(1939-01-18) A Day at Cohens
Details for A Day at Cohens
Summary: People gather at Graham's house.
Date: January 18, 1939
Location: Cohen Residence

It's early evening before normal dinner time for many of the citizens of London though it's likely in the process of being made right now. It's still cold being winter and all and some snow coats the ground and the streets. The houses are fairly normal and uniform on the block even the one belonging to Auror Cohen, but on the inside his is different for one he's cooking dinner with magic moving about his kitchen easily enough, in the living room his spy novel is closed on the table with a fire in the fireplace. A small dark colored cat sweeps up the stairs like a flash lots of activity for the moment.

And then there's a rap on the door. Shelley stands there, leaning casually against the door jam with a bag of takeout in one hand, a bottle of whiskey on the other as she waits for her… friend to open the door.
Of course he'll be home. Where else would he be?

Graham is just begining his preration for cooking luckily really just started the fire more like it. He turns at the sound of the knock on the door, he will wipe shis hands down on a towel before moving the direction of the door. He wasnt expecting anyone but he does have a few people who just turn up. The auror peeks through the hole in the door way and smiles he undoes the locks, and pulls the door back. "Hey, come on in." he says not wishing the other to stand in the cold.

"Thanks," Shelley responds, straightening up and stomping her feet to knock any snow or mud that might be lingering off of her boots. She steps inside, hefting the bag she carries with her. "I grabbed some take-up from that Indian place," she remarks. "Over ordered a bit, so I thought I might as well share." Yes. /That/ is the transparent excuse she is running with today. Don't like it? Too bad.

The young man shuts the door and relocks it behind the other. He grins looking to the bag a moment "That's brilliant actually wont burn the place down trying to boil water now." he says with a wink. If Graham believes the over order story or not he'll not say anything on it not pressing his luck of course. He will offer to take the bag "Hm kitchen or livingroom?" he'll ask either way as to where they should eat the living room's warmer but the kitchen is well a kitcken.

"Doesn't matter much to me," Shelley answers, giving a shrug of her shoulders as she hands off the bag. "Brought a fresh bottle of whiskey, too." Because after the day before - she still needed it. Very much. In fact, she was impressed with herself that she wasn't drunk already.

Graham ponders a moment accepting the bag. "Livingroom is warmer and more comfortable." he says deciding he will clear off the book from the table and sets the bag down. In the living room there is a two-three seater sofa and a few comfy chairs about. "I'll go grab plates and some glasses and ice?" he offers "Feel free to make yourself at home." he says before moving the not very far distance to the kitchen.

"That works," Shelley responds easily, moving into the living room. She looks around at the place curiously, walking over to a book shelf and peering at some of the titles. After a few moments, though, she would pick one of the chairs to flop into.
Not the couch. Never the couch.

The auror isn't gone very long before he comes back into the livingroom with the plates and necessary eating items as well as two glasses and some ice in each. He will set these down on the table figuring she would take the chair. He will sit on the side of the sofa closest to this chair when he does but first adjusts the table so both can use it and will go about serving both plates offering her over to her and setting his on his side of the table. He seems to be trying to be proper host even pouring a bit of whiskey for both? "You seem no worse for wear from my potion, I hope it helped?" he finally breaks his silence.

"It did. You're a good hand with potions," Shelley answers him, flashing the man a tight smile. Of course, it hadn't helped her much /since/ waking. She'd spent much of the day on her broom to distract herself, flying with Jocunda, and it probably shows. She's tired herself out some.
As for the meal - she ordered two kinds of curry, some samosas and naan bread this time - along with an order of raita, incase the food is too spicy for Graham. Shelley picks up her fork as her plate is offered to her, breaking open one of the samosas and pour chutney into it.

Graham smiles a bit "I'm glad it helped, i'm okay with potions charms and DADA were always my strongest classes. When I joined the dueling club I learned early on I wanted to help people and of course be an auror to do that." he will try some of the food silent while he does so. "Of course the professors all tried to tell me not to get my hopes up so few make it in. It really just pushed me to try even harder. I suppose you know already I can be hard-headed." he says grinning. "When did you know you wanted to be an auror he asks?"

"Oh, we heard the same thing, me and Alis," Shelley agrees. "And my charms work was always pretty abysmal, no matter how much Alis tried to help." She takes a bite of the samosa, her gaze focused down on her plate. It was still at the point that just saying her friend's name conjured what seemed like a strangely fresh image to her mind - given how everything had happened more than a year ago, and had been a black pit in her memory until so recently.
"I dunno. I was always stubborn, and excited at the thought of adventure, and danger. We got ourselves both swept up in it, somehow. Maybe it was that retired auror who came and visited dueling club that clinched it."

"I believe it's standard procedure, so that kids will think of a back up in case they don't get into the auror program." Graham will say taking a few bites more of the food it's spicy but not too bad so far. He will even sip some whiskey while he's at it. "That reminds me, i'll have to schedule the training room so you can stupify me still." he says remembering this conversation." he racks his brain a bit "I think I remember him coming in the auror that is." he looks to the other seeing her looking down his cheering up is clearly not working.

"Yeah, it probably is," Shelley agrees, dipping bits of naan into curry next. "Happy to take you on anytime, Cohen." She flashes him one of her confident, cocky smiles she wore so easily in the past. "Then we can drag you off to that young miss of yours to have you set back to rights, again."

Graham takes another drink but smirks "Your on." he will say with a firm nod to the other though the mention of Sorcha gets a chuckle from the young man. "I am already in trouble with her. Remember the injured witch from the Cauldron? She'd been shot." as if there were any others who had done this lately. "Sorcha's spies at St Mungo's will already have tale of me at the hospital covered in blood, it not being my own wont matter." he says also explaining "I made a rash promise for our line of work, everytime i'm a patient at St Mungo's I have to work herb picking for her families apotharcary." he laughs

Shelley lets out a quiet laugh. "How are you going to get the Chief to give you /that much/ time off, Graham?" Yes. She seems to be switching between 'Graham' and 'Cohen' right now. "Still - you weren't a patient this time, so once you've calmed her down…"

"Ah the vote of confidence as always." the young man says grinning though. "I still owe her for the dragon incident." Graham seems to remember out of no where "Ah yes, once I speak to her she'll be fine she will probably laugh at me matter of fact. The witch was okay by the way on her way within an hour or so." he does notice the going between his first and last name but he is just glad that she's even starting to relax around him show her former side.

