(1939-01-18) A Matter Of Persuasion
Details for A Matter Of Persuasion
Summary: Several students, as well as Xavier Sykes, visit the quill shop. (Potentially partial log).
Date: 1939-01-17
Location: Scrivenshafts

… … …

Anthony is just getting some tiny crow feather quills wrapped, and tucked away into his robes. He turns, as he hears the door open, and gives the Hufflepuffette a faint smile. A year above her, he's aware of the girls existence, and perhaps her name, but nothing much more. "Selwyn." Andromena and Elizabeth get an actual smile, "Andy. Lizzy!" Well, the two Ravenettes _are_ in his House, to say nothing of one of them sharing his surname.

Andromena is okay with Anthony's preternatural knowledge of her arrival! She smiles back as she walks through the door with Elizabeth in tow.

Lost in thought where she stands near the art supplies, Ilsa blinks as she hears her name. Snatching her hand back away from the brushes, she spins around to face Anthony. "Oh! Didn't see you there, Rowle," she greets in answer, her voice soft. "Good day to you." Attention shifting toward the newcomers, she offers a small smile to the entering pair of Ravenclaws.

Elizabeth is… oddly clingy to Andromena today. Or rather, she shyly peeks out from behind the other Ravenclaw as if she were a child peeking out from behind the legs of her mother. Perhaps it has something to do with her intended goal in Hogsmeade this weekend.

There seems a bit more restraint towards Elizabeth from Tony than to Andromena, but he's doing his best to cover it with bonhomie, that doesn't entirely reach his eyes. "How are you both doing? Out on your shopping trip?"

Andromena and Elizabeth are on a mission. It's obvious by the determined look upon the older student's fair features, though…given the nature of their as yet clandestine journey, Elizabeth might surely wonder why Andromena had brought her here of all places. The answer was deceptively simple: she had seen her cousin Anthony through the window of the shop, and wanted to say hello.

"Coz," she greets warmly. Then, to Ilsa, a returned smile as she waves Anthony over. "It's been a good day thus far…though I confess I had a late start." In fact, she would have continued sleeping if it weren't for prior obligations!

"A gathering of Ravenclaws. I shall be woefully outnumbered if any more should arrive," Ilsa muses aloud, her tone teasing. She watches the two girls for a moment, curiosity encouraging bold staring before she recovers her manners and glances away. Attention returns to the art supplies in front of her as she admires the various colors and types of brushes for sale.

She feels as if she's being rude, but at the moment Elizabeth can't really help it. She bites at her bottom lip and lifts a small hand to wave towards Anthony and Ilsa. "We haven't quite started yet…" she admits quietly. But she's been looking forward to it all week so it's okay.

Well, he's not a Ravenclaw, but a Gryffindor, but Cedric has a very specific mission to accomplish here. He enters the shop, alongside the house elf, and heads over to the counter. "An order for Avery, please. It was registered as of a week ago."

Anthony shuffles out of the way of the influx a bit, and notes, "Well, just getting a few things done myself. Andy, I wondered… we ought to have a little meeting. You, me, Lizzy, Eibhlin… and maybe Rashley, unless she just gives me that book back."

"We have a tendency to congregate," Andromena remarks in a playful tone to Ilsa. Shuffling out of the way as Cedric Avery bowls in with his House Elf, Andromena presses her lips firmly together. To Anthony, Andromena gives a nod. "I should…be free." Reaching out to take hold of the sleeve of his robe, Andromena tugs Anthony closer so that she can whisper something to him.

Lucretia slips into the quill supply shop, the dark-haired young witch muffled up with a scarf that's wrapped thrice about her neck and lower face. Concession is made to the warmth of the shop in that she starts to unwind it before pulling gloves from her hands and balling them together so they can be thrust into voluminous robe pockets. Spotting Meanie, she gives a somewhat tight smile, though does give a proper greeting to both her and Anthony. "Andromena. Anthony. What a place to bump into you both. A quill shop."

