(1939-01-16) Files and Friends
Details for Files and Friends
Summary: Graham and Shelley meet to look over the files taken from the night her friend died and she was cursed
Date: January 16 1939
Location: Shelley's Flat

Shelley was at home - waiting for Cohen's arrival. She has a whiskey in hand (there is no way she's facing these files without a drink), but she does need to stay /fairly/ clear-headed… So he was her first drink, barely sipped. She'd altered her Floo to allow Graham access today - easier to bring the files, after all - and at the moment she's just staring at her fireplace, and waiting.

The fire will spark before changing colors to announce the new arrival. Graham will pause steadying himself from the spinning before he will brush himself off inside of the floo before he will step out removing his shoes before he steps onto the floor he holds in his hands a bag marked sweet temptations. He looks about finding Shelley here of course where else would she be? "Good evening Prewett." he says lightly he notes the drink but he cant blame he truly.

"Hey Cohen." Her expression goes from grim, to the smallest of smiles at the sight of the bag. She'd /forgotten/ the promise of cake, truth be told, and she was grateful to see it. "Thanks for that," she remarks. "I'll probably be in need of cake." And the rest of the bottle, before she goes to bed. "If you want anything to drink - it's always an open bar. I have some non-alcoholic stuff, too. There's milk on the windowbox, actually."

Graham will move and set the bag-o-cake down on a counter looking back to see the smile he will give a return smile. "Not a problem of course." he says about the cake though he also reaches in the bag "I brought the wine I had left from dinner." he says pulling out a bottle "Always prepared." the auror will say with a chuckle. "How are you?" he will ask in general though he also grabs a file folder rather bulking and will move to join the other.

"Fine," Shelley answers. "Good as ever." Terrified of the file he holds. Reaching up, she brushes her hair back, tucking it behind her ear on both sides. "Did you have a glance at them, yet?" she asks.

The young man will sit lightly in another place near the other. Graham tries to read her face as she speaks about being fine knowing that it would be near impossible to be at this moment he at least understands. "Only the cover reports I was given the original case you and Alis were following as well as the report after the incident." he will not offer them over just yet "Oddly the man at the desk seemed to think the case was closed tight." he cant make sense of this part at least. "Um Prewett, if you do react to these files i'll need to see what part but after do you want or will you need me to cast the focus charm or get your potion for you just wanted to be ready in case."

"My potion's here," Shelley responds, patting her pocket - but after a moment's though, she pulls it out and sets it on the coffee table. That'll make things easier - rather than Graham possibly being forced to reach into her pocket. "And you're always welcome to use the focusing charm on me, or remind me about my potion. Not just here and tonight - /any/ time," she says firmly.
"Some people would rather believe the bastards who did that to Alis're already dead," she adds, her gaze going from Cohen, to the reports in his hands. "And I think they're idiots. Let's, uh… let's not start with the incident."

Graham nods looking to the potion but he'll nod solomly. "Of course I got your back always." He will say and he means his words though he will stand quickly and go to get his wine glass and fills it up. The auror knows these files can be bad and might need a drink himself. The auror takes a drink from it before scooting his chair to be next to hers but still enough space for her hopefully. "I cant really believe that myself either." he does offer the file over though he does look concerned and worried for her.

Shelley takes the file with one hand - and drinks some whiskey with the other. Damn. She did /not/ want to do this, now that the files were in her hands. But she owes it to Alis. The glass is set down so she can hold the file in both hands, and she can flip it open, starting to dig through the exact same facts that lead her to that residence.
"Just a few… stolen artefacts," she remarks quietly. Dangerous and valuable stolen artefacts. "Hardly seems worth…" But that was the job.

The auror will sit back in his chair as she sifts through the pages of the file, he read the overview and will remain silent he looks over to her as she speaks. Graham shakes his head to the words about the artifacts. "No it's not a fair trade by any means." he frowns a little taking another sip from his wine. It's back to being silent as she looks over the file.

She lapses into silence herself, reading over the files, looking at sketches of the stolen items, one finger tracing under the words with a solemn expression on her features. She reads the notes written on a sketch of one of the stolen objects, turning it over to study the image when she can hear a single line in Alis' familiar tones, playing in her mind. 'I'll never understand why some of this stuff is legal.' Her hand tightens on the sketch for a moment before she sets it aside, to dig deeper.

