(1939-01-10) Cauldron Scrubbing
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Summary: After cleaning their Cauldrons, Morgana and Cedric have a little chat about peace and quiet.
Date: 1939-01-11
Location: Potions Classroom

The last class of the week is always the longest, especially when potion brewing is involved. Thankfully, all of the instruction is over and all that is left to do is clean up. Morgana is currently at the sink, washing out her cauldron and looks to be on Auto-Pilot today. While she's normally withdrawn and quiet, today seems to be even further. Either way, she keeps looking to the clock, as if willing it to move faster so the weekend can start.

Well, commiserating beside Morgana is a person who certainly wishes the weekends would come faster. Cedric is right behind the Head Girl in the queue to the sink, even if the concoction he made wasn't particularly sticky nor foul; just a strange, simpler variant of the Polyjuice that changes someone's hair to the one placed inside the mix. "Looking forward to a Hogsmeade outing or some such, Rashley? You are looking quite often at the clock."

Morgana shakes her head as she cleans her cauldron, moving out of the way once she is finished to dry it out, so Cedric can start working on his. "That's not until next weekend." Morgana says with a shrug. "I'm just looking forward to crawling into bed and sleeping as late as I can tomorrow morning. I was spoiled over the holiday."

Cedric does start working on his, washing it carefully; and producing a cloth from his knapsack to make sure there are no traces of whatever potion they made earlier in the class left in the iron container. "Spoiled? In what sense?" He glances sidelong at her and flashes something of a brief, lopsided smile. "Yes, I can see the value in that quite well, actually. It's been awhile since I slept a full night."

"In the sense that I didn't have to wake up early to sit through History of Magic. I think they like to torment us by making it such an early class." Morgana says with a shake of her head. "Same here, it's always odd adjusting to the dorm rooms again. Maybe I am too light of a sleeper to share a bedroom anymore. Just.. six more months."

"Sometimes it's fun to lose sleep over whatever good cause. Other times, well, I am just prone to waking up in the middle of the night these days. Guess that's why I got so good at potions; there is only so much you can do before your Calming Drought stocks run out," Cedric replies, finishing the cleaning up of cauldrons and stepping aside so that another can take his place. "Yes… six months."

"Maybe you're too dependent on them?" Morgana questions, raising her brow just a bit. "Not that I'm a healer or anything but I am sure that it is possible to happen." Morgana says thoughtfully as she sets her cauldron aside. "I've always wanted to stay out all night at a jazz club or something, but I've never really has the opportunity. I see that as being a worthy thing to keep you awake." She says shaking her head. "Sadly, I don't have a spell to speed it all up."

"Want to do that sometime, then?" Cedric inquires with something of a slightly deepening smile, overturning his cauldron so that whatever water is left can trickle out of it. He is very patient with all the cauldron procedures. "And I don't take them all the time either, the Calming Droughts, that is." He pauses and contemplates time-travelling charms, "I suppose that kind of spell would have their uses…"

Morgana shrugs her shoulders. "I don't see myself having time to go to Jazz clubs until Easter break, and I don't like to plan that far ahead." With her Cauldron dry, she'll set it back where it goes, but returns to the sink to continue the conversation. She does have manners after all. "What do you take them for? Well aside from the obvious?" She questions. "Oh I am sure it would have it's uses, but I can see it being abused, and you'd probably miss out on the good parts of life, while trying to skip over the bad ones."

"Assuming you'd go forwards and not back, anyway," Cedric replies, quiet after that reply. He continues to dry his cauldron by use of a cloth, and once satisfied, he keeps it there as he talks to Morgana. "I suppose being the Head Girl comes with even more responsibility than a Prefect would have, so I know what you mean." He pauses when she asks him that question. "Bad memories," is all that he replies.

"Well that is always the chance when you use magic, having it backfire on you." Morgana says thoughtfully before she nods her head. "Indeed it does." She says quietly. "I wish I had been a Prefect first, than I would have at least known what I was in for. Though, so far so good." Or not so good, but she's faking it well. "Ah, well I suppose that's a good reason for a calming draught." Though she doesn't seem keen to press him more.