"I have faith in my fellows to get endlessly injured," Shelley agrees. "That's what we're meant for - isn't it?" With thoughts turned away from Alis for the moment - a tricky feat that may not last for long - she seems more relaxed as she picks at her meal.

Graham grins and holds up the drink in cheers he'll clink glasses or not if she doesn't wish to. "It seems so, we're bound tightly to rules where those we seek have none it often leads to taking one for the team as they say." he will shake his head it's part of he job afterall. "Hey Graham, go take out that dark wizard behind that door.. but don't hurt the door damnit!" he says in mock impression.
From afar, BadPenny nods

Shelley clinks glasses, amused by Graham's proposal of turning her dark humor into a sort of toast. She takes a drink, then shrugs. "You break the door anyway and go 'ooops.'" It works sometimes. Depending on the tresspass you make. Clearly there are some lines that /aren't/ to be crossed, though.

He will take a drink from his glass enjoying the warmth given by the whiskey. Graham smirks and nods to her words knowing exactly what she means. "Oh absolutely, okay he's something. Whats your biggest laughable ooops moment on the job thus far?" he will ask her but give his own. "Do you remember that old wizard who barricaded his house and was blasting anything which walked by?" it wasn't a big case but has been spoken of before. "I got so tired of trading spells with him, I may or may not have transfigured something in his house to pin him down."

Shelley lets out a quiet cough, then remarks, "Well. You remember that pair that got caught by security, in the History of Transfigurations exhibit…?" she remarks. "And there's all these artefacts and displays - stuff that's hundreds, maybe even thousands of years old, all of it priceless, and irreplaceable, and- well. I ended up knocking one of them out by /tossing/ one of the displays at him. I reparro'd it afterwards, good as new. Before the dust could settle and anyone could… notice."

Graham winces to her words but chuckles afterwards "Ooops right?" he says eating a bit more he will refill both of there glasses if or when they run low on whiskey. "Reminds me of this art exhibit this one time.. but the person didnt warn me. It was was like famous ways wizards screwed up. Getting their head stuck in caudlrons of expanding potions and the like it was all just BAD. I love art and especially history but yikes."

"Hey, what the museum never knows…" Shelley responds, shrugging her shoulders and seemingly unbothered by her actions. She had to take the two down before somebody got hurt, after all.
Somebody /other/ than them, of course.
"Sounds like an interesting exhibit. Alis was always trying to drag me to things like that - sometimes I went." She spears another piece of samosa with mildly excessive force.

The young man is rather bookish and those kind of things are supposed to be his forte. "To be honest, I kind of snuck out after about thirty minutes. The passes were free at least." Graham says over to the other giving a wink she probably understands why this isnt the norm for him. He watches as she spears the food a bit harder then needed. "So when not working hard and or breaking things, what else do you like to do?" he will ask.

"Brooms," Shelley answers. "I love racing. Granted, this sometimes leads to breaking things, too," she smirks at that remark. "Though I try to avoid it. And drinking. And reading. Cards, sometimes." She shrugs her shoulders. Her interests are pretty simple.

Graham nods in understanding to the interests she has "I am not good on a broom, but I can not fall off if at need." he will eat and drink a little more "I drink sometimes, reading of course." he tries to think a bit more "I'd like to travel more, I really do like history and want to visit some of these places. Is there somewhere you'd like to go if you could?" he asks trying to distract and get to know better all at once.

Shelley shrugs her shoulders. "Don't suppose there's anywhere I would mind going. But I haven't much felt the need." She takes a drink of her whiskey, then frowns in thought. "Maybe somewhere sunny for a visit, would be nice. But it's not important."

"Well maybe if we ever get some time off you'll have a chance to think about it more." Graham says with a small shrug to her about traveling a bit "I managed to get three whole days off over the summer and traveled a bit about the country see some historic sights and just relax for once." he says smiling it does fade as he must ask a question. "I wanted to ask before I did, but did you want me to setup another appointment with Healer O'shea?"

"Well. For now I'm lucky - in that I can get time off fairly easily." Shelley is, after all, a bit 'expendible' in her current state. "Still - I've had enough time off I just want to help out however I can." And moving back home with parents for a while, after the hospital released her - well. Let's just say she was happy to have things back to 'normal.'
"If you really think what we learned will help O'Shea - by all means," Shelley answers. There's tightness to her expression as she says it, though. She still wants to find the answers. She still wants to return to active duty. But if their efforts from the night before had proven anything - it's that holding the memory, /remembering/ what happened, was not going to make things easier for her.

Graham looks over setting the plate back down on the table a moment "I know it doesnt seem like it but you've helped a lot lately.. you got the information from Tripe. You helped bring out the information about Zack's employers which may be badnews." He takes another sip from his whiskey. "You are doing your part to try and fix things with whatever curse or thing is calling your memory laps." he says looking over to her "Shelley, by still fighting you are doing more then most." he tries to impart this. "Healer O'shea is very good and he knows a lot of people so he can bring in someone else if they would be better."

"I know," Shelley answers, her tone and expression both solemn. "But with the storm that's brewing - it still feels like so little. The odds of bloodshed and horror coming are just…" She shakes her head. "So I do what I can. But I'm /needed/ to do more. Maybe there won't be choice, though, if this mess all cracks open. Maybe they'll /have/ to put me back in rotation, whether the curse is resolved or not." She picks up her cup again, taking another drink.

"Well either if it's because your cured or out of necessity." Graham says taking a drink from his whiskey before he looks back to the other to speak his tone is still serious "Idiot me will want you to have my back and i'll have yours." he references her words from last night. "It is getting dark but things are lost just yet anyways."

Shelley bites the inside of her lip before answering quietly, "Not sure I'd take you up on that, Graham. Not because I don't trust you to watch my back - quite the opposite. I just- I wouldn't want someone putting themselves, or the job at risk on my account."

Graham watches the other as she seems uncertain. "Shelley, I don't really thing that you'd put me or the mission at risk is what i'm saying." He says to her sighing a little unsure if he should speak at least his initial thought, but he shrugs and does so. "I think it would make me worried if someone else where parred with you if they werent your friend and didnt understand."

Shelley still doesn't look convinced - though at least she doesn't respond with any of her knee-jerk hostile quips. "I worry that I would, though. That I just turn into… a pile of panic. A distraction, a hinderance… a /hostage/, maybe." She pokes at her food with her fork, looking down at her plate as she adds, "From what I've heard, I'm so easily frightened when I've lost myself. How could I be anything /but/ a risk, in that state?"

