(1939-01-18) The Daily Prophet - Book Review, 'The Joys and Pains of Integration'
Details for Book Review, 'The Joys and Pains of Integration'
Summary: A review of the recently released pro-equality book.
Date: January 18, 1939
Location: N/A
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You will be aware, dear reader, that my quill is not often stirred to action by current political questions. Generally I prefer to write on poetry, light verse, drama, novels whether of today or yesterday, and the aesthetic experiments of tomorrow.

In the case of Mr. Sullivan's latest 'examination', however, I found my interest greatly piqued, partly for personal reasons. Mr. Sullivan is a few years my elder but we briefly knew each other socially in quite another setting - the Muggle University of Oxford. Certain - and, if I might be bold, ignorant - voices from the wizarding community call Oxford 'Hogwarts without the magic.' In fact, it possesses a potent magic all of its own - and is not without our kind, either, as Mr. Sullivan and myself can testify.

So I began Mr. Sullivan's disquisition with high hopes. Soon, indeed, my old acquaintance had quite convinced me. He described the problems and perils, the petty secrecies and humiliations of Muggleborn wizards and of Squibs, caught on the wrong side of an arbitrary line.

The answer to the grim society he depicts seems clear, if, perhaps, not quite the one the author himself would expect. As a wizard of mixed ancestry, I feel Mr. Sullivan has made my duty abundantly clear to me. Assuming that my heritage is not held against me, and that the party continues to pursue an independent policy from the violent path laid out by Grindelwald, I intend to join Unity at the earliest possible juncture.

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