(1939-01-11) A Jinx? A Lesson?
Details for A Jinx? A Lesson?
Summary: Two first years get a little more than they bargained for when asking upper classmen for a little…physical alteration.
Date: 1939-01-11
Location: The Great Hall
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Ah, the entry hall. A place that leads from one to another. Or the place where the Houses could come and see their collected points, as well as the points of their rivals. For Ravenclaws, that was more like: lift a book and hide your face in shame, scurry past in unobtrusive silence. Damned stupid illegal duels. Andromena wasn't here for the points, though. Instead, she was doing the speed walk through, looking focused and intent.

Yes, and Edgar, well, he is hanging about with a small group of Slytherins. If anything, he doesn't seem too comfortable with whatever they are arguing, but he's checking out the House points. Andromena passes by, though, and he greets his classmate and friend, "Mena, hello."

Gresham wanders into the room, carrying his usual stack of books and whatnot. He goes around picking out bits of things to munch on while studying and, plate sufficiently filled, finds himself a seat off the proverbial beaten path. He settles in, unpacks his study guides and things, and proceeds to eat-study.

Adam walks through the castle doors that lead outside. His robes and cloak hair are covered in small patches snow, though he has already managed to brush most of it off. He stops just inside the doors to tug at his robes, squirming about to try to dislodge the snow around his neck and shoulders, some of which has become stuck between clothes and skin and has become quite uncomfortable.

"Wait up!" Comes a voice from behind Adam. Little Madeline comes dashing in after him - though her height is improved today by the addition of two antlers raising dramatically from the top of her head. "Oh you're just covered!" she giggles, as the girl starts brushing snow off of her friend. "Black sure got you pretty good, didn't she?"

Andromena pauses mid-stride, head turning at the sound of Edgar's voice. "Oh hey, Edgar. How goes it?" The Ravenclaw decides she can put off getting to wherever it was she needed to be for a moment or so, turning to approach Edgar and his fellow Slytherin. Her attention is caught by the call to wait up, and Andromena blinks when she spies a pair of antlers atop Madeline's head. Andromena shrugs at Edgar. What can you say?

Elizabeth, currently, is looking up at the jeweled house counters set upon the wall up in the Entry Hall. Looking over her curiously for the most part, studying the numbers. Really she had only glanced up in passing, but when she does she pauses gently to frown up at the counters. When had Gryffindor jumped ahead by such a huge amass of numbers? And Slytherin as well? Somehow her house had dropped from first place to third within a span of a month.

"I'm alright. How are you?" Edgar inquires of the Rowle, apparently shrugging off his fellow Slytherin to speak to the Ravenclaw. When her attention drifts to Madeline, so does his, and the Carrow's eyebrows shoot up. Shrugging back, he flashes a grin at her. "Perhaps some have acquired a strange case of the crazies? Seems like you'll have your hands full at the infirmary."

Adam looks up from his task and grins at Madeline. "I know!" he says. "It was awesome! I thought she was going to jinx me or something. Is there any on my back? I can't see." As he cranes his neck over his shoulder, he turns his back towards her, but then he spots some older students out of the corner of his eye. "Hey, look!" he tells his friend. "D'you think any of them'd give me some antlers too?"

"I did, too!" Madeline agrees. "And there's toooooons!" She starts wiping off Adam's back for him, before turning and craning her neck at the other students. "Ummm… the might. Elizabeth's great. I'd try her, first."

"It would appear so…" Andromena utters thoughtfully, still watching as Madeline's antlers bob and weave through the gathered crowd of students. "I don't suppose it's the strangest thing I've seen…just weird that she seems so happy to have them." Andromena folds her arms and offers Edgar a rueful shake of her head. "Still, these mudbloods - revelling in jinxes?"

The flux of students pulls her pale gaze to the Hall itself, recognizing Andromena and Edgar where they talk. And… is that Madeline? Elizabeth lifts a slender brow at the antlers. Had she been jinxed into becoming a coat rack? Well the young girl doesn't seem to be at all bothered by it.