"I don't know, if I allow myself to think it's possible you'd be affected that way. You are very frightened but not completely lost. I could see it in your face and eyes confusion but you were putting things together." he will say. "IF." Graham emphasis the word "That were to happen i'd trust myself more then others to keep you safe I guess is my point. I don't think your weak though i've seen you in practice and at your best unstoppable." he smiles a bit.

Shelley lets out a snort. "And if I find myself /very/ frightened and rather lost in the middle of a combat situation? You think I have the time to put together the pieces, and find out who is friend and who is foe?" she asks. "When I'm /myself/ - I'm not weak. But when I get lost…"

Graham shrugs taking a bit to eat a few more bites enjoying the food "I could focus charm you." he says easily but he knows under combat it might be more tricky then normal "How bout we cross the bridge there if/when we come to it?" he will suggest. "For all we know with the information we have it's a simple charm for a healer, to focus your brain on a permanent basis." he says.

"That may help," Shelley agrees. And it may also distract Graham at a key point in a battle, when they can neither of them afford it. "That would be nice," she agrees. "Do you think that would bring back the lost memory in full…?"

"It is possible, I mean if it's just a block of some sort that re-routes your memories. If you removed that block why wouldnt they flow as normal." Graham says after some thought on what it could be that is causing this affect but he's not a healer. "I would hope it would come back slowly and not in one rush though." he adds after a moment.

"Yeah," Shelley agrees quietly, admitting she has the same concern. "Just the snippets I have now… They're pretty ugly." She stares at her cup, then finishes the whiskey in it, and holds it out towards Graham for a refill.

Graham reaches over, and refils both of there glasses with more whiskey he's not a big drinker but he sets the bottle down and takes anoter sip feeling warm and loose at the moment which is good given it's cold out and so much going on. "I cant imagine in full but I still have memories from my trip to azkaban sometimes and they are terrible."

"I know now - for certain, at least - that I was there when she died." Shelley shakes her head. "It's good she wasn't alone, but… I would wish that on nobody." There's a brief pause before she adds, "Well. Very few people."

The auror frowns though looking over to her directly. "That's awful, but yes she knew she had her best friend there." Graham says seriously though he takes a small sip from his drink "We'll find out who did that, and they will be brought to justice." he adds.

They've already had a year of freedom they shouldn't have - Shelley fully intends to take the year out in a pound of flesh. "Yeah. We'll find him - all the sooner if I can remember his face." Was there really just one who laid them both low? She purses her lips into a frown - but almost instinctively distracts herself from pursuing that line of thought to closely. Betty's Bogart bounces blue babbling balls. There a little tune to the line, too.

Graham nods to her words "Yes, after this year they may have let their guard down thinking it wont come to light." he says hopefuly with a face and possibly a careless foe it would be easy to set the trap to bring them down. "Azkaban will sort them, I was there as an auror and I hope never to go back. I cant imagine knowing i'd never leave."

"Hopefully so," Shelley agrees. "And I will take personal pleasure in dropping them off there, myself." There's something dark in her tone and expression - but could anyone really blame her for wanting /revenge/, and not just justice?

The young man winces at her words "I know that it sounds good Shelley, but please believe me that place it's awful no happiness escapes even aurors the dementor's swarmed over even the smallest chuckle." Graham remembers and shudders taking another drink from his glass of whiskey.

"I doubt I'll be feeling many warm, fuzzy feelings in that moment, Graham," Shelley notes dryly. She and Graham are currently seated in the man's living room - each eating from their own plates, with glasses of whiskey and take-out containers set in front of them. It's early evening - just about dinner time, really.

*THUMP THUMP THUMP* Someone is knocking on the door.

Graham sighs "No I wouldn't expect you would be." The man says in return to her words about escorting those responsible to Azkaban. "Well as long as it will help bring closure I support it." He looks like he will say more but there is a knock on the door his eyebrow raises. "I'll be right back." he pushes himself up and is still steady on his feet for the most part. He makes his way back towards the door peeking through he'll unlock the door and open it slightly.

Shelley picks up her glass for another drink of whiskey, before she simply continues eating her meal in silence, in Graham's absence. The samosas - filled with potatoes and peas - are just delicious with the chutnies. She opts to snag one more of those.

Katherine tilts her head sideways so she can peers at Graham through the slit he's opened at the door. After looking him up and down a few times she asks,"What this I hear about you ending up in St. Mungo's all bloodied up. Again? What heppened this time?"

The young man sees who it is and smiles "Hey Kat, good evening." he looks down at himself before realizing what she must mean. Graham will shake his head and wince "False alarm sorry, a witch had been shot by a muggle firearm. I took her to the hospital ended up with her blood on me." he explains though he'll open the door a bit further "Would you like to come in? Prewett brought dinner."

Shelley continues to eat - with one ear trained towards the door. Did he say Kat?

Katherine's trademark smirk blossoms on her lips as she hears that Shelley is here, "She is is she? And she brought dinner, did she?" Stepping into the falt she smiles a little wider as she asks, "And this happens often?"

Graham is taken back a moment as she moves in and the words she speaks get a raised eyebrow "She is here but no it was a surprise visit." this probably isn't helping it's no doubt but it's the best he has in response. He will turn back and close the door locking it once more. The auror moves back to the living room. "Shelley Prewett sure you know one another Katherine Sykes." he says a short introduction. "Do you need anything at all?" this to Kat.

"Hey, Sykes," Shelley greets the other auror casually - as if there's nothing at all amiss in her bringing takeout over to Graham's place - unanounced. "There should be enough here for one more - if you like Indian?" she asks. There's two kinds of curry, naan, raita, and samosas. What's not to love? "Plus: I brought whiskey," she adds. She's seated in a chair - with the other plate placed in front of the corner of the couch closest to her chair.

Katherine bounces into the living room and takes a seat on the couch. Her response to Shelley's offer is, "No thank you, just ate. I will take a whiskey thought. Never say no to a free whiskey." Crossing her legs under her she asks Graham, "What was this about a witch getting shot by a Muggle?"

Because this is how things work, as soon as Graham sits down on the couch again, there's a knock on the door. On the other side is a redhead in a blue cloak, hood down against her shoulders. She's bundled up enough against the weather but not so much that she seems to think she'll be outside for long, her hair down against her shoulders.