Graham watches her as she pauses on a part of the file and he'll get an idea what part it is. His gaze locked on her for a moment though she seems still in control as she moves on within the file "Doing well Prewett." he says encouragingly to her though he doesn't wish to disturb so he'll fall silent once again just watching for any reaction to the information held within.

"You are close enough that I can punch you," Shelley remarks in a dry voice at his encouragement. He's trying to help, she knows it.
But, hey, responding to his kindness with threats of violence /does/ help her. Honest.
She continues to sift through the files, starting to lay things out on the table - lay them out the way she and Alis always did, with photos and sketches in plain view. Using her wand, she taps it here and there, highlighting things that caught her attention. Just treat it like any other file, she tells herself silently.

Graham watches her as she pauses on a part of the file and he'll get an idea what part it is. His gaze locked on her for a moment though she seems still in control as she moves on within the file "Doing well Prewett." he says encouragingly to her though he doesn't wish to disturb so he'll fall silent once again just watching for any reaction to the information held within.

"You are close enough that I can punch you," Shelley remarks in a dry voice at his encouragement. He's trying to help, she knows it. But, hey, responding to his kindness with threats of violence /does/ help her. Honest. She continues to sift through the files, starting to lay things out on the table - lay them out the way she and Alis always did, with photos and sketches in plain view. Using her wand, she taps it here and there, highlighting things that caught her attention. Just treat it like any other file, she tells herself silently.

The auror takes another sip of his wine. Graham is silent a while until she speaks a small chuckle escapes him. The response actually is a good thing for the auror it tells him, she's still herself and of course doesnt discourging his caring nor his encouragement. He will watch as she arranges the file and uses her wand to further complete this task he will watch taking it in himself the best he can from his angle.

Shelley continues to delve deeper - highlighting a line in one of the stolen goods files, and then reaching for the other, automatically. She finds a matching passage there, that she also marks, both referencing an appraisor who lived just off Diagon Alley - now deceased. She can hear Alis's voice in her mind, saying it worth looking into - picture the two of them getting their coats and gloves before leaving the office. "This is where we went," she remarks. Not that that was any mystery - they'd found Alis' body there. "I can almost remember… There's just snippets. Flashes." But are they real memories - or imagined?

Graham scoots his chair only a little bit closer so he can view the items arranged out on the table. "Appraisor office? I think I remember that I responded to the call but was late after all happened." he will look over to her "That's a good thing, memories can be placed in your head but in this case I dont see that as what's happening." he is silent "Are the snippets different then the story the report shows?" He wonders

That's a good question - but she hasn't opened the report on Alis's death, yet. It's sitting there on the coffee table - strangely threatening for such an unassuming brown folder. "Don't know yet," she answers softly. She reaches for it - takes it in her hands - but doesn't open it yet. If she were to tell the truth, well. She's scared. The odds of her admitting, that, though?

She struggles to keep her features impassive as she hands the file to Graham. "Could you pull the photos for me? I just want to try the text, first." That done, she stands and picks up her glass, moving towards the bar in the corner for a refill, and keeping her back towards Graham as she does so.

Just a case. Just like any other. Just a vic, just like any other. You have to keep yourself together to solve this, Shelley.

The young man will nod to the other and stands up pulling the file and the cover picture off of the front page careful not to show it to the other he will sit it face down in his bag that he brought also filling up his wine before he sits back down where he had been. It's no rush or anything on his part he will look back as she keeps her back to him always closed off. Graham does seem to wish he could help more.

Shelley stays at the bar for a while, drinking some of the whiskey, trying to steel herself for a file that - now that she's faced with it - terrifies her more than she was prepared for. It had been so easy to flippantly declare it the least she could do. To play it off as so easy, but it wasn't. She does her best to maintain her composure and keep her careful facade in place as she moves back towards her seat but it's hard to see the cracks in it. The strain at the corners of her eyes and her lips. "Alright," she says simply, holding out her hand."

Graham watches the other as she looks back and he can tell that the mask she wears is likely breakable. His gut reaction is to protect her though it's the wrong thing to do in this case and he knows it. The auror goes through all of this and his face probably looks a bit strained as he reaches over and will offer the file over. It's only after this time he doesnt sit back in the chair but is leaning forward waiting and watching.

