(1939-01-12) Playing with Kats
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Summary: Between rounds of teasing Katherine helps Brei pick a kitten.
Date: 1939-01-12
Location: The Magical Menagerie
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Diagon Alley, The Magical Menagerie

The Magical Menagerie is of the larger shops in Diagon Alley but it still manages to be very cramped and noisy with every inch of wall and most of the floor space covered by cages of varying sizes. It sells all kinds of animals - poisonous orange snails, a giant jewel-encrusted tortoise, sleek rats of all colors that are very intelligent. The store also sells a vast array of owls, ravens, puffskiens, and cats of every colour. A cage set in a place of honor at the middle of the store a big, fluffy white rabbit will transform into a black silk top hat for people it likes then transform back and look at them expectantly as if waiting for a treat.

Brei is currently inside the pet shop debating whether or not she should actually buy one of the cute fuzzballs that are called cats. The storekeeper is trying to convince her to and she scowls heavily. "An owl would be more practical but then kittens are cute. Which is in direct contrast with my image…I think a large black guard dog that could bite the neighbors hand off is more my style…" Still the dark clad witch is eyeing a little black kitten with bright blue eyes much like hers. She leans down eyeing the creature who meets her gaze and mews softly. "You aren't mean and you aren't dangerous and you are liable to be a complete disaster all of which are reasons not to get you….but…no no I'm not giving in to those cute eyes. I have enough problems!" She huffs and continues to eye the cute kitten with her back to the door as she debates her options and the amount of damage the thing would do to her curtains.

Days off are a magnificent thing. And Katherine is taking advantage of her to just stroll down Diagon Alley and people watch. As she walks by The Magical Menagerie she spots a profile that seems somewhat familiar. Stopping for a moment she realizes that its the brunette she tried to cheer up at the Leaky Cauldron a few days back, in Kat-style, of course. A small smirk starts to blossom on her lips as she quietly opens the door and makes her way to Brei. Standing right behind her she half whispers, "If you believe all that then you've never owned a cat…"

Brei tenses as she feels someone approach her and her hand reaches to finger her wand discretely but the voice has her freezing and spinning around to face Katherine with a scowl and a slight blush on her cheeks. "I've never had a pet, mother had allergies or so she claimed….." That scowl deepens and she glares at the other woman. "So what brings you here? Planning to steal more kisses from me? Surely you could find a more interesting and less disaster prone person to kiss? I don't do happy so if you think a kiss from even one as beautiful as you will cheer me up then you are wrong…I'm simply waiting to see what exactly you want and when and if you plan to stab me in the back. I'm no fool."

Katherine's smirk holds throughout the storm of words. When Brei finishes she fans herself dramatically with one hand while saying, "Oh ma'h Lordy! Rarely have I gotten a more backhanded compliment but thanks none the less. And I'm willing to bet that the kiss put your bad mood on pause, at least for a moment" Ignoring the shopkeepers raised eyebrows or maybe even enjoying the man's shock she lets the smirk turn into a full smile that radiates pure mischief as she adds, "Can't a girl enjoy something fuzzy and warm on her day off? I just came to see the pets. and that one," she points at the kitten Brei had been speaking to, "seems made just for you. Perfect match to your hair and eyes."

Brei pauses and her scowl fades into a brief look of surprise before it resumes full force once more. Still it is obvious she is flustered and blushing an ever so slight shade of pink. "I…I think you are mistaken…but I'm not going to begrudge you a chance to admire cute things." She looks over at the kitten and frowns as it watches her with interest. "He is cute but I have no idea what he would need or how to care for him properly…he would be better off going to someone better informed about cats than I…" She looks almost disappointed now and smiles a soft but very faint smile as the kitten reaches a paw up at her and mews softly. She looks back to Katherine. "You like cats I take it then?"

Katherine reaches around Brei to grab the kitten and pull it out of the glass box it and its 'siblings' are in. Letting it sit on the palms of her hand she raises it in offer to Brei, "Me? Nah, pets are for people that can't make friends. But I do enjoy playing with them sometimes, that why I come visit the shop." No mention of the fact that she wasn't even planning on coming into the store until she saw Brei. "But they can be a lot of fun. Maybe its exactly what you need. And not knowing how to take care of it is no excuse. Every pet owner ever has had to learn from somewhere." The shop keeper has been eavesdropping, which ic made abundantly clear when he says, "The li'l lady speaker truth. An' I can teach you all you need ta' know about takin' care of the li'l critter."

Brei sighs softly and her scowl lessens just a little as she looks upon Katherine holding the little black kitten. She reaches her arms out and accepts the little fluffball carefully and it mews happily leaning into her hand as she holds it in one hand and pets it with the other. She manages a smirk at Katherine. "Very well one extremely fluffy and impulsive purchase coming up. I know I'll regret this later though…" He lifts the cat to eye level. "Don't make me regret this okay?" The cats reaches out and bops her on the head with its paw and Brei can't help but laugh softly before looking to the shop keeper with a stern gaze. "Okay what do I need for him?" She looks back to Katherine eyeing the woman curiously for a moment.

For her part Kat chuckles to herself when Brei smiles and stage whispers to the rest of the kitten,"Upstaged by a fluff ball! Woe is me." Then she just leans against the glass case one hand lazily dropping into it so its within bapping range of the kittens. When Brei asks what she's going to need for the kitten Kat beats the shop keeper to the answer by calling out, "See I told you you needed a cat. And the cat is going to need a food bowl, and a water bowl, and some food, and a cat tree, and some catnip, and cat toys of course!" At this point the shop keeper is just nodding along. Kat's has pushed off the case as she spoke and comes back with a puff of brightly colored feathers, which she 'accidentally' runs up Brei's arm as she brings it up for her to see, "A lot of cats are partial to playing with feathers." *smirk*

Brei hears that whisper and raises a black brow in question. "You would rather I hold you than the cat then?" She smirks and continues petting the cat. Her eyes grow progressively wider as she realizes how much extra stuff she will need. She looks at the kitten sternly. "After all this you had better not destroy my curtains you hear me?" The kitty just meows cutely and nuzzles her hand and Brei smiles softly and then looks to the feathers brushing her arm and then to Kat with a raised eyebrow. The feathers get a look of disdain. "Too colorful…find something in dark colors before I go blind…" The scowl is back again.

Katherine laughs at the first comment as she goes back to the aisle with the cat toys. In the mean time the shopkeeper is clarifying things, "The li'l kit ain't going to destroy anything as long as there be catnip an' a cat tree available… Usually. An' I would suggest a bed for the kit'n too. 'Less you want her sleepin' in bed wit you?" A still smiling Kat comes back with another feather puff, this time attached to a handle by a long string. "I felt upstage because the kitten made you laugh and I didn't." At least she's clearly enjoying herself.

Between bouts of teasing Kat helps the store keeper gather up the rest of the things Brei will need for her new kitten the leaves the other woman at the register to take care of her new purchase and continues on with her walk, tossing a last, "You have fun with your new friend their. You'll have to let me know how its going next time we meet." from the door before stepping back out into Diagon Alley.

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