Ilsa casts Andromena an amused grin, unruly curls falling into her face as she nods. "It's a good pastime, isn't it? Congregating." She has plucked a brush from its place on a shelf, idly brushing her fingers against it to gauge its softness. As she peruses the supplies, she lets her gaze once more roam back toward the door, noting each of the others who enter. "So… tall," she remarks offhandedly as she glances to Cedric. A rather silly, obvious comment, but she offers it nonetheless.

Elizabeth quickly glances between Andromena and Anthony, dipping her chin with a small, quick nod. "I'll like to look at it too." As one cousin leans in to whisper to the other, she turns her head just slightly to watch them, wordlessly. This lasts but just for a moment before Lucretia enters, she catches a glimpse of the girl over Andromena's shoulder. Even spying Cedric as Ilsa comments on his height.

Another customer enters the shop that is well past his student years. And by the villages population school must have been released for the weekend. Once inside he brushes off the sleeves of his waist coat, small adjustments were made here and there upon the scarf wrapped around his neck and tucked into his coat for warmth. Today he's an errand boy, picking up a few supplies for the house to replenish some of the items lost. He does catch sight of his kin, faces he hasn't laid eyes upon in months, or was it years? "Andromena? Ilsa?" Relations from his mother's half.

Maybe because Ilsa is looking at him. Well, Ilsa and Elizabeth, now, Cedric glances at the former and greets her by way of a brief smile. Then the clerk slides over a packaged gift and he takes it after tossing some coins on the counter. "Good afternoon," he offers, in the Selwyn's direction.

Andromena smiles, with far less tension it in, to Lucretia when she hears the Slytherin third year call out greetings to both herself and Anthony. But just after that there is another calling her name - Xavier Sykes. The man got a smile, because, let's face it: what woman, young or old, isn't going to smile at him?

"Hey there," to both Xavier as well as Lucretia. "How are the pair of you?" Because why not kill two birds with one stone?

Replacing the brush back in its spot, Ilsa turns fully away from the art supplies, having resolved not to spend her money. Her attention returns to the Gryffindor, a sheepish smile offered in return as he catches her staring. She clears her throat, nodding politely toward him. "Good afternoon," she greets. But then she hears her name and turns, recognition dawning. "Xavier. It's been ages, hasn't it? How are you?"

Anthony gives Lucretia a nod, "Black. What are the chances of finding Ravenclaws in a writing shop?" Xavier gets a smaller nod, and slightly puzzled look.

Lucretia blows upon frozen fingers and stamps her feet on the ground to work some feeling back into frozen toes. "I'm pretty good. Just thought I'd step in to stock up on a few quills that I need," she says to Andromena, a small smile given both Xavier and Anthony. And since Ilsa is also within the hallowed circle that extends around her fellow purebloods, she too gets a nod of her head. "Goodness but the shop is busy today. I was going to buy some raven feather quills and a new journal."

Fellow purebloods, with the exception of Elizabeth that is. And don't think she hasn't noticed that she's just surrounded by purebloods at the moment, or that Lucretia has failed yet again to greet her. Ever since the flower incident in the hospital Liz is rather certain that the Slytherin girl refused to acknowledge her existence for fear that she might get mud on her soul or something similar to the fact. At that thought Elizabeth tries to hide the smile, keeping silent, glancing to Andromena every once in a while.

Xavier returns the polite nods when offered his way and the corner of his mouth is slightly upturned. A warm enough demeanor. "Well given some unfortunate events." He answers both and at least appearing to be taking it in stride, "It has been some time. Last I remember neither of you were chest height yet." Xavier chuckles briefly, "Much has changed apparently."

"So it would appear," Andromena says in remark to Lucretia's comment on the growing consumer population within Scrivenshafts. "I actually only came in to pester my cousin," this said as she prods the young man with a slender index finger. When Xavier answers her question, Andromena has the good grace to neither look too sympathetic over the attack on his home or wilfully ignorant of it. Ria had returned to school with much the same demeanor as her older brother, and she had been injured to boot!

