(1939-01-19) Polite Dinner Conversations
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Summary: Morgana and Kaiden discuss their rather artful weekend.
Date: 1939-01-19
Location: The Three Broomsticks

Having just wrapped up the sketching session with Medusa, Kaiden finds himself in the Three Broomsticks, sitting alone in a booth in the corner with a tall of mug of beer in front of him. He seems to be deciding over what he might want to eat, as he's conversing with one of the staff and looking quite pensive.

Morgana has been busy this Hosmeade weekend, and a lot of it was spent in reflection. However as always she finds her way back to the Broomsticks, mostly for a nice warm drink. However spotting the pensive Hufflepuff in the corner, she pauses. Granted, it's always a bit awkward talking with someone you just spend time with in a room being naked but Morgana decides to put that aside. "Hello Kaiden, is there room for another?"

Just as he wraps up his order, a wild Ravenclaw appears. He looks up to her and smiles, giving her a nod of affirmation, "Yeah, go ahead. You want something to eat or drink?" He stands up and says, "Here, let me help you with your coat."

"Sure, I'll just have a bit of wine, I think they have some cheese and bread on the menu some where. I'm feeling a bit French today." Even if she has no amount of French in her. Morgana nods as she turns so he can remove her cloak and she'll slip into the booth. "How was your day?"

Kaiden removes the cloak and folds it over his arm, sitting it down in the both next to him when he sits, "It was pretty good, I suppose. Just wrapped up drawing Medusa. Apprently she changed her mind, so that's good. Can never go wrong with a bit of practice. How about you?" He'll wait for the waiter to come by again and place Morgana's order for her.

"Oh? I'm surprised but I am glad that she did it. Did she enjoy the picture?" Morgana questions, as she settles in, smoothing the folds in her skrit before she nods to the waiter. "I've just been out and about, getting some things done. I have a license to fly on Hippogriffs, so I did some of that earlier today."

"Yeah, I was a little reluctant to do it because of the history between us, but she brought Eibhlin along. Kept it from getting too awkward." Kaiden fishes his pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lights one for himself before offering another to Morgana.

Morgana raises her hand in refusal, but does not speak against his decision to smoke. "I'm glad she reconsidered, if you did half a good of a job on her I know she'll enjoy it." She looks like she's going to say more but she stops herself. "Though maybe the better question is, did she like it? I'm glad it wasn't awkward."

"Yeah, I think she did. I believe she's going to be giving it to Douglas for Valentine's Day. I'm glad she ran it by him first, though." Kaiden takes a drag from the cigarette and exhales the smoke carefully to avoid Morgana before asking, "So, hippogriffs, huh?"

"Oh I really doubt that she had to ask him, he would have been happy with it either way. Well maybe a moving photograph would be better but… I shouldn't be talking about that." Thankfully, Morgana's wine has arrived and she gets to hide her blush behind that. "Yes! I go riding out on the Farm on occasion. It's so different than riding a broom, there is less control but more freedom, I don't know if that even makes sense."

"Well, some guys get understandably angry when another guy stares at their girlfriend naked for a few hours. I'm just glad I don't have to get into a fight." Kaiden grins and takes a sip from his beer, nodding at her comments on Hippogriffs, "I totally get what you're saying, though I've never been comfortable with straddling another living creature. Not even horses."

"I suppose they do, granted I'm not in that position now. There isn't anyone around to start punching people in the face because I was naked. At least no one whose allowed to. Maybe my brothers.. but I think they would just be happy I was naked with someone." Morgana winks before she smirks. "There is one over there, her name is Tulip, she's all white, but very gentle. I think I'm her favorite human."

Kaiden chuckles softly at Morgana and says, "Well, that's a relief. I thank Merlin for every day that I'm not physically assaulted." He grins and takes another sip from his beer before setting the mug down, "You'll have to introduce me to her, sometime. I can't even remember the last time I rode a hippogriff. Probably back when I was a child."

"Same here!" Morgana says with a smirk as she smirks. "Granted, it is rare that I have had some girl angry at me over some boy." Her wine glass gets set down before she folds her hands on the table. "Well, Proudmore is the one who takes care of them, and they have some sort of disclaimer you have to sign, but I'm sure you can get all of your forms filled out and meet her. I mean, you are Ria's brother, I"m sure he'd be fine with it."

"Well, that may change if you're seen having dinner with me, Morgana. You must remember that I have a harem that is eternally devoted to me." He flashes her a wink and gives an unsure look at the mention of Proudmore, "Yeah…Lucian and I have a strict 'no talking' policy, really. We tend to give each other a wide berth."

