(1939-01-12) Cleaning List
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Summary: A note calling for the removal of all Half-bloods and muggleborns is found slipped under the door to the Ravenclaw Common Room. (Potentially Partial Log)
Date: 1939-01-12
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

When Andromena entered the Common Room, she was surprised by an assembled throng of her fellow Ravenclaws; from year one to seven, all in quite the uproar. One student amongst them held a parchment in her hands, which she held aloft as she said to the others, "It's obvious this is from some Slytherin punk!" She was encouraged by more than a few calling out their agreement. Andromena, perplexed as well as curious, stopped by the other girl to ask her what the commotion was all about.

"It's just dreadful, Andromena," the Fifth Year explained. "Someone had slipped this under the door and I found it just a short while ago. It's calling our House an embarrassment! It accuses all of us half-bloods and muggleborns as 'bringing down' the once proud Ravenclaw. It- it has all of our names," the names of those students who weren't pure-blood. "On here. Whoever wrote it wants us to know we're not wanted at Hogwarts!"

Andromena took the parchment, but it was in no hand that she recognized. "Have you informed any prefects, faculty?" Hell, they had the Head Girl in Ravenclaw! But the Fifth Year shook her head in the negative. Before Andromena could say much more, however, the surrounding students began to shout again.

Anthony comes in, dressed in PT gear- long skinny legs in shorts, and torso covered in a blue short sleeved shirt trimmed in bronze. He's clearly by the sweat on his brow been running and has been gone for some time, "What in Merlin's name is going on?"

Eibhlin has spent much of the morning in the dormitory with her nose in a book, but as the shouting drifts up the stairs its not long before the redhead makes her way into the common room. What its all about she hasn't quite put together as she slips into the group in search of that answer.

"It's some sort of threatening letter," Andromena says to Anthony as he arrives. "Here," she passes it to him to read over. "I guess it was slipped under the door not too long ago." As Evie, the tell-tale red hair giving her appearance away, shows up, Andromena frowns faintly. Her name was on the list, and as one of her friends, Andromena sort of wished she wouldn't have to see it.

"But it's not been reported yet. I'm sure it's just ill-will stirred up from…" Her hand waves in the air. "Anyway, it's not right to point the finger at anybody."

"But Slytherin is the only House full of pure-bloods! Of course they hate us!" Rants the Fifth Year.

Anthony says, slowly, as he runs a hand through his hair, "Hold on… hold on." He glances at the letter, and says, to the first of the fifth years, "Lets not go pointing fingers. That's what THEY want. That's what they'd do. Does anyone think that I… or Andromena or anyone else in this house wrote this?"

If she knew exactly what was on that parchment she wouldn't need to see it to know her name was there. Eihblin slides through the group towards where the Rowle cousins stand. Still not certain what exactly the parchment contains but she's beginning to put the pieces together from the snippets of conversation around her. "Rowle is right," she points out. "Pointing fingers isn't going to get anyone anywhere. By letting it get this rise you're likely doing exactly what they're looking for."

"She COULD have," sniffed the Fifth Year, whom will shall name Marion Lewis. "She's dating Black after all, and he's the absolute worst." Andromena began to roll her eyes, but Marion was already saying more. "But we don't think it was anyone in Ravenclaw, we already discussed that possibility." The truth was, however, it could have very well been from their own House as any other!

"Does anyone know if something similar has been delivered to any of the other Houses?" Andromena asked. Marion answered with yet another no. Looking to Eibhlin, Andromena gave a subtle shrug of her shoulders as she spoke to both her and Anthony. "I'm sure this will be like anything else, and just blow over in a few days. A letter with some names isn't going to get the faculty to to round up anyone and expel them from school."

Anthony holds a hand up, "Well, if you think it could have been her, what about me? I'm her cousin?" His tone is rising, "This is idiocy! Do I accuse you or yours of being the ones who burned the Sykes Mansion down?" He shakes his head vehemently, "I do not! Because I KNOW you are all individuals, different from those criminals! And in the same way, do NOT judge the Pure Blooded by the opinions in this… rag." His voice is getting louder, and more angry towards the end

Eibhlin nods, "True," she agrees with Andromena. Its not something that's likely to get the faculty riled, but apparently it has been enough for their housemates. "That is enough," the prefect says sharply. "All of you," with a pointed look towards Anthony. "No one is blaming anyone. I'm sure you all have better things to do than quibble about who may have left a silly note. I suggest you go back to whatever it was you were about and forget about it." If there's no rise, there's no retaliation - on either side of the line. Right?

Marion stammered when Anthony asked his question, and then quickly shook her head. "We know you're not like that, Rowle." She, along with the others, were cowed by Anthony's rising anger. They had never seen him this way before, after all. They further shushed when Eibhlin spoke up, several looking properly abashed though a few were quietly defiant. Some began to disperse.