"Thanks," is all Shelley says in a soft voice. Just another case. Just any other case. She keeps her wand in hand as she reads the report, her wand taping to highlight details. For all her fear and tredepidation about the file, once she actually starts reading - well. It /is/ like any other case. The same language, the same format. It's familiar, routine, and that helps. A case file like any other. She stops at a notation written beside the description of the three bodies found inside the collapsed structure - musings on if Shelley and Alis had battled and killed the three men. Rather than highlighting this, she scratches a line through it with the tip of her wand.

"Your Welcome of course. I've still not done anything just yet." Graham says to the other but he's watching as she begins looking over the file he will sip his wine as well as it helps him remain calm and relax for that matter uptight auror thing wont work in this meeting and so it's a new tactic of relaxed auror.

"Yes you have," Shelley answers quietly, without looking up at him. She keeps her gaze on the file, staring at the line she just crossed off. Why did she…? "They were already dead," she says quietly. "There was… there was a man. Tall." She squeezes her eyes shut, trying to picture his face. "Tall," she repeats. "Brown hair." She can't see his face. She can't remember. "There was a man there." She can feel the curse threatening to push in - it's a surprise to her when she manages to force it back, but not enough to see the man clearly.

Graham nods encourgaing. He will take his note pad he makes some notes a tall brown haired man. It doesnt narrow things down much but it's worth noting after all. He can see the strain as she's trying to pull more from her brain. The auror will let her to continue to look things over and still just sitting forward and waiting patiently he'll write anything further down that she might remember.

"Maybe if I saw him…?" Shelley suggests uncertainly. She might remember. Recognize him.
Then again, she might not. Or maybe she'd just trigger one of her episodes. Maybe she /has/ seen him…?

The curse continues to press in, she gives up on chasing the image of the man, looking away from the file, and shaking her head to clear it. "I just can't see him," there's a hint of frustration there, as she takes a gulp from her glass. In her head, she's babbling a nonsense tongue-twister, to distract herself from continued attempts to force the memory - and trigger an episode.

Betty's Bogart bounces blue babbling balls. Betty's Bogart bounces blue babbling balls. Betty's Bogart bounces blue babbling balls.

"That's a bit of a tall order Sh.. Prewett." he will say watching her. Graham watches as she recovers from the stress put upon her by the files that she's looked over. "So it would seem that the files do recall the memories and unless i'm mistaken they as a whole bring about the effects of the curse unless you can concentrate enough to fight it back?" He will sum it up "Do you want another drink?" he will ask afer holding his hand out for the glass in case.

"Don't ask stupid questions, Cohen," Shelley remarks as she hands over the glass. "Though your assessment seems more or less correct." Betty's Bogart bounces blue babbling balls. Should she risk the photos?

Graham nods accepting the glass. He will move towards the bar and place icecubes in the glass and fill it back up with her drink of choice. "I wonder what healer O'shea will make of that, maybe this is exactly what he needs to pinpoint a cure." he will move back towards the other and offers the drink to her.

"I don't know. Maybe," Shelley remarks uncertainly. She takes the glass back, drinking from it again as she continues studying the files with a frown. She /knows/ most of the bare facts, though - and nothing else seems to trigger a recollection. She lets out a quiet sigh, takes another drink from her glass, then sets it and the file aside. "…give me the pictures."

The young man is about to sit when the request is made. Graham looks to her closely as she drinks his eyes hold a sadness to them this is counter productive to his nature NOT hurting others and helping them. "Are you sure, you really dont have anything to prove?" he will ask but he's moving to the bag where the stack of pictures are. He removes them and is walking back but waits for her response before he'll hand them over or not.

"It's either that, or always wonder if it'd help find an answer," Shelley counters, holding her hand out for the images to be placed in her hands. She just holds them for a moment, before flipping them over, studying them with what she hopes is clinical dispassion. The first few are the collapsed residence. The bodies of the three wizards who had been crushed inside it.

Then she flips to the next picture and it shows Alis - her chest crushed and misshappen, dark blood trickling from her nose and mouth, and staining her robes. "Alis…" She can hear her own voice shrieking her friend's name in her head, feel herself getting knocked from her broom, her head turning as she searched for signs of life - fingers twitching, and eyes locking onto hers…

She can't retain the memory, though - maybe for the best. It slips from her fingers like the pictures, which spill onto the floor. For a few moments her breathing is raggid as tears fall from her eyes, but isn't long before she's wiping them away, her eyes searching back and forth in front of her before her head turns to study the room.