"We never know what we've gotten ourselves into until we realize we're in way over our heads," Cedric replies, taking his cauldron to where the rest of his things is deposited and dumping it there before returning to the sink to chat. "Looks like it's time to go. Shall I accompany you to the staircase?"

"That's life, isn't it?" Morgana says, with a shrug. "You either learn to sink or swim." Looking toward the time she nods her head and gathers her items. "If you want to." She replies walking toward the door. "It's not like i am going to get lost on my way."

"It would be my pleasure," Cedric replies, following after Morgana once he gathers is things again. "You probably know places in this Castle that few others do, considering some of the perks that come with your even greater duties."

"I would tell you, but I have been sworn to secrecy." Morgana says, as she crosses her arms over her chest. She seems very keen to keep her hands to herself. "There are many I do not know about, but some of them are very nice. Quiet places where no one can find you." It almost sounds as if she goes to these places often.

He doesn't seem too bothered by it, though he steps closer to her as they converse about these hiding areas. "Sworn to secrecy by the faculty?" Cedric asks, in a lower tone of voice. When she mentions Quiet places, though, he smiles. "None you could share at all? Any one of those would be just about perfect."

Morgana thinks it over. "I suppose I could show you one, if you keep it to yourself and don't drag random girls in there for snogging." She says as she leads him up and away from the dungeons. "And I can't tell you who swore me to secracy, they'd take my badge." She's probably kidding.

Laughing at that latter remark, Cedric acquiesces with the first condition, "Deal. No random girls." The way he briefly looks at her, though, he's making no promises about dragging her there. "In all seriousness, I'll keep it to myself. And if you happen to show up there, I'll remember to bring something to eat and some coffee or chocolate to share, why not."

"Well arn't you friendly." Morgana says flatly as she leads him on back in to the entry hall. "A few other friends showed me this one, and we're trying to keep it as clear as possible. However I have other places to hide in the mean time." It seems it is something Morgana enjoys doing. "And just where do you plan on getting coffee? I thought only the Hufflepuffs stole from the kitchens."

"I often make my own beverages, if I can." Cedric replies, keeping pace with Morgana as they drift to the entry hall. "Or I might just be nice to a Hufflepuff to get theirs. Who knows? I'll cross that bridge when I get to it," he shrugs, flashing her another smile. "What's wrong with friendly, though? Being too friendly, I can understand. In well-measured amounts…"

"Well so long as it's with in school rules. If it isn't than I don't want to know." Morgana replies and when they get into the entry hall, she'll look around to make sure they're not followed, and once she is secure, she'll slip off into the Welcome Room. It's rare that anyone is in here so that in of it self is a good spot. "People rarely come here, but you'll want to make sure no one follows you." She says, walking over to one fo the walls. "I'm weary of people who are friendly to me, after years of not speaking." She says with a raise of her brows.

"People are quite blind to what is around themselves until the wool is pulled from their eyes. And besides, I was never unfriendly, either. Maybe if the expectation was to talk, either of us could have been expecting the other one to do so, don't you think?" Cedric follows her gaze just to ensure the vigilance is double, and then into the Welcome Room, then over to the wall she walks over towards. For all that she is suspicious, he continues to be perfectly pleasant, looking into her gaze briefly, even, a show of sincerity of intent, perhaps.

"Perhaps. Than again I have been preoccupied." Morgana shrugs, and once she finds the spot on the wall that she's looking for, she reaches up and pulls down one of the scones, causing the wall next to her to open. "Well we're talking now, I suppose that's a start." She isn't sure about the look of sincerity, but iether way she'll slip in the opening and light the end of her wand. "Follow me, and pull the wall closed behind you."

Doing likewise by lighting his wand, Cedric follows suit, following her instructions to pull the wall closed behind himself. "Indeed," he says, of it being a start. He holds his wand aloft as he looks around but it's hard to tell if he is surprised or excited at exploring this until-now unknown corner of Hogwarts.

