(1939-01-13) Renegotiation
Details for Renegotiation
Summary: Hector and Tiberius attempt to reach a new consensus. No blood is shed, this time.
Date: 1939-01-13
Location: Carrow Investment Services, London

— The evening fog has rolled in causing windows to begin to drip with moisture as the office of Hector Carrow is warm in contrast. The man sits alone at his desk and seems to be working on a case, or a customer, or something else much more sinister. It's hard to tell since it's nothing but upside down papers to anyone who walks in. He is smoking a cigarette and his shirt is unbottoned, his tie lays across the back of his chair, and his expression is impassive as he concentrates on his work. All in all, this is very typical of where one might find Hector on a late night.

The door to the office opens with nothing behind it, only once it's fully opened does the thief flicker into view. His suit is temporarily retired - A pair of formal black slacks and a white short sleeved T-shirt have replaced it. His left arm is kept in a sling, and his face is clean shaven. "Carrow. Looks like I owe you an apology. And some new carpet." The man greets bizarrely.

— When the man enters Hector looks up at him with an expression of mild surprise before he looks down at the now recently patched and repaired hunk of ruined carpet. "Mr Tripe." The greeting is spoken in that same flat baritone voice as he waves the man into the office, bidding him to close the door behind him. "Ms Crabbe told me about the incident. She explained that it was her fault and we have come to an agreement regarding it." Looking back down at his papers once again Hector begins shuffling some things away before he takes another long drag from his smoke. "Unless you had something else to add?"

"That we've yet to have time to really make any kind of negotiation, in relation to my employment. And your involvement in my life." Tiberius answers simply, taking a seat at the table across from Carrow, door closed with one foot. Tiberius reaches out, gesture at Hector's packet of cigarettes. "If you'd be so kind." The man indicates. "See… I'm starting to think that some rules, and I'll be happy to play the game. And you're starting to think of some great new ways to make my life difficult, should I not want to play. Correct?"

— Looking up once more with an expression of amusement Hector nods and reaches out as well, picking up the silver cigarette case and offering the man a smoke. When that little transaction is complete he places the case calmly on the desk and leans back in his plush leather chair, his own cigarette held deftly between his fingers. "It may surprise you to hear this Mr Tripe, but I can assure you that I spend none of my day thinking up new ways to make your life difficult." There is a short pause as he takes a drag from his smoke before he begins to speak again, exhaling smoke as he does this. "However, if you really feel the need to renegotiate then by all means… make me an offer. I am a business man and I promise you that much."

"Hmn. Well, without the ability to re-establish my reputation and rebuild my old life, my use to you is somewhat limited. I intend to change that." Tiberius answers simply. "So, you've my word. I'll do my best to further your aims, ahead of mine, but I need enough free reign in order to do that. Thoughts?" He takes a cigarette out, eases it inbetween his lips, and then withdraws her wand to touch it to end. The cigarette is lit in a moment. Drawn upon, before he speaks. "In return, I'll be more obedient. More effective. Less risk of whatever investment you have in me spontaneously combusting."

— As the man speaks Hector is nodding along with each word, taking in the other mans demeanor and tone as he explains the changes he wishes to see in their relationship. When Tibs is finished though there is a long pause as it seems that Hector is considering his offer, however when the man replies it is somewhat short and to the point… "I refuse." Hector says with a nod as if the business transaction has now been completed.
As he leans back he goes on to explain his position further. "You see Mr Tripe that offer, as well meaning as it seems, is simply not something I can trust. It's a bad deal for me and my interests because at the moment I cannot trust YOU… because you have not yet given me any reason to trust you." The soft bronze eyes of Hector hold firm on those of Tiberius as he continues, "Right now, your word is worthless to me. You skills are what I need and I can assure you that you will be given ample opportunity to rebuild your reputation in the near future. Prove to me that you can be trusted and we can have this conversation again sometime later."

"I see." Tiberius answers simply. "I have attempted to be honest with you. You proved difficult. And now, my new cover was sadly damaged with Miss Diderot, who will hopefully not start looking into her fathers other connections." He frowns, drawing upon the cigarette. Matching the bronze stare with intense blue. "My skills are more than enough for acquisition, Carrow. You're asking me to take on a role that relies on my more subtle measures, and denying me the ability to rebuild my quieter connections." A pause. "And you know well enough by now that there's more than my life to consider, as far as reasons for me to keep my word." Beryl.

— Hector blinks slowly as he looks at Tiberius, listening to the man begin to prattle now that he has been denied. "Mr Tripe… I can assure you that I have considerd all the factors in this arrangement as is stands currently. You are free to rebuild you connections quietly so long as it does not involve direct conflict with my interest or my competitors." There is another pause as he reaches out to butt out his smoke in a nearby ashtray. "As for Ms Diderot, should you talk to her again I want you to admit to falling back on old ways and to apologize. Explain that we had a chat and that you will no longer attempt to con her further." There additional explination comes from that for now, just the simple instruction that Tiberius is now bound to accept. "Is that clear?"

"I've already severed my connections with Miss Diderot as of a few days previous - Making my apologies and parting ways. I have no intention of speaking with her further." Tiberius answers, his eyes torn from Hector to look at the ember nestled into his cigarette. "A loss of part of my cover that I'm /most/ unhappy about. She is an influential person. Having her speak as to my non-involvement in certain things would have been a boon. And you have my word, that I will not incite direct conflict with your interests or your competitors."

— "I have no doubt that you would have done an admirable job with Ms Diderot, however I now have things under control in that particular respect." Hector begins to look down at his work once again, his interest in this little debate beginning to wane. "Until I can trust you to keep your word you will continue to be bound to my will. Do not betray me. Do not conspire against me." Once more Hector looks up and puts on a thin smile. "Do this and you live, I am happy, Ms Crabbe remains as she is, and most importantly… we get paid and you get your freedom back."

"I had no alterior motive with Miss Diderot, short of having her on standby to facilitate any claims or protests of innocense I might need to make." Tiberius states, finishing off his cigarette with a chuckle, before putting it out in the ashtray. The mention of Beryl has him frown, albeit briefly. "I've no interest in betraying you, Carrow. Ain't no thing fucking with my own life. Minute you found I'd like to keep her alive, you found your insurance." 'Her'. Not mentioned by name. Tiberius slowly pushes himself up, with one arm. "Looks like I've got some old friends to talk to."

— Once more Hector nods as he looks at her papers while apparently having lost interest in what Tiberius is saying, or his assurances for that matter. As he begins to leave the man behind the desk does look up and adds, "Oh, and one more thing…" There is a look of exhasperation on his face as he says, "Can you at least try to act like I am your employer with regards to this cover we have set up? I can only make so many excuses for you Mr Tripe."

"Fair to be fair, Carrow. Don't fuck with my cover, and I'll start treating you more like my employer." Tiberius notes. "Sound like a plan?

— No answer comes from Hector as he simply looks back down at his work and get back to his investments. Afterall, he has no need to barter such things with the man as things currently are between them. Before long another cigarette is lit and hanging from his lips, returning the air around him to an acrid cloud of smoke.

The door opens again, and Tiberius vanishes just as abruptly as he's entered. Gone, in the blink of an eye, although this time without a noise.

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