(1939-01-13) The Daily Prophet - Book Announcement, 'The Joys and Pains of Integration'
Details for Book Announcement, 'The Joys and Pains of Integration'
Summary: A statement previewing the release of a pro-equality book.
Date: January 13, 1939
Location: N/A
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In a small section of the Daily Prophet dedicated to highlighting new publications by wizarding authors

The newest book by Mr. Gilbert Sullivan, titled 'The Joys and Pains of Integration: An examination of the difficulties of Muggle born wizards integrating into Wizarding Society and Squibs integrating into Muggle Society', has recently been released by his publisher. In it Mr. Sullivan does justice to his title by examining the personal and political ramification of integration, using and frequently quoting, interviews with people that have gone through the experience to create a picture of what life is like for most Muggle-born wizards and their Squibb counterparts. Although academic in nature the book could become controversial in the current political climate considering some could say Mr. Sullivan is using this book to highlight cases of discrimination and abuse, which would be useful as part of a campaign to maintain the Statute of Secrecy.

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