Morgana leads on down the passage, thankfully it's not too low or narrow. When they come to a fork in the road, she'll gesture down toward the right. "That way leads to the Great Hall, over by the Slytherin table. This way appears to be some sort of abandoned office." She says, turning away from the great hall and toward the tall room. Pausing she'll turn and gestures to the space. "This is it. There's nothing here, but we like to conjure up some pillows to sit on. It's not all that special but it's quiet."

"No snogging here, right?" Cedric brings that up just to offer her another brief, playful grin, as he looks around. "Yeah, that is fine. Seems like a good place to spend some time by oneself in. Nobody to bother or anything."

"No snogging here, right?" Cedric brings that up just to offer her another brief, playful grin, as he looks around. "Yeah, that is fine. Seems like a good place to spend some time by oneself in. Nobody to bother or anything." He pauses. "So, what do you do when you're in the quiet?"

Morgana flicks her wand in the air and a pile over over-sized pillows hit the floor. Gabbing a few, she'll set herself up in a corner and and sit down. "Well I just don't want to barge in here and find you in the middle of snogging, it'd be rude." Morgana says with a smirk. "Me? I sometimes sit here in silence, or I read.

"Depending on the circumstance, I don't know if I'd mind," Cedric replies with a smirk in return, settling down besides the Ravenclaw. He sits down upon just one of the conjured pillows. "Silence can be a boring thing to do by one's lonesome. I for one wouldn't mind company during my moments of introspection." He grins. "Or, you know, for the afterwards snogging. Why not."

"This whole place is noisy, so to me quiet is a luxury and sometimes I don't want it interrupted. Granted if that is how I feel, than I don't invite people to come with me." Shaking her head head for a moment she shrugs her shoulder. "Really is that all you boys think about? The next snog? I knew that's the whole reason you asked me to show you a secret room." She says, leaning her head back against the wall.

"Maybe, but I was also just teasing you. You did show me a secret room, which I like, by the way, so thank you," Cedric grins, and rests his own head against the wall and turns sideways to regard Morgana quietly. "Now I can't get a good read on you. Are you exasperated about it or amused?" The grin brightens just a little.

"It's nice in here at mid-day. The sun still creeps through and it gets warm and cozy." Morgana says as she gestures up to the dark window. When he says that he can't get a read, she'll raise her brows. "A bit of both. I'm just a terrible canidate for snogging right now, I'd probably ruin the whole thing for you."

"How come?" Cedric inquires, before adding, "Ruin the whole thing? Are you going to bite my lip off or something? You're pretty good looking, those lips are rather kissable and you have beautiful eyes. I don't know that any subpar snogging could come from that." He then looks out of the window, briefly.

"My heart wouldn't be in it, so it would be a sub par snog." Morgana says with a shrug, turning to him while he compliments her. "You do have kind words, but I'm not looking for snogs at the moment." She'll turn away from him to stare back at the window for the moment, picking off a non existent piece of lint off of her skirt.

"Snogging isn't about feelings, it's about fun. But I suppose that fun and feelings get mixed to some people," Cedric admits readily, shrugging when she says she's not looking for snogs. He's certainly not going to chase the matter when she says she's not in the mood. "So what's on your mind, anyway? Why are you feeling so down?"

"Maybe some other time." Morgana shakes her head. "It's hard not to get feelings mixed up in snogging, but maybe I just don't know how." When he asks about her mood there is a sigh as she adjusts her posture on the pillow. "It's not something I really feel like getting into. I'll leave it at a broken heart and you can run with that as you will."

"Well, I know a little about that, but maybe not in regards to relationships with the fairer sex," Cedric admits readily, reaching out to squeeze Morgana's shoulder, if she allows him. It is brief and his hand does not linger overlong. "But I can tell you that it gets better in time."

"I think that's everyone's favorite thing to say. Time heals all wounds right?" Morgana says with a shake of her head, but she allows him to squeeze her shoulder. "I think I'm ready for that shared silence now." She says, settling in closer to the wall, and killing the light at the end of her wand. With that she's content to sit in the dim light, lost in her own thoughts.

"Not all," is all that Cedric replies, before killing his own lights and staring out of the window. Shared silence is exactly what he does, even when his expression becomes subtly more neutral.

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