"Well, that is how it begins. First they revel in jinxes, then they learn things they shouldn't," Edgar remarks wryly, looking at Andromena. "But yes, I suppose it really is strange that she's excited to actually sport those horns. Maybe it's a sign of defiance?" Who knows.

"Oh, yeah!" Adam says. "Good idea!" Adam hadn't seen Elizabeth at first; he'd noticed Andromena and Edgar, who seem to be looking their way. But he's met Elizabeth before, and so, without waiting for Madeline to finish brushing the snow off of his back, he rushes over to her. "Hi, Elizabeth!" he says in a loud, excited voice. "Have you seen Madeline's antlers? Can you do that spell? I want some too!"

Madeline's on his heels, beaming brightly and utterly unaware of the conversation happening not far from them. "Hi Elizabeth!" she echos her friend. "Aren't they great?! Selwyn did 'em for me! Wasn't that nice of her?"

Lucretia walks into the entry hall, the middle finger of one gloved hand gripped between her teeth. She's pulling her glove off as she walks, a dark stain blooming on her left shoulder where a slushy snowball had earlier hit. An internal groan rumbles in her throat when she spots both Madeline and Adam lurking in the hall, and without having to really think about it, she peels off to one side and heads for the knot of older students. Andromena is her obvious target and she draws to a halt near her. "Hello Andromena. Seen the firstie with antlers on her head?"

Elizabeth blinks with some surprise as first Adam darts straight towards where she's standing in front of the House counters, only to be immediately followed by Madeline. Naturally. As of late she hasn't seen one without the other. They tend to stick together. Like a tiny wolf pack. Her lips part faintly as she listens, arching a slender brow as she glances from Adam to Madeline. Instead of immediately answering Adam's question, she poses. "If you can figure out a way to undress without ruining your clothes, maybe." Always the practical one. Elizabeth allows a hint of a smile. "Personally, I would change the color of my hair."

"Don't they- well, no, I suppose they would not know what a cuckold is at their age. And at least it's a girl and not the boy. I…think I remember him from the train. Ria gave him a jinxed tea cup to give to his parents, told him it was 'ever-warming.' I wonder how that turned out." Andromena said with folded arms. Then she saw that they were going after Elizabeth, and Andromena could not help but give an amused scoff.

"Oh, this might be worth watching." Then Lucretia is in her line of sight, and Andromena snickers. "She's a little hard to miss. Edgar and I were just discussing it."

"Really, now." Edgar has a laugh at that. "I knew Sykes was good at the whole pranking business. And no, I doubt they know what it means. Or that the girl would care, really. The boy might when he gets older, though." Then Lucretia approaches and he greets her with a faint nod. "Black."

Adam looks up at Elizabeth, his eyes full of hope and excitement. "I won't need to undress!" he replies. "I don't want to keep them forever. Just for the rest of the day! Then I'll find someone who can get rid of them." He glances up at the set protruding from Madeline's head. "Look at how amazing they are! Please give me some. Please!" He pauses. "Wait, can you change the color of my hair?"

"It'll be such fun!" Madeline agrees brightly with Adam. "Please? And if we find Selwyn again - I bet she'd take a picture - the two of us together. She already took a picture of me holding my book with the antlers Avery put on it!"

Lucretia pulls her other glove free, then balls it with the first and tucks the whole into a pocket within her robes. "Hello, Carrow." There's genuine warmth in her voice for the Sixth-year Slytherin, though her eyes do drift over towards the pair of Firsties. "You'd think they'd never seen the effects of magic before," she says, dark eyes regarding them with amusement. "Oh wait, they hadn't until a few months ago. What I'd really like to do is decorate those antlers with christmas baubles and flashing lights. The pair of them are just so dim though that they'd probably thank me and think I was being nice."

