(1939-01-05) I Should Have Been There
Details for I Should Have Been There
Summary: After hearing of the attack on the party Graham goes to find out if his sister is safe
Date: 01/05/1939
Location: St. Mungo's

One of the perks of the rich and powerful is a private room in St. Mungo's, away from most of the noise and chaos that has descended upon the wizarding hospital after the attack on the Sykes Gala. Although Cassius Malfoy did not suffer any actual injury, the healers have decided to keep him overnight for observation.

Exhaustion has overcome the little one at last. She sits at his bedside, but her head is buried in her arms at his side. One of her hands holds onto his. A half-empty plate of chocolate rests at his bedside.

Graham has had a long night no doubt being called in from where he'd been after an attack at a party and helping with everything taking statements to helping wounded but it was as he learned of a few names on the guest list that it truly went bad to worse.

It seems he's left whatever he was doing saying something about family needing him and apparated straight to St. Mungo's he's learned the room which is all he needs as he runs not walks through the corridor's reaching the door he only slows down then. If asked he will show his badge but between this and the look to his eyes as he falls on the guards outside of the room, it'd be likely unwise to try and stop him.

He reaches out either way and opens the door easily slipping inside and shutting the door behind him he will let his eyes adjust looking over them in silence.

Rhyeline lifts her head the moment the door opens. The slightest sound is enough to wake her- or perhaps she hadn’t quite fallen asleep. Her dark gaze looks haunted, though she wears a mask of calm over her young features. Catching sight of Graham, she bites her lower lip. Once the door is closed, she bites her lower lip. Her eyes glisten with tears as she allows him to see how scared she is, and relieved to see him. “Graham…” she whispers.

It’s dark so might be hard to see but the young man’s eyes fall to her as she sits beside the bed and not IN the bed and his tension breaks a line of too long held in tears track down his face he crosses the room and will wrap her up in a tight hug trying to get a good breath “Rhyeline, I’m so sorry I will never forgive myself not being there for you.” He will manage to get out before it’s just the embrace for the moment.

Rhyeline hides in the shelter of his embrace, clinging to him with one hand. But. She’s not letting go of Cassius’ hand with her other. Eyes closed, she nuzzles close and whispers, “It’s /not/ your fault, brother. No one- no one could have expected. But- but I was safe. And- and my father was there. He-“ she bites her lower lip, remembering how her father held her back from rushing to Cassius’ side. “He kept me safe. I’m alright.”

Graham leans back and will wipe the tears from his eyes on his sleeve but does seem to return close giving her a squeeze and reaching up to brush her hair back lightly from her face. “I’m relieved your okay but I was so afraid. I felt helpless.” He admits it’s a hard truth for him usually at least he will nod to her words about being kept safe.

Rhyeline tilts her head into her brother’s gentle touch, savoring it. Peeking up at him, her nose is rather pink and her eyes glisten with tears. Upon hearing his words, she bites her lower lip. “I… I wish it had been me. Not him. I could bear it. But. But not- not to hear him scream…” Tears overflow in her eyes and leak down her cheeks.

The young man will reach up and dry her eyes gently as he looks into her eyes directly he will lean in and kiss her fore head lightly. He will pick up a chair and move it to be beside her own. “He will be okay I am sure, and he wouldn’t have wanted you to be hurt any more than I do.” Graham cannot express feeling how he is at the moment. “I should be a full time protector For you..” He says after this silence.

Rhyeline blinks and shakes her head slowly. “I have guards… they will watch over me. I was kept safe. But… /you/ need to find the ones that did this. You can’t let them do it again. Their demands will not be met. And- and there will be another attack.”

The auror shakes his head “I’ve seen your guards fail I can’t let that happen, when I thought you’d been hurt it was.” He frowns his own eyes still shining though he’s again listening to her words about finding the ones who did this. Graham looks to her “I could still find them and stop them. I intend to do so for that matter.” he says assuredly to this fact.

“You can do so much more to keep me safe as an auror. You have authority that others could never have. Please brother. Don’t be a vigilante. Be an auror- one who strikes fear into the hearts of dark wizards. If you tried to do it alone, I would grow sick with worry… Please.”

The young man will not let his gaze waver from the other it seems. Graham will listen to her words and he does take them in and he nods “I don’t seem to strike fear into anyone little mouse.” He says using the term of endearment he sometimes does with her “I don’t want you to worry of course, but being an auror seemed only to hinder me this evening. I just wanted to be there to protect you; I can’t even express it correctly.” It’s only now as he of all people is at a loss for words he gives a small smile.

“I understand,” murmurs Rhyeline with a slow nod as she lowers her gaze. “And… and… a part of me… does want you to… to always be close.” She hesitates before peeking up at him. “But if you punished them as anyone but an auror, there’s a chance you might be sent to Azkaban… And… and it’s because you are an auror- because you are dangerous to those who wield darkness- that I feel so safe with you, brother.”

Graham looks to the other carefully as he recovers from not being able to say how he felt previously. Instead of her words being a ‘but’ about them being close he understands what she’s saying and it’s a positive “It’s knowing that you want me close that allows me to continue sister never feel bad for that. If it came to it, I would become your protector without hesitation.” he is listening from here. “I will find and stop them with all the resources I have.” He will respond nodding “I won’t fail you again you will be safe.”

Rhyeline never lets go of Cassius’ hand, but pulls her brother close for a tight, one-armed hug. “You didn’t fail me. You never have. And I will feel much, much safer knowing that you are hunting those who caused the attack tonight- who hurt Cassius.” She nuzzles the top of her head against his cheek. “Thank you for coming to find me… it- it means the world to me…” she adds in a rather quiet tone.

The auror returns the hug with both of his arms and does lay his head on the crook of her neck for a moment just feeling relief that the worst of his thoughts were untrue. He will just remain here listening to her words which are given a nod “I will always come to find you, soon as I could and sooner if I can manage it.” Graham matches her lowered quiet tone.

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