(1939-01-18) A Whole New Look
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Summary: Andromena and Elizabeth go out on Hogsmeade weekend in order to update Elizabeth's look, and also Anthony has been dragged along by his cousin.
Date: January 18, 1939
Location: Gladrags Wizarding Wear — Hogsmeade
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It is a winter night. The weather is cold and flurrying.

Mens and womens mannequins revolve slowly in the front windows, graceful gestures modeling the latest in formal robes; the kind that will set you back a few galleons. Besides carrying spare Hogwarts uniforms, for those times when you dont want to tell Mum the shredding jinx you set on That Slytherin backfired and decimated your best robes, Gladrags Wizardwear carries the latest in casual wear and formal wear. Various signs throughout the store proclaim, "as seen in the current issue of Witch Weekly," or "worn by Celestine Warbeck at the latest Puddlemere match".
In the back of the store, behind a half wall, near the fitting rooms, is a section of gently used robes, for those having to watch their sickles and knuts. Although comprised mostly of Hogwarts uniforms, there is a smattering of last seasons casual wear, and formal robes from days gone long by.

Immediately exiting Scrivenshaft Quills, Elizabeth releases her grip on Anthony's wrist so that he may follow on his own accord. They make their way to Galdrags' and the whole trip there she can feel butterflies in her stomach, the tension subtly building in her shoulders, and all around nervousness. As if she's never been clothes shopping before. Or perhaps it's the implication behind it. The door gently chimes as it's open, Elizabeth and her small entourage filling into the warmth of the store. Thankfully so. She exhales a small breath and glances to Andromena, since this is now officially her area of expertise. "How should we start?"

Anthony traipses along after the girls, "Well, firstly, you could give me my wand back, Andy… I mean, I very much doubt you want me around whilst you're doing…. this…. do you?"

Andromena, walking with her cousin and Elizabeth, reaches into her winter robes to withdraw Anthony's wand. It's a strange thing. They were so close, and so closely related, and yet there was nothing similar in the way her own wand practically sung to life when she held it when compared to his own. To be honest, she had always expected it to react with the same sort of kinship, and was disappointed when it did not.
"I feel much better with it in your possession," she admits. Andromena wasn't going to linger on the subject, however. The focus today was on Elizabeth.
"Well, Elizabeth, to start, I would suggest you gathering up several items that catch your eye. Try them all on. Anthony and I," yes, you have been roped in to this, Tony. "Will help you decide what look best on your figure. From there, you'll have an idea of what flatters your shape and what does not."

Elizabeth almost seems to pause when she observes Andromena returning Anthony's wand to him, finding it curious perhaps. It takes another moment or so for her to shift gears again, refocusing on Andromena, Asmall brow tugging at her delicate brow from the directions. "Um, alright." she sounds uncertain, but her hands lightly reach up to brush back the hood of her cloak as she turns, releasing a waterfall of raven locks while Elizabeth begins her steady search. The progress is slow, but she's always been fond of skirts and stockings, pausing at a few of the blouses curiously, wondering how exactly they would fit. And she doesn't even hesitate at the undergarments even as she begins searching through them as well.

Anthony sighs, and sinks down into a chair provided for the purpose to whatever poor chap is dragged along. His wand, with its strange Parisian lines is gently stroked, almost caressed, and then slid away into its pocket. "I'm not saying I might not give it back to you, Andy, but… well… thanks for holding it for me."

An unfortunate string of bad events have lead Gerald to this very shop. Slumped against a wall near the fitting rooms, Gerald sends a scowl toward a passing shopper. "Beez, hurry up. I'm sure you look beautiful." He rolls his eyes still, his attention shift back over the room even as a green dress comes tumbling onto his head from over the door, curtain or whatever of the dressing room. It's just before the blindness that he spots the three, "He—" beat, "Damn it Beez!"

Andromena knows that voice…Looking up from where she was sorting through some dresses, Andromena spies Gerald. "Oh hey there, Gerald! Oops…" Said as the dress flops over his face in a most unceremonious manner. "You're welcome," she says to Anthony over her shoulder. "It's not a problem, but I just…I just had a feeling this weekend." But that's all she would say on the matter. "How about this blouse, Elizabeth? The color would bring out your eyes. Oh. I know!" She snaps her fingers. "Those frames. They aren't flattering at all."