Elizabeth exhales a small breath and almost seems to be tired, though her expression remains softened as she simply reaches out to pet Adam's head. "And if you could not find her before you go to bed? Are you really content to just remain in your clothes? No. I think when you learn the jinx later, you can do it yourself. But it doesn't hurt to wait." In reference to changing his hair color, she pauses. "Yes, but you would need to find one of the students that is part of the domestics club. I believe a few of the older students know that spell."

"They already do think they've been given such a favor," Andromena supplies for Lucretia. "Look at how excited they are. What do you two think - are they propositioning Elizabeth Dweedle to get a second set?" Andromena could not actually…remember either of their names. They were firsties and mudbloods besides.

"Amazing," Edgar comments to Lucretia and Andromena, still watching the horned girl and her equally as chipper companion. "Then again, I think the little girl won't enjoy what happens when she wakes up with those antlers on top of her head, in the event whoever casted it decides not to follow up on the dispel."

"I'd sleep in my clothes!" Adam says. "I don't mind." But his face falls when Elizabeth says she won't do it. "But it could be years before I learn how to do it! I'd love a picture too." A bit put out, he looks towards the other older students he saw before and notices that Lucretia has joined them. He gives the third-year a friendly wave and smile and then hurries over to their little group. "Hi!" he says to all three of them. Then, to Andromena and Edgar, he adds, "Do either of you know how to give someone antlers? Can you do them for me? Please."

"Oh, /please/ Elizabeth?" Madeline asks, looking clearly disappointed. She watches Adam move off to the /other/ group of students, and bites her lip uncertainly. This could go badly. Didn't they antagonize Lucretia enough for one day?

"Perhaps one of the groundsmen could lop them off for her with a saw if she fails to get them hexed off," Lucretia says, knotting her hands together behind her back. "It might hurt a little and I once saw a stag with its antlers cut off. It wasn't terribly nice. Lots of blood." She breaks off there as Adam runs over, her breath exhaling in a sharp hiss. "Perhaps you'd like fur to go along with the antlers? That way we could pretend that you're actually a real beast and shove you out in the woods where you could remain a deer forever more. Magic isn't a game you know."

Aaand Adam takes off again… Elizabeth wonders if he has even more energy than his female counterpart. Approaching the Andromena and her group though… she frowns gently as well. No, this couldn't turn well at all. Placing a small hand on Madeline's shoulder, it withdraws as she steps past and approaches, hearing Lucretia's remark as Elizabeth steps up behind Adam. "No, it isn't a game.' she calmly agrees. "And it would be wise to only experiment with such spells when you get to the point you can undo them yourself. Because it can otherwise be potentially dangerous." She lifts a brow at Adam as she gives the boy a glance, not mean, but appearing as if she were an older sister.

Andromena shakes her head at Adam, spreading her hands out before her. "The Antler Jinx is a jinx," she tells him. The sixth year Ravenclaw speaks with an equatable tone. She's not known for being very cruel, what's more, Madeline and Adam were just first years. "In case you aren't yet aware, a jinx is one of the seven known spell types. It is affiliated with dark magic and distinguished by the negative effects used mostly for the amusement of observers and the minor discomfort of the victim." Explained for Adam's benefit! However…Andromena did cant her head forward just a little bit to impart softly, "I explained so that you might understand why others turn you away, rather than running after every student you see as opposed to just accepting no from one of your betters." Because as a first year, he was the lowest man on the totem pole!

"But if, despite those warnings, you still want antlers or fur or whatever else you want, we can make arrangements. Granted, my Transfiguration isn't all that great but… it should be a simple enough spell." Edgar hopes anyway. He even musters a smile to Adam, though it's hard to tell if it's earnest or not.

Lucretia has yet to learn the subtleties of offering advice whilst educating at the same time and she could probably learn a lot from Andromena. That day isn't today however, and she flicks her fingers through her hair, looking between the two first years and Elizabeth. Nothing further is forthcoming from her however and from the set of her mouth and the line of her shoulders, she's unlikely to speak further on the matter.