"Tony," Andromena said, laying her hand upon his shoulder. There's no reproach in her tone. "Give that to Eibhlin?" The letter, that was. "As a prefect, she can see it gets to the staff and settle the matter properly." As Marion finally begins to walk away, she can be heard to mutter, "I wish Edwards was a prefect…"

Anthony stares down at the bit of paper in his hand, and extends it to Eibhlin, "Lewis? Lewis, I apologise." He steps after the fifth year, "I'm sorry. No call for that." A slightly sweaty hand is shoved out towards the girl, "No hard feelings, I hope."

Eibhlin takes the letter, blue eyes scanning the words briefly before folding it and tucking it into her pocket to take care of later. An apologetic look is sent towards Anthony when he does hand it over though, a look that turns next to his cousin as the redhead lets out a sigh. She had heard that comment as the fifth year walked away. "Its just someone's cruel idea of a joke and we should all let it go," she comments, though there's a tint to her voice that suggests she may be looking for confirmation in that.

Marion, who paused when Anthony addressed her, tentatively extends her hand, but withdraws it fairly quickly because she's a nerdy Ravenclaw and Anthony is looking suspiciously sporty, what in his PT gear and being all sweaty! "Yeah…sure. No hard feelings, Rowle." Then she scurries away, unwilling, perhaps, to share in their presence any longer.

"Evie's right," Andromena agrees, folding her arms across her chest. "Someone probably just wanted to see others get upset, nothing more." She seems to believe that there's nothing truly threatening to be found in the letter. Such things have happened before, though perhaps not as vicious as compiling a list of names. "I guarantee that in a day or two, there will be something else everyone is gossiping about."

Anthony is in his PT gear- white shorts, which display long gangly legs, and a blue short-sleeved shirt, with bronze collar. He appears to have been out for a run, and is… sweaty. This indicates whatever has got a clot… a library…. a seminar of Ravenclaws together has interrupted his arrival. He turns away from a fifth year, who barely touches his hand to shake it, and heads back to the older heads. In a quieter voice he says, "In all seriousness, someone is trying to stir up trouble."

Eibhlin nods slight at Andromena's affirmation. "I hope so," she replies with a sigh. "They are," she agrees with Anthony as he returns as well. "Hopefully it will blow over with this." Though what comes next is anyone's guess.

"Well, yes," Andromena has to agree with Anthony's statement as well. "It seems that there's always someone somewhere trying to stir something up," she huffs disgustedly. "I liked it much better when I was just a student at Hogwarts." Studying, minding her own business, and not being bothered by the politics of the outside world! It really made things quite the complicated mess.

The steps are smoothly taken one at a time as she descends, a couple of books held against her while she she absently thumbs the piece of blue stone in her other hand. A scarab she's recently acquired and quickly becoming one of her favorite possessions. Elizabeth is forced to pause on the last step when she looks up and sees the amount of students that have gathered, a vague air of worry and fear lingering.

Anthony runs a hand through sweaty hair. Phear my Pheremones, Laydeez. "Alright, so what do we _do_ about it? Just let it go? Ignore it, or find who's behind it?"

"Me too," Eibhlin agrees with Andromena. A shake of her head follows Anthony's questions. "No, I don't think so. If we go looking for it its just going to start more trouble."

Andromena, seeing Elizabeth, steps aside so that the younger girl has some space to enter further into the Common Room. The crowd is beginning to break up, especially now that their spokeswoman had fled the field.

"It should be brought before Mopsus, and then the faculty can deal with it. We," students, "shouldn't take it upon ourselves to sort something like this out. Evie's right. It could probably bring further division." Whereas the faculty were supposedly without any such imperfections!

She frowns at the few people that remain, and whatever subject is currently worrying people now. She Elizabeth exhales a light breath, "Of course we leave it to the faculty. Because doing nothing is foolish and taking it upon ourselves is even more foolish." she murmurs, finally taking that last step. "Just do whatever it is that needs to be done. That's the Prefects' responsibility."

Anthony gives a nod. The anger is gone, as rapidly as it arrived, "You're right. The teachers and prefects." He gives Andromena a look, "We've got those other bits of research, anyway."

In theory at least the faculty should carry with them fewer implications in any such investigation. Eibhlin sends a glance towards the others in the room as a few more filter out, a silent nod of greeting sent towards Elizabeth as she spots the girl. "That's what we were just agreeing to," she clarifies for the younger girl before sighing to Anthony's comment. "I want nothing to do with this." They can leave it completely in the hands of the faculty as far as she's concerned.

Andromena nods to Anthony. "And it would be hard to study if we were trying to load all this onto our shoulders!" Andromena makes her way towards the Girls Tower, offer Anthony final pat upon the shoulder - even if he was sweaty. "Anyway, I've got to get some things from my trunk." And without further ado, Andromena was off.

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