Graham is very hesitant at her request but does offer the pictures over to the other auror. He nods to her words "I understand you have to. I just." he will shake his head as he cannot really complete what he was going to say. The young man watches her closely sitting on the edge of his seat. He will remain quiet as she speaks the name and seems to be reliving the moment his worry grows more and more the pictures fall her breath ragged. "Prewett?" he stands up and moves over to her.

Shelley meets his gaze - but there's confusion there, and a hint of distress. "I… sorry. I, umm…" He knows her. Why can't she place him? "I think I've-" She starts to rise to her feet, though she's not entirely certain where she intends to go.

The young man is expecting something but he isn't sure what exactly. Graham meets the others gaze but sees the confusion that's there and she doesn't seem to know him. It's only then he's figured that she's not herself. "I'm Graham Cohen, we're friends. You are at home." he will say quickly out to the table for the potion first before he'll use his wand. It's only with it in hand that he will turn back "Remember your focus Shelley?" he will say holding up the bottle the first name meant to help her as well.

"Home? But… this isn't home," Shelley answers, taking an uncertain step away from him. Where was her mother? Her father? Or was she- was this Morgan's new place? But then why would he call it /her/ home? Her eyes search the walls, looking to the pictures for clues and latching onto the portait of her family enjoying a gathering in a living room she /did/ recognize. /That/ was home.

Graham watches her his internal sadness isn't shown on his face but as she takes a step away from him this hurts of course as she's afraid of him. He will watch her from where he stands for an idea of what's going on based on her words and then she moves over to the portrait of her family an he connects the pieces of not being at home. "Shelley?" he will say moving over to her "We can take you home but need you to take your potion first the bottle held out." it's not trickery given she is home.

"But where are we?" Shelley asks in confusion, looking from the portait, to the man, and back again. "If we're friends, then why don't I- I would remember." The portrait confuses her as well. Who's the child running through it…? Everything seemed slightly /off/.

The auror watches but she seems confused now and at least doesn't move away. "I know it's confusing but please try to focus for me Prewett. We're in your flat I am Graham Cohen, you prefer using my last name." he says trying to spark her memory. "This bottle has a potion which will help, you wont be confused anymore." he says trying one more time to give her the potion.

"This is my…?" Shelley asks uncertainly, looking around again. But it can't be. Why would she have a flat? And yet- well. There on one of the bookshelves is another small, framed painting of herself looking down at a desk as she works. "I don't understand. Why do I need a potion?" She doesn't move away from him this time as she stays near the portrait of her family, but she's clearly unnerved, a few tears streaking her cheeks. She reaches out uncertainly for the potion, taking it in both hands.

Graham nods slowly to the other "Yes this is your flat, your Shelley Prewett an auror with the ministry." he explains to her simply about her location and the like. The question about the potion gets his focus back on her more directly now the tears seen gets a frown from him. "The potion is for focus only, it will explain your confusion. I promise that it will." his words are sincere

"An auror?" Shelley asks - was that a hint of hope in her voice? "I want- wanted…" She closes her eyes, one hand going up to press at her forehead. After a moment, it drops down, to study the man again. To drink a strange potion takes /trust/. Asking trust from Shelley always seems to be a tall order.
But just watching him in silence for a few long moments, she decides that she /does/. She lifts the potion to her lips, drinking deeply - and gagging briefly on the flavor. Oh, that is just /vile/!

"Yes an auror, one of the best in fact. I work with you as well." The young man will say giving a warm smile to the other at the sound of hope in her voice but this isn't false either it seems he does believe his words. Graham watches staying still though encouraging warm smile. She drinks the potion and gags on it it's only then that he steps forward to make sure she is okay he will put his arm around her unless she moves to make sure she wont fall over or need anything.

Shelley stiffens at the arm around her - but there's not retaliation. She's still much too thrown. She coughs and swallows a few time, trying to clear something out of her throat and get the awful taste out of her mouth. With her mind focused on that, it's almost unnoticed as reality come creeping back in until- "Cohen?" There was still a hint of uncertainty in her voice, but maybe the next line will be more strangely reassuring.
"Let me go before I break your foot with my heel."