"Oh? I have a harem to contend with?" Morgana questions, tilting her head to the side. "I suppose I'm gaining one myself, at least to a friend of mine." She says, though when he mentions his relationship with Lucian she frowns. "Oh? I thought… well I suppose that's all none of my business." She says with a wave of her hand.

"We're friendly enough and I supported his and Ria's relationship, but I suppose I just got jealous about how well he knew her. Twin brother syndrome, I suppose. I'd like to say we're on decent terms now." He shrugs and snuffs his cigarette out in a nearby ash-tray. "You have a harem, too?"

"I guess that's just not something I'd ever understand. I'm not all that close with my siblings, but they're all half siblings, and they live out of the country. Well Eddie and I hit it off well but, he's still in Russia and there is only so much bonding that can be done over owls." When he asks about Morgana's harem, she shrugs. "I don't know why, but all of these boys are just coming out of the woodwork. It's.. bizarre to me, honestly."

"Well, I certainly hope that I'm counted among them," Kaiden says with a grin as his plate of chips is delivered to the table. He plucks one up and pops it into his mouth, 'mmmmm'ing slightly. He takes a long sip from his beer and leans back on the bench.

"I suppose you can be in the harem. You'd look good in the uniform." Morgana says thoughtfully, tearing off a piece of bread and some cheese to nibble on. "So, you said that you have done sittings with girls you've dated, just how many naked sketches do you have laying around?" She questions.

"Well, the only other girl I've ever actually seen naked aside from you and Medusa was Briar, and I only ever sketched her like one or twice." Kaiden just short of shrugs as he says that.

"Ah, well you had made it sound like it was something more than it was. My apologies for making assumptions." Morgana says with a smirk. "So, did you keep your clothes on during your sketch with Medusa, or was I the only one to get that luxury?"

Kaiden chuckles and says, "I can't imagine that I'd ever be comfortable with stripping down around Medusa. Plus, Eibhlin was there and it just would jave turned into an orgy, so I decided it would be a better idea to just keep them on."

"I thought an orgy required more than three people." Morgana says thoughtfully, before going back to her wine. "Shine and I.. well we had a falling out over a boy, but, I know that wasn't all of her fault… or which ever. Good to know that you don't make a habit of sketching things while naked."

"Some models are worth making those special considerations for," says Kaiden with a wink to Morgana as he plucks up a few more chips and pops them into his mouth, sliding them in offering to her.

"And just what have I done to earn such a special consideration?" Morgana questions as she take a chip and pops it into her mouth. "Unless it was one of the head girl perks I've never heard of. The manual was not very clear on the perks." She teases.

"Be head girl and see any Quidditch player of your choice naked. You didn't read that part?" Kaiden grins and shrugs, actually answering the question, "I don't know. You just seemed really calm and comfortable."

Morgana laughs and shakes her head. "No, though I was dating one at the time so maybe they didn't think to include that information." She'll wink, and when he mentions her being calm she shakes her head. "I so so nervous, I was surprised you didn't see my hands shaking."

"Well, if I'm honest, I'm sure I looked at your hands the least." Kaiden grins and takes another long sip from his mug, finishing it off. He sets it down and runs a hand back through his hair. "I think that, out of all the work I've done, that sketch is what I'm most proud of."

Morgana raises her brows, giving him a knowing smirk. "Really? And just what did you look at the most? Though I am sure I could tell just by which area has the most detail." There is just a hint of a blush on her cheeks and she raises her brow. "Are you just trying to flatter me? Or get me to pose again?"

Kaiden blushes a little bit as he's found out, and rubs the back of his neck, shrugging, "Oh, I don't know. I just think that pretty women should be flirted with. It's only right."

"Oh, so you think that I am pretty then?" Morgana says, "If you keep up this flirting I might actually think that you like me." However she does bow her head, in a gesture that might have at one point allowed her hair to curtain over her face, but there isn't enough hair to really hide it. "I'm just not used to all of the attention. Until this year, I was mostly ignored."

"I'll admit that I'd seen you around school before, but for some reason I find myself intimidated by Ravenclaw girls. I guess I just feel like I'm going to embarass myself everytime I talk to you." Kaiden shrugs and eats some more chips.

"We're still human, and we're not all high and mighty, despite that we all live in a tower." Morgana teases. "So far you haven't, I think you're doing well." Morgana does reach out to lightly pat his hand when he reaches for the chips. "I just figured… well your Sister is just so friendly that I figured you were similar."