"As I recall, you told me to eat cucumbers to grow," Andromena blithely remarks to Xavier. The truth was, Xavier had actually told Andromena that if she ate cucumbers they would make her breasts grow, but they were in polite…or at least public, company. "Sadly, I am…still pretty much chest height." Between Anthony, Cedric, and Xavier anyway. "I take that back," said suddenly. "It is not sad. I'd rather be small and petite than some lumbering behemoth of a girl." Someone wasn't vain. At all.

"Hello, Rowle," Cedric greets Andromena off-hand, a nod offered her way before his attention returns to Ilsa. "Cedric Avery, at your service," and a bow of his head is offered to the Selwyn girl. Andromena's statement afterward causes him to smirk.

Anthony flashes a smile, suddenly, and quite blazingly, and ruffles Andromena's hair. It's unexpected, "My little cousin!" He says, with sudden cheer, "And yes, please, Andy. I think I might take it back."

Noting Lucretia's nod of greeting, Ilsa dips her head politely in the other girl's direction. She glances toward Elizabeth, offering a small smile to the quiet young woman before returning attention to her cousin. "A lot can happen in just a few years' time," she responds to Xavier agreeably. Her eyes are bright with amusement as she glances toward Andromena. "Nothing wrong with being petite. In fact, there's probably plenty of positive sides to it!" To Cedric, she offers a graceful bow. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm Ilsa. Ilsa Selwyn."

Lucretia decides to leave those that are socialising to do just that. Socialise. She collects what she needs and heads to the counter to pay for her goods. They include several raven feather quills, a bottle of disappearing ink, a journal and two rolls of parchment. "Thank you. Yes. Just these," she tells the server, unloading the armful of booty onto the counter. That she manages to wind up standing next to Elizabeth might be by design or quite possibly by accident, but whatever the case might be, she can't quite help herself from turning to the half-blood witch, an affectation of concern in her voice when she asks of her, "I hope you're well Dweedle. I heard a broken heart landed you in the infirmary recently."

Quietly laughing, he's clearly amused by Andromena's omission. And vanity. "I'm inclined to agree with Ilsa here. I don't see a single flaw in it and I'm surprised you remember that. I think I could have persuaded you to put anything in your mouth." Xavier then cracked a smile. "To grow that is. Anymatter, I was hoping to catch Kaiden and Ria before the weekend is over. Seems I'll be providing a guest lecture at the school before I depart to Greece."

Elizabeth does meet Ilsa's eyes, and exchanges polite smiles in greetings, but she doesn't have the inclination to interrupt conversation thus far. It's at that moment that she blink her powder blue eyes at Lucreatia, arching a brow at a comment that no doubt is intended to be a low blow. The ravenheaded young woman merely smiles subtly. "And I will tell you what I told Rashley. It was over someone that deserved being broken-hearted over. And if need be, I will gladly do it again."

"That … wasn't a very fortunate way to put it, sir," Cedric states to Xavier after a moment, then replies to Ilsa. "Likewise a pleasure to meet you, Ilsa." He inclines his head to the girl, before handing the delivery to his house elf, who disapparates with it, just like that. Thank god for mystical, obedient little creatures.

"O-oh!" Andromena yelps in surprise as Anthony musses her hair, leaning forward, slightly hunched as if trying to escape his reach. Shock, gasp! Her hair! She sets about straightening it as gracefully as possible as she replies to Ilsa, "Indeed." Men did not like girls that were taller than them, for example.

"Hello, Avery," greeted kindly, if perhaps a bit disgruntled as she continued to rake her fingers through her dark locks. Her attention shifts back towards the culprit, Anthony. She isn't mad, not really.

"That's wonderful, Tony. Would you like to come with Elizabeth and I?" Because it would be…just a little rude to pass him his wand right here in front of everybody, would it not? The young woman was about to say something further, but two things happened: Lucretia made a verbal jab at Elizabeth, and Xavier remembered as well as she about the cucumbers. In fact, the man took it a step further. In Andromena's mind he did, at any rate. A blush coloring her cheeks, Andromena suddenly found the ceiling a very interesting place to stare. SHUT UP, CEDRIC AVERY.