The young man watches from his point of view as she seems to cough and swallow through the potions bad taste and effects on her. Graham watches as she speaks his last name which is a start but it's still with confusion. The next line though instead of bringing fear gets a smile he does remove his hand fron around her and takes a single step back. "Just trying to help Pewett." but he understands while she recovers he will gather up the offending photo's and place them away once more.

Shelley turns away, wiping her cheeks and eyes dry - and trying to sort out her befuddled head. She's home, Cohen is here, and she lost herself. That much is obvious. But… why? Once she feels confident she has her composure back, her eyes sweep the room, locking on to the mess of papers on her coffee table. She moves closer - before things click back into place. "Oh. Right. You brought the files over." It was a relief to sort things out. "I guess it was too much?" she asks, as she looks down at what she marked on the pages.

Graham gives her time and the space to work it out, but as she does speak about the files he nods ackknowleging this part. "Well you read through the files, and were able to organize them and research." he says "You were brave and excellent." he says giving a small smile though it fades. "It was the photos, you didnt know where you were and I think the current time frame. I talked you into drinking your potion." he says trying to catch her up

"Right. Right," Shelley responds, picking up some of the pages to look them over - finding note she crossed out, among other things. It is coming back now. Including asking Graham for those photos at the end, and glancing at the first few. "…right," she adds more softly.
"Didn't get much, did we? But I had to try. Thank you for this. I'm sorry you had to see me like that."

"Perhaps not on the case, but maybe the healers will be able to piece things together now." Graham sounds hopeful at least on this front he has written the features the other had mentioned from the man and at least it's worth keeping track of. He gives a proper warm smile. "Your Welcome." he shakes his head though "I told you before, i'm not going to just turn away from you when your at your worst that'd make me a bad friend and person. We'll figure everything out." he says simply giving a shrug.
is so bad in some places, churches in those areas have replaced the holy water with Purell."

"I hope so," Shelley agrees. She slips back into her seat, picking up her whiskey to drink some more of it. She leans her head back, closing her eyes as she tries to remember /everything/ that had happened tonight. Maybe there was something in that moment when she lost herself that could be useful?
She remembers looking at the photos - shots of the house, shots of the bodies of the men, and then- a brief flash of Alis, meeting her eyes, blood trickling from her nose and mouth. A /memory/ - not a photo - and it was enough to deter her from that line of thought with a flinch.
At least for now.

She clears her throat again. "Still. I owe ya something for this - whether you'll admit it or not." She manages one of her amused smirks. "Lee helping me out after that mess at the Gala earned her- well. Sufficient good grace to put me on my /very best/ behavior when I visited her and her unexpected fiance."

Graham will move to gather the files and stack them back in the file folders while she is sorting through things once more. He will move back to his chair taking a drink from his wine finshing off this glass at least. He chuckles a bit "Well I am sure they both appreciated that for certain." shaking his head slightly "I dont think you owe me anything though, i'm just trying to make things right and be your friend." he shrugs again.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks, Graham. You're a good friend." Shelly finishes off her whiskey, then pushes herself to her feet to interrupt what could quickly devolve into a tender moment.
"After all - you brought cake."

The young man closes the files in turn after quickly replacing the photo's in each so she wont have to go through gathering and looking a this information again so soon. Graham looks back to her he does smile at her words the use of his first name and she actually calls him friend "You are too you know." he says simply but he also wont press his luck knowing that it's difficult enough as it is. "I am well known far and wide, for my cake bringing skills. Speaking of would you like a piece?"

"Where do you think I'm headed?" Shelley asks, retrieving the bag from Sweet Temptations to open it up. "Now - I'm not actually supposed to /share/ this cake, am I? Might be expecting a bit much of me."

Graham follows along towards the bag with the cake in it. He grins a bit at her question "I think i'd have to label myself a dark wizard if I did." he says giving a firm nod with his faux seriousness. He will move to the kitchen-ish-area and grab a plate and utensil he brings the pair over back to the other and sets them down for her to use "I actually had cake earlier to be honest." he says chuckling.

