(1939-01-08) To Study or Not To Study
Details for To Study or Not To Study
Summary: Marcus and Jenny attempt to be good little students, falling prey to regular distractions like Silas and then Lucretia and Esther in the Slytherin Common Room.
Date: 1939-01-08
Location: Slytherin Common Room

Jenny was sprawled out on the floor in front of the couch with Marcus, shoes kicked off beside of her with a book on quidditch tactics open on the table and atop it, one for charms and atop it, one for Transfiguration and on top of the last one, was a plate of scattered desserts that'd been served at supper. So she was currently munching on a grape with cheese.
"So…what is it you want to be when you get out of here, anyway? Are you gonna stop when you pass your OWLs or?" The question trailed off, as the girl looked up; her shoulder flush with his, her head having been resting on it.

Hey look at that, Marcus is actually studying. He holds a book of Charms in front himself, sitting on the floor and against the couch and next to Jenny. He's annoyingly bumping his leg over and over against hers, in that nagging kind of way that is easily ignored and put out of mind.
That doesn't stop him from playfully trying to be a nag, though. "That's a deep question, Solomon," he notes to her, as he turns a page of his book. He absently reaches for a grape of his own, popping it into his mouth. "I… well, I had considered the MLE," he tells her, with a bit of a shrug. "Not Auror, I wouldn't make Auror. But Hit Wizard?" He shrugs, grinning, and nudges Jenny just a little harder. "What about you?" He rolls his eyes, knowing perfectly well what the answer will be.

That bump bump nag is comfortable though, to the point that not only has Jenny picked up the rhythm that he's using so that she can bump back, but occasionally, when she pays attention to it, she bumps out of beat. And every time she does she smiles, a little crooked but the kind that's at home and content in the silence.
"You'd be bored witless as an Auror, I think. Might make a sexy Hit Wizard though," she teased, with a little grin. Though her expression tempered towards serious when he returned the favor. She bought time by opting for an apple slice; dipping its end into melted caramel. "Well, if I finish school, the goal is to get picked up on a professional level. If I don't quite make it to the end of this place then…well, there's always bartending and…dancing. Let's face it, I haven't quite gotten the ambition or the drive to amount to much more than that. I'm just not that smart."

Out of bump beats cause Marcus to actually grin, because at times he even forgets that they're partaking on that little bumping game. He takes a break from reading the pages of his book to glance at Jenny as she responds.
"Those teams should be fighting to pick you up, Jen," Marcus says this with confidence. "Yeah, I get the ambition and drive part," he notes, and then smacks her thigh with his book. "But not smart? Really. You're smart enough. Sure, you're not a genius, but meh," he shrugs, chuckling and looking back at his book. "You're going to make a team, I wouldn't worry too much."

"Ow you fiend," Jenny grumped, glowering playfully in Marcus' direction as she rubbed against her thigh where he'd smacked, blinked, turned pink for no imaginable reason in the world and might have made that next little out of beat bump harder than it should have been. "I'm fragil and delicate and bruise easy. Think of that, when you're beating on me, would you?" There was laughter in the tone however and she stared at back her NEWT level charms book with a bliase expression.
"The point is, I don't really know that I care where I end up one way or another, because I'll get by. It aint gotta be big or fancy and I don't have to be famous but…," and there that grin turned just a tinsy bit arrogant, "I intend to be famous. And when I am? You can ride around on my coattails."

"Oof," is Marcus' reaction to Jenny's latest offbeat bump. Her words though? They garner a snort. "Yes, of course," is his response. "I'm sorry I forgot about these things," and he totally doesn't mean that apology, at all. So the grin on his face, matches the laughter in her tone.
"I hope you aren't expecting me to give you a speech about the future, blah, blah, blah," Marcus notes. "Other than my journey one, that one I like," he decides, "and I like this famous thing you're talking about too," he wags a finger at her. "I'll get on board your broom for that one."

