(1939-01-16) Bad Cop, Worse Cop
Details for Bad Cop, Worse Cop
Summary: Susan and Katherine come to an understanding regarding both Tiberius Tripe and whoever is responsible for the attack on the Sykes gala night.
Date: 16th January 1939
Location: Ministry of Magic, MLE.

Late on Thursday evening, and the day shift are starting to thin out in favour of the poor bastards lumped on nights this week. A few clumps of officers are dotted about, chatting earnestly about either caseloads or plans for the weekend, but over on one wall, there's almost a halo of space around one Constable Susan Menzies, infamous throughout the department for temper and violent outbreaks. She's got a few scratches down the side of one cheek, and there's definitely some tenderness to her left hand side, judging by the twitch of her eye as she pins up photographs, both wizarding and muggle, of a certain man. Tiberius Tripe.

Katherine comes out of the Aurors Office carrying a file under her arm and looking a bit furtive. When she sees Susan tacking up pictures she ambles over to see who's on the images, maybe hoping that it will have something to do with the Sykes Gala attack. "And what's this all about?" By the time she's gotten close enough to realize it has nothing to do with the case she's been told to absolutely, positively, say as far away as possible from she's already opened her big mouth to ask the question.

"Resisting arrest," Susan spits out, "Obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, but most of all having the gall to assault me. Tiberius Tripe." She pins up a map next, eyes narrowing on it. "Petty thief, fucking useless waste of air, but he's got involved in something bigger and we're going to find out what it is. Seen him?"

Katherine steps closer to get a good look at Mr. Tripe. "can't say I have. But we can have people assaulting Law Enforcement Officers so I'll make sure to keep a close eye out for him. What was he being arrested for, Constable… Menzies, right?" She ends her question with a half smile that some might consider a smirk and that pretty much anyone that has seen Katherine more than once has seen on her lips.

Susan turns to eye Katherine. "Menzies!" she corrects the pronunciation. "The man… and I use the term 'man' loosely, given that his closest living relative is almost certainly some sort of fucking tunnel worm, defying Mr. Darwin's laws of evolution… was responsible for the Nott break in. He had his chance to give us information, and he gave us bollocks, so he's going down for it."

Katherine arches an eyebrow a bit at the forces correction of the name and the even more forceful description of the transgressions committed by Tripe, "Huh… And how did he come to assault you as well? Trying to escape from interrogation?"

"Precisely," Susan agrees, sniffing. "Magical and physical assault as I was detaining his associate, Abbott. If you see this man, I want him brought in. And I will work him over until I have every little thing the snivelling little bastard knows." She thumps another pin into the wall, this one a picture of Tyree Abbott.

Katherine hmms as she looks the pictures of the two men over. After a moment or two she asks, "Do you know if they might have had anything to do or even if they might have some knowledge of the attack on the Sykes gala?" Yep, innocent question. No investigation going on here, just pure, normal witchy curiosity.

"If they didn't, they'll know somebody who did," Susan insists immediately, nodding sharply to that. "They're all in each other's pockets."

Katherine tilts her head a bit to the side as she considers Susan, "Well, maybe we can help each other out. I've heard you don't really are too much about the rules as long as the job gets done. I've been told I need to stay out of the investigation of the Sykes gala incident. I'll be happy to help with these two if you'd be willing to pass on any information you hear that you think might help me find the people that attacked the party. As you can imagine I'm quite… eager to find these people."

"That sounds to me like a wonderful arrangement," Susan agrees after a moment, giving a slow nod. "And if any of those people responsible for the Sykes gala incident should happen to… clumsily fall down the stairs..?" she hazards, raising a brow. "They can be very steep stairs, you know, but it's amazing what people remember after they get up again."

OK, so Kat doesn't have the same reputation Susan does but now it starts to become apparent why she was told to stay away from the Sykes investigation. The smile she uses to respond to Susan's arched eyebrow is anything but happy or friendly. Predatory is a much better descriptor for it. "Aye, they can be /very/ steep stairs…"

Susan smiles slightly in response. It is not a thing of beauty, more Jaws than J-Lo. "And you and your colleagues will keep an eye out for this… gentleman… and we shall beat some names from him, hm?"

Katherine chuckles, "If need be, sure. But of course, at least if I get to him, we'll try nicer methods first." With a small wave she starts heading towards one of the fireplaces, "But sadly I have to get going for the moment. But I will make sure to keep in touch. Good afternoon, Constable Menzies," She makes sure to pronounce it properly this time.

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