(1939-01-12) In the Still of the Night
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Summary: In which two Ravenclaws suffer insomnia, and chat.
Date: 1939-01-12
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

It's either late night, or very early morning, depending on how you view things. Tony is in his PJs and dressing gown, and sitting quietly, curled up, on one of the sofas. He's got a book on his lap, but he's not really looking at it.

Eibhlin rarely leaves the dormitory undressed for the day, even if it is just to the common room. This time however, she has. Her hair still a bit mussed from her pillow and dressing gown pulled over her nightgown as she heads out of the dorm barefoot, a book of her own in hand. This time of day, or night, she wasn't expecting to run into anyone else and that surprise colors her voice, "Anthony?"

Anthony looks up, and starts to say something, then clears his throat, and tries, "Cocoa…. or tea? Giving sleep a chance or giving up on it?" He puts the book down, and stands, "Sorry, did I scare you, or something?"

Eibhlin shakes her head, "No," she assures starting at the end of his questions, "Just wasn't expecting to see anyone really." She should know better by now, but still. "Giving up on it I suppose," she says of sleep, "And a spot of tea sounds good, but I can get it." She was already up when he stood. "Would you like?" she returns, "What about you? Giving it a chance or giving up?"

Anthony shakes his head, "Also tea, please. But really, let me… a lady should be waited on, surely!" The tone is soft, but unlike the last few days, there's some inflection, some 'life' to it. "I'm afraid sleep and I aren't hugely on speaking terms of late."

"Its no trouble, really," Eibhlin replies, "But if you must.." She'll let him fill those cups, dropping to the opposite corner of the sofa from where he was sitting. "I swear I'm never going to get used to some of you boys and your manners," its said with a sigh, but there's a hint of a smile to show she's mostly teasing. Its not a bad thing by any means. "I'm sorry though," she says of his disagreement with sleep, "You were…" At the Sykes party?

Anthony starts bustling at a teapot. A rather large one. He must expect more than one cup for each of them, and he answers the implied question, as well as the real one. "I must. And yes. I was there, and was Cruciated."

Eibhlin flinches at the answer he gives. She'd assumed he was there, but that part she was unaware of. "Anthony, I- I'm sorry," she offers the words, heartfelt, yet to her atleast they aren't quite enough. But then, what does one say to something like that. "No one should have to go through that."

Anthony leaves the pot to brew, bringing across a fresh tea cup and saucer, and a jug of milk, and the sugar cubes and tongs. They get placed neatly- almost obsessively so on the table. "No. No, they shouldn't. But if it was not me, it would have been someone else. Perhaps someone I love." He shakes his head again, as if to clear it. You may notice a slight hand tremor, as he puts things down. "And… I don't hold it against the mudbloods." A bit of a slip there. He usually uses 'muggle born', "Or the halfbloods. You are no more responsible than I should be if a Dark Pure Blood were to use the Killing Curse."

Eibhlin hears that slip, but she doesn't point it out. If nothing else he's earned that slip of the tongue in what he's already told her. She simply nods for his answers. "Thank you," she replies, whether its for the tea, his understanding, or both is left to interpretation. Reaching for a cup of tea her hand brushes his.

Anthony lets the touch happen. Doesn't pull away or anything, but then says softly, "Think nothing of it. Let me get the pot. It'll probably be brewed by now." Although why he hasn't used some minor magic to speed things along is anyones guess.

Eibhlin nods. That why hadn't really crossed her mind, sometimes its worth waiting and tea isn't one that takes very long to begin with. While he gets the pot she fixes one of the cups for herself with a a healthy bit of milk for tea to be added to. The silence in the mean time holding that awkward air for her, not quite sure what to say. "If I can do anything…" She's offering, but its one of those things where really what can she do.

Anthony says in a low tone, "Thank you. I don't know that there _is_ anything _to_ do. But patience with me, I suppose. I… I'm not at all sure I have been dealing with it overly well."

"Even if you just need someone to listen," Eibhlin replies. "I can't pretend to know what you're going through, what you went through, but if you need someone to talk to.." Well that's about all she can offer.

Anthony puts the pot down, and then impulsively leans forward to hug you, unless you avoid it. "Thanks!"

Eibhlin wasn't expecting it, but she doesn't pull away from the hug either, rather lifting her hands to his back to return it even if it is a bit awkward and unsure. "Your welcome."

Anthony doesn't let it linger overlong, leaning back, looking a bit self conscious, "Sorry… I um… Yes. Sorry. Tea." And he pours a cup for you.

"Don't worry about it," Eiblin replies with a little shake of her head. "Its the least I can do," she adds, reaching then for the finished cup of tea to bring it to her lips for a test sip.

Anthony pours his own tea, and also takes a sip. "I…. I don't know if the others are taking it as badly as I have. Variel. Rashley seems… as abrasively fine as ever."

"They were all..?" Eibhlin starts, cutting herself off with a slight shake of her head. "I'm sorry. I haven't really heard alot of the details of what happened," she admits. She's heard bits and pieces, but not having been there herself and not having been part of subsequent conversations.

Anthony takes another sip, "Do you want to?" The tone is light. "It was… bad. That's probably the best way to put it. Unforgiveable curses, and people dying. In the name of 'equality'."