Shelley smiles at him in thanks - it's a tight smile, but it's there. She takes a few bites before asking quietly, "After this… tell me honestly, Graham. Would you really want me watching your back? Knowing I might end up like /that/ again?"

It's as he's quiet and shifts his footing a little bit. Graham watches as she "Hows the cake?" he'll ask firstly, but listening to her question to him about her in the field. "All that's not permanent Shelley. We'll find a way to heal you." he tries he first name out. "You did so well with the files, the photo's well even I was upset by them and I had a poor vantage point of them." the auror pauses "The honest answer is I trust you to have my back. If I have any concerns it's for your saftey not my own."

"It's pretty good," Shelley remarks between bites. Being called Shelley simply earns the man a flick of her eyes from the cake, to his features, and back again. "I hope you're right about that," she responds, as he says it's not permanent. She has her doubts - who wouldn't after the year she's had? "But you're an idiot. I wouldn't but either of us at risk, like that."
She presses her lips together, the fork stopping, deeply imbedded in the cake. "I can't remember all of it. I can't remember what we /need/ to know, but… I can see her face, now. Looking at me. Trying to-" Trying to what? She's not even sure. She blinks away a few tears, hoping Graham wouldn't notice. "Hell of a think to remember, huh?"

Graham smiles at the goodness of the cake which he's glad for. "I think that I am." the auror chuckles though as she calls him an idiot "I've been told that before a few times actually, but my answer remains the same." he will watch patiently as she seems to recall more of the information her words bringing his focus again. "If only that were something any of us could control but being assaulted by an imagine like that is enough to wear on anyone."

"Yeah," Shelley agrees quietly. She's probably going to have a hell of a time sleeping tonight, really. "Not much I wouldn't give. Just… to talk to her for a few more minutes. Hell, I'd even give up this cake right here," she responds, making a feeble attempt at a joke.

Is able to give a small laugh "Well now I know sometings not right giving up cake." Graham say but the smile fades a bit "I miss her two, even though I wasnt as close to her as you where, genuienly good people are hard to come by." he sighs perhaps seeing something in her "This will not come out as I mean it to, but will you be okay tonight?" he pauses before adding "I can make a dreamless sleep potion? Or really whatever would help."

"I wouldn't mind a potion," Shelley answers. "For tonight, anyways. 'n I know she was hard to get to know. But… well." She looks to Graham again, before concluding softly, "She thought the world of you. Even if she never said anything."

Graham has finished the potion from herbs he's found about the house, talking about things all the while. He finds a small vial and puts some into it corking it easily enough after. "This will be just enough for a good nights rest." he says moving back to where she is to offer it over to her.

Graham has finished the potion from herbs he's found about the house, talking about things all the while. "That is good to know, it really is. I had hoped she'd see me as a friend at least." his voice is quiet and thoughtful. He finds a small vial and puts some into it corking it easily enough after. "This will be just enough for a good nights rest." he says moving back to where she is to offer it over to her.

"She did," Shelley answers softly. "She didn't paint people she didn't care for. Generally." She's eaten a good chunk of the cake now, and finished another glass or two of the whiskey by the time the vial is handed over, and she climbs a bit unsteadily to her feet. "Thanks," she adds, reaching out to put her hand on Graham's upper arm, and give it a light squeeze. "I should go get some rest, I suppose. You can show yourself out…?"

"I suppose that does make sense." Graham says about painting others. He will move watching the other as she's unsteady but she's safe at home this time and can make it the short trip on her own. "Yes you should you've had a hard evening." he'll reach his free hand up and pat her hand lightly very quickly before nodding "Yes, you go rest i'll see myself up and lock up. Sleep well Shelley." he says though he'll walk with her as far as the split to take him back to the door our. The young man will wait for a response before heading out and locking up behind him.

"Goodnight, Graham," Shelley responds, before climbing the stairs up to the third floor where she had her bedroom. She lets herself in, closing the door quietly behind herself, and taking a seat on the edge of her bed. On her bedside table is a photo of herself and Alis from much happier days - each waving the letter that declared their admittance as Auror Initiates. A photo she'd placed there shortly after finally returning to her own home, after her long stay in the hospital. "See? We're gonna solve this for you."
She spent a while just sitting there before finally getting changed, and tucking herself in. The potion is drunk as she props herself up on one elbow, and it isn't long after that that she's deeply asleep.

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