"Uhm. I haven't seen either of the twins yet this weekend…What will you be lecturing on?" Where was she looking now? Not at Xavier. It was more like, past his shoulder. Or the floor. Very fashionable shoes.

"Oh, probably not just anything. There are plenty of unpleasant foods after all," Ilsa responds distractedbly to Xavier, completely missing the double meaning of his words in her naivete. "A lecture? On what?" Blue eyes watch as the house elf disappears, no doubt returning home to handle Cedric's newly purchased items. "It's nice to get away, isn't it? For a breath of fresh air and some time to explore Hogsmeade. It's no surprise the shops are so crowded. Might as well take full advantage of our weekends out," she remarks lightly, her words directed toward Cedric.

"Still," Lucretia says to Elizabeth, a slight brittleness to her voice as her purchases get packaged up neatly and placed in a pile on the counter for her. "Its not everyday that a person lands in the infirmary for something so unusual as a broken heart. Is it an actual illness? I've not read anything about it being so, perhaps you should write a paper on it and earn a few housepoints. Ravenclaw certainly need them." She's being a complete snot to Elizabeth, that much is clear, but the rigid set of her shoulders and the absolute convication with which she speaks would place Lucretia firmly in the camp of 'I don't care.'

Anthony clears his throat, presumably knowing Andromena well enough to know when she needs covering fire, "Actually, yes. We should get going, shouldn't we?" He glances to Elizabeth, "Come on, then."

The minds of young hormonal teens had taken his words to another level. Xavier looks to Cedric, confused at first then shakes his head. "Nevermind lad." The conversation continued regardless. "Ancient Runes actually. A particular favorite of mine and extremely useful for everyday life especially when abroad. I had encountered a tomb just a few years ago marked with wards throughout the passage ways."

Whatever reply Elizabeth may have had for Lucretia is interrupted, her pale eyes blinking up at Anthony and Andromena. And before either retort, or the chance to fangirl over ancient runes or ancient tombs, she dips her chin with a quick nod in quiet agreement. "Alright."

"I always look forward to my Hogsmeade weekends," Cedric replies to Ilsa, quite happy to engage on that topic, though he has a grin across his lips from Andromena's seeming embarrassment. That's three times. Good. "I like hitting the bookstores, myself, and some of the variety ones. The things you can find in those are very, very interesting, if you know just what to look for. And, of course, the fine restaurants and pubs." He winks at the Selwyn.

"Oh, Anthony and I will definitely be there," Andromena replies, doing her best to firmly crush under heel all those run away thoughts. A glance towards Elizabeth, whom she motioned towards. "Along with our fellow Ravenclaw here." Uncle Siegfried used to lecture on Ancient Runes on a fairly regular basis before the dementia set in. "It was great to see you again, Xavier." Cousin, uncle, what? She'd stick to just addressing him by name! "But I had better let you get to your personal errands and I to mine."

Anthony metaphorically screeches to a halt, "Tomb? Wasn't in Egypt, was it? I've been teaching myself the language, and it's _fascinating_."

Ilsa absentmindedly winds a stray curl around her finger. "Ooh, Ancient Runes. I will have to remember to attend your lecture then. And I imagine you have all kinds of interesting stories to tell from your various travels," she remarks to her cousin. Glancing back to Cedric, she smiles earnestly. "As do I. It's a wonder I don't return with armloads of purchases each Hogsmeade weekend - books, art supplies, various odds and ends. I'm not sure I'll ever tire of coming here." A hand lifts with a flourish as if gesturing to the village as a whole.

"Indeed it was. Andromena. Have fun out there." Whatever excursion they were hatching Xavier did have some errands to run. He's paused by another student, "Ah studying hieroglyphics? They're remarkable. Either way, be safe out there." Then he turns about, approaching the shop keep to procure his order.

A small flush of color touches her cheeks as Elizabeth is mentioned, and she had to physically keep herself from coming to an abrupt halt as Anthony did, however, Andromena is insistent in leaving and there isn't much time. So the young woman reaches out to grasp Anthony's wrist, holding onto it as she follows Andromena, more or less trying to pull him with her.

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