like it. I like happy and yes, I'm done. This can come with me and we'll go but…it would be nice to know where we're going," added as she pushed herself up from the bench.

"Elizabeth." She instinctively corrects Niko's use of her name, as if she's done it before. She has. Niko rises to his feet and she lightly quirks a brow at him again. "'Bread'. Right." He was trying to act cute, and doing a rather good job at it. It makes Elizabeth wonder if he's used to using this to his advantage. "I'm make a note of that." He teases her about her smile, and she lifts a hand to gently wave in his direction. "I'm sure you won't."

Marcus accepts the food offering, but takes it with his mouth rather than his fingers. He doesn't bit her, though, although the grin on his face shows that he could have. He helps the poor piece of honey bread stay in his mouth with his fingers now as he stands.
"We all deal with things as we do," he's not judging, but rather, nods in approval of her words. "Besides, when the muggles come at me, I'll make sure to call you and you can beat them up then." He rises and shrugs. "Haven't your heard, Solomon? It's all about the journey and stuff. The destination matters little. Come on, burn that food you just ate. Let's walk." A side-glance is offered to Elizabeth, at her House's table, but that's all he does regarding her. His attention, quickly focusing on Jenny.

"Hey hey hey! Watch the fingers!" Is the tease that comes in response to the grin, for all that he didn't bite, Jenny still made a show of plucking her fingers back as if he'd tried, cradling them close and casting playfully speculative eyes in his direction.
"Oh yes. Please do. My life shall never be fulfilled until I have been given the chance to ride to your rescue. You can be my damsel in distress," she teases, tongue peeking between her teeth even as her eyes roll for all his journey talk. "I could get fat here," she mentions, looking down at her belly and giving a gentle pat to the little pouch there amidst the tone expanse of her stomach. Proof she'd eaten too much. It'd be gone by sunset.
"Mmm, walk. Maybe I could wobble. Hey, didjoo get to fly any while we were gone?"

Reaching for a hot roll, Elizabeth sets it on her empty plate as she begins buttering it, her pale eyes looking around her again, at the other tables with mild interest. It doesn't take long for her to glance at Marcus and Jenny's direction. Twice now that boy's looked at where she is, at her place in the Ravenclaw table. She gives him a silent, mildly curious glance.

"I'll have you know that I'd make a handsome damsel in distress," Marcus nods at this, sounding quite serious, but making a ridiculous pose to go along with the statement. He looks at her stomach, then at the food, and then shakes his head. "Out of here then. No getting fat for you. I'll ruin your game, and take some of my eye candy away," he smirks.
He waits for her to join him, before starting off out of the great hall. "I did some flying. I still could use some lessons and practice. And guess who I chose as my tutor?"
There is no third time looking at Elizabeth, now that he's about to leave this place. He simply continues on his way.

---—============Central Castle Roof===========---

It's a studious look, when Marcus strikes that pose and Jenny's grin sombers so that she can look properly serious. "Hrm. We would need to do a little work on your hips, I think and get you the right dress." Wink. At least, until he examined her stomach. While he was watching, she poked at it. One finger, watching the way it yeilded rather than it's general flat tone state. Blink blink, innocent blink.
"Well I mean, there'd still be the view from behind…until it went, too. Maybe we should go." But by Merlin's beard, Jenny didn't expect him to have literally meant it. But Jenny followed, she followed in silence, watching as they went with a look of amusement to see where they ended up.
"Marcus, darling, I know you said you were concerned about me getting fat but I think trying to make me walk all over the blood school is going just a little bit too far. Particularly since you're wanting me to help teach you how to ride." Snerk.

Amusement never leaves his expression at her teasing, and the talk of views, has Marcus smirking at her. "Well, I'll take any view, I guess," he shares.
"What, you need to work out those calories," he says, as they reach the rooftop ramparts. There, he looks around, nods and turns to her, finding a place to lean against. "I mostly wanted some peace and quiet, and well, talk to you. I am sorry about the holidays," he looks down. "And I missed you," the admission is said quietly, and is genuine. He shoulder bumps her then.
"Really? Just nice," he shakes his head. "I was expecting more an incredible here, or amazing. Or… something else!" He is of course, speaking of her holidays.

"There's a beautiful view from up here, that's for sure," Jenny gestured outwards at what could be seen of the wintery landscape, the sunshine lingering, for the moment but it would be dark before too much longer, even at mid-day.
Where he leans though, she boosts up to the edge to sit, long legs dangling down beside him; her knee level with his hip, at the moment. It meant that shoulder-bump of his caught her forearm instead. "I like it up here. But..that's kind of what I like about the sky, too. It's quiet and it's peaceful and you can see forever. There's nothing to hold you back or down or judge you and the only piece of knowledge that means anything up there is that if you fall," she cast him a crooked grin. "You die." Wink.
Some of the ease left her expression though, with his question. "You can't tell Pey. I mean, you have to swear it, on your wand that you won't. She's a chatty girl, some things I don't like public."

As Jenny describes the sky, he looks into the distance. For a moment, Marcus loses himself in the view, but listening he is, as he glances up to study Jenny while she continues speaking. "You make flying sound so poetic and dangerous and scary at the same time," he half grins, but falls quiet.
"I won't tell her," he says, and means it. "I swear," he adds, "on my wand. What's wrong, Jenny?" There is a tinge of concern in his voice at that last question.

"Flying is poetic, Marcus and dangerous. But it's so beautiful and so freeing that it breaks my damn heart. I want to take you up one day with me. Way up. Above the clouds when there's a storm. Above the rain, up so that you can see the lightening dance beneath your feet and know that you're alive. That there is nothing else like it in the world. It's a rush." There's a gleam in her eyes when she talks about it. The gleam of a sensation junkie.
Her knees hooked down though, as she wiggled there between the crenellations and began to lean backwards. "Breaking up with my first crush, the first day of holiday vacation? Less of a rush. Still…kinda feeling guilty for it, too."

"Hey, I'm game," Marcus replies, with an easygoing shrug. "I trust you enough to not drop me on my head," he says. But there is wonder in those eyes of his as she describes the experience. And well, he is the type to try everything at least once after all.
"Wait, what?" He asks, about that last bit she throws at him. "Jenny… what happened?" A pause. "And stop feeling guilty. It's a pointless thing to feel." He says that, even though he isn't sure of what's going on.

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