(1939-01-07) No Nice Muggles
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Summary: Three students talk a little about current events.
Date: 1939-01-07
Location: Charms Classroom
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The walk to class was not all that long. In fact, it was hardly more than a few steps. Which meant when Andromena and Variel arrived there were very few other students in the room yet. The Ravenclaw turned on her heels to face the red head, expression thoughtful.

"Variel," she began, somewhat tentative. "I'm sure you're getting a lot of this lately but I would be remiss if I didn't ask how you were doing." She hadn't been able to visit him at St. Mungo's, seeing only Anthony and then being escorted home immediately thereafter. Andromena left it to hang in the air for the time being.

Variel listens as Andromena starts in, and shakes his head. "Relax. I'm not going to bite your head off for asking. I wasn't one of the ones hurt worst by this." Hurt worst? The kid was suspended midair and tortured publicly. "I'm… disillusioned and learning from my mistakes. It's just a rough process." A vague hint of warmth colors his eyes when he smiles a bit. "I appreciate the concern, though."

"Well, I only meant I'm sure a lot of people have been approaching you over it. I would think you'd want some peace after a while." Andromena rolls her shoulders into a slight shrug. She would personally grow tired of it! Part of the reason why she was avoiding discussing it if it could at all be helped. There were those that loved gossip for its own sake, and it was those people the Ravenclaw sought to stay clear of. She moved to a desk, and depositing her things there, took a seat.

"You are disillusioned, or you've realized that you //were/ disillusioned?" Asked after a moment. Andromena casually began to withdraw the things she'd need for the class; her book, parchment, and quill. The latter she tested until she was satisfied with its flow of ink.

Ah, Charms class. Edgar misses this so. He's actually good at it! As proven in the incident. He doesn't realize he's walking into a room with people, though, until he stops and spots the two pure-blooded students aside from himself. Anyone else, including a mudblood passing by him in the corridor, is given a blood-chilling stare. "Weasley, Mena. Hello."

"Funny thing, that. Haven't really had many people asking." Variel moved to claim his own seat. In this case, beside Andromena for the sake of conversation. He looks up as Edgar enters, and lifts his right hand in greeting. "Crow. Good to see you again. I owe you for the help at the Sykes. Not sure I could have walked out under my own power." No, but he probably would have kept that charm over Lea and Xavier. He'd managed that alright- only one of the victims to manage a spell while things were at their hottest. And a Charm, besides- Lea's lessons must have been taking.

"Am now disabused of ideas that don't have much place in the real world- so currently disillusioned."

"Edgar, hello," Andromena greets as Carrow enters. Maybe they were all earlier than she had actually suspected, because not even the professor had arrived yet! The Ravenclaw motions for the Slytherin to take the seat nearest the flame-topped Gryffindor. It was also totally unintentional on behalf of the typist that she should describe them all by their Houses so consecutively!

"I see," said to Variel with a slight nod of her head. Andromena begins to write something across the parchment she'd smoothed out. It's not clear what it is, yet. Likely just the usual - name, date, and class. Her silence was clearly an indicator that Variel should continue!

Assuming that the hand was lifted for a shake, Edgar shakes it and gives a slight nod in regards to that. "I am sure it would have been likewise were our roles reversed, Weasley. That said, you are welcome. You were brave enough to keep the protection charm on Rashley and the other individual and that's a credit."

Variel does, in fact, shake that hand. "Only fair, really. Her lessons made it possible." He realizes Andromena is waiting for her to continue, and gathers his thoughts a moment.

"I was under the naive presumption that the extent of the divide between purity and not was dirty looks, nasty names and nastier pranks. I thought a combination of stiff upper lip and a bit of thick skin would be all that was really necessary to rob that divide of its power. I was shocked in the first place, at what that… speech was threatening. But when I got dragged off my feet… betrayed isn't a strong enough word for what I felt when-" He snaps his mouth shut, his hand starting to work at his side again. Shut. Open. Shut. "I'm not playing the victim. I spent sixty seconds in agony and people lost their families and their lives. Believe me, I don't consider what I went through anything in comparison to that. I'd rather-" And his voice fails. Just for an instant. He might be downplaying what happened, but he hadn't walked away intact either, and it showed in his reluctance to complete the sentence… though he does, in the end. "… I'd rather… face that again… if it'd bring Rosseau and Proudmoore back… but that hadn't happened yet. And all I could think of was that there was a bloody good chance I'd gone out of my way to keep one of their brats from getting picked on at class, and this was one hell of a thanks."

Andromena's brows furrow downwards in consideration. She has a few half-blood friends and she's unwilling to disavow them because of the actions of others. "Variel, I…want you to understand something," said slowly, as if she were still considering her words. "The idea of being anything less than a pure-blood abhors me. I find it pitiable. But I will not condemn a half-blood," mudbloods are not mentioned. "Solely for that." To be sure, Andromena would think they were lesser and had said as much before. She'd also said it was their 'duty to scrub out the stain of their parents.' Who were the real culprits. "Anyone of magical heritage has a duty to uphold it. Those who wilfully turn away are the enemy." Be they mud, or otherwise. After all, even pure-bloods had their traitors! Andromena set her quill aside to look toward both boys.