"I don't want any of that," Adam says, shaking his head at Lucretia and then glancing up at Elizabeth. "I know it's not a game, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! It's not dangerous. Maddie's had them for a while now and she's fine." He frowns as Andromena explains why people might not want to cast the spell on him. "But I want someone to cast the spell on me. I won't get anyone in trouble. Promise!" Then Edgar suggests that he might help, and he turns to the older boy eagerly. "Really? Could you? That'd be great! Yes, I still want them!"

"Maybe we better go find Selwyn instead, Adam," Madeline offers, having trailed after Elizabeth. She looks at Edgar uncertainly - being unfamiliar with the boy. She glances briefly at Lucretia at the girl's silence. She doesn't trust it, somehow.

Adam is still eager, and Elizabeth exhales a small breath and lifts a brow as she glances up at Edgar. "I don't object, but being unable to reverse the jinx yourself in case the worst may come…" her words fade on her lips. That's what worries her the most. And the boy isn't an adult yet either, so it isn't as if he's responsible for himself. She exhales another, longer breath. "I have a feeling that if the Headmaster were here, he might no approve."

Lucretia gives a small cluck of her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "I have homework," she says, turning to address this to both Andromena and Edgar before turning and heading for the stairs.

Producing his wand with a resigned sigh, Edgar acquiesces to the boy's request, it seems. The mahogany wand is pointed at Adam's head and he pauses a moment before replying to Elizabeth, "Don't be silly, Dweedle. The Headmaster would certainly approve this lesson." Back to Adam, and the Carrow produces a coin with his free hand. He tosses it in the air, and catches it with the back of his hand, stares at the result. "Tails, isn't it?" He shows the result to Andromena, then simply intones, at the First Year, "Here you go, then. Avifors."

Andromena looks to the coin, not quite understanding for a brief moment before Edgar points his wand toward Adam. There is a look toward Elizabeth, but it's neither one of surprise nor contrition.

"Edgar," says she, looking toward the newly transfigured Adam. "Is right. I seem to think the Headmaster would approve as well. Adam now knows why it's not a good idea to go around asking for others to jinx him. What if he were to just be left this way? Someone might not know any better and try to shoo him outdoors…and then who knows what might happen. I suppose it's a good thing you chose a crow and not a duck, Edgar."

"No, he said he'd do it!" Adam tells Madeline, delighted. His eyes light up with excitement when Edgar points the wand at him, and he waits as patiently as possible for the older student to cast the spell. He looks momentarily confused when Edgar flips a coin, but that disappears as soon as Edgar does the spell. "Yes!" is all he has time to say before he becomes a bird. Down on the floor, the crow cants his head to the side and peers up at them with a beady black eye before hopping backwards from them in alarm.

"That was a perfectly horrid thing to do!" Madeline accuses Edgar with a frown. …then again. Hadn't Adam /just/ being saying outside that he wanted to turn into an animal?

Well. She'd sort that out later when he was a person again. For now, she'll just give Edgar a dark glare, then crouch down near her friend. "Adam… Hey, Adam, it's me. You okay?" She holds a hand out towards him, hoping he'll hop onto her hand or arm. "Come on, Adam."

Adam is turned into a crow… Purposefully so Elizabeth assumes, as he now hops quickly on the ground. Another sigh is elicited as she lifts her free arm, a hand rubbing at her temple. "Yes, it was." she agrees with Madeline, but far from surprised.

"He's a crow. I don't see how being a crow is any bad. I could've wished he was a dove, and then wouldn't that be horrible," Edgar points out, sheathing the mahogany wand as he stares at the crow. "You'll be fine, most uses of that spell are temporary. Take the time to figure out if you really want to get jinxed again, boy. Though, while at it, you might as well spend some time flying around; not too high, though, who knows when it might wear off."

