(1939-01-07) He's a Rogue
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Summary: Graham pays Rhyeline a surprise visit at Berylwood and pleads with Rhyeline to be cautious of Tiberius.
Date: Tuesday, January 7th, 1939
Location: Berylwood

It's mid-day and still cold though the snow is only lightly falling at the moment on the streets of London. Graham walks down the street he seems to have a couple things in his hands a basket and something else a package it would seem. He normally isn't known for showing up at this house uninvited but it's a special occasion though and so he turns onto the street and moves towards the large house which is his destination. He will move wards the door and give a knock once he's there.

It's a long walk up the driveway through the sprawling gardens of Berylwood, but well worth it when the butler answers the door and shows him in to the library where Rhyeline is curled up by the fire. A number of folded newspapers are arranged neatly on the coffee table before her. A cup of tea rests in her hands. "Hello, brother…" she murmurs watching him with a slight, curious tilt of her head to the side. "Do… do you have news? Is everything alright?"

Graham nods to the butler and thanks them as they walk through the house being polite and friendly. The library is the place he's visited the most which he doesn't mind at all, he looks across the room to the other where she's relaxing. "Not on the attack yet, but did need to speak with you." he holds up the items. "I brought food and drinks and a present." he says with a smile as he crosses the room towards her.

The subtle curiosity in the little one's eyes brightens at the mention of a present. Setting down her cup of tea on the coffee table, she rises up onto her knees and watches Graham's approach with an almost childlike eagerness. She settles back down, legs folded beneath herself upon the sofa as she peeks up at her brother. "A gift? What is it?"

"The first is lunch in the basket. With cake for desert." Graham says though he's grinning he will sit down with the other. The auror offers the other to her which is a small item it's wrapped. If she opens it it's a necklace with a small pendant a butterfly with jewls on its wings. He will sit back otherwise if she doesn't open it just yet "It's good to see you sister."

Rhyeline smiles when she is handed the little gift. She drawls closer, tucking herself against Graham's side. Head tilted a bit to the side, she opens it and gives a soft, quiet gasp of delight. "It's… it's beautiful…" she murmurs, gazing at it. But, then she hesitates and peeks up at him. "What… what's the occasion?"

Graham smiles as she curls up to him unable to help himself he'll place his arm around her lightly though he's still watching to see if she likes the gift. The auror is glad she likes it though answers the question as well "No occasion, I saw it at the market near my house and it made me think of you so I grabbed it." he will say it's a simple truthful answer.

Rhyeline accepts her brother's answer without hesitation. Her trust is absolute. "Thank you, brother… would- would you put it on for me?" She offers him the box where the necklace still rests. Should he agree, she reaches up to lift her hair out of the way, exposing the back of her neck.

"Of course I will." The young man sets the basket down lightly in front of them. Graham will accept the box and gently takes out the necklace and undoes the clasp he will reach it over her head first before guiding it back and doing the clasp from the back. "There you go, i'm so glad you like it." he says sincerely. "Let me get lunch ready." he set things out which he's prepared. "I am gathering information and aurors willing to help to help me track down the responsible parties I meant to tell you." he will wait but looks like he'll say more soon.

Rhyeline leans forward to move the newspapers and her half-finished cup of tea out of the way so that her brother has room to set things out. With a small nod, she murmurs, "Thank you… I'm glad that you're not hunting them alone…" She peeks up at him, remembering their recent conversation.

Graham finishes his setting items out though he smiles to her thanks. "Your welcome, I believe i'll ask Rena and Cooper to help me." he will say though he's still not certain on this point wanting to just rush out to investigate and such. He will offered the plate of food to the other. "Rhyeline?" he begins once she and he's settled back down "I did need to talk to you about something." he will look over to her.

Before taking a small bite of food, Rhyeline nestles once more against his side. When he looks over at her, she is peeking up at him with a quiet caution and tilts her head to the side.

The young man will take a drink and a bite to eat as he looks over to her. Graham will take the silence as she is listening to him. "It's about Tiberius Tripe." he will watch for a reaction to these words. He takes another drink. "After the incident with him pretending to poison your drink. No matter the reason it's not acceptable." he says no question to his voice. "The more I learn the less I like Rhyeline."