Elizabeth barely catches a glimpse of Gerald before the green dress plops onto his head, effectively burying him in a sense. She blinks once before looking to Andromena, her lips parting in reply, though the comment of her glasses catches her off guard. A small hand reaches up lightly touch the side of the wire frames. "I can't do anything about my eyesight, can I? And… how could I change the frames without damaging my glasses?"

Anthony settles back in the seat, giving Gerald a companionable smile, and then says, "Well, perhaps a gold wire frame might be less intrusive? But honestly, are you sure you need a makeover? You look just fine, Lizzy."

Gerald jerks the dress of his head, tossing it back over the door before he sends the dressing room a firm glare. Pleased he's at least left a lasting sense of annoyance with the girl within it, he turns the head for his school mates, his hands slipping back into his coat pockets (true to Gerald nature). "I think her glasses look fine. And I agree with Anthony. There's no reason to be changing anything at all about yourself. You're a right fit catch just as you are." And Andy..oh how she gets a long look. "And no one should be saying otherwise. You're fifteen. You have your whole life ahead of you to grow up and conform to being just like the others..if you should choose to."

Clearly, Andromena knows little about glasses and how they work. "You can't just get the same lenses in different frames? She abandons that vein of thought for now to explain to Anthony, "All girls like new clothes now and again. Besides, spring is right around the corner. Wardrobes need updating!" He would well know his cousin's penchant for keeping up to date in the clothing world. Why is she getting that look!? She looks back at Gerald, confused, before offering Elizabeth another blouse as she pointed to a suitably matching skirt. At least Alphard would understand the importance of it all!
"It is not as if we're talking about transfiguring her into a whole other person…"

The younger Ravenclaw lightly presses her lips together as she glances to Anthony. "No offense implied Anthony, but… girls don't like just being 'fine'. They want to be beautiful. And… isn't it natural I want to be beautiful too? I'm a girl after all." Andromena hands Elizabeth another blouse, and she accepts it, and Gerald earns a small frown from her as well. "I asked her to help me. I'm.. I'm not necessarily wanting to conform, but I'm also not content to be everyone's little sister anymore either." Her last words have some force to them, before she curls her fingers into blouse in her arms and she turns her pale eyes away. "This one…" she murmurs softly, quickly picking out another blouse with a dip in the collar.

Anthony just looks confused. But then he's not precisely the worlds best in understanding women. Except Andromena, of course. She doesn't count. She's _Andy_, his lifelong playmate, she's not really a _girl_. "Well, alright. Well, I'm not sure the Uniform is the best place to start. I mean, I thought you looked stunning in the outfit you wore for your party."

Gerald blinks, his lips parting for a small laugh. "Oh I see then. Gotcha." He even lifts his hands, palms out before he turns on his heels no doubt returning to the dressing room as the door swings open, revealing a rather pretty young red head perhaps two years older (and 2 feet shorter). "Are you ready?" she harps, though her accent bears a startling resemblance to Gerald's. "I have more errands yet, then I have to meet Oliver. Come on then."
Gerald merely nods, following her to checkout as he offers a shrug toward the other three. No sense in protecting the unconcerned after all.

"Yes, but," Andromena continues to try and educate the boys. "She ought to update her every day apparel first as opposed to the once and a while things. Hmm…Elizabeth, you may want to invest in a new pair of shoes," or two. Or more. "I mean, take a look at those red ones," said as she pointed at the bright ruby red heels in question. "And after we finish getting you a few outfits, I think we could check out…" She leans forward, lowering her voice since the boys were being such prudes today. "…Make up." As Gerald gets pulled away by his (she assumes), sister, Andromena offers the Gryffindor a wave. "I'll see you around, Gerald."