Andromena merely shakes her head. The spell was hardly permanent, which Elizabeth would know but neither of the first years would - as it was as yet beyond their magical skill set. However…neither was there anyone around to cast Homorphus Charm so that Adam might return to normal immediately rather than waiting for the jinx to just naturally wear off.

"If you're nervous," this to Madeline. "Then you can always take your friend to the infirmary. Madam Spleen would see to you both."

Variel makes his rather unhurried way in from the stairs, frowning a touch bu not overtly cranky. The knot of students gives him pause, and he glances about to gauge the… why is there a crow? And why has Evans got antlers? Curious.

He had a point. Crow isn't that terrible. And it'll wear off eventually. Still, it wasn't what Adam wanted. She lifts a brow as Elizabeth glances at Edgar, pausing before returning her gaze returns to CrowAdam. Between him and antlered Madeline…

Adam moves another hop away from Madeline when she puts her hand out towards him. It's uncertain whether he recognizes her at all. "Caw!" he says. "Caw! Caw!" He tilts his head at her curiously and then hops a cautious step forward, and then another, approaching her so long as she remains still.

"Com'on, Adam. I'll find a Gryffindor who can fix it," Madeline promises, before giving Edgar a /look/, and frowning at Andromena as well. "I don't go getting other kids in trouble if I don't have to. I'm sure we can sort it."

Her hand still hasn't moved, as she looks back to the hoping bird. "Oh, come /on/, Adam," she urges him. "You remember me, don't you?"

"Maybe I overdid it," Edgar comments to Andromena, then notes to Madeline, "Just take him — and yourself — to the infirmary. Say you happened to walk into an elaborate prank meant for someone else and you both got hit with the transfiguration spells meant for the original target, or something. They will not believe you, but they will not pry further into it, either."

"Who is in trouble?" Andromena asks, somewhat airily. "This is a life lesson. It is not as if Carrow here has- " She stops speaking when Edgar suggests that perhaps he had gone overboard. She disagreed, but it wasn't apparent by the look on her face. Very good at affecting those placid expressions was miss Rowle.

"Don't worry, I'm mostly sure that I've gotten the spell just fine, I promise the material shouldn't soak up any more of the water," Adorabella said, in gentle conversation with the three legged toad in her arms as she came in from the court yard. The sound of voices drew her attention though, so that she looked beyond her dearest friend to the faces. The sight of Madeline in those antlers made her grin, but a crow.. "Oh, oh I don't think those are allowed inside," spoken to no one in particular. "Try putting down some breadcrumbs to lure it in, Maddie or maybe some newt eyes, if you've any in your pocket. Worms? — Life lesson?" Blink.

Adam stops just short of Madeline's hand. He looks at it for a moment, then leans forward and lightly nips one of her fingers. Then he hops onto her hand and stands on her palm, ruffling his feathers as his eye darts back and forth between her and the surrounding students.

Madeline stands slowly and carefully, eyeing Angus and Andromena with distrust still. She'd really rather not bring adults into this if she doesn't have to. "We'll get it sorted ou- Selwyn!" She smiles at the girl with relief. "Do you know how to turn him back into a person again?"

"Mm, life lesson." Elizabeth murmurs lightly. She may have not agreed to Edgar's approach, but neither first year was in any sort of harm or immediate danger. That's really all that concerned her. And it isn't as if she could really protect them from everything. Otherwise, how would they learn? Madeline's suddenly smiles as she spots Adorabella, a brow lifting as she glances up at her.

"I guess you're right, Rowle," Edgar replies with a lopsided grin at Andromena. "Besides, a Levitation Charm would have been far worse for him. What if he had ten galleons in his pockets? At least, as a crow, he becomes quite the interesting animal. For a little while, anyway, I'm sure he'll be back to normal in no time."

Even though Madeline stands slowly, something must spook Adam. Not long after she stands up, the crow lifts his wings and takes off, flapping noisily over to the hourglasses. He lands on top of the Ravenclaw one and taps the glass with his beak.