Rhyeline bows her head in subtle deference as she listens to her adopted brother. He has her full attention. For the moment, the plate of food in her lap sits untouched.

Graham looks over closer to the other though she doesnt seem to wish to speak right now. He will continue on all the same. "His record shows a few things but nothing's stuck." this part over he will move onwards. "However there are a lot of things which arent adding up with the story of the work he does, how he acts of course." he sighs "He found out i'm an auror and started acting diffrent and i'm not the only one who's noticed. He's asking me to get names of germans whom the auror's office may know. Instead of an offical request from his company." he takes a drink and is silent "I am saying this Rhyeline because I want to keep you safe. I dont think you should go near him." it's the first time he's made this idea about anyone and so he hopes this will sink in.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip when told she should not go near him. "Perhaps he hoped that… that asking you would be quicker. A formal request will encounter a great deal of red tape…" The little one doesn't seem convinced that the behavior her brother has described is suspicious.

The auror looks to her though it doesn't seem like it's enough. Graham shakes his head "Even I have to go through the right channels to pull records and if our ministry doesn't have them I have to request from the foreign ministry." he will explain about the quick method of getting information. "Auror Prewett approached me about the same behavior." he looks over to her "Mr Tripe splinched himself recently, and she found him first and in trying to help him he kept calling her Beryl, and also mentioned one of the same germans names as well as saying that they should forget the fee, and they'd probably be betrayed anyone and to just turn them into the aurors." his gaze will be locked on hers now.

Rhyeline's young, dark gaze widens in great alarm when she hears Tiberius got himself splinched. She parts her lips to speak, to ask if he's alright, but doesn't interrupt her brother. Instead, she waits, tense with an anxious expression. She still looks dubious. None of that sounds like anything too damning. But at the last bit, about turning them into the aurors, she hesitates. "Brother… he said that they were his clients… he must suspect that they are dark wizards and- and is trying to do the right thing… But- but please, is- is he alright?"

Graham shakes his head to the others words "Rhyeline, please listen to me. I wouldn't even tell you any of this if I didnt think it was important." He sets his drink down and turns to look more full onto her. "Little mouse, I need you to be safe and he's just not safe he told me himself he was a rogue. Even if he's trying to turn them in NOW he's still from the sound of it helped them into the country. He is not acting like an innocent man nor like one who's doing the right thing. One he realized he'd been talking to Prewett and not this Beryl she may be in danger now."

Rhyeline's brows furrow a bit. "If he were a true rogue, he wouldn't tell an /auror/… I'm sure he meant it like- like you here some people say in jest to each other. 'You old rogue, how are you?' He said to me as well that he was a rogue… I don't think he meant anything else by it. And there's no crime in helping people into a country… not if he didn't realize that they were bad…"

The auror frowns now at her words she'll believe the word of a man like that over his own. He will look directly in her eyes now "That is not how he said it and normal gentlemen don't even pretend to poison someone. I would never there is no good reason." his words come out though after this his face falls "Rhyeline my sister, please? I cant stand something happening to you." his words come out a final try or maybe one of the last though his words are sincere to how he feels he wont try and trick her at least that's not who he is.

"I'm never alone with him, brother… My guards watch him very close when he's near. I'll be alright… And… and I won't go looking for him…" murmurs Rhyeline is a rather quiet tone.

Graham nods to her words "I'm sorry i've ruined a good meeting." he will look over to her I did plan a happy afternoon i've just not said anything for too long and I just cant have you not knowing. Please believe me he will seek you out instead. It's best to just stay away at least until it can be sorted out." he says this with assurednes. "Your guards must be mindful." he says though he sighs "That was not the reason I brought food and a necklace I really did think of you and just wanted to see you." his smile returns.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip when he asks her to keep her distance from Tiberius, but when he tells her that he did just want to see her, she smiles softly. "I know, brother… And… My guards are always mindful… And… I will be cautious… Please, you- you don't need to worry."

It's after the talk which needed to happen and the rest of the talk goes much more smoothly and happy. Graham has spoken his peace on that topic and is just glad she likes her necklace smiling when ever he sees it around he neck. It seems that at least for a few hours they can relax before departing the auror heading into the office he will give an extra big hug before he does so however.

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