"Yes." Edgar replies, simple as that. There is no more argument than what Andromena's already spoken. Or what Weasley has spoken. Nevertheless, he sits down and starts reading the Charms book, apparently stopping to really analyze the full-body bind curse. Something he is a ways from fully learning, but he will get there. Eventually.

Variel shakes his head. "That's where I was. Like, exactly there. I didn't condemn anyone just because they were less lucky than I. But here's the problem, and it's more than just worrying that someone's going to tell somebody they shouldn't or throw around magic where they shouldn't, which are all legitimate concerns, and we have Obliviators for that. What's really most horrid is that we as a society taught the magic that was used to murder us. To torture us. No. I don't think it's all of them. I know it can't be all of them, I know some halfbloods from whom I'd never expect anything less than complete dedication to our ways and heritage. The problem comes in that we can't tell who's going to turn those spells on us because they're tired of seeing the families with money shop at the other stores. Or get tired of their son coming home crying with leeks in his ears. Or- you've heard how bad things are getting in the muggle world. If they're going to do this -now-, what's going to happen when the muggles go to war and they decide that we're obliged to go with them to protect their muggle relatives? How much worse are things going to get when they want something as desperately as that?"

Andromena doesn't disagree with Variel on the points he's made, and so won't argue. Drumming her fingers along the desk, Andromena humms in thoughtful consideration. "Unfortunately," she says after a moment. "The only ideas I have would take years to implement- and who can say if they would even be of any use?" Her expression became rather sour as she thought about something. She wasn't exactly the optimist some people might be inclined to see her as.

"Things probably are going to get worse. We," pure-bloods. Right thinking witches and wizards. "Can't keep finding ourselves stuck in reaction mode. Something has to be done." Andromena just did not believe she had any answers. Yet.

Because it was up to a couple of youths at Hogwarts, right?

"Start by shutting out the mudbloods who are trying to pretend they are one of us; we don't need them to be educated, only for them to turn Dark and start killing our kind indiscriminately," Edgar replies, with a touch of disgust in his tone. It burns in those eyes of his as well, and it shows.

"Mudbloods ought to be sequestered from the rest of us until they're re-educated, and even then they shouldn't be given the same rights regarding magic as the rest of us." Andromena suggests.

Variel grimaces. "There's going to be a lot of them caught up in this because of a few horrid apples. It'd be nice if we could trust them, but even the kindest ones… they'd just have to feel like- "

Variel says, "- like they HAD to help stop a muggle war or something as misguidedly noble, and… just as bad as the ones in it for bitterness." He sounds legitimately sorrowful- he honestly seems to regret the corner he feels they've been backed into."

"There are no nice muggles." Edgar replies, almost tersely. Perhaps it is how intensely he feels about the situations they have been shoved into, as of late.

"The mudbloods, whether their hearts are in the right place or not, are severely disadvataged because they've been raised in an entirely muggle world. How could you possibly cope with being thrust into another, and told of your real heritage - one that you believed was merely fancy before then? They need all the help that they can get, and clearly being merely deposited in the midst of things is not the answer. Society cannot maintain a 'sink or swim' mentality for the sheer fact that," her hands were held out, and shook theatrically. "Hello, society!" Those that sank did not just drown on their own…they took other with them.

"Muggle customs, with muggle understanding of how the world works." Edgar agrees with that. "I do not think they possess any heritage whatsoever, however. They were simply born at the right time… to the wrong heritage." He flips a page from his book as he looks at the other two.

Variel says, "I would argue the point, but all I can say is 'some get better.' But it takes time and lots of it and its no real guarantee of anything. Maybe isolation and seperate education would help that.""

Andromena shrugged her shoulders, allowing a small grin. "See, I told you the ideas I had would be for the long haul! Now…what are you studying so intently over there, Edgar?" Because there was only so much of that talk Andromena was willing to indulge in before the start of a class.

"The Full-Body Bind Curse," Edgar replies to Andromena with a grin. "The ultimate bandit-catcher of spells. They're running? No problem! They will fall right quick."

Variel says, "More reliable than the Incarceration charm, less violent than the Fire-rope spell. I've about got it down. Haven't tried it on a target yet." His lips narrow. "Seen it in use though.""

"Ah," Andromena says. "Not one in my personal repertoire…" Not that it was beyond her skill, that is to say. Something causes her to snicker suddenly, but she says nothing as she draws her hand up to her mouth. "Is it something you can practice in Duelling?" The laughter died down pretty quick, but an amused smirk still remained.

"I… see." Edgar is awfully suspicious of all the snickering, before he replies with a non-commital shrug. "It is. A good spell to end a friendly spar, too. Maybe the best one to END a real deal… if you want to hurt someone."

Variel falls silent as the others chatter about how useful the spell is to set someonr up to be badly hurt. He calls no attenyion to himself, rather turning away to open the Charms book he carried in and start reading.

Andromena would never advocate hurting anyone! Shortly thereafter, more and more students began to pile into the classroom, followed by the professor himself. Andromena abandoned Variel in order to go and sit beside her boyfriend when he showed up, giving both fellows a bit of a wave as she did so. The rest of the class would pass uneventfully. Well, as uneventful as a class making use of the Confundus Charm possibly can.

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