Kaiden chuckles softly at the quip about Ria, "Oh, I'm just like her. Can't you feel me just looking down at you from all the way up here. On my high horse." He grins and tucks a piece of hair behind his ear, "I love my siter, but we're nothing alike." He smiles and says, "Speaking of, what are you brothers like? You said they were all half-siblings, yeah?"

"I thought you didn't like to ride horses and other such creatures." Morgana smirks, watching as he tucks his hair behind his ear. "I'm glad to hear that, we don't really see eye to eye." Which might be Morgana way of saying they hate each other. When he asks about her brothers, there is a spark in her eyes that isn't normally there. She'll reach into her purse and pull out a picture of herself and two tall dark haired gentlemen. "That's Serafim, and Eduard. Ser is the more serious one, he's a business man like my father, and has already settled down and had his first child. Eddie is a little more laid back, he plays Violin as well and is trying to make it as a musician. I do have a younger sister, Violetta, but she's only four and… well she's too spoiled."

Kaiden smiles warmly at Morgana as she shows off her family, "Do you get along with them or does the whole…bastard thing turn them away? Not to be crass, I'm just curious." He rests his head on a propped up hand and looks across the table, genuinely curious.

"I don't know them all that well, honestly. I met them less than a year go, but they don't seem to mind it. I think they like having a younger sister, even if they don't get to be here to hex every boy that upsets me." She'll take the picture back, carefully putting it where it goes. "They don't seem to mind it, my step mother does but, I can't really blame her." She says with a shrug.

Kaiden nods to her and says, "I see. I'm pretty sure I'm a bastard, as I scarcely fall in with the majority of my family's politics. If it weren't for the fact that Ria and I look so much alike, I'd be certain." Kaiden grins and continues, "I'm glad to hear that they like you, though. It's always good to have family."

"It's nice to have more family, I was an only child for a very long time. It's not that I don't appriciate my grandparents, because I do, but there is a very large age gap." She'll tilt her head just a bit. "What about your other siblings? Do they feel the same way as the rest of your family?"

"Well, Garret's too young to make any real decisions about anything, Xavier's kind of just a layabout, so I doubt he's got an opinion and Jocunda…well, she's just about as die-hard of a blood purist that ever lived. Of course you know Ria's stance." Kaiden kind of deflates, leaning against his propped up fist again, "It's all so tiresome."

"It sounds like it. I don't know if I cuold do it, but then again I haven't been a confirmed pure blood for very long It's all just been speculation." Watching as he deflates, she'll shake her head. "We should find another topic, I don't want to have a rumors started that I depressed you."

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "I've never had a heart for politics and when your parents are the foremost Grindelwald supporters in a time like this, it's hard to not get swept up in it." He shrugs and says, "Luckily, I have someone that gets to listen to me whine about it. Do you need more wine?"

"Where do you stand on all of that. I know where your sister lies, but I don't see any jewelry like Ria has on you." Morgana comments carefully, since that subject is always sore." Shaking her head she gives him a rueful smile. "It's nice, to not be the one who is oding the whining." Looking at her wineglass she smirks. "Just so long as you promise to carry me back to the castle if I have too much."

"I personally think that a person's value should be judged on their actions and not who their parents happen to be." Kaiden shrugs and says, "Easy to say when you're a trust fund kid, I know." He grins and winks at her, saying, "Just so long as you understand that it's 'getting a good grip' and not 'fondling'." He calls the waiter over to refill Morgana's glass.

"You are a little trust fun kid aren't you?" Morgana lightly tease, but she turns back to serious when the conversation continues. "But I agree with you, people need to earn what they have, not everyone sees that." Watching as her glass is refilled, she smirks. "I'm sure there are some areas you'd like to get a better grip on." She says, though her cheeks color when she realizes what she just said.

"Undoubtedly," Kaiden says in response to Morgana's final statement. His hand moves to give her's a pat once he sees her blushing. "You know, Morgana, and this is probably just going to add to the awkwardness, but I think I like you."

Kaiden has made quite the understatement, and Morgana is glad that she has more wine in front of her now to help take the edge off. Clearing her throat, once her glass is down, she nods her head. "Yes.. that does add to the awkwardness." She says, giving him a nervous smile. "You barely know me Kaiden." She says feebly.

"Oh, I know. I'm not saying that I've got this undying affection for you and that I'd like to scoop you up and make children with you." Kaiden clears his throat and continues, "I just think that you're a kind soul that I'd very much like to get to know better." The young Hufflepuff leans back in the booth, looking across to her.