The look on Dora's face was one of shock. "That's…someone turned him into…," Penseverus Bubbles the Third promptly disappeared into the safety of the front pocket of Adorabella's robe. "That's a horrible thing to do." It came with a faint frown. "Unless he wanted to be crow, the same way you sort of wanted horns. Did he? But…yes, I think I can. Maybe. " Inquired, with a bite of her bottom lip, those large doe brown eyes peering about at the group.

Andromena wanted to tell them that relying on the whims of others to acquiesce to your demands was not 'sorting things out' at all. There's a nod given to Edgar. "Indeed," she agrees. Seeing as Madeline is running after Selwyn now, Andromena shrugs her shoulders as if to say the matter was no longer of interest.

"I really ought to be getting to going. There are a few questions I wanted to ask the professor before class starts," said to both Edgar and Elizabeth.

"Adam!" Madeline says with concern in her voice. "Come back down! Oh, I think it's changed his mind, too," she says towards Andromena urgently. "He doesn't really seem to know me. I mean - he was talking outside about how neat it would be to turn into an animal, but all he asked for was a pair of antlers like mine, and this is just /horrid/! How do we get him down?"

"I think I'll go with you, Andromena," Edgar states after a moment, as though he didn't just turn some boy into a crow. "After you," he offers.

Variel holds his position just inside the door from the stairs, watching quietly. The resolution seems relatively peaceful, and he heads off on his own, keeping his thoughts on it all to himself.

"No, wait, Edgar. It isn't right to leave him flying around. If he returns to his natural state mid flight he could be seriously injured. Here, I've an idea: immobilize him, and I'll bring him down." Andromena says, looking toward the avian Adam.

Having inspected the Ravenclaw hourglass, Adam flaps over to the Slytherin one. He pecks at it as well, apparently trying to get through to the gems.

"I don't want you casting spells at him!" Madeline glares at the two older students, not trusting them in the least right now. "What are you /doing/?" she practically shouts at them, before looking back up to her friend again. "Oh, Adam, come /down/!"

"Then who turned him into a crow?" This time, the question was aimed towards the other Sixth years, "Because that wasn't very nice and this is the kind of behavior that should be reported to the Prefects." The latter, was offered more towards Madeline. "Try holding up something shiny and reflective to draw his eye. Crows tend to favor the shiny things," Adorabella replied.

Glancing to Andromena when she speaks, Elizabeth dips her chin with an understanding nod before glancing to CrowAdam as he flaps up to land on the top of the Ravenclaw hourglass counter, then hoping to Slytherin. And Edgar isn't too far to follow after Andromena in turn. Well, almost.

"Get some bread from the Great Hall." Liz offers quietly. It'll probably coax him into returning to floor level.

"When he comes down, someone with a talent for Charms ought to cast Finite on him. It'll end the spell. But get him down first." Variel calls the words over his shoulder as he leaves. "Unless you want to explain broken bones instead of nothing."

As soon as Adorabella brings /prefects/ into it, Madeline's mouth closes with a click - though she does /glare/ at Edgar. It's unsubtle enough to need little interpretation. "I don't have anything shiny - but I can get the bread!" she agrees, dashing into the great hall to fetch it, her expression still anxious.

"Fine. Once I do it, you cast yours." Edgar replies to Andromena, drawing his wand again. Since the crow is currently busy trying to beak the Slytherin hourglass, he points the mahogany at him and intones, "Immobilius!"

Andromena removes her wand from within her robes. It's a long, elegant looking piece, made of ivy wood, and she points it toward the transfigured first year. To Madeline, Andromena turns her head to give a cool look.

"So everyone has to bow to your demands, is it? 'Cast this jinx on me,' 'Don't cast that charm on him,'" her voice rises in pitch just a bit to imitate Madeline's own. "It was through your own actions that your friend is now in this state. You won't even do him the good grace of taking him to the infirmary - some friend." And with that Andromena returned to looking back at Adam, directing her wand with a dainty little swish as she said, "Descendo."

