(1939-01-16) Fly By Night
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Summary: Lewis has the misfortune to encounter the MLE's biggest rookie by Black Friar's Bridge.
Date: 1939-01-16
Location: Black Friar's Bridge

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan… So goes the old Christmas carol; and this mid-January night echoes the words of the song quite pointedly.

Wind is howling both over and under the span of Black Friar's bridge, carrying sharp little blasts of snow with it as it careens along. As the weather is so dreadfully inclement, it's no surprise that traffic over the bridge has all but stopped for the moment. A good thing too, since a particularly foolish young witch is flying on her broom, some several dozen yards high above the paved street, being buffeted quite harshly by the wind. From below, if anyone were to see her, they would likely only see a vague form half lost in the hazy air.

Lewis is wearing a light grey trench coat. It truly is a nice coat, with almost shiny look to it. Travel by car just isn't doable at the moment, thanks to all this ice. That's ok. He needs the exercise anyway. Besides, the cold actually gives him an excuse to drink, instead of just pretending he has one. He notices an object flying by. It's a woman on a broomstick. Flying. In the middle of the city! Lewis stares at the object. Yup, definitely a witch on a broomstick. Are they trying to get themselves into trouble with the Aurors? He then begins to realize that maybe the Obliviators will blame HIM for all this! Oh dear! He begins to wonder if maybe he could persuade her to stop. The wind might carry his voice the wrong way or something.

Unfortunately for Rena, Lewis doesn't even have to do more than think about asking her to stop. Her flight was blown drastically off course to begin with because of the bad weather blowing up. But now, the weather has only compounded her already shaky confidence in her broomflying skills, and set her on a downward spiral… quite literally.
The broom bucks and seems to kick. Rena struggles hard, but as she is seated sidesaddle on the thing, the nearer she comes to the ground, the harder it is to stay put. At last, she comes within about ten feet of the hard pavement and slips from her mount. With a rather dramatic tumble, the young woman thuds to the ground and rolls over a couple times before coming to a stop in the middle of the empty street. Empty, save for one muggle, of course. Her broom also clatters to the ground beside her.

Lewis watches as a broom-rider falls and hits the ground. Lewis's first reaction is to run towards her. Part of him is thinking about how much it's going to suck if this is all somehow blamed on him, but none of that matters right now-she could be seriously injured. That would suck. Lewis walks over to her and checks her for injuries. He says "Can you hear me? Are you ok?"

For several long moments, Rena just lays there on the hard pavement. She saw stars when she hit the ground, and the wind was largely knocked right out of her lungs. By the time Lewis reaches her prone form on the ground, the young woman's dark eyes open with a start. Just as abruptly, she flails and flips herself over onto her stomach, trying to stumble to her feet without any good success. Confused and slightly dazed, she gasps for breath, trying to regain some sense of equilibrium.
Not quite 'all there' just yet, Rena staggers up against a lamppost to lean heavily, bringing her gaze around to meet with Lewis. Focusing on the man, she answers breathlessly: "Wh- I… fine. Never better."

Lewis raises an eyebrow. He says "You be careful on that broomstick! A fall like that could have killed you." He offers a hand and says "My name's Lewis, what's yours? And are you sure you're ok?"

Rena looks away from Lewis, still a little shaky and uncertain of just where she happened to land. Shaking her head once and then twice, the stars seem to have finally gone away.
Turning her gaze back onto Lewis, Rena shifts so that she is leaning on the lamppost - no longer clinging - so that she can weakly accept the offered hand. "Lee," she answers, glancing around again with a look of suspicious recognition. "Irene Lee… Oh no!" Now the eyes are really open. "You're a…" she points at him. "This is Black Friar's…I…"

Never did a person's facial expression so graphically illustrate the realization that she's messed up in a BIG way.

Lewis says "Irene Lee? Who's that?" Suddenly, Rena's eyes bulge open and she flips out like a trapeze expert. Lewis says "I'm probably that, yes, and this is Black Friars. Are…you going to be alright? I think you ought to calm down, madame." He looks around and says "I don't anyone else saw you. Maybe the Aurors won't be taking you in."

Sheer terror turns to overwhelming relief when Rena realizes that she had the ridiculous good fortune to be seen by a Muggle who just happens to be 'in the know' about the wizarding world.
A short, slightly pained laugh escapes, and she looks toward Lewis ruefully, holding one hand to her side as she continues trying to catch her breath. "I am an Auror. Good at flying was never one of the qualifications.
"The name is Irene Lee; but everyone calls me Rena." The young witch tries again to introduce herself - properly, this time. She even manages to flash a smile. "I'll be alright, now that I've got my wind back… Lewis, you said?"

Lewis sees her laugh and he smiles himself. He says "James Lewis Smith, at your service. Are you going to be able to make it to your…destination? May I ask where you were going?"

"Pleasure's mine, Mister Smith," Rena replies cordially. She really is a sight to behold. Her coat took a beating in the fall, and now is quite stained by melting snow, mud and general street grime. Her hair is all askew, though she does try to straighten her hat, regardless.
"Well," she says, moving away from the lamppost at last to go and retrieve her broomstick from the street. "I was on my way 'ome when the weather went and fouled me up and blew me off course. I may 'ave to wait for better conditions - or else use other means to get where I'm going." She pauses to pick up the sleek broomstick, giving it a decidedly withering look before returning her gaze to Lewis: "Might I ask 'ow it is you're connected to all this? 'Appy that you are, of course." There's no suspicion in her eyes - only curiosity.

Lewis shrugs. He can see his own breathe, and he's starting to freeze. He decides he might have to get indoors quickly before he gets frostbite or something. He says "I j-just was passing by when you fell out of the sky." He then says "Oh! Do you mean connected to the wizards? I had to live with my Aunt. She's a witch."

Rena nods understandingly about the gentleman's aunt. That's all one really needs to know. However, she seems to realize again that the weather really is quite bitter and she offers an apologetic smirk: "'Ere, I shouldn't keep you. You'll catch your death of cold - and so will I - if neither of us don't take shelter soon. Easier for you than me, I'm afraid in my state" She says quickly, looking at the mess she's in.

Lewis says "Very well, madame. Maybe I'll see you later on. Be sure to stick to clear skies". He tips his hat and proceeds to move towards the nearest building. Maybe in this bar he'll learn something about those people he needs to track down. If nothing else, he gets beer. Which is good in and of itself.
Lewis gives you a cookie.

"Maybe so," Rena says cheerily - is somewhat ruefully. "I'll try my best." Before Lewis is out of earshot though, the young woman calls out: "Thank you for your kindness, Mister Smith! I'll be remembering you."
As Lewis then departs, Rena moves herself nonchalantly into the deep shadow of a building. A moment later, and a distinct *CRACK* can be heard - but fortunately, the only living thing startled by the sound and sudden disappearance of the woman is a large rat… who then scurries into a sewer drain with a squeak.

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