Morgana picked the wrong moment to take a sip. When he mentions children, the wine goes down the wrong way, and she starts to cough, lightly patting her chest to make sure she gets it all out. "I think.. I can handle that." She says, clearing her throat, her face fully red now from embarrassment. "I'd like to know you better, so long as your sister doesn't kill me for it."

Kaiden reaches across the table to pat Morgana's arm as she starts to cough, "Sorry, I should really work on my comedic timing, I suppose." He grins at her and says, "Don't worry about Ria. I have her support my decision, no matter what."

Morgana shakes her head. "I should learn now to drink while having an awkward conversation." She replies with a smirk, reaching up to touch his hand as he pats her arm. "I'll take your word for that." Stealing another chip, she'll raise her brow. "So.. did Evey and Medusa also get a kiss when they finished?""

"Neither one was so lucky, I'm afraid," Kaiden says with a smile before his hand slides off of her arm and he leans back in his seat. He plucks up another chip and says, "That wasn't so bad."

"The food? The Sketch? Or the payment?" Morgana says, raising her brow just a touch as she goes back for her glass. "Would it be something you'd want to do again?" She figures it's a silly question, but she's asking none the less.

"All three, I guess?" remarks Kaid with a grin. "But specifically the sketch. I was expecting something much more awkward out of Medusa, but she just sat there and talked to Eibhlin. I can't say I wasn't happy when it was over, now." He looks over to Morgana and asks, "What do you mean? Sketching you or sketching her?"

"Well I talked with you the whole time, it helped me a lot." At his last statement she'll purse her lips for a moment, looking as if she is thinking about what she is going to say. "Well I don't think she'd do another, since this is a gift for someone. I wouldn't be against it happening again." She pauses for a second. "I meant what happened afterwards." She says quietly, quickly picking up her glass to hide behind it.

"Oh…oooh. Sorry, I'm thick." Kaiden looks embaraased and hides his face for a minute behind his hands. Finally his drags his hands down the length of his face and gives a sincere nod to Morgana, "I'd very much like to do that again."

"I'm actually terrible at communicating what I want, but yes, you are a little thick." Morgana teases sipping from her glass again. "Again, I can't promise anything but… I really enjoyed it and I would like to try it again. Just tell me when and where."

Kaiden smiles warmly and offers her a nod, saying, "I think we should be getting back to the castle, Morgana. If we show up too late, everyone might start talking, and we wouldn't want that." He grins and slides a handful of coins out which he begins to start counting out on the table to pay the bill.

"Probably a wise idea." Morgana says, reaching into her pocket to pull out enough coin to pay for what she ate and drank. "If they're not talking already, you know how quickly the rumor mill starts up." She does get to her feet however, looking for her cloak.

"Ah ah ah, you can get the next one," says Kaiden as he smiles and lays down enough money to cover all of the food and drink. He slides out of the booth, holding up Morgana's cloak for her to slip inside of. "It's be especially awful if we were to kiss right here before setting off. I hesitate to even think of the repurcussions."

"Very well." Morgana says with a nod, picking her coins back up and slipping back into her cloak. "It would be down right scandalous." She says with a raise of her brow, turning toward him. "Though I think half your harem would be after me if we did."

Kaiden grins at her, his hands reaching down to take hers, "Only the bad half. I think I could stand to get rid of them, anyway." He smiles and leans his head down, stopping with his lips just in front of hers and waiting for her to cover that final distance.

Morgana takes his hands and smirks at his words, however there is a clear hesitation when he leans forward for the kiss, and she squeezes his hand tightly. For a moment it's almost as if she isn't going to do it, but she does. Leaning forward to lightly place her lips on his, but she doesn't linger like she did before, the location obviously making her a bit nervous.

Kaiden grins at her and nods his head, saying, "Fair enough. Shall we be on our way back, then?" He frees one of his hands to run back through his hair, doing his best to keep it out of his face as he makes his way toward the door.

Morgana clears her throat and nods her head. "Yes, I believe it is time to get back, I have to go back to being Head Girl." She says, letting him lead them out of the pub. "Thank you, for letting me forget that for a little while." It's not until they are back on the campus path that Morgana pauses in their walk, turning to him to give him a more proper kiss, one that is more memorable than the one she gave in the pub. Once it is over, she turns to start walking back to the castle like nothing happened. "Did you finish your charms homework?"

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