(1939-01-17) Good Guys, Bad Men, Corrupt Cops
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Summary: Knowing Susan won't let her latest humiliation go, Tiberius plans the seeds of doubt with Graham in the Constable. Another part of his plan falls into place.
Date: 1939-01-17
Location: Leaky Cauldron, London
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It's mid-day a bit after normal lunch service at least. The Leaky Cauldron is still populated but you can find a place to sit which is always nice it's cold outside and so being inside to thaw out and to relax for a bit. The door opens from the side of the alley way and in walks Graham it seems that he's either on lunch or just off work as he's still in his work robes. The young man will move to find an open table to sit at and wait for the servr to come by as he looks about to the others here.

Tiberius has a habit of just 'appearing' lately. Most people couldn't tell you where the Rogue came from, although most admit that he's incredibly well dressed. "Graham." He notes, taking a seat at the table beside the man. Two glasses of whiskey are placed on the table, and once is eased towards him. "Have a moment?"

Graham is surprised to see the other just appear at his table but though he stiffens in his seat at this other though he will cross his hands at the wrists over another he remains relaxed for the most part. "Mr Tripe." he says though the server comes by and he'll order his fish and chips. "A moment or two yes." he responds his voice is his usual tone and everything but he's curious and perhaps cautious while he waits.

"As you might know, I've been the victim of a certain Constable for some time." Tiberius states, A sip of his whiskey, as the man expresses himself. "… I'm starting to believe she's wired to self-destruct, however. Her behaviour is becoming… More and more extreme." His left arm is still the slightest bit stiff, it's obvious to someone as keen as Graham - Clearly the splinch hasn't failed to leave it's mark upon the muscled man. "I'd hoped you might be willing to help out - Getting her off my back, surely, but also ensuring that she doesn't get herself fired in this vendetta she's created."

The topic of the constable is one of many he figured might be broached "Hm yes i've seen the constable as well though looks a bit worse for the wear indeed." he will glance across towards the other raising his eyebrow though he will notice the injuries with a side glance though he chuckles "I'm not quite sure, that she doesn't dislike me herself. We didnt quite see eye to the last time we met." though he will chomp on a chip. "Mr Tripe I will speak to her, but for her sake not yours. I do hope that you will keep your head down and not give reason for another confrontation."

"Did she share the reason for our last confrontation, and the resulting bruising?" Tiberius looks.. A little bit put upon. "… She mugged an associate of mine who I'd asked to deliver a gift. When I attempted to intervene, she tried to assault me. And while I apologise for incapacitating her, it is something I will do again if pressed." Another sip of whiskey. "I'll not comply with someone who clearly wants to hurt me. This is bordering on a sociopathic obsession, based solely on the paranoid delusions of a washed up MLE Constable." A pause. "That was unkind of me."

Graham watches the other and eats another chip but still listening he shakes his head "No, I merely saw her in the office and heard the words circulating of what happened it's a small office that tends to happen." he listens to the story of the event and sighs outloud the constable makes it harder on herself by not showing she can be trusted it's a choice of lesser evils for the young man. "She does her self no favors by acting as she does this is true." his eyes flash "Yes it was, I will speak to her but I cannot promise acceptance."

"… I don't expect her to react in anything other than a fit of self-obsessed rage. But please, before she begins inventing evidence or; worse still, conducting crimes for me to have committed." Tiberius frowns obviously as he makes… Well, it's one hell of an accusation (Although the former isn't beyond Susan at all), and then gestures to the chips. "May I? Also, I should say, for peace of mind - And in response to the increased… Pressure, that her guards are under, I've stopped liasing with Miss Diderot until things cool down."

The young man motions that the other can have a chip of course. Graham nods his head to the other though he doesn't like to suspect anything bad of his colleagues as one who was attacked by a fellow auror once it's always a seed of doubt in ones brain. "I can promise however. I will not hesitate to bring anyone who breaks the law to justice not even if they are from my office." it's a duel meaning of course but in the context it could refer only to Susan. The topic of his sister is something all together different "We hadnt finished that conversation unfortunately I was pulled away." he takes a bite "We had been discussing intentions."

"No further intentions." Tiberius frowns. "I would keep her safe, however with the state of things I feel I only expose her to more harm right now." The man takes a chip, biting into it with a considered expression. Blue eyes closing, as he thinks. "I expect nothing less, Graham. And I won't be laying an assault charge against Constable Menzies at this juncture, I believe her pride took a big enough hit during our last encounter. Next time I might not be so forgiving."

Graham watches the other closer on the last topic obviously his sisters safety is near top or the top of his list of importance. "Likewise would I." he says about keeping Rhyeline safe from any harm he's deemed a threat. "It is best she does not need more threats right now, the attack on New Years was bad Mr Malfoy was harmed and answer's are being demanded like a powder keg ready to go off." he explains though it's not uncommon news really.

"I've spoken to my associates. So far, no-one has any news. You have my word, Graham," Tiberius sets his mouth in a grim line, "The people responsible are murderers. Scum and villany of the worst kind. If there's any and all I can do to see them rot in Azkaban, it'll be done." His whiskey is finished, and the man slowly steps back. "For now, though, I should be off."

"Yes they are indeed." Graham says with a small nod the worst sort he deals with those who harm children and innocents for some sort of gain. The auror will listen to the assurance that he knows nothing of the events. "It is appreciated so many are looking something will turn up though Hopefuly it's the good guys who find them first." he will say nodding to the other "Keep your head down hm?" he will say eating another chip he'll likely stay here a bit longer before heading home.

Tiberius shakes his head, and chuckles. "… Even bad men want justice for this atrocity, Graham. Be well." He offers, by way of goodbye.

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