Andromena has the ability of wording her own thoughts, though more delicately than herself. It was another way of pointing out that the way she dressed at the party, she wanted that everyday. It's just that Elizabeth would never be able to word it right, not for Anthony to understand. Perhaps that's what has her in frustrated in part. She blinks her pale eyes again at Andromena, glancing down at her shoes as they're mentioned. Black. Matching her black sweater and dark gray skirt. "Color would be good…" she notes softly. "I do like blues." Elizabeth looks up from her shoes, meeting the other girl's eyes, and the whispered words bring a flicker of a smile on her lips. "A little bit." She doesn't want to overdo it after all.

Anthony sinks down a bit lower in his chair, and closes his eyes, letting his head fall back against the upright of the seat. Theoden drowsing in his thr…. no, that hasn't been written yet. An aging King Arthur, then.

Andromena would tell Anthony he's hardly old. Sheesh. "Ready to try some thing on, then?" She asks Elizabeth.

Elizabeth quickly dips her chin with a small nod, taking the clothes that she has in her arms and carrying them back with her into the dressing room. Door closed and latched behind her, it's several minutes before it creaks open, just barely. The flush is light in her cheeks as she steps out. The navy blue shoes that had been picked out match the skirt that fell her calves, flaring lightly as if at any possible moment a gust of wind would blow it upwards. The warm knitted stockings she wore are gone, replaced by sheer hosary kind of stockings and a long sleeved white blouse that dips in the center. And whatever undergarments they had been looking at? It has it's effect on her chest, lifting them together for a subtle display of femininity.

Anthony opens one eye, and coughs, "I… think I might actually go for a walk. This really doesn't feel right for me to be here for!"

"Fine, fine…" Andromena flops her hand at Anthony. "I'll look for you afterwards. Don't go getting into any trouble." Yep. They were definitely family. Her attention turns back towards Elizabeth, lips pursing as she does so. Hands on hips, she circles around the younger girl. "Well, you certainly look older in that," she tells her fellow Ravenclaw. "Are you comfortable in it?"

Elizabeth holds onto her hands in front of her, still shy and a bit nervous with the change, but Andromena's approval earns a small smile. "Yes. Mostly I was concerned with my legs being exposed to winter air, but with the stockings and my cloak I think it should be fine. I've never really shown off my legs before, I suppose." She barely glances up to catch sight of Anthony making his quick disappearance from beneath her dark lashes. "Do you think he'll be okay?"

Jingle jangle. The door opens and closes as Tony beats a hasty retreat. Certainly not little Lizzy anymore.

"Sometimes you will suffer the cold. But that's better than enduring the heat. You can bundle up in a robe, but you can't hide sweating." Andromena frowns at such a thought, as if there couldn't possibly be anything worse. It's only after Anthony departs that Andromena chooses to answer Elizabeth's question.
"I want to say yes," she tells her, sounding quite apprehensive of a sudden. "But I have never seen Tony this way. I worry for him. And I don't know what I can do." It was the feeling of utter helplessness that so unnerved her. "I wonder if I just fret overmuch - do you think we might be making it seem worse than it is by fussing?"

She watches Andromena's worried eyes, quiet as she listens, a small frown of her own appearing. "To be honest… I am too. For both him and Variel…" she answers softly. "They're like, different people now. And the fact that he gave you his wand…" her words fade briefly as her frown deepens in thought. "Gage gave me his wand as well. For safekeeping. He said that I was a better person, whatever that means." She exhales a small breath, leaning back into the door of the changing rooms. "What I plan on doing, for Anthony, is to be there for him if he needs to talk, but don't push if he doesn't. The only think I feel I can do is try to be supportive. Maybe tease him so that he comes out of his shell a little." Her expression softens wtih an absent smile. "A constant reminder that he's around loved ones."

"Yes, you're right," Andromena replied, agreeing with several things with one statement. "Anthony…he wasn't feeling comfortable with his wand. Between you and I, of course. Time will tell how any of them," the victims, "Fair. But I sincerely hope things get better sooner rather than later. Now…" Andromena smiles towards Elizabeth, nodding at the outfit again. "If you're happy with this, I'd say make your purchase. However…I must be getting some lunch or else I may faint from hunger!"

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