"You're forgiven," it was the most regal tone that she could manage, uppity and hoity all at once. Her tongue was peeking between her lips with a grin that just wouldn't quite the absolute entire time. "Just," she continued, still attempting to sound properly snobbish. "Don't let it happen again." Wink.
"No speeches expected, unless you just want an excuse to give your journey speech, but honestly I'd rather you focus on something more important, like your birthday celebration. We've got to make it grand," Jenny has a habit of doing things up in style and then some, particularly when it's for those she considers her friends. "So…I'm gonna have to know the important things. Things you've never done before, that way I know I'm working with present-wise."

"Thank you, your forgiveness makes it possible for me to move on with my life," Marcus assures her, amused. And then he shakes his head, to indicate that indeed, he won't let it happen again. Of course, he totally will tease her like that again.
Pursing his lips into a smirk at the mention of his party. He sets his book down, deciding that this was after all a more interesting matter to focus on. "So… things I've never done before, hmm?" His eyes show mischief at that question, and he taps a finger to his chin. "There are quite a few, I imagine."

"And moving on with your life is so very important," Genevieve drawled, slender shoulder rising just so that she could settle her chin on it when she looked at him; a coquette expression that was naughty and innocent all at once. "After all, we don't want you stuck in last years fashions." A little wink was given, before Jenny snatched up another apple slice and ducked it again, this time offering the bite out to him.
"Good. I'm glad it's long. Give it to me, all of it. That way I can go through and pick out the cheapest." Cheeky grin.

Marcus and Jenny are on the floor, in front of one of the couches. Jenny is all sprawled over, with a couple of books on a nearby table, while Marcus has one book next to him. They're constantly bumping a leg against the other's, almost in rhythm, except every now and then, when they bump out of beat to throw the other off. Marcus leans over, teeth first, to take a bite out of the apple slice. Except, unlike the last time he did this, pretending to bite her without doing so, this time, he does bite her fingers. Not too hard, but enough to pay her back for that last quip about cheap gifts.
He narrows his eyes, amused, and smirks. "Well, there are a lot of muggle things, but we can count those as not being interested, thank you." A pause. "Hrm, let's see. I've yet to travel to Spain. What else… I could use a new set of wizard chest…" His words trail off some.

That bite was one of those times when Jenny's bump was out of rhythm and the girl squealed; curling her fingers down in an attempt to catch his tongue with her nail before she got her hand free. "Marmar!" Jenny shook her hand, the same way one does when its burn and then it went from being shook, to her lips, nursing softly on the poor wounded abused broken flesh.
"That was uncalled for! You've just talked yourself out of a big gift. Small ones now. Absolutely, teeny, tiny, small. Barely worth a copper. That's going to bruise! And everything muggle is out. I don't speak enough spanish for spain, either. Oh, but…" Hey, she could help him w..
"HEY!" Smack! "Chess. Marcus. CHESS."

Silas had been around, but quiet, ever since the train ride back to school. He'd made time for those most important to him, of course, but it had been kept to private moments. His standard, easy smile had been mostly gone, explained to those again who mattered, but it had at least been noticed… especially in that now, as he climbs the stairs from the boy's dorm, it's back again. He's in uniform, nothing fancy, and rather than a handbag, he has a subdued Adelaide in his arms.
Upon seeing the two studying, he slowly approaches, moving deliberately so as not to disturb his little bundle. He catches only the last little bit of what Marcus was saying, but decides then to announce himself by stating, "You're not allowed to re-gift your set to him," to Jenny, his voice teasing, "just to be clear." He looks between the two of them for a moment, chuckling as Jenny lashes, then looks for the nearest seat, "You two mind an interloper?"

Marcus pokes at his tongue, the spot where Jenny nailed him. He narrows his eyes at the girl. "Uncalled for! It was totally called for!" He chuckles though, and tilts his head from side to side. "Alright, maybe not. My bad," he sounds so not sorry. "So… a tiny gift then," he taps a finger to his chin again. He's about to respond when… *SMACK* "Oy!" A pause. "Well, if you want to give me—" He stops there, as Silas enters the room.
"If you get me something tiny, Chester will play with it and lose it, I'm sure," Chester being his small, and pretty useless, owl.
At Silas questions, he smirks and shrugs, just as he bumps Jenny's leg off beat.