Selwyn is not answered, mostly because she is busy making sure that paralyzed Adam descends safely to the floor, but also because she's positive that Madeline will give the other girl an answer. And once Adam is safely to the floor? Andromena scoops him up to hold, not surprisingly, in a careful manner.

"It's to the infirmary and Madam Spleen. I don't happen to see any Seventh Years around to cast Homorphus and it's unwise to wait for him to return naturally." As natural as a magical jinx can go, that is.

Agitated at his lack of success in getting through the glass, Adam hops up and down on the Slytherin hourglass. Then Edgar's spell hits him, and he freezes, toppling over sideways. He remains up there, unmoving, until Andromena casts her spell, and then he floats safely to the floor, still frozen as she picks him up.

Madeline's dash towards the Great Hall is stopped as they start casting magic on her friend, and Andromena has the /gall/ to lecture her after what her friend did. "I'm not the one casting magic on people they never asked for!" the little girl fumes. She tries to snatch up her friend before Andromena can get to him - but she's too late. "Give. him. /back/!" the antlered girl fumes, not trusting either her or Edgar with her friend. "Or give him to Selwyn if you rather. But you put him down right now."

Following Madeline's glare towards Edgar, Dora blinks, lips pursed as her weight shuffles from one foot to the other and then looked back to Andromena. "I think she was probably trying to protect people," Dora replied, her voice quiet. "But, perhaps the mature thing to do would have been not to turn him into something to begin with since a child can not really control the actions of an adult and blaming her implies that as adults you're incapable of making decisions without being first told what to do." When Madeline rages on about Andromena having the boy and suggests that she take him, Adorabella steps forward in the Ravenclaw's direction. "I'll take him," she assures and offers out her hands. "And see that he is returned to his proper state without further arm."

"Oh, Merlin, a goody-two-shoes who simply wanders in and renders judgement upon us. We are doomed, Rowle," Edgar is annoyed by this point, especially considering Madeline's glaring at him and the Hufflepuff Selwyn chastising the two of them. "Your shoes are untied," he states at the very end of Adorabella's speech of responsible behavior, pointing with his empty hand at her shoes.

His steps are quiet as Ulysses walks down the stairs, quiet in his usual fashion, almost slaking as he stares down at the tableau below. His eyes narrow as he takes in the scene… especially that of an angry housemate with antlers… and his sister. And a Slytherin mocking her. So… stealth be damned. His throat clears, and he looks at the group, "Merlin's beard… but this seems to an interesting gathering. Have I missed out on all the fun?"

"More demands," Andromena says as she quirks a brow. The more Madeline rages, the less affect Andromena seems to possess. "Hm…I seem to recall Lucretia Black saying magic was not a game. You and Adam were both treating it as such. Why is it unfair if another person then does the same?" Andromena really does believe that both of the first years should be taking a lesson away from this; that Madeline only behaves irrationally causes a particular sentiment she has to further cement itself. Then Selwyn talks, and talks. Andromena does not relinquish Adam unto her, either.

Edgar, speaking up, confirms what Andromena was thinking. Adorabella hadn't been there from the beginning, so laying out any such judgement did make her appear just a little like a hypocrite in Andromena's eyes.

"Oh," said when Ulysses speaks. Andromena turns to face him. "Here, this will settle matters perfectly." Andromena gestures to the still immobilized crow, which is actually a transfigured student, in her arms. "Selwyn, would you mind terribly casting Homorphus on this chap here? His friend is most insistent that he not go to the infirmary, but there haven't been any Seventh Years around until you showed up."

As Andromena refuses to relinquish her hold on Adam, Madeline continues to fume, considering giving an upperclassman a swift kick in the shin for the second time that evening. "Because I didn't want to tattle on /you/ two, but if you're so determined to get /yourselves/ in trouble we can go right now but I want you to put him /down/!" She rubs her hand hastily across her eyes. Oh, poor Adam, turned into a bird and now immobilized! He must be so terrified!