The young man will go get another glass with ice in it. Graham will pour the drink and offer it over. He is silent a moment looking between the two before the question is posed. "Yes, she walked into the Leaky Cauldron clutching her shoulder. She had a bullet lodged in it still was bleeding on the floor." wincing a moment "I side-alonged her to St Mungo's and they patched her up." he will grab his whiskey and sit down on the couch where he'd been taking a drink. "I ended up with her blood on my clothes." he pops back up at the door and moves back over looking through again he smiles. Unlocking the door and opening it "Hello, Sorcha." he says easily.

"Neither do I," Shelley remarks before adding, "Cohen gets a little dirtied up, and everyone hears about it." She picks up her plate again, though it's almost empty, taking a few more bites.

Katherine takes a sip of the whiskey and then grins evilly, "That's because it happens so often that people are starting to keep track now." When she hears the name of the person at the door she leans over to Shelley and whispers, "Is that /the/ Sorcha?"

"Graham." Sorcha says with a hint of a smile before leaning in and dropping a kiss on his cheek as she steps in, "So, if you aren't the one who's admitted, does that count? Or do you still simply owe me one?" Seeing the other two ladies in the living room she offers a smile, "Oh, hello."

Graham returns the kiss easily and gives her a hug after she steps in and shuts and locks the door again. "Hm, since I have not paid my dues for the dragon incident, maybe i'm accruing late charges or something?" he says as he will walk with her back towards the living room. "There is Indian food and Whiskey, if your hungry or thirsty?" he motions to the table, before looking back to the others "I belive you met Shelley Prewett." he motions before to the others "Katherine Sykes also from the office." he introduces "This is Sorcha O'shea."

"Umm…" Shelley glances over as Sorcha steps into view, and responds with a shrug and a nod. "Yup."
Leaving it at that, she smiles towards Sorcha in welcome, the smile fading into a more relaxed expression after a few moments, as is her habit. "Hello again, Miss O'Shea. Please help yourself. Between the four of us, I'm sure we can find the bottom of the bottle, easily."

Katherine waves her free hand at Sorcha as they're introduce, "Hello. I'm Kat, please. Not Katherine, not Sykes, just Kat." After taking a measured sip of her whiskey she adds, "And how do you come to know the dashing Mr. Cohen?"

"Nice to see you again, Ms. Prewett. Thankfully still without paperwork, I see. That sounds lovely, though I must ask is it Irish whiskey or Scotch whiskey?" Sorcha says with a smile as she unhooks her cloak and turns to hang it up with practiced ease, "It's lovely to finally meet you… Kat." She replies with a smile, "Graham's talked about you before, I always enjoy meeting people from his office." Grinning a bit at the question she glances over to Graham before turning back to Kat, "I used to latch him in his room at school with a scarf."

Graham glances to each in turn though he doesn't really know what sort of whiskey it is so he'll let the others answer he does move to get cup with ice and a plate just in case coming back to hear Sorcha's response "Ah, yes well thre is that." he is grinning though in good humor. Now he will motion if she'd like to sit where he was on the sofa and he can pull up a chair or something. "Luckily we met up after school was over and I realized I didnt actually indeed live inside of a book." he says chuckling while he makes up a plate to offer to Sorcha.

"Scotch. Left the Irish at home tonight, I'm afraid. And the Canadian." Look, she likes whiskey. She stocks it all. Then, glancing over to Katherine she adds, "I call her Sykes. I think it drives her a little mad. Especially when I do it around her cousin, Jo."

Katherine motions at Shelley with her glass, "There are too many Sykes' to be calling us all by our last name. That's why we all have first names so half the room at a gathering doesn't look around and ask, 'Yes?' all in a harmonious little chorus." After rolling her eyes at Shelley she turns her half smile to Sorcha, "The O'Sheas know all about this too, don't they? And Graham? Have you gotten Sorcha back yet for the pranks she pulled on you in school? Because that's what it sound like your relationship was about in school." *wink*

"It's true. If you say 'O'Shea' in the right pub you're likely to get dozen's of replies." Sorcha says with a smile, "And speaking of, don't tell any of them that I had that whiskey." She takes the plate from Graham and the glass with a sip before she perches on the arm of the sofa where he indicated he was sitting, "Mm, no I wasn't actually playing pranks on him, he was an unfortunate casualty. Though honestly we haven't established if he even noticed I'd locked him in or not, really."

The auror listens and moves to sit down now as everything seems settled. Graham listens to the type of whiskey he takes a sip from his refilled glass before placing his arm aroud the other where she sits. He looks to Shelley "I didnt know you knew so much about whiskey." he will answer another question too. "I didnt realize it at the time no, only once we met up after school was out." he looks back to Kat and chuckles but shakes his head "No i'm afraid i'd lose the prank battle before the war even started." he chuckles.

"Well - I'm only seeing one Sykes and one O'Shea here today, so I seem to be in the clear," Shelley responds lightly. "And you know you're just /inviting/ trouble telling me things like that - now you /know/ I'll find a chance to use this information for mischief," she adds towards Sorcha.

Katherine laughs at Shelleys comment, "Well, your secret is safe with me." Mimeing drawing a bow and shooting an arrow at Graham she says, "That's what happens when you're too much of a straight arrow. You loose your creativity for mischief."

"I do like to live on the edge." Sorcha replies as she takes another sip from the drink Graham handed her, leaning in against the arm that he puts around her, "Somehow I have the impression that Ms. Prewett doesn't have the straight arrow problem." She picks up her fork and takes a bite of the Indian food on her plate, "It's true, though, he's quite keen on following the rules."

Graham looks to Shelley a moment shaking his head at her words and speaking of mischief. He takes another sip of his drink and a bite to eat as Kat speaks and shoots him with an arrow. "I'm not sure I ever had much of a knack for mischief to start with. Closest was my setup from the spy novel that one time." he says this mostly to Sorcha grinning as she leans into his arm around her. "I try, but improvising does happen where rules must be bent."

"No. Not so much of a straight arrow. I think Cohen has that market cornered, really," Shelley offers. She takes one last bite of her food - then pushes the plate away, leaning back into her chair with her glass of whiskey cupped in both hands.

Katherine says, "In other words, what we're saying right now is that the only stick in the mud in the room is Graham. Maybe we should try to find a way to help him unbend a bit?

"He has whiskey," Shelley points out.

"I wouldn't say that he's a stick in the mud." Sorcha says, defending him, "Just that he isn't generally a troublemaker either." She leans over and kisses his cheek again, "He does have a tendency to be a knight in shining armour. Which most likely works out in our favor more often than not."