"You're always bad," Jenny teases, looking smug over the curve of her poor pitiful figure. She was still nursing it as if it actually hurt. "And…," the question didn't finish, much like his statement didn't finish and she looked around to find out why just as the sound of Sy's voice rang out to her ears and a look of utter disappointment crossed her face.
"Oh why not?! It's not like I play chess to ever use it and he does and it wouldn't cost me a thing!" Her beautiful perfect out and Silas was taking it away from her. But she was still smiling at the boy with affection. "How was your day?" Inquired and though the question was for Silas, she still got Marcus back for the bump and instead of being off beat this time, it was a Double.
"Ohmygosh, that reminds me," her head swung back towards Marcus, even as she patted the floor next to her inviting Silas to sit. "Did Chester like those little treats that I sent him? I asked the shopkeep for something specific to his size and his temperament because I didn't want him getting hurt."

Silas chuckles again, his free hand reaching out to casually flick part of Jenny's hair, before sitting down in the nearest empty chair, "Because I didn't spend the better part of a month crafting it as a Transfigurations project for him, of course." And it had been painstaking. The third and only successful project of its like he had taken… and it had landed him an Acceptable mid-term.
At the question, "Long, but good, and my brooding is officially over. Which, I'm sure you'll appreciate." He looks over their homework, chuckling, "Actually getting anything done, or have you two just devolved into cannibalism for fun today?"

"Can't argue with that," Marcus says, with a pretend-sigh. Amused at the exchange between the other two over a set of wizard chess, he reaches for his book, opening it again… just to get a double bump. He grunts in response, arching a brow at Jenny, just as his eyes narrow. And yet, he doesn't bump her back yet.
"Oh, he loved them. He ate them all up and then bit my hand when we ran out of those," he smirks. "So thanks for that, Solomon," he teases her, and NOW he bumps her, hard.
Glancing over at Silas he does say. "I could promise to take care of it as if you have?" Crafted it for him, that is. At the other boy's question he glances at Jenny. "Not yet, but we're working our way there," he flashes her an oh so sweet smile. Bumpbump. "We actually did some studying earlier. Well, I did, at least."

Jenny dips her head back towards Silas' hand and if she can manage, if it's close enough, she'll place a kiss against the tips of his fingers. The fact that he took a chair rather than her invitation to join them on the floor in front of the couch where they were sitting brought the arch of a brow because he was further away. With a furrow of her brows, she reached once more for the food and this time, plucked up a grape to pair with some cheese.
"…wait." The steady bumping rhythm was second nature and came without thought, "Wait. You…gave me a class project for a Christmas present?" blink blink.
Marcus' little smirking grumble helped ease that somewhat, because she tossed a smile his way. "Oh you're very welcome. If you be nice to me, I'll even give you the name of the shop that I bought them." Hah. And then, there it came. A bump so hard it knocked the grape off the cheese square just when she'd been about to take a bite. "Dammit, Marcus. I was going to eat that." Maybe Adeline liked graps? For the moment, Jenny left it on the floor, incase someone's critter came along to eat it.
"I am studying. Studying and eating. See." And she pointed to where her Charms book was atop her Transfiguration book atop her Quidditch tactics book.

The ferret in Silas's arm is then sat in the chair, next to him, in a gentle motion. He shushes her as she grumbles, slightly at the disturbance, until a small blanket is laid over her. Spoiled Ferret. He waits a moment, gets up, and then finally flops down on the floor next to Jenny, "She missed me those last few days. She's been a right jealous pest since we got back," he offers in explanation.
Then, the next question, "I gave you a project I'd been trying, and failing at, for three years. Because it was made with my own hands, and I only saw success after we became close. So." A grin, and then a playful tongue pokes out at her… assaulted from all sides, it seems!

"But being nice to you would ruin my reputation, don't you know?" Marcus pretends to frown, pursing his lips. "Oh well, all for the sake of Chester, I suppose," he decides. He does a bro a solid, and makes no mention of that wizard chess set again.
He watches the grape be knocked down and waves in dismissal, his gaze returning to his book. "Think of it as feeding the pets," great minds think alike.
Her affirmation that she's studying, causes him to snort, but he just keeps those eyes of him on the book. And of course, he winces, as the wizard chest… erhm, chess is brought up again. Read, read, read.