"They buckle," Adorabella replied to Edgar with a little glance to her feet and her tongue poked absently against the corner of her lips. Kid slippers, black and perfectly acceptable shined on her feet. "It's alright Maddie," the Hufflepuff murmurs to the little Gryffindor. "Uly and I will let the Prefects know and he can be taken care of in the Hospital Wing." Though, with her brother present, Dora made her way over to him, neatly tucking in at his side.

Adam, being both a crow and immobilized, remains in Andromena's hands, having no say or squawk on the matter.

Elizabeth merely watches, this whole while. Observing the situation to see how it evolves, or dissolves. And with Ulysses' emergence, she feels satisfied that CrowAdam will receive proper attention. Holding her books against her chest, she decides to move to the stairs, but pauses near Adorabella. She gives the other girl a nod. "Thank you. For standing up for them. They may be first years, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be treated like this either." The whole situation was handled poorly in her opinion, but what does it matter now. Elizabeth gives her one last small smile before she begins her ascension up the staircase. To the library. Of course.

"Then perhaps you will surely report to the Prefects someone has been voluntarily casting the Antler Jinx on First Years as well? After all, that girl didn't simply come in and get struck with one." Edgar wonders of Adorabella. He looks at Elizabeth and there is a certain disdain for what she says in his expression. "'Treated like this'. Treated like what? It would be mistreatment if someone was laughing at it."

Ulysses' eyes roll as he gets a handle on the situation. First, there's the housemate to calm. He has… that voice. Always has. And he has no issue using it. Not to mention, he's already had nearly three years playing the parental role. "Madeline Evans… would you please comport yourself? Railing like this gets nothing accomplished, and is unbefitting.."

A look then goes to Edgar, as Dora retreats to him. "If Dora has done that, she will certainly admit it to the proper parties, and take responsibility for her actions." Okay, there's definitely an undertone of disappointment there. A look is given to Andromena, and he frowns, "While I appreciate your confidence in my skills, that's one spell I've not mastered, and I rather think I'd botch it. No… he needs to be brought to the infirmary."

Madeline glares at Andromena some more, then looks at Ulysses, uncertainty creeping into her features. She bites her lip, looks at the girl holding Adam again, and then /back/ at Ulysses. "I want her to put him down." At least she sounds calmer about it now, and perhaps a bit embarrassed, but the anger is still fizzling just under the surface. "You could carry him instead," she suggests.

/She/ wants to carry him. He's her friend!

Andromena lifted her shoulders up in a faint shrug as Madeline confessed (right?) to not wanting to tattle. How she herself could possibly get in trouble was beyond Andromena, however. 'Yes, that's right. I refused to cast a jinx on him, and then I continually suggested he be taken to the infirmary.' It made no sense. But that wasn't really the point here.

"If a report must be made, then it must be made," Andromena says to the group at large. As for Adam? At least he is being held in the bosom of a pretty girl! That has to count for something, right? She even, albeit absently, strokes his feathers. That Adorabella had been the one to jinx Madeline originally Andromena did not know, for she had not overheard Madeline saying so earlier. Ulysses admission is met with a simple nod. "We should all go to the infirmary then," she says. Adam remains in her arms for as long as it takes to get there, and then she would promptly pass him off to Madam Spleen before explaining the situation - in all honesty. Then, and only then, would Andromena retreat to her class.

"Of course," Adorabella replied to Edgar. "I will as I was the one responsible for granting her wish. Though there is a difference, between asking for something and doing something to someone they had no desire for." When Elizabeth spoke though, Dora offered a quiet smile in the girl's direction and then there was Uly, echoing her words and, "Oh! Oh I know who we can ask. We can ask Tobias to fix it. He's in Seventh and tutors Uly sometimes. Uly, doesn't he have a free period right about now?"

So, Dora tags along with the rest, adding her part into the explination with how Madeline came by horns in the first place.

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