The young auror rolls his eyes though when he speaks it's still in a light tone. "Yeah well, if your waiting for me to turn into thar airplane fancying git. It will not happen." Graham says at least Shelley and Kat will know who he speaks of this time. He will sip from his glass again "I do have whiskey indeed." He looks back to Sorcha as she speaks grinning he squeezes her leaning up to return the kiss.

Shelley lets out a snort at Graham's comment about Guy. "That's about as likely as a day with no sun," she agrees. "Though - truth be told - I guess Cohen's alright as he is." It's certainly worked out in /her/ favor. Not that she's about to say /that/. "Though I still think the whiskey'd make a fun improvement, from time to time."

Katherine laughs, "He does have whiskey indeed. And we I don't think anyone wants you to turn into an airplane fancying git. The knight in shinning armor frankly has more allure than the git." Then she tosses him a mock glare and adds, "But you better not be coming to my rescue unless I really need it."

"I think he's quite adorable when he's drunk." Sorcha admits with a smile after she's kissed before she turns back to her plate again, "Why are you turning into an airplane fancying git, now?" She takes another sip before she grins a bit at Kat's response, "Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't dare."

Graham smirks over to Shelley and Kat "At least we agree on that one." He does look back to Kat and shake his head "Of course not, I remember our duels in school." The auror says simply he seems glad that at least some people don't prefer said git's ways. The young man grins is that a small amount of color to his cheeks at Sorcha's words but he takes another drink. "I am not, there was a pilot in the Leaky Cauldron the other day trying to um, "take home" a quite intoxicated Miss Lee from my office. I sort of bodily stood in the way. He is the git."

"Oh, you were both being idiots that day, Cohen," Shelley responds with a laugh. "They were both ready to come to blows on the matter. Stubborn gits - you /and/ Grosvenor. And both of you so certain you knew what was right." She shakes her head in amusement.

"Both of them at once? What did Miss Lee have to say about it?" Sorcha asks, finishing her dinner and standing from the arm of the sofa. She offers a hand out to take Graham's finished plate and glances around for anything else to take to the kitchen, "I'll start on this washing up then, but I'll be able to tell if you have any of my whisky." She gives Graham a look before smiling to the other ladies ,

Katherine hands her empty glass to Sorcha, since she's gathering things up to take to the kitchen. "Well, thank you for the whiskey but I have to get going ow. I was just checking to see if Graham was hurt but I have a few other things to take care of tonight before going home. Nice to meet you, Sorcha. Have a good night everyone." Getting to her feet she starts making her way to the door.

"Perhaps so, but I was in the right." Graham says which might prove her point but he cant really be tossed from this point. He will look to Sorcha "You dont have to do that. I can wash up, I owe you work remember?" he will sigh "Miss Lee was a bit too far gone to have a proper oppinion. I ended up apparating her out after she'd passed out." he looks to Kat "Thank you for coming to check Kat, sorry if I worried you though." He stands to help or show those leaving out and such.

"I think you were - but I think you handled it badly," Shelley responds. /Quite/ badly. "Still. It thankfully ended well, for all involved, and I was able to 'borrow' a wonderful hat for a bit." A hat that Shelley strutted around the office wearing. /Rena's/ hat. She had been kind, though, and hadn't told anyone how she'd gotten it.
"I'll see you around the office, Sykes!" Shelley calls after Kat. Or possibly at her place, when she drops in on Jocunda. Who knows. She stays seated right where she is - still sipping whiskey.

Graham watches it's back to how it started with just the two of them. He will smile to the other auror sitting in her chair. "You are probably right about handling it badly. He was willing to press the issue and I was angry with the situation, scared for Rena too. I'm glad it didnt come to blows or wand versus firearm or whatever would have been." He has voiced his concerned before he will fill up his glass again and offers her a refil if she wishes it.

There's little chance of Shelley turning down a refill tonight. She's already stated her intention - to find the bottom of the bottle. She holds her glass out towards Graham while commenting, "Don't draw your wand. He's much older than you, he has a bum leg - there's not need to escalate it like that when you can just sock him one, or kick him in the knee, and call it a day."
Yes. Kick him in the bad leg. … what?

He will refill it and take another drink after his second or more glass he is tipsy now it wold seem but still well in control. "I never planned to." Graham says to her with a deep breath "Rena would never forgive me, and well I don't really enjoy hurting people if it can be helped. I might punch in though he if gave me reason." he says though he wouldnt likely kick him in the bum leg unless required to.

Shelley would. And she /likes/ the guy. …that's probably the difference between Shelly and Graham right there.
"Well. Probably never have cause to do it. You talked with Odori yet?" she asks - rather enjoying this talk that /isn't about her/.

Graham shakes his head "I doubt he'll give me enough reason too, he was taking shots at me the other evening but I let them bounce off. It would be him messing with others I care for which would do it." he says honestly knowing this to be true. "I sent him an owl asking to meet, but i'm not sure was all we will discuss beyond me congratulating him. Breaching anymore um personal topics with him might do more harm then good but also might be necessary.

"Yeah," Shelley agrees. "Seems a rather… delicate situation." She purses her lips into a frown. "I don't quite get what Lee sees in the man. Seems not too different from falling for that /Zack Fudge/ character." Which is an altogether ludicrous idea, in her mind. Rena could do better.

"It is, either I could do them both a great good on that front the final piece of their relationship." Graham says smirking and yes he's had a bit to drink and has another sip now otherwise would he be talking about this? Hmm hard to tell. "Zack is a strange character this is for certain." he will agree with her. "I am definitely no professional at these things but it's hard to say when and where your heart will strike." he gives a shrug

"I have some fair notions of when and where it won't, though," is all Shelley has to offer in response, in her usual dry voice.

Graham chuckles a bit at her words "I suppose knowing what you like is important to being able to narrow down the field as people say." he will sit back on the sofa lookin around a moment before directly back to his friend in the chair next to the sofa at least. "Who knew that taking a witch to the hospital would cause people to worry about me." he seems to say outta nowhere.

"In this case - knowing what I /don't/ like," Shelley clarifies.
She smirks and then says, "Who knew? If Sykes asked why I was here - that's what I was going to tell her," she says with a laugh. After all - tell her the truth? For that matter, she hasn't even admitted the truth to /Graham/, though she imagines he knows it.

"Yes, indeed or what you don't like." Graham will agree with her words he returning the smirk himself. He will take another small drink though setting it down on the table for a quick moment. "Like we cant just be friends eating dinner." he shifts a bit on the sofa "She did get the wrong idea when I opened the door, she asked if you came over with food and drinks *often* he rolls his eyes at the asssumed question he was asked.