Eibhlin hesitates a moment before giving her answer. "I.. don't know," she admits. "And you certainly don't need to talk about it if you don't want to," she adds quickly. "I know Augustin's mother died," he did tell her that even if other details didn't come up.

Anthony says softly, "I would rather not, then." And he takes another sip of tea. "And I've fouled everything up with Morgana." He gives a wry smile, "Although I don't think I can entirely blame the assault for that. I think I would have managed just fine without their help."

Eibhlin nods slightly, she can understand that. Pulling bare feet up beneath her for a little extra warmth to toes she sips her tea as he talks. "I'm sorry Anthony," she offers as the cup lowers to her lap.

Anthony shakes his head, "I suppose it's all just learning. My first big crush, you know?" He sounds philosophical about that, at least.

Eibhlin nods, "I suppose," she agrees lightly. "I've managed to foul up a few relationships. Some worse than others." A glance down towards her tea and she shakes her head.

Anthony takes a little sip of his tea, and says, "Would it be… well… rude of me to ask? I mean, to pick up some hints." He gives a faint smile, "You know what they say. 'Learn from other peoples mistakes, you don't have time to make them all yourself'."

Eibhlin shrugs lightly, "I don't know. I mean, no, it wouldn't be rude, but some of them I'm not really sure exactly what went wrong. It just didn't work. I suppose sometimes it just doesn't. With Augustin, I think I just made too many assumptions."

He makes a little nod, "Assumptions. Yes… that sounds familiar." He sips. "I also think I came on stronger than she was comfortable with. That sort of mismatch common?"

Eibhlin nods. "I don't know about how common, but Gus did that with me too at first. He planned this beautiful picnic for our first date," she says with a smile, "But it was so over the top it made me uncomfortable. I suppose that has some to do with what I'm used to at home," she admits, "Like with you. When you stood when I met you and Mena for lunch or today offering to get my tea. I'm just not used to those types of things."

Anthony looks surprised, "Men don't stand for you in Ireland? How uncivilised. It's a simple sign of respect for a young lady." He gestures, "One does it for anyone automatically."

Eibhlin can't help but laugh, shaking her head. "I grew up on a farm with my mother. Since starting school here I've only been home for the summers. I don't exactly have many lunch invites there."

Anthony takes a sip, "I'll take you to lunch at Hogsmeade." He says, followed by explaining, "It's not a date. I mean, you know. Friends."

Eibhlin nods, "That'd be nice," she agrees, "But are you sure you want to be seen associating with a half-blood right now?" Given recent events.

Anthony says quietly, "I think magic is more complex than just blood." It's a slow statement. "Blood comes into it, but if it was all about the blood, you would be half as powerful as me. And that's not the case. So logically, there is more to it." He waves his hand, "Other people are idiots, frankly."

"I'm not saying I don't disagree, but I do know how some people can be," Eibhlin replies with shrug, "But thank you, for not being as 'idiotic' as some." To use his word.

It's late night, or early morning, depending on approach, and two sixth years are in their nightclothes and dressing gowns, enjoying cups of tea together. Some sort of assignation? Tony says softly, "Well, they're right that people should stand for what they believe in. And that's what my reading tells me. So, I should stand for it."

Eibhlin nods, taking a drink of her tea before offering him a quite smile. "Well I thank you for that, just be careful. Hmm? I have a feeling things are going to get worse with all this before they get better."

Anthony nods slightly, "You are… alright? I mean, nobody's been beastly, have they?" Not that Mr Ultimate-Geek is precisely the one to sort them out, even if they had.

"I'm fine," Eibhlin assures, a shake of her head following. "No, no one's been too terrible. Not since I was a first or second year." But being from a muggle background she's not the first, nor will she be the last, to receive such treatment.

Anthony gives another nod, and takes a sip, "You'll tell me if anyone is? I need _something_ to… you know. Keep my mind busy."

"Of course," Eibhlin replies easily. "I could use with something to keep my mind busy right about now too. I'm worried about Gus." And likely its thinking about an earlier conversation with him that's kept her up.

Anthony takes a sip, and asks, "Share what's worrying you?"

"He had finally told his parents that he and I were dating," Eibhlin beings, "The night of the party. He said his mother was furious, and well…" He was at the party, he knows that she was one of the casualties that night. "And now he's leaving Hogwarts to go be with his family. Which I understand, I'm just worried he's taking it hard."

Anthony says quietly, "Because her last request was that he not date you?" He's asking the obvious question, to give you space that your words can fall into.

"I suppose that's part of it," Eibhlin agrees with a quiet sigh as she leaves her tea cup on the table. "Thank you for the tea and listening," she adds, uncurling to rise to her feet. "But I think I should try to get some sleep again."

Anthony doesn't move to stand up, as you've indicated it makes you uncomfortable, "I'd walk you to your door, but the stairs would flatten out under me!" It's clearly something of a joke, albeit a poor one.

Eibhlin laughs, just a bit, a smile forming on her lips as she shakes her head at him. "Thank you," she replies, moving to pass him on the way towards those same steps. Pausing in front of him she adds, "If you need anything. Just ask. Hmm?" A assurance that she's still all ears for him if he decides he needs to talk about anything.

Anthony gives a nod, "Thank you, Eibhlin. And may I say, you have a lovely voice to listen to. Very… soothing." He picks up his book again.

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