"Aww, of course she did. She's spoiled absolutely rotten, why wouldn't she be desperate and pathetic and needy and requiring of at…hey, that sounds kinda like me when I got to see you again," Bump bump, BUMP. Cheeky grin cast Marcus' way.
"Who says I wasn't?" Feeding the pets indeed.
"So..you gave me a set for a game I don't play because it took you three yea..okay honey." At that point, Jenny gives up. But she's got a pretty smile and Silas gets a shoulder-bump when he settles.
"Marmar and I were trying to figure out what to do for his belated birthday present because I'm a horrible friend and forgot his birthday. We're going to take off the first Hogsmeade weekend this month. You don't care, do you?" The question of course, was asked of Silas.

"It does, at that," Silas offers back with his own wide grin, and actually leans over for a bit against her for the moment, actually chuckling at the look she gives Marcus afterwards. At the continued mention of the gift, he opens his mouth, about to explain… but, with the shoulder-bump and smile, decides to let it go as well.
As to the next bit, there's a furrowing of the brows there, "I'm assuming this would be a twosome thing, and I would simply be a third wheel lagging behind, then?" He makes a show of mulling it over, looking between the two, before offering a dramatic sigh, "I guess I could give you up for a weekend… if I must… but I fear I might be demanding of even more attention the following weekend, so be forewarned."

Uff, uff, uff. Marcus smirks at the bumping, and then, BUMP. His eyes, still glued to his book. "I say so," he replies to her question, cheeky, grinning and eyes still on that book.
"I promise to return her, mostly unharmed," he jumps into that part of the conversation. "I tried to tell her that she didn't have to worry about it," he shrugs. "But, it's Jenny," like that explains everything. Bumpbump. He reaches over to the food for a grape of his own, to pop into his mouth.

Almost casually, as if she didn't realize what she was doing at all, Jenny reached out so that she could lay her hand over Marcus' book, fingers splayed wide while her attention remained on Sy. "Well, if something bad happens..your mother would never forgive me for being part of it and then, I wouldn't even be chaff or caff or whatever it was I was. I'd be worse than that and she'd never forgive me."
Not that Jenny thought she'd get much forgiveness to begin with. "I told him he's only going to turn sixteen once and that he ought to do something proper to celebrate. It's as bothering as the idea that Sy might not have a good Christmas. And even though Marcus is a stubborn unforgivable ass who's mean and cruel and thinking about chests, he still deserves a good birthday."

"My mother can hang, for all I care, and you know that, Jen," Silas retorts, "And you know she said what she did without knowing you at all." Although he knows it likely wouldn't matter. She would have said the same thing about a Black.
He then smiles, and leans over to peck lightly at Jen's cheek, should she allow it, "And this is one of the things that make you wonderful, Jen. How could I be so selfish as to stand in the way of that?" He then looks back to Marcus, grinning, "Although she'll be entirely unharmed, than you very much."

Marcus reaches to lift one of Jenny's fingers from that hand currently splayed over his book, a finger covering a particular word he was about to read. He looks up, however as she speaks and goes on to talk about chaffs and caffs and frowns, letting go of Jenny's finger.
"And that's a fair point. I don't think I'll ever turn sixteen again," he's about to say something else, but Jenny so eloquently describes him. He frowns, purses his lips. "No, I can't disagree with any of those descriptors. Although I do think about asses too, not just chests," he says, nodding then, and reading around Jenny's fingers.
"I can't guarantee that, but I'll pay for the difference," he assures Silas about his last quip.

Its that time of day again. Lucretia walks into the Slytherin common room with a slightly battered but expensive looking case tucked within the curl of her left arm and finds herself a vacant chair in which to install herself. Dark hair brushed so it falls in burnished waves to the small of her back, she carefully tucks herself into her chosen space and lays the case upon indian-crossed legs, a glance to the others closeby as she flips open silvered clasps. "Hello Soloman, Meliflua, Goyle." Thankfully she won't have been close enough to have caught the talk of chests and asses, but even if she had she'd likely not have caught the innuendo on the tail end of Marcus' words. A moment's regard is given them from beneath a thick fringe of lashes before she opens her case and takes Bernard out, fingers curled with infinite care about his neck.

"Exactly, Silas. She said all of that without knowing me. And knowing me? I can't imagine that it would get any better. In fact, I think it'd probably get worse." Which, just left Jenny frowning.
It seemed a seperate thought, the fact that her attempt to annoy Marcus was failing. She could feel him shifting her fingers and in stubborn defiance refused to acknowledge that he was working around her. He'd have to turn the page eventually. Persistance would win out!
"I adore you, Silas Meliflua," Jenny offered in the wake of Silas' kindness and made no attempt at all to deflect the little kiss he offered to her cheek. Instead, she offered one back.
"I do have a lovely one, since we're returning to…," a hint of pink and Jenny shut her mouth and then blinked, glowering in Marcus direction. "Pay for the difference, like you'll break me. Pfft." With a roll of her eyes, Jen looked back to Sy. "Don't worry, he always catches me. It'd just ruin his reputation if it got out." Marcus, Jenny and Silas are sitting on the floor before the couch, the first two with a pile of books and food that suggest they'd been studying likely since dinner ended a while ago. "Black."

As well, at least of the nearby chairs has been claimed by a white ferret, currently burrowed in a small blanket. Her owner, Silas, sighs, "Like I said, she and her little games and ploys can hang. And if she refuses to accept you, she can find herself completely divorced from yet another part of my life, by her own doing."
As the peck is accepted and returned, Silas simply leaves his head on her shoulder for a few moments, before turning it to check on the sleeping ferret. Convinced all is well on that front, he grins at marcus when Jenny alludes to the appearance of her posterior, before aborting the thought and turning pink, "You have to agree, I'm sure, that it is. Even I can allow for others to acknowledge…"
And then Lucretia comes in. Cheeks tinging at the topic of conversation and the presence of a younger classmate, it's cut off almost immediately, and he goes back to the other topic, "Just bring her back safely to me, Marcus. All I ask. That, and don't do anything I would throw a jealous hex at you for." Another grin.

Esther slides in after dinner, completely silent. The girl intends to just make her way through peacefully and go to bed - Jenny, Marcus and Silas are given a kind, non-commital nods - Lucretia manages to get a smile, and it convinces Esther to pause for a simple kindness. She stops, and boils the kettle with a tape of her wand. A spoon prepares coffee, and a hot cocoa. Three gentle taps, once water, cream and spoon are all introduced.

"White," that is Marcus' response, to Jenny. Sort of. "Oh," he looks up and sees Lucretia, smirking he adds, "Black," as a greeting, before he looks over at Jenny. "Oh, I don't have to break you. You do a lot of that on your own," he assures her, rolling his eyes as he reveals his secret.
"There you go, ruining my reputation. I have to stop being nice to you," he decides, but doesn't sound all that committed to it. And… he's done with that page. Well then. He looks at Jenny, at her hand on his book. Then back at Jenny. Using one finger, he tries to tickle the top of her hand, to see if it'll move away.
"Of course I'll keep her safe, Silas. Or rather, she'll keep me safe. You know how it goes," he tells the other boy. "And I'll be so proper that… Well, I'm not sure where I was going with that one. But yeah, proper."
Seeing Esther he nods at her. "Esther," is the greeting.

Lucretia moves the case to one side, letting it slip into the space between her left thigh and the arm of the chair and replaces its former position with her violin. Its a nightly ritual for her, checking the strings are slackened correctly after the earlier practice and that the poor ancient thing won't expire overnight in his case. There's a warmth to her smile when she looks up and spot Esther, her voice lifting so it carries over to where Esther is. "Hello Esther. Did you get that dance?" A crinkle of her nose as that question is asked before her attention is pulled back to the book that both Jenny and Marcus appear to be having a tussle over. Difficult, so difficult at times to interject oneself into the conversation of older students when you're only a third year, they rarely like it. Then again, they don't bite. Or not often. And Lu is Lu. "That must be an interesting book. Are you studying?"

Bump. The steady rhythm of Jenny's leg bumping in against Marcus' was interrupted again, this time by an out of rhythm one rather than hard, or even a double. "Orange." The color association game. Her nose wrinkling at his mention of breaking, so that in the end, even as her free hand curled up to hug Silas in against her opposite side where he'd tucked his head, she still stuck her tongue out at Marcus.
"Mmmm. I can fix it. Tell everyone that you're horrible and mean and steal my milk and cookies and pull my hair until I cry," it comes with a lazy chuckle, that threatens to turn into a giggle when he tickles the back of her hand. It bounces a little and in the end, she grants him the page; though those nimble fingers offer a sharp pinch to his thigh on the retreat.
"I promise, no harm will come to anyone, maybe. Or..whatever." She gave him, contented herself with simply being happy and gave another little squeeze to Silas before she let her hand slide away from his cheek. There was cheese to be had after all and this time, maybe she'd get to eat the grape before someone made her lose her bite. A little bob of her head acknowledging Lowe.

Esther slowly finishes preparing the drinks, and carries one to Lucretia's side, placing it on the table, and tapping her on the shoulder. "Much as I'd like it to be our secret, yes. Far more than I bargained for, as per usual. I hope you're practicing that piece well, you have a high standard to meet." A gentle toussle of Lucretia's hair, Esther is a little mean about people with nice hair after all. Her coffee is collected then, a glance over her assembled fellow students. She normally goes straight to bed after dinner. It's one of the secrets that allows her to get up when they all go to sleep.

Of the weekend in question, Silas remarks, "And I shall find some way to entertain myself, I'm sure. Or perhaps do homework… not a lick of which I did over the holiday. Not that I regret that part at all." He pauses, looking over to Jenny again, "Speaking of, Shef mentioned that a certain young wildcat apparently left him a sizable stack of mice in one of the cupboards, and asked me to thank him."
A look is given to Esther and Lucretia and their conversation… but what with Esther's last parting words to him, he decides to not pursue it at this time. Instead, he looks back to Marcus with a grin. "I think you'll have a great time, Marcus. When Jenny sets her mind to something like this, you just sit back and watch the magic." And there's truth in that.
He then pauses, and looks to Jenny, "I really need to duck out for a wee bit. Conspiratorial meeting to end the world or something like that." Wry grin, "Would you be willing to keep an eye on sleeping beauty for me? I'll be back well before the hour's out… promise."

"Red," Marcus continues with the color association, along with a smirk as Jenny sticks her tongue out at him. He listens and nods in approval. "Good, that's more like it." A grin touches his lips in victory as she removes the hand, and he quickly turns the page.
Bumpbumpbump against Jenny's leg with his own, just as she's going for the cheese, and then a chuckle from Goyle, who tilts his head to side-glance at Lucretia.
"Pretending to, really. I gave up studying some time ago."
Looking back at Silas he grins and nods. "I don't doubt it."

Lucretia quickly gathers up the chocolate from the arm of the chair and carefully holds it in against her chest. Not above her violin where it might drip or splash, that'd be sacrilege. "Thank you, Esther." A bump is given the older girl's arm with the crown of her now mussed up head and she settles herself back into the faded upholstery. A nod is given Marcus' response about the study, but with nothing more to really say to the trio on the floor, she tilts her delicately pointed chin upwards and looks back to Esther. "I suppose you're off to bed now? I probably won't be long myself."

"You're welcome. And yes, I've the midnight oil to burn tonight. I was hoping I might have the focus to finish my painting…" The girl seems unsure of that, though. A large tome of construction has been calling her lately, although she should really be studying up on Apparation. "If you're restless, you're always welcome to join me when you feel the call." It's hard to explain why Esther is so nice to Lu, at least for anyone on the outside. "Have a wonderful night, Lucretia." She wanders towards the dormitories.

"Pink." Last word, last word. She intends to have the last one. At least with colors. Games within games within games. A forever race to the finish of each and everyone. That zest and joy for life, that was why they were mates. But to Silas, Jenny said, "We had homework over the holiday?" And meant it. Because she hadn't cracked open a single book. Though, mention of Mephy and Shef's thanks had her turning just a hint pink again.
"I really need to send him a thank you card for being so gracious to me while I was there and he did such a good job on those cookies." And the cheese. Mmmhm. Grape and cheese and Marcus ruining the order of things with his bumps and for the second time, her food jumped off and this time, landed in her lap. "You're a brat." She informs him, picking it up and packing her cheek like a chipmuck before she could drop it again.
While she crunched sage eyes turned up in Silas' direction and soon as she could swallow, "Mmm. Well, while you're conspiring, would you bring me back some cake, perchance? I couldn't fit it in my pocket." Poutyface. "And I will babysit Miss Adeline, though if I should go to bed before you return then, she can wander over when she wakes up in shock and terror and blonde hair. Be careful, darling," Jenny said to Sy, right before she splayed her hand out, this time, in the middle of Marcus' book. BUMPBUMPBUMP.

Silas' grin goes wide, and he laughs at Jenny's reaction to mention of Shef, although he watches Esther leave out of the corner of his eye, "You're going to kill Shef with all your praise, Jen. He was about fit to burst by the time the holiday was over."
As she accepts the charge, Silas grins again, and replies. "And an apple, if I can find one, and a small cheese wheel for myself, no doubt, if I can sneak one. It's a deal, love." And then the mention of Adelaide, "You let her nest in your hair… the consequences are all on you." And with that he moves to plant another kiss on her cheek, before disentangling himself and heading toward the entrance.

"Blue." Games within games indeed, in the great game of life. A life that Marcus lives to the fullest, every moment he's able to. "Way to keep on top of things, Solomon," he says, of the homework, surely.
Oh, how pleased he looks as the food lands on her lap. He opens his mouth to say something, but stops himself, just grinning and then chuckling as she makes a chipmunk face. And when her eyes turn to Silas, he quickly reaches out to the food, so he can stuff a grape in his mouth.
Hey, there's a hand on his book again. Deep sigh from Marcus. BUMPBUMPBUMP back at her, and he sets the book down once more, giving up on this later attempt to pretend to study.
"Take it easy, mate," he offers to Silas as the other boy steps away.

Lucretia watches Esther leave over the rim of her mug, steam curling upwards to mist her eyes and make her blink. "Night," she mouths after her, a nod given Silas as he leaves, even if he doesn't catch it. She's not involved in the games that are getting played between Jenny and Marcus though, so she falls silent, sipping her cocoa and unwinding a little before the trek will be made to the dorms.

"Well he was nice. He should know when he's done nice. I'll have to find something appropriate to send him." In thanks. And then, there were kisses traded and promises of food and an apple, for which she blessed him for realizing her own was already gone. "And if she ruins my hair, well…I don't know. But I don't think she will." Maybe. Hopefully.
"See you in the morning for breakfast, Sy." Jenny blew him one last kiss, as she watched the boy go and then, took a breath.
"Purple. And if you don't stop eating my grapes I'm going to do something incredibly terrible, like put itching power in all of your robes or…it'll be terrible Marmar. Horrible. Eat on the apple instead."

"Fine, fine! I'll eat the apple," Marcus decides to avoid itching powder in robes. And he does as he says, reaching for an apple slice. He glances then at Jenny, and both hands fall on his book, which he slams shut… as amusement lingers on his lips.
"You made your point," he tells her, sort of grunting. "I think I'm done studying anyway," he adds, as he stretches. Bumpbumpbump his leg goes against hers. Lucretia, unfortunately falls under the radar as far as Marcus is concerned, being a third year and all.

Flashing a triumphant smile in Marcus' direction, Jenny reaches with her free hand to pluck a grape for herself and, "Ow!" They might be older. Lucretia might be a third year, but at the moment it's just possible that Marcus and Jenny were acting on par with Firsties. "That was my hand, you just slammed your bloody book on my hand!" So she coddled it, hugging it in against her chest and glowering in his direction. The smile was still playful, at least but she'd lost another grape.
"Good, because if I didn't, you heard the boy, he'll hex you." Giggle. "I still can't believe he said that." Bump. And then…nothing. Instead of a double bump, or a hard bump there was just a completely missing beat. "In all serious though. One. You missed a color that time, so you've lost. And Two. I can help you study for your OWLs if you want. I mean, I'm not completely useless, ya know."

Draining the last of her cocoa with a tilt of her mug, Lucretia uncurls from the comfort of her chair. Setting the cup aside, she gathers her violin up and heads for the dorms to curl up with Esther for a while.

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