Shelley lets out a quiet snort, "Is once /often/?" she asks, shrugging her shoulders. "I can I help if my eyes are bigger than my stomach? Silly of me - ordering so much food." No. She's really not trying to hide it - not with that amused smile on her features.
There's just something face-saving about not coming out and /saying/ it.

Graham acts as if he's pondering the question a bit "No, I just don't think once fits into the often category." He says giving a small laugh at this thought, he listens to her next words of course while he's doing. "Well naturally, and the food wasn't exactly inexpensive either." he does see the smile and has guessed the reason for her visit but really doesn't mind in the slighest her visiting. "The whiskey's not bad either." he gives a wink over.

"You think I would bring /lousy/ whiskey?" Shelley asks. "My, Graham. It's remarkable how little you know me." And now that the company is gone - yes. It's back to first names again.

He gives a look which is clearly faux shame "What was I thinking for sure must have lost it there for a moment." Graham chuckles though he does grin as it's back to more informal speak between them. "Would you like anything else I still have some food I have more cake in the kitchen?" he will ask.

"Cake. Cake is good. I am convinced that there is not enough cake in the world - and this should be remidied. We need to talk the Headmaster at Hogwarts into adding a mandator cake making class."
Yes. Possibly Shelley is tipsy by now.
"Is it chocolate?" she asks hopefully.

Graham nods to her words "I must agree with you cake is quite powerful magic. It's like a cheering charm, with frosting." he will take another drink from the whiskey before he gets up steadying himself easily enough. "Yes it is chocolate." he will move to the kitchen getting two pieces of cake on plates and is only gone for a little while before he's back to hand her the cake and something to eat with. He will take his seat soon after.

Shelley can't help but snicker. Cheering charm with frosting.
She's been drinking faster than Graham, and it shows.
"Thanks," she says to Graham as he brings the cake, accepting the plate and happily tucking in. "This is good. You always keep cake around? I should always keep cake around. Why don't I always keep cake around?"

"Your quite welcome." he will go back and sit on the sofa area taking a few bites of cake as well. "I try to keep some on hand yes, probably personally keep sweet temptations in business." Graham jokes further with a snicker. "I'm not sure, you certainly could keep cake at your house easily." he says about why she doesnt have cake at her place.

"I should rectify it," Shelley says firmly, grinning at Graham before eating more cake.
It's probably a very good thing she's not one of those morose drunks. You'd almost expect her to be, wouldn't you?

Graham takes a few more bites of his cake and grins nodding "You certainly should I will remind you, or start a cake of the week delivery to your place or something like that." he laughs now at this thought though it's cake so it is a good thing to have more cake.

"Cake of the week," Shelley repeats with amusement. "I could go for that. A new flavor every week. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel, walnut…" There's so many choices! "Saffron. That would be posh, don't you think? A saffron cake."

He watches as she begins naming off cake flavor's a few he knows though the others it's possible he hasnt seen or heard of before but still sounds like goodness. Graham listens to the last option and raises an eyebrow "That one sounds posh, gold leaf flaked and red sparks of course included with it."

"Naturally," Shelley agrees. "It couldn't possibly come any other way." She smiles at Graham again - the smiles coming easily and lingering for the moment.

Graham firmly agrees "Well of course it couldn't." He is glad to see her smile though he knows she's been drinking her whiskey and he's been drinking his and a fair bit of it on both accounts. He will take in a deep breath before he speaks further "Uh, Shelley? There's no rush of course, but since there's still whiskey left and such would you want to stay here I mean you can have the couch or I could sleep on the couch and you can have upstairs?" he will ask and it's only for her safety sake he does so. He quickly adds "I will gladly walk you home of course."

Shelley frowns in thought. She hadn't really thought of that… "I think my mother would have a conniption - me staying at a man's house. Though - well. At least you're an auror." Somehow, that always helps. "I could floo?" she suggests. Quickest, and easiest.

The young man nods to her words "Well I don't want anyone upset with me the offer stands, just wanted to say so as a friend." he says his friendly smile returning as he looks to the fireplace "Hm floo would work of course quick and and reasonably safe." Graham nods in appreciation for this counter idea which kind of meets both requirements it's not like he's kicking her out right this moment. "Have you tried the orange fizzy drink at sweet temptations?"

"I know. As a friend," Shelley agrees. She would never expect anything else of him. She takes another bite of cake, looking thoughtful at his question, before shaking her head. "I don't think I have. What about it?"

Graham figures that she understand's his intentions and given the unspoken reason for her coming here this evening without being direct. The auror smiles to the question about the drink "It's my favorite thing to have in the store. I always bring cake home with me, but I suggest trying it sometime." he answers.

"I'll get it a try," Shelley promises. She waves her hand (with fork held in her fingers). "Does it have any… effects?" she asks.

Graham will ponder the question a moment "Not by itself, but I think they offer little potions you can add like calming affects, or excitement, happiness and the like." he says trying to remember the other things which can be added. "Mostly it's just really tasty though."

Shelley nods. "Well. I'll try it and see if it suits me," she agrees. "Probably won't be as good as whiskey, though." After all, what's as good as whiskey? She puts down her cake long enough to pick up her glass for another drink.

"Well it's no whiskey no. Hm I wonder if one can make a desert with whiskey in it?" Graham takes another drink from his glass before setting it back down once more. He does seem to be pondering this topic a moment in his head. "Do you need a refill?" he will ask though they may be getting to the bottom at this point

"You caaaaaan," Shelley practically coos. "It's amazing in bread pudding! You've never had a bread pudding with whiskey? My mother made some for me - while I was at home. Maybe I should stop in and see her again?"
For bread pudding. Nice, Shelley. Nice.

The glass is offered for a refill.

Graham shakes his head pondering "I have not, rum cake before which is good." he says "I'll have to try bread pudding with whiskey." he will refill her glass before taking another sip from his own a moment "I bet your parents are very good people." he says stating not asking. "My parents are odd, I took Rhyeline with me home on christmas as my sister, they were surprised indeed." he chuckles he might have said this before but brains a bit fuzzy.

"They are," Shelley says firmly. "They really are. I mean - I did the same thing," she informs him. "Well, sorta. Alis, she didn't have the best family. I mean, she really… really didn't. So she ended up coming home with me… a lot. She was just… she was part of the family." Tears start to creep down her cheeks - unabashed, perhaps even unnoticed. "I miss her. They do, too. She was family."

"See I knew she had a best friend. Very good of you." Graham will look over to her seeing the tears on her face he wants to remove them but even in tipsy land that wouldn't go well. "She knew it Shelley, she is somewhere smiling knowing she was your family and well loved." the words spill out all in one go. He does stands now though taking at least a tenative step to the other not sure really what he can do though.

Shelley pulls one leg up onto the chair with her, wrapping her arms around it, her drink still held in one hand. She looks up at Graham, blinking back tears. "I know," she answers quietly. "I mean… I hope you're right about that last bit."

Graham looks over to the other though he'll grab a table cloth and reach out as if he'll wipe the tears though if she doesn't wish him to he'll of course just hand it to her. "I have no doubts on those words Shelley I think of Rhy as family myself and I know how she views it." he says "The time spent, would have been some of her best times so know that you improved things for her and that sticks with someone."

Shelley tilts her head away when Graham comes forward with the napkin aimed for her cheek. She will reach out and take it, though, clutching it in her hand and looking down at it. "I know," she repeats.

It's likely he didnt expect her to allow him to do that, but he frowns all the same as she tilts her head away wishing he could do more is all. "What can I do to help?" he will ask perhaps just voicing his inner thoughts because he's been drinking. Graham ponders a moment more though cant come up with something to say.

"You are helping," Shelley answers softly. She takes another drink from her glass, and then sets it aside, before reaching one hand out towards Graham - simply offering it, silently. She glances towards him as she does, and then away again.

Graham gives a small nod to her words though he feels like he should be doing more. He watches her as she takes another drink and sets the cup down the offered hand and glance before looking away is noticed but he's not abashed if he can do something to help. He will take the last step forward needed and reach out to take her hand in his.

Once his hand is in hers, she pulls him closer, releasing his hand when he was close enough to lean in against, and rest her head on his shoulder.
They will never speak of this. /Ever/.

The young man is surprised as he's tugged over but he goes willingly of course wanting to be of some sort of help. Graham pulls over the other near by chair and sits as she leans her head on his shoulder he will smile and of course it doesn't leave the room he'd not betray her. He is hesitant not wishing to cause her to move away but he will move his arm to be around her though hand only on her shoulder if allowed. "It will get better Shelley, i'll be here to help whenever you may need it."

Shelley doesn't flinch away from the hand around her shoulder. It's a foul lie that she can't be hugged. She simply can't be hugged unless she initiated it /first/.
She nods silently to his words - but she doesn't talk. She just sits in silence, arms wrapped around her leg, and her head resting on Graham's shoulder.

Graham relaxes some when she doesn't flinch away from him just relaxing him arm around her hand on her shoulder squeezing lightly in a comforting sort of way. He will remain there gladly figuring this may actually be doing some good she's not all alone afterall. He's not sure what else to say for the moment sometimes unspoken can be best afterall.

The silence drags on for several minutes. Graham may even begin to suspect she's fallen asleep, when she leans gently away from him, and then pushes herself to her feet. She walks unsteadily towards the window and stands in front of it, hand on the sill, looking out into London while she finally puts that napkin to use to dry her tears and eyes.

It seems will not interrupt her, it's hard to say if he thought she was sleeping or just didnt want to disturb her more. Graham will of course remove his arm when she moves to stand he will watch a moment before standing himself. He will remain silent while she drys her eyes not entirely sure she should be alone but he'll only speak when she's finished "Are you sure you shouldnt stay? You can take my wand and lock me in my kitchen if it'd help?" it's not a good joke and only gets a half smile from this tipsy auror

Shelley turns towards him now, leaning back against the wall, and offering a small, tight smile. She looks more herself, more in control. The impression is no doubt helped by the distance between them - the literal distance she felt compelled to take, when she pulled away. "I should go home," she answers. "But I do appreciate it, Graham. Truly."

Graham sees the smile it's rather back to it's normal and it gives him his answer, but he had to ask it's in his nature as she's probably noticed. "Of course, not rush the floo is ready whenever you happen to be." he makes it clear he's not trying to toss her out or anything. "I know, i'm glad i'm able to try and help is all. I understand." the last meaning why she cant stay why she has to be strong and many things all at once.

Shelley nods understandingly, but stays where she is for the moment. /Distance/ is strangely comforting to her, in its own ways. Especially when she's recovering from one of her rare moments of vulnerability. In the end, though, she makes her way back over, to drop into her seat again. "This is one of those nights I'm gonna regret in the morning," she comments glibly - but she picks up her glass of whiskey anyways, to finish off its contents.

Will move to sit down as well and take another drink also if he's going to drink might as well do it properly. "I dont even drink often, I dont stand a chance." Graham says in return a grin coming to his face though he of course has to offer as well. "I could make you a headache potion, and another sleeping potion before you leave. Only if you'd want of course." he gives a small shrug to this as if it's no big deal.

"I think we've probably both had enough that making potions is a bad idea," Shelley remarks. Friends don't let friends make potions drunk.
And they don't imbibe the potions their friends made while drunk, either.
"But it's a nice thought."

Graham hadnt thought of this problem as he cant quite remember the order of some of the ingredients. He laughs a moment at his memory "Well if I remember the order of the ingredients when I wake up perhaps I can send an owl with a headache cure." he says bringing a hand to his face.

"I wouldn't protest," Shelley agrees, before letting out a quiet laugh. "Geeze, you really /don't/ get drunk much if you would even think of brewing a potion… You'd blow up your cauldron, Graham."

The auror raises a hand as if to count on his fingers he counts quite a few but smirks "Three times including tonight." Graham says giving a wink showing he did know he was over counting still try to be funny or at least keep things light. "That would be exciting, cant be a stick in the mud if I make things explode right?"

"That's true. Be hard to call you that, in that case," Shelley agrees, smiling at her friend. "But I'm sure there's some as'd still try."

Graham chuckles a little bit as he imagines people still calling him a stick in the mud. "You call THAT an explosion? Your house is still standing! Graham your SO boring." he says in mock impression of the nay sayers to his being any fun at all. "You know what's funny Shelley." he says after a moment "I actually love that people underestimate me. Gives me a bit of an edge." he grins.

Shelley nods in agreement. "Yeah. It really can. Like… Lee. You look at her, she's a slight little thing, right? Prim, proper… You don't expect her to be so…" she shrugs her shoulders, "Lee. OR!" And here she gestures widely with one hand, "When Diderot tossed me out on my ass! HA!" Yes, she says it. HA!

"Certainly Rena's a fireball to be certain, you should have seen her when she woke up here." he winces but it's theatricaly as he is unambashed about his actions from that day and the following one for that matter. Graham snorts himself about Rhyeline "My dueling lessons must be a bad influence on her. I am sorry that happend all the same though."

Shelley snorts at the thought of Rena waking up that morning. It must have been entertaining, alright. "Oh, no need to apologize. She was in the right to toss me out - I was bothering her guest and all. Hell - I went there for the express /purpose/ of bothering him." All for a good cause, of course. "Whatever you're doing - keep it up."

Graham shrugs to the others words "It was important information to get, and as you said for a good cause you meant him no harm." The auror says easily enough though he chuckles "I intend to, she has really come a long way since I first met her. I used to call her my little mouse, you know?" he says pausing "I noticed she no longer is I upgraded her to a curious mischievous kitten." he finishes his sentence a moment later.

"A little mouse. I could see that. That was certainly my first impression of her when I invited myself to sit at her table. She didn't seem to take that too well," Shelley remarks with amusement.

"I never really asked her know that you mention it, if he minded me calling her that. Maybe it's okay because she's my sister?" Graham says pondering this a moment or two he looks with a smirk "Dont worry I wont give you a nickname unless you ask for one." he teases the other with this.

"Does anyone have a nickname for me at the office?" Shelley asks curiously, seeming to seriously ponder this. Whatever it was - it probably wasn't terribly complimentary.

Graham tries to clear his mind if he's ever heard one at the office. "I've not heard one if there is something circulating. I will let you know if I do hear it though." it's maybe the look on her face as she ponders which gets a grin "No worries, i'll hold there hands behind there backs." he winks.

"When I get into a scuffle, it's at least a fair one!" Shelley protests. "And away from the office. Can you imagine the look on the Chief's face, otherwise?"

"Hey, i'm not saying you cant handle it, just that I would." Graham snickers as he does see the chiefs face more like a cartoon with his head inflating red like a baloon. "Hm yes maybe not at the office afterall." he says coming to this conclusion which was really not in doubt to start with.

"And somewhere /not/ public. Two aurors scuffling in public is not much better than two aurors scuffling in the office," Shelley suggests helpfully.

Graham chuckles "This is getting complicated, not at the office and not in public. So darkened alley it is." he will say about the plotting of this sneak attack on the unkown fow who'd say something mean to her. "I've not even asked if people know me at the office at all for that matter." he grins. "Who's the new guy?" he says.

Shelley lets out a quiet huff of amusement. "People know you. Of course they know you, don't be ridiculous. And it's all comments like Sykes said. Straight arrow. White knight. Uptight." There's some mischief in her expression at this last word.

The auror snickers he looks to her "The first two I can accept the third well i'll have to go wild I suppose and change my image." Graham rolls his eyes as it is not likely to happen in realty or anything well outside the protection of his own home.

"Nah. So far I think I'm gonna keep using 'uptight,'" Shelley counters, dis-spelling any doubts there may have been about just /who/ was using that word to describe him.

Graham grins at the other but squints his eyes and sticks his tongue out at her. He does this which may not help his case but oh well it's the best he's got for the moment. "Your allowed to call me uptight until you see otherwise fit to upgrade my title to something else." he will say simply though he takes the teasing very lightly.

"You realize and 'upgrade' in these circumstances usually isn't," Shelley remarks. "When I change someone's nickname - it's usually for the worse."

"This is a risk i'm willing to take." Graham says like he's accepting a dangerous mission or something. The auror will chuckle though trying to think if he's forgotten anything in the frame of trying to help the other. "Out of nowhere but when it gets warmer would you want to go to the London Zoo? It's a lot of fun."

"The Zoo?" Shelley muses quietly. "I suppose I wouldn't mind going. I mean - it's not as exciting as a broom race, but…" She shrugs her shoulders. It would do for an afternoon's distraction. "You've been before, I take it? It really isn't that bad," she agrees.

Graham looks to her for a response. "Yes i've gone a few times and always been fun, most of the time I will bring a picnic to have at one of the parks on the way." he says with a shrug "It's just a good outing and good way to get away from work and such for a little bit."

Shelley nods. "Alis and I would go to things like that, sometimes. She would drag me off to Muggle parks, or zoos, or museums. She was raised by her mother, you know. A Muggle." She shrugs her shoulders before adding, "Well. 'Raised' is a bit generous, really. I think that's why I gave the Muggle-born lad my mokeskin pouch and a few galleons. Scrappy little thing."

"My parents are a witch and wizard but my grandmother was muggleborn." Graham explains a bit of his heritage to the other, he continues "My parents though taught me both wizard and muggle things and taught me not to whip my wand out for just any little thing. I still try not to unless I have to."

"I grew up knowing nothing but magic," Shelley confides. "I mean…" She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm a Prewett." As pure as they come. But they still took in Alis.

Graham listens looking over to the other directly "Yes you are, but you like indian food and know your way around London seem to be doing very well for yourself far as i'm concerned." he will say this shifting a bit where he is.

"That's all Alis," Shelley answers. "Every drop. Showed me the underground, dragged me to museums - everytime my parents gave us some Galleons to spend, she was dragging me off to Gringotts to exchange it. Almost without fail."

The young man smiles over to the other though at her words "That's the sign of a good friendship Shelley, if you change one another for the better." he will say sincerely to her. Graham will be glad that she has these happy memories to draw from it's important afterall.

"I suppose so," Shelley agrees, before pushing herself unsteadily to her feet. "If I don't get home, I'm gonna fall asleep right here in your chair," she remarks.

Graham smiles and nods pushing himself up to standing as well. "As i've said I wouldnt mind though wouldnt make you sleep on a chair." he will make his way drunk leading the drunk will offer an arm or hand or something to steady in case she needs it. "Thank you for visiting, really feel free to come by anytime at all." he will say though in the mean time.

Shelley does take the offered hand for a moment - though not for the physical support. "I may just," she agrees. She little relishes the thought of being completely alone for long, right now.
Letting go of the other auror's hand, she takes a handful of floo powder, and steps into the fireplace. "Goodnight, Graham. Thanks for having me."

The auror grins as she takes the offered hand but she seems steady, he'll still hold it as they walk over the quite short walk to the fireplace letting go when she moves to grab the floo powder "Good please do." Graham will say about her visiting again whenever she likes. "Goodnight Shelley, and anytime really." he says friendly.

And with a flash of green fire, Shelley is safely back at home! And soon collapsed in her bed, with an anxious